In Time With You- Episode 3

In Time With You

Episode 3


First off before I start the recap I have to say that I love ITWY’s mood, pace, ambiance, and the awesome acting by both Ariel and Chen Bo Lin. They make me feel like YQ and LDR could be my friends too, they’re just that real. I appreciate the little things, quirks that make them so real, like the fact that they too get busy and can’t talk to each other all the time, and one might get miffed about it though forget later when the other calls back. Or how LDR is so used to teasing and being hit by YQ for his smartass answers/ comments that he scoots that half inch away in anticipation before the hit comes. I love their friendship to bits and though I wish that they would realize they love each other and face life together, I don’t mind watching them be great friends to each other. 



One of the things that I find have become a sort of trademark of this show is You Qing’s morning report to Li Da Ren, it’s really cute and very telling that the one her mind voice talks to is Da Ren.  As she’s walking fully loaded with boxes with her cutey pie assistant Nic she receives two calls. The first one is no big, since it’s about work but the second one is the one that precipitates the LDR report.

“Hey Li Da Ren do you know that between one person and another there is a lot of conflict and opposition. That is why people are attracted to each other but it can also be the beginning of a disaster”


Her friend Zhang Mei Mei from high school has gotten divorced because her husband cheated on her. This is actually sign number 3 of old age “Divorce of old friends.”


The friend starts acting like it’s alright, her divorce isn’t something to get upset about since she now feels very relieved. However she starts saying that she just wants to see the woman who he cheated with so that she could ask her how she dared do this, etc. You Qing who never for an instant bought the “I’m alright” attitude only tells her to look at herself in the mirror and say she’s not angry.


At work Da Ren  has gotten news that he will be promoted  due to his hard work and dedication. However, he doesn’t look very happy about the promotion, a co-worker jokes that perhaps it’s because he’ll no longer hear sweet “Da Ren ge” from Maggie. Of course Da Ren tries to deny it but the guy doesn’t listen to him so he just gives up and goes back to brooding by the airport window.

 He calls You Qing, perhaps to tell her about the promotion or perhaps because he just wants to hear her voice, but all he hears from her is “I’m extremely busy” and the end call tone. I don’t know why but I really felt bad for him as he looked at his cell phone after being cut off.


Through out the day, Nic pampers You Qing, bringing her health products, water, tea, making sure that she doesn’t have to go back to the warehouse to finish work, even getting her more comfortable shoes so that her feet can rest from the killer heels she wears everyday.  She goes home thinking that it’s great being pampered like that.

The next morning she gets a call from Nic early in the morning to wake her up for her 9am appointment and she smiles, liking how attentive he is. She in turn calls Da Ren, whose turn it is to tell her that he’s very busy at the moment, and she pouts thinking about how she doesn’t like the feeling of not being pampered by her friend.


Things are hectic at the airport and Da Ren hasn’t had time to sleep the whole night. After the most pressing issues are taken care of, he goes off to take a short nap. Maggie (formerly Pouty Girl- I finally decided to use her name) tries to pamper him and as she says, “get him addicted” by giving him a neck pillow and an energy drink (hey girl, are you trying to make him sick? he needs sleep not an energy drink that’ll make him feel worse after it’s effects wear off).


After work is done for the day You Qing is ready to leave for home but it’s raining and she doesn’t have an umbrella. Cue happy couples walking under an umbrella together. Lala appears and she also doesn’t have an umbrella, but Henry picks her up and brings an umbrella for her. They both turn too You Qing and ask her if she wants them to drop her off since she doesn’t have an umbrella or a ride. Man that’s awkward, taking a ride from you ex (who’s told you you’ll end up alone forever) with his new girlfriend…blech…


Luckily she does have a knight in shiny armour in the form of Nic who offers his umbrella to You Qing. You Qing smiles and thanks Henry and Lala for their offer and walks smiling and gratefully off with Nic.

You Qing can’t help but think that perhaps Nic is interested in her as a woman. And that perhaps it’s not a bad thing.


When You Qing arrives home she’s  assaulted with the sight of her elder sister who’s there for a visit rummaging through her closet for a shirt for their sister-in-law who is also visiting together with their brother. From the interaction of YQ and her sister, it’s not an unusual occurance for their sister in law to borrow clothes from fashionable YQ without thought of returning them.

