Life & Mr. Simple


so yeah, I was having a hard time this summer since a close friend of mine died, it’s had me depressed, then I didn’t get the grades I’d hoped for and worked for so I’ve felt a bit disillusioned about my school, but I can’t stay that way or I’ll worry my parents and friends.
 I guess in all the tumult, I missed hearing and seeing my beloved SJ’s comeback, and looking at it from a different standpoint from others (since I’m seeing it all at once and not being teased by them little by little as we usually are each time an album comes out) I think

Mr. Simple

Several thoughts on it…

the first part: the photo shoot for the album:

 Seriously all those really weird photos(their clothing, it’s like a mashup of rainbow vomit), and OMG Siwon…. ok I’ve been reading these past two days a lot about the discussion I’ve missed on his ummm… nakedness… and some are exaggerating how bad he looks in it, because come on he doesn’t look bad, it’s that he looks TOO good, THAT’s where the problem lies, it’s so good that I think it shouldn’t be seen by good little christian girls… heh, it should be left to me, a fallen one… kekekeke. So in my most depraved moments, I drool over it. However I do understand where some of the outrage is coming from, because even fully clothed our SJ boys are so handsome, so a naked Wonnie, was a tad bit unnecessary.  and as I look at them again I think that Heenim was one of the most sane and better dressed ones (isn’t THAT a change?), and oh my baby Kyu, he looks good with that captain’s hat, Captain Cho at the helm!

The second part; The music and music video

I love my boys I really do, but, but (and this hurts me a bit) they really didn’t change their music style that much this time around. it’s still in their SJ funky style, and though it’s catchy and will probably do well, and be stuck in my mind for months on end, I wanted them to grow a bit more, stretch a bit more and try another style before Teukie and my darling darling 4D Heenim went to do their service in the military. But that’s really my only gripe, I mean the boys were so handsome in the video, thank god the rainbow vomit wardrobe wasn’t featured (Seriously who were the coordis? I think I could have done so much better than them in showing off their individuality and I’m not the world’s best fashionista.)
Again they do the whole rather spacey kind of mv, kind of like Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, and now it’s Mr. Simple. It’s ok though, because SJ’s two most important features are that they are no.1 singers and no.2 dancers and these MV’s really are focused on that.

However the best thing about it: The Lyrics OMG.

 For example:
You can’t just get angry ‘cause the world

Is not going the way you want it to be
You don’t need to
Stop worrying over little things
It’s not good for your health
Grades go up and down, that’s just how it is heung!
Performances go up and down, it happens all the time

Sometimes it’s okay to just chill and take a break

‘Cause there’s always the right time for everything

And this part:
Don’t worry anymore, the good day will come

So forget about serious matters
Just smile today, because your smile makes everyone happy

Seriously, it feels like it came  at the right moment to cheer me up. really, how does SJ do that?  when I broke up with my long time boyfriend SJ came out with Miracle and I felt happier, I really did, and I’m so glad that I found them and fell in fan-love with them they make my world start going round again everytime it stops.
I know, this is my drama blog, but I also said I’m a fangirl right? so this is me fangirling 🙂 Well I hope everyone had a better summer and are healthy ^^

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