Why watch a Korean Drama?

Why Watch A Korean Drama?

This is a question that I’ve had to  field many a time when my hobby comes to light.  I mostly have never really known the answer to it and so there are few times that I have been able to actually give an explanation besides ” because it hits that spot right in my heart.”  And I have not always been as eloquent as that because if the inflection and tone of the question borders on the burlesque, snide or derisive, I don’t even answer it.  Here I’m going to try to explain the main reason- a reason that I just realized myself! of why I fell in love with K-dramas

I didn’t know it myself, however, the other day as I was watching a Mexican novela, I realized the main reasons why.

Hot Guys?

Honestly, it’s not just the Hot Guys in K-dramas. There are many latin guys that I find extremely hot and they can be found in mexican novelas. As much as it pains me actually mexican novelas kind of specialize in having hot guys litter their screen but they’re often such newbies, that they’re nothing much more than that – eye-candy-. The veteran hot guys with acting chops usually stop appearing in novelas when they start doing movies (Kuno Becker I’m looking at you – _-‘  )

like this guy : Kuno Becker

and this one: Jaime Camil

and this one: Alfonso Herrera

and this one: Sebastian Rulli

Hit or Miss? 

And it’s not because every korean drama is a hit while every mexican drama is a miss. I mean can anyone say : Mary Stayed Out All Night?? I’m quite aware of all the misses in k-drama land. and I’m also aware of the hits in mexican novela industry- . no its not that at all.

The Big One

But as I said as I watched the novela the other day I realized that in Mexican Novelas  the actors either never cry or they can’t cry and make it seem real. And even when they’re looking pained it feels like they’re constipated and not really in emotional pain.  I don’t know much about Korean culture, but  at least in the Mexican culture men, are not supposed to cry. it’s a weakness that they are not supposed to have, so the actors might feel like they’re going to be ridiculed for crying.

On the other hand in Korean dramas not only do the men cry more, the actually cry like they mean it and somehow still look so beautiful while doing it.  and I enjoy it. really. I love it. I’m not a sadist, I swear! I always end up in tears along with them.

Some examples of beautiful, wonderful crying scenes:

Kwon Sang Woo in Stairway to Heaven:

Lee Wan in Tree of Heaven

Hyun Bin in Secret Garden:

Hongki in You’re Beautiful

Jae Hee in Delightful Girl

There are so many more but that would make this a very long post made up of mostly videos^^

What crying scenes do you like? What is it that makes you like a drama? 


3 thoughts on “Why watch a Korean Drama?

    • Well I don’t really pay attention to the actresses’ looks, as it’s not that interesting to me, but I do have to say that I like how Korean actresses in the last ten years act, which I can”t say with the Mexican actresses since I think they’re always doing roles that require shouting and histrionics that I just can’t handle. As for guys… well a lot of the better Latino male actors are 30+ and they look their age, while Korean actors tend to look like babies well into their 30s

  1. both have repetitive stories. But as a Filipino, I can relate more with Mexican plots since our dramas follow the same plots as well. I grew up watching Thalia’s telenovelas.

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