You Qings’s brother is actually there to ask for a favour for his mother-in-law. He wants You Qing to ask Li Da Ren to upgrade the airplane ticket from economy to first class. You Qing isn’t going to be party to this and tells him right off the bat that since he also knows Da Ren, he should ask him himself instead of using her as an intermediary. He says that he would if Da Ren were his brother-in-law but since he’s only You Qing’s good friend’s he can’t. You Qing gives him a look, and he drops the issue.


After her brother and his wife leave, You Qing sits with her elder sister and her daughter. They like all women do at one point or another start talking/discussing about what makes a man have “charisma” and her sister says that money and power do, that’s why her husband has charisma. You Qing disagrees saying that “charisma” comes from confidence in their talent and ability to work hard. She sighs that if they went by her sister’s definition of charisma, then men like Da Ren, who work hard and will probably never starve but don’t have a lot money & power don’t have charisma at all.

You Qing’s sister perks up at hearing You Qing mention Da Ren, and tries to get her to admit that there is something between them. LOL sister’s will be sisters, they’re so nosy^^. You Qing denies all of her sister’s accusations.


The next day, while being hit on by Nic and becoming so flustered she can’t say anything intelligent, Da Ren saves her by calling in that moment and breaking an awkward moment.  He asks to meet up to eat and talk like they regularly do.  The first thing that You Qing does is retell the “Moment” she’s had with Nic… a.k.a  umbrella incident. And while she’s all hyped up about this grand moment where Nic became her saviour, Da Ren can only shrug his shoulders in an “I don’t get it” way.


After thinking a moment, Da Ren asks her so if she feels a connection to Nic through this “Moment” then what were the “moments” that made her choose her exes.  As they go through them, I find them funny as Da Ren does for example, “nice hands”, “cool & direct” way of asking her out, or following her like a “puppy.”

They are both smiling at this point, however Da Ren brings up a name that obviously belongs to a man who has scarred You Qing, because she looks at Da Ren like he’s betrayed her. Da Ren immediately apologizes for his blunder

 You Qing forgives him and muses that it’s kind of funny, but everytime Da Ren was free she had a boyfriend and everytime she was heartbroken he found love. Da Ren agrees, and again his mouth speaks before his brain processes the thought, and he says, “Perhaps that’s why nothing ever happened between us.” Cue the awkward turtle.


Thankfully they’re saved from a prolonged awkward silence by their food arriving. He looks over at her and notices that she’s looking at the yam, which is something she dislikes and he says, “I’ll be your saviour right now” and places it in his own plate. She just looks at him eating as if pondering something and he’s suddenly self conscious, so he jokingly says, “So is this a ‘Moment’? Have you fallen for me?”

As they talk a call comes in on Da Ren’s phone and I’m like “don’t answer! don’t answer!” but he does and of course it’s Maggie… what a drag. She somehow invites herself over to a meal he’s sharing with a friend! what does she think she is? his girlfriend/ his wife? I hate the fact that she does that because it just shows how much she wants to appear to own him that she gets to cut in on a friends night out.


Once she’s there, she greets You Qing and tells her about how much Da Ren talks about You Qing. eew. She’s just trying too hard seriously. As they sit down to eat, she’s all like ‘go ahead you guys can talk like you were before I got here.’ Is she kidding me? Who talks about  personal things in front of someone who has nothing to do with it? gaah. And then she tries to feed Da Ren while he’s talking? really? I’m sorry-I can’t stand her. 


She continues to bug the hell out of me as she starts asking about what they were talking about and then laughs all ‘cutely’ and leans into Da Ren’s shoulder in a ‘marking my territory’ move. What I hate about her, is that she’s obviously doing it to warn off You Qing yet she’s acting like she’s so innocent. I’d prefer it and maybe I’d even like her a bit if she’d right off the bat actually told You Qing, “Hey, I’m going to chase after your friend, don’t interfere” because then at least it’s out in the open and somehow more honorable. The way that she’s carrying out her plans to warn off You Qing at the moment is just too passive aggressive for me. It reeks. 

You Qing leaves the the table obviously upset at Maggie’s display of cutesy possessiveness. She snarks at the mirror  “are you boneless, why do you move side to side?” and then gives herself a talking to about not making ugly faces because Da Ren’s taste in women is shallow just like the rest of the male population. 


