Pretty guys vs. Manly Guys

First of all I have to confess that this topic kind of got it’s start as I was reading and of course commenting on a Dramabeans post about Kimi wa Petto‘s K-movie incarnation You’re my pet. There was a commenter that mentioned how Jang Geun Seok appears to have an “inverse manliness” and is more girly than his sister with two kids, so much so that it makes him wonder about the girls  who find him attractive. He seems to be implying that we’re not heterosexual… I agreed with another commenter who responded to him saying that there are plenty of “straight” girls out there that find feminine looking guys attractive.

I tried to put my thoughts to words, but I’m not sure if I made myself clear on a point I tried to get accross, which was that I love a “manly” attitude more than “manly” looks, which I think was  also a misnomer on my part. it’s not necessarily “manly” per se,  because a woman can have those qualities too,  the five basic qualities to my interpretation of “manliness” are:

1) Knows what he/she wants.

2) Goes for it no matter what.

3) Is considerate and loyal to friends.

4) Knows that he/she isn’t perfect and works to improve

5) Are not easily butt hurt over offhand comments that weren’t meant to hurt– (I can’t stand easily offended people and I’ve met “beastly” men who look like they could slay a dragon, and are easily slayed themselves by a comment)

Anyways that was a long intro  just to say that I prefer “beautiful” men and not “rugged men.” and that manliness as I wish to interpret it has nothing to do with those looks. I do appreciate “rugged” men but I’m not attracted to them… I think that’s why my list of crushes includes people like, Heechul, Jang Geun Seok, Song Joong Ki, Hyun Bin, and Jung Ilwoo over, say actors like Cha Seung Won.

however that doesn’t mean  I can’t ever crush on a ‘rugged’ looking man, because if he has the qualities I see as manly, and attractive, why not?

what are your preferences? why?


4 thoughts on “Pretty guys vs. Manly Guys

  1. Very well put.

    My preferences vary. To look at and actively fangirl, I admit JGS is my type. (Jaejoong, Lee Seung-gi, No Min-ho)

    However, I thin I would jump Cha Seung-won, married or not, if I saw him in person. He’s totally sexy to me and the kind of guy I go for in real life. In his vein, although prettier, I adore Park Shi-hoo. Other actors I find sexy as hell are Lee Philip, Lee Seon Kyun, Gong Yoo, Bae Soo-bin and I’d put Lee Min-ho in this category as well. All are big guys and most are a little older.

    I suppose I’m all for noona-killers with the fangirling and the sweep you off your feet sexy-as-sin for the…less kosher desires.

    • Min says:

      aah the need to jump certain guys, I’m glad I’m not alone in that^^

      I think that I have a weird reaction to Cha Seung Won. I was like WOOW that man’s body is gorgeous… but as soon as I went past the abs and saw the face, it was too chiseled for my liking, his chin… I don’t even know… I’m weird like that

      I guess I’m just too shallow when I first look at actors, Because Choi Siwon has a similarly chiseled face now, though when I first fell for him he was a plump faced youngster barely out of his teens, and his face was very very cute, more than rugged, he was cute back then so I continued to like him through all his changes. hehehe

      • Honey, if I could lunge at the screen without breaking a very expensive piece of equipment every time I see Park Shi-hoo…well, that would be a sight wouldn’t it?

        Anywho, I have a thing with teeth, so I understand your chin thing. I don’t necessarily need straight teeth, but if they look like an assortment of craggy rocks, its just not something I could bring myself to imagine kissing.

        I can totally see what you mean about Choi Si-won. He is adorkable in every way.

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