Rainbow Romance Episode 4

Rainbow Romance

Episode 4 

Guest Cast

Micky Yoo Chun

Today it was all about how gullible Minki and Eun Kyung are together and how silly and adorable Yoo Chun  could be. 

The show startes with the twins and Minki participating in a mock kidnapping, where Jae Kyung is the kidnapper, Hee Jin is the kidnapped and Minki and Eun Kyung are the bodyguards rescuing the damsel in distress. However Eun Kyung and Minki seem to not be able to get along and end up bungling the test due to their competitive natures. 

After the test is over Heejin calls Minki and Eun Kyung to her office so that they could meet a customer. It turns out that the head of Dong Bang group wants his son Micky Yoo Chun to make it to his office without delay and without escaping from his duties so he’s sent his secretary to hire bodyguards.

Eun Kyung and Minki are not happy that they have to do the job together but they nevertheless accept since it’s quite a substantial amount of money they’ll be earning for the gig.

Eunbi is walking along with her classmates, trying to seem more than she is when the Kkotminam Trio  shows up and ask her if she wants to ride with them. Eunbi assesses the spiking jealousy from her classmates and gets in happily.  Later on she makes a bet with the jealous girls that she will at least get one of them to show up at their ballet production that Saturday. 

Minki and Eun Kyung go to the airport and wait for the boy and they find him quite easily since he can’t really blend into the crowd.  

Though they found him and approach him quite quickly he just as quickly tricks them to look over their shoulder and meanwhile does a disappearing act.

Except that he hasn’t disappeared more like just doing fancy step work to move when they move and turn when they turn thus staying out of their line of sight. He however bungles it at the end. lol his ” you caught me” was too adorable.

Eunbi’s first target is Kibum.  She waits until he comes out of the apartment and goes out exclaiming “omo what a coincidence!” but Kibum’s onto her and says that she obviously waited for him to leave so that she could ride with him in the car.

Once in the car Eunbi tries to strategize on how to approach Kibum about attending her ballet production. She tries to butter him up by telling him he has a good-looking profile, but he’s all ” I know that” and so she recharges and tries to say something else, but he beats her to it.

He asks her to just say it since she probably bragged to her friends  and made a bet with them that she could get one of the  handsome oppas to spend time with her.  or no? then maybe she’s fallen in love with him?   When she confesses that indeed she’d like it if he made some time for her on Saturday, he rejects her saying he has no time. 

Eunbi is upset that he’s basically read her mind and  made a fool out of her  so she tries to indignantly ask him to let her off at the bus stop and again he beats her to it : ” ah do you want to get off at that bus stop?”

 Meanwhile Yoo Chun has hoodwinked Minki into thinking that the reason he’d come back to Korea was to reunite with his loved one, who was chased off by his father and has struggled on alone while battling cancer, and he just wants to see her one more time. ;sob sob sob;  

Minki can’t take the heartbreaking story and tells him to go! go and meet his loved one.  Yoo Chun runs off  yelling ” thanks hyung!”  Eun Kyung runs up to them  with the day’s newspaper that announced that Yoo Chun has had ANOTHER scandal attached to his name, and Minki realizes that he’s been played. 

Eunbi turns to attack Hee Chul, and they seem to be on the same wavelength. He even agrees to go, but!

She has to listen to his new imitation that he’s been practicing.  It’s obviously not good but Eunbi claps like it’s the greatest thing in the world and Hee Chul turns on her ” You’re lying! it was horrible!” ” Are you pitying me?” and he stalks off.  Eunbi hurries to try to placate him but to no avail. 

Her friend Hee Bon merely observes that ” Heechul, Charming, but with an unusual personality and a lot of character” 

 Yoo Chun has escaped into a cosplay event and though Minki and Eun Kyung try to follow they are told they can’t enter unless they’re costumed. The follow a guy dressed as Spiderman and a girl dressed as Wonder Woman and return wearing them. They’re embarassed to see each other in these suits. 

They find Yoo Chun dancing in the middle of a crowd and Eun Kyung is almost taken in but she fights back the admiration and grabs him.  he tells her that he can’t go to his home because he has a birth secret. 

Eunbi meanwhile has moved on the last, and according to Heebon, the most difficult of the Kkotminam Trio : Ui Chul. He is a person that likes a housewifely type of woman, and he’s very picky with who he goes out with. Eunbi pretends to be the one who cleans and cooks in her house and takes out the garbage. Seeing her carry the trash bags and wearing the apron and gloves soften Ui Chul a bit and he offers to help her. However as soon as he receives the bag he checks inside and notices that she did not rinse the cartons, or the bottles and she’s just throwing everything together in the same bag! so Eunbi -0 and Kkotminam -3. She’s failed. 

Yoo chun weaves a tale of woe about his mother not being the wife, and therefore him not being legitimate, that he has older siblings and that he’s mistreated. At first Eun Kyung doesn’t believe, saying that he’s watched to many dramas, but seeing him not waver in his story she believes him and lets him go. Minki catches up to them and when he’s told Yoo Chun’s latest story and how sad it was he scoffs. Yoo Chun is an only child!  They both feel like idiots at this point. 

They end up having to go to the drop off point without Yoo Chun and are being reprimanded for not bringing him in,  Yoo Chun walks in with a corndog, saying that he had only arrived a little later than them because he’d been eating.  

He asks the secretary to go tell his father he’s here and that he’ll be up shortly. Then he turns to Minki and Eun Kyung and apologizes for the troubles, but he likes to play with people and his noona and hyung had been really entertaining! 

He offers them something as a reward for their troubles that day. 


In a last-ditch effort to get the boys to go with her, she  had written them a letter and placed it in their locker. Except that the locker hadn’t been their’s but Hong Chul’s. Lol girl has to learn to be less quick-tempered and stop betting on stuff she definitely won’t be able to carry out. 


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