While in the bathroom You Qing called Nic so that he could pick her up and she can avoid the awkward ‘let me take you home too’ from Da Ren. When Nic arrives and is introduced to Da Ren and Maggie, he and Da Ren have a slight staring match. lol. 


Nic and You Qing decide to walk around a bit. Nic suggests that the next time that she vacations perhaps she’ll do it with him. You Qing becomes so nervous it’s cute, her normally strong and clear speech becomes stuttering and her hand shakes a bit. She changes the subject to his cab fare and tries to give him money for overtime but he rejects it, saying if she does that again it will really hurt his feelings.

Maggie and Da Ren arrive at her apartment but there are police cars everywhere and the other tenants are outside reporting theft. Da Ren goes up with Maggie to make sure she’s safe in her apartment. Everything safe, and Da Ren was about to leave when Maggie comes out of her room and pretends she’s scared, acting all shaky and timid, saying, ‘please don’t leave me alone, I’m scaaared.’ (Someone stab me in the eye, please).

Da Ren is such a softie that he agrees and lies down in the alcove in her room, because she can’t sleep unless he’s next to her… blergh… He faces away from her and is trying to sleep so as to get the ordeal over and done with but Maggie wants conversation, and when she sees that he’s not going to start it she asks him if he’s gay.

Seriously brat. If he doesn’t try to kiss you, touch you, TALK to you or invite you out, it just means he’s just NOT into YOU, it does not mean he’s gay.  Girl you should stop especially since YOU kissed him and he didn’t so much as move his lips, he didn’t try to kiss back. I wish that she’d hear his silent plea “what to do? SAVE me?”

You Qing calls him at that moment and despite Maggie’s plea that he not answer he gets up and goes answer the call. As they’re talking Maggie walks in and gives Da Ren a coverlet which he rejects. However this alerts You Qing that someone’s with him and when he truthfully answers that he’s in Maggie’s house she hangs up hugely upset.

Outside in her room’s balcony, You Qing tries to understand herself. Why does her heart hurt? and why does she feel sad? She doesn’t know the answer, but when she tries to convince herself that it’s because she’s falling behind in their bet, she’s plenty smart and recognizes that it’s a lie.

Da Ren leaves Maggie’s house as soon as he thinks that she’s asleep.

The next day, it seems that You Qing’s offer for cabfare and treating him more like an employee than a friend has upset Nic a bit so he doesn’t prepare You Qing’s coffee as he usually does and leaves her mug empty. But she has no time to ponder that since her superior calls and keeps her busy.

Meanwhile Da Ren is thinking over the conversation he had with his sister in the morning as he was shaving. His little sister came trying to leech some money off of him to by her motorcycle, she notices something in his wallet and asks if he has a girlfriend and if he loves the girl, and he said he didn’t she just wasn’t a bad choice. Tao Tao reprimands him saying that she would be majorly upset if her boyfriend didn’t love her and just passively accepted her because she wasn’t a bad choice so it’s better that he tell the girl what he thinks promptly.

He’s about to do that when Maggie comes in shouting, “Da Ren ge, Da Ren ge” very upset, her mother has gotten into a car accident and she’s very distraught. Of course Da Ren being the major major softie he is hugs her to calm her down. I hate that “moment” very much.

At work You Qing is being piled on more and more responsibilities due to the sudden quitting of an important member of the managing team. You Qing’s not very happy about that but she accepts it since there’s nothing else that can be done for the time being. As she’s walking into the restroom she overhears gossip about her and Nic by two employees. I love that she calmly waits for them outside the bathroom and then stares at them, literally making them scurry out of her way. hehehe. Then she decides that since she has to do all that work might as well take Nic along for the trip.

That night after packing (even considering packing a very lacy bra) You Qing goes off to meet with Da Ren. Da Ren has decided that he’ll give dating Maggie a try because of that ‘moment’ that he shared with her.  guh…argh… Anyways You Qing though more than slightly pissed at first that Da Ren has slept with Maggie (she doesn’t let him explain the situation) cools down and tells him that it’s ok since she’ll have progress too.

She tells Da Ren about the overnight business trip with Nic and Da Ren even guesses that she considered packing lacy bras and panties and a negligee. lol.  Then he goes off and spoils there peace by telling her that she must make sure that Nic is the one and that he’s not just accepting You Qing because she’s ‘not too bad’ but that he truly loves her (he should take his advice more, instead of spouting it at YQ). You Qing of course blows up at the ‘not too bad’ comment and says that just because he doesn’t love her doesn’t mean that she’s not loveable to other people.

The first half of the business trip goes smoothly for You Qing.  She’s on top of her game, reprimanding the sales clerks as needed for their bad sales pitch, and poor customer service. Nic is doting upon her afterward, praising her for her work and telling her she’s beautiful, etc.

They go out to eat, and since he knows the city they’re in very well he guides them along the night market (speaking of which I’ve been having a market envy for a loong time, I wish I could go to experience it!).

When they get back to the hotel, Nic wants to prolong the time together so he invites her over to his room for some whiskey. As they’re flirting a knock comes to the door and a guy barges in and starts spilling that Nic is a no-good player who doesn’t love women at all. He flirts and makes his women teachers, employers think that he’s in love with them and then use them as a stepping stone to advance his position. he tells You Qing to stop dreaming and get a grip of herself before she’s conned by the no good scumbag.

You Qing runs out of the room and she starts crying in the corridor in front of glass doors and we get to see her crying through her reflection. This framing is so beautiful, because we SEE You Qing’s reaction to herself.

As she’s crying at first she’s looking out of the glass, but as she notices herself crying she can’t stand to see herself being  so weak, crying so hard for something she feels she shouldn’t have fallen for.

While You Qing is crying her eyes, her heart and soul out, Da Ren has decided to go through with his plans to date Maggie. Maggies in ecstasy that he was the one that waited for her to come home and invited her to eat his cooking. However as soon as You Qing calls he takes it and puts Maggie on hold.


You Qing cries, screams, and sobs her pain at Da Ren and he listens through it all. As she winds down she asks him,  “Tell me, what’s wrong with me?” Da Ren says that he’ll tell her as soon as she opens the door for him. 

Bewildered she startles as she hears a knock on her door, and there he is. Da Ren has come to her to be with her through her sorrow. He tries to have her face a mirror but she can’t since she’s so ashamed of herself.

 Then comes the most swoon-worthy talk from Da Ren (I’m sorry it’s so long but I couldn’t cut it out of my recap. It’s the best piece and one that makes me wish I had someone to say that to me too).

You’re right, the mirror simply can’t reflect you beautiful side. Because that side only I know.

Even if she’s so busy and she’s feeling terrible, she’ll put everything down and go and comfort her friend first. Even if her brother, sister and sister-in-law take advantage of her all the time, yet she feels that being needed is a type of happiness.

Even if someone hurts her she would still find his good points. In this whole world, I can’t find another Cheng You Qing like this who is worthy of the one and a half hours I spent getting here.

But Chen You Qing also has many weak points. Amoung them her weakest is… She doesn’t trouble anyone with her problems, even though everybody else troubles her.

Because of other’s evil intentions, why do you hate yourself? and see yourself negatively? Drop this weak point soon and believe that you are someone who’s worthy of family, friends colleagues, as well as that good man who hasn’t shown up yet.

Cheng You Qing needs to be treasured well and loved dearly.


They sit on the bed together with You Qing crying on his shoulder and when he can’t find any tissues to clean her face with to dry her tears, he offers his suit for that purpose. 


First off I apologize for all the bad comments that I have for “Maggie” but I just can’t stand that character so I can’t stop myself from pouring out my prejudice as I recap. I don’t know why. I know she’s just giving her all to win Da Ren, but it makes me mad. lol

Second of all I realized belatedly that the one that I should dislike is Nic. Though I really do want to believe that it’s a misunderstanding, and that this whole deal that went down and traumatized my darling You Qing (I don’t know why I feel like I’m caring about my sister) is something that the guy who butted in on their date cooked up to get revenge for something. Maybe he had a girlfriend that was in love with Nic? I don’t know. I really don’t want to believe the worst, but perhaps things are really the worst. My mom has a saying in spanish that goes ” Piensa mal y acertarás” which roughly means “think of the worst possibility and you’ll find out it’s true.”

Third thing I’d like to mention is how much Da Ren’s passivity was pissing me off, perhaps it might change in the next episode? maybe?

