Taisetsu na Kotowa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta- Movie Review

Taisetsu na Kotowa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta

I learned the Important things from You

Main Cast:

Shuji- Hamura Miura

Natsumi- Toda Erika

Hikari- Emi Takei

The Basic Plot:

A high school biology professor wakes up one day with no memory of the night before and is completely surprised with the presence of a young woman in his bed. He doesn’t remember having done anything with her, but he also doesn’t remember not doing it, so he says he remembers that night and goes to school perplexed by the situation.

At school he sees his pretty fiancée that he loves very much and tries to forget the incident of the morning, except that he can’t for very long. As it turns out the woman was actually a high school girl in his new home room class. When she finds out that he’s happily engaged to another teacher she changes her personality and becomes bent on breaking apart the relationship. However the relationship isn’t the only thing that ends up being broken, also Shuji’s life as a teacher comes to an end.

What I liked:

The flawed characters, especially Shuji. He is an adult, a teacher therefore somebody who is assumed to have it all together, to have all the answers to problems. And if he doesn’t he has all the right ways of bluffing it. He was admired as a cool teacher, a teacher who actually listened and respected his students. Parents and children requested him for homeroom teacher and college counselor. But when they all find out that he slept with a student his weaknesses begin to show, he’s really a flip flopper, in not wanting to hurt anybody he hurts everybody. He has to go through a whole process of self discovery to realize what was important to him all along.

I know that a lot of Hamura Miura’s fans and detractors were put out by the fact that he played a much older character, however I feel that he did a good job in closing the age gap. He doesn’t seem like 21 year old at all, my younger sister and her friends look younger than he does in this movie and they are 21 also. He looks much younger usually too, but in this drama I totally didn’t remember his true age, kind of reminds me of Lee Min Ho playing the much older architect in Personal Taste, I also didn’t really notice the age gap, so either both of them did a good job in their acting or I’m just really bad at perceiving age…

I also loved Toda Erika’s expressiveness, with just a stare, her eyes conveyed many different feelings, she didn’t talk much, but she said a lot through her eyes and her body language. I really really liked the silences as much as the dialogue.

Also, at first I really disliked the ‘evil’ girl but even she was redeemed when she confessed the truth about what had happened, and I couldn’t even muster up the same kind of dislike for her again. She turned out to be pitiful and I couldn’t help but see why Shuji wanted to protect her also, because he too had problems of self-esteem and he’d wanted to perhaps not allow her to fall into the trap of belittling herself.

I also loved the prettiness of the scenery and the softness of the visuals. And though a lot of people complain that there were a lot of useless stories about the students I don’t think that it’s true. After all the two main adults are teachers most of their day is spent with them and not each other so of course there is going to be a lot of interactions between them. Also because Shuji is a charismatic teacher students are going to naturally flock to him for advise and mentoring and just basically try to get his attention. These things are what gave the story a reality to part from, the interactions are a part of the daily life of teachers, wouldn’t it be strange for it to be a teacher movie with no students present and making everyday kind of trouble?

The storytelling was really tight, the director and the filming crew knew where they were going there wasn’t a doubt about where the story was heading, so the characters didn’t suffer identity crisis, they were pretty true to their characters and where the actors might have failed in expressiveness the cutting and directing helped them and the end product really was heartbreakingly tender, and love was well expressed as something that is bittersweet, that can’t be all sweet because there is almost always someone’s pain wherever there is love. That sentiment isn’t something that I completely agree with but it was conveyed well during the storytelling and directing, though I do have a bone to pick, and that’s the music…

What I didn’t like:

The waffling that Shuji did, how could he say he loved Natsuki and then change and say he would be Hikaru’s support, and then say to Hikaru, ‘nope, I really don’t see you as a woman so don’t think that I’ll stay by you always, it’s only temporary.’ It’s better to not even give a person that loves you a glimmer of hope when you don’t reciprocate, and are only with them out of duty and pity.

As I mentioned earlier this was a really delicate and soft production and it really did justice to the feeling of bittersweet love and the complicated lives adults live, as well as the fact that teenagers aren’t all that simple either. However the really big bone that I’d like to pick is the music. Out of all the really talented japanese singers and musicians why did they pick a foreign pop-rocker? I absolutely disliked the overuse of Pink in the soundtrack. It’s not that I don’t like her, I’m a huge fan of Pink and I know and I’ve sung to all the songs in the drama before, but I just really don’t think the songs fit.

They should have invested a little more on the BG music because if you want to setup a mood, why keep using songs that are not related at all? … for example the overuse of Dear Mr. President… aah it annoyed the crap out of me… I like the song, but why is the soliloquy to the “President whom shall not be named” by Pink used whenever there are sad moments? yes it’s a soft song, but it’s really an angry song about the injustices done to the American people through his thoughtless policies, it’s not something that’s appropriate for a bittersweet lovestory…

Isn’t he Pretty? I was kind of drawn in by his prettiness in this scene^^

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