Super Junior – Mutizen

Mr. Simple won a Mutizen Award

I don’t know about everyone, but I’m one of those people that stay up to all hours of the night and into the next morning to be able to watch her favourite boys beat everyone out on stage. Because I believe they shine when they’re on stage and they need their fans support to bring it out, and I want to be a virtual presence at the same time as everybody else is watching it and supporting them.

So yes Inkigayo… They won! they won! they Won!! Suju won the MUTIZEN award! So happy happy happy! I know I’m writing this a day later but I was sincerely too tired early in the morning on Sunday and then the daily duties caught up to me until right now.

And how hot! were my babies on stage during their special stage! God I think Eunhyuk was burning burning burning! And Donghae was super sexy sweet! you can tell the difference in both their styles… Hyukie tends to do drop dead sexy, while hae is sweet romance guy with his dance moves. and then the whole “Get Fresh” dance with Sungmin! Kyuhyun! and Shindongie! (yes they get their individual exclamation points) they were really good, Suju always does these things with 100% energy, so as a viewer I’m so completely satisfied^^

Also Victoria from f(x) was looking really sexy and she was working her dance skills^^ though I saw a lot of jealous commentary on the livestream threads so it was funny, but seriously even if there was a relationship between her and one of the guys does that really matter? no, not at all, because they’ll still be great dancers and singers with or without a girlfriend and I’ll still be their fan.

ooh ooh, one thing I do want to complain about is the wardrobe choices for Sungmin and Kyuhyun during their dance stage!  The pant choices made Min look like he had stumpy legs and the sweater of all evil was eating Kyuhyun!


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