Rainbow Romance/Non-Stop 6

Rainbow Romance

Cast of Episode 1:

Lim Eun Kyung
Kang Eun Bi

Suh Jae Kyung
Kim Hee Chul
Jung Ui Chul
Kim Ki Bum
Lee Min Ki
Noh Hong Chul
Park Hee Jin
Kim Chang Wan
Guest: Park Soo Jin

This sitcom is sooo long, but I’ve only found seven episodes online . I’ll give it a try just it has three of my favourite boys in it and they look so young! (Can you guess who they are?)  

So the story starts out explaining about how Eun Kyung, her twin Jae Kyung and little sister Eun Bi are orphaned when Dad dies in a car accident. They somehow graduate high school and get into college, something that for former bad teenager Eun Kyung is an amazing feat.

They have gone through many troubles and the two eldest are always looking for ways to save money including going through their neighbour’s trash. Eun Bi the youngest really dislikes the fact that they are acting like “beggars.” Seriously, I’m glad it’s a sitcom and it has all these other side characters with their own stories because I just might end up punching Eun Bi’s “cute, adorable” face. Really. Someone give her an attitude rearrangement treatment.

While the three siblings are walking to college for a photoshoot that they’ve been asked to do to represent the school, their teacher Hee Jin, is being told that they won’t be able to participate.

At first she was adamant that they be the representatives, that she doesn’t care if they are “kkotminam (flower boys)” or “ddoongminam” it’s all the same to her. ( Interesting thing that I noticed was that the translation on Tudou was ‘fat’ but fat is usually “ddoong ddoong” and she only said “ddoong” once and that usually means “shit” so she basically called them shit-boys). However she’s soon recanting her position when the faces that greet her are the beautiful gleaming faces of Hee Chul, Ki Bum and Ui Chul.

She hurriedly and most cynically tells the siblings that they have been replaced as model by the three boys and that she’s sorry and all that but she can’t do anything, blah blah blah.

The siblings accept it and walk away dejectedly, but Ki Bum notices that Eun Bi has left her bag behind and launches it at Jae Kyung to catch except that it catches his face instead.

Hee Chul and Ui Chul are laughing at the incident and the siblings leave with a bad impression of the guys.

There’s a scene cut and we are introduced to Lee Min Ki  who is currently getting the “let’s break up” talk from his girlfriend Soo Jin. Min Ki is quite obviously more invested in the relationship than the girl but he doesn’t notice until she’s telling him that she’s breaking up with him. He does some posturing saying “ I don’t hold girls back from leaving me” but he ends up almost begging her to reconsider.

Another character that we meet is Hong Chul, an older returning student who falls in love easily. He always gets rejected because he’s a bit of a weirdo.  But he’s actually not a loner cuz’ he’s friends with Min Ki.  who after getting dumped by his girl asks Hong Chul to hook him up with another girl. It’s funny cuz’ all the experience Hong Chul has with girls is him getting rejected! XD))

Returning to the three siblings, we see that the two eldest really dote on their little sister and since she’s been asking them for money to pay for a new ballet dress, they start working at different part times. eanwhile Bratty Princess Eun Bi is at home bored out of her mind when the 3 kkotminam pay a call on her, introducing themselves as her new neighbours from across the hall.

She get’s this gleam in her eye that doesn’t bode well and instantly she becomes accommodating offering them tea, and then to take them to a restaurant, and basically to be as serviceable as possible because it’s a “family tradition.” As she is walking with the boys and laughing and enjoying herself her two siblings are hard at work for the money she wants for her stuff! I want to smack her, I really do! Hold me back!—

After a tiring day her siblings come back home. Her brother comes out of the shower and she criticizes his holey undershirt, and he still gives her his hard earned cash to which all she says is “it’s not quite enough.” This is repeated when her sister comes home. And then, fully knowing that they don’t have a lot of money and her siblings are sacrificing a lot just to give her what she wants, she decides to blow it all on new clothes too impress the new neighbours and not her necessary ballet outfit.

See the dad? He’s so embarassed, he can’t even look straight out anymore, his kid is just too much of an inconsiderate airhead!

The next day she nonchalantly walks into the neighbours apartment , without knocking may I add, in some weird “fancy” clothes that she bought and goes all “Opppaaas!” OPW on full blast (Oppa – Pout – Wiggle as coined on Dramabeans- it’s the overly sweet flirty thing girls do to make grown men grovel at their feet).

She asks them if they need her help and Ki Bum goes all “ Huh? Dressed like that?” hahaha his voice is so skeptical, and clearly he’s not quite as affected by the OPW as she would like.  It’s probably because he’s a “flower” guy so he knows that girls try to be extra cute to get him to fall for them- he’s got her cut and measured- I’m glad that at least for now, while EB is being so vain and silly and inconsiderate there might be someone who thwarts her so well.

Heechul does ask her to call the cleaners and she does with her full out, snobby, “I won’t pay you if you’re even a minute late” act. Too bad that the people working part-time at the cleaners are her siblings.

The brother is pissed off that there exists such a badly brought up kid, that would talk to people so rudely. Unknowingly saying that it sounds like someone’s Eunbi’s age. No , it’s her Jae Kyung… yep her, the sibling you’re working so hard for!

Going back to Minki we see that he tries to reconcile with his ex Soo Jin but she’s not having any of that saying that the romance and love they had died out a while ago and she just hadn’t broken up with him because she hadn’t wanted to hurt him. He’s so cute, he tried to make her laugh and revoke it by doing aegyo kind of stuff that he’s obviously not very accustomed to doing, but it still doesn’t work and he’s left feeling aweful and heartbroken as she walks away from him.
When Eun Kyung and Jae Kyung arrive at the customer’s house (they’ve realized that it’s their neighbours but don’t know yet that it’ s the Kkotminam trio) when they find out exactly who their neighbours are and who  was the one who’d called, shit goes down Eun Kyung style. Everyone stares on in amazement/fear and Eunbi ends up with a bloody nose! And I say YESSSSSSSSSS! However Eun Kyung has an extremely soft spot and when Eunbi asks for forgiveness she accepts it and asks her to not lie to her again.
We are then subjected to a Hong Chul falling in love and being rejected by a dog, Hee Jin looks at a guy in interest but he has a girlfriend and Min Ki is all sad about the break up and they all stare and watch at the Rainbow accross the sky from the respective locations.

What I think


This show  seems to be set up to be like a sitcom, so there might be stories that arch over 1 or 2 episodes, but overall they are independant stories in the life of these people. A situation per episode kind of thing.


So far I’m liking everybody but the ‘main’ girl. Eun Bi. she’s like this little annoying chihuahua that thinks she’s cute, but really she’s just a high maintenance good for nothing but being annoying toy dog.   Perhaps I’ll grow accustomed to her, and maybe I’ll end up liking her. However I do have to confess that I do think it might just be something that has to do with the actress herself that rubs me the wrong way. When I used to watch X-Men, and the one or two times she appeared, I couldn’t help but feel sick at the ‘sweetness’ that Kang Eun Bi exuded even in a variety show.  She was just so ‘delicate’ compared to Hwangbo or Eun Hye on that show that  she ended up being just ‘blah’.


Anyways as for her character, I hope that Eun Bi is redeemed later on, because she can be sooo superficial! How can she complain to her brother and sister about her ballet dress, that looks perfectly fine to me, when she knows that they are in a tight spot? Seriously. She has NO sense of consideration, it’s all ‘gimme gimme gimme!” So I  have to say that I was glad that Eun Kyung knocked some punishment into her.


For a first episode, it was so-so, it wasn’t terribly exciting or funny but it served its purpose of outlining the basic personality types of the characters we are going to be observing through out the show. Some of the acting was so overdone that it was a bit grating, (Park Hee Jin, Noh Hong Chul) but not everyone is like that so I’ll just take them to be the “eccentric” characters.


I think it’s a cute idea that the father’s picture reacts to the different Shenanigans that his family gets involved in. It’s a very good way to exemplify the whole “I’ll be looking over you, from heaven” kind of thing.


The ending was very cheesy… the whole looking at the Rainbow and calling it a Rainbow Romance… lol… but it was an acceptable cheese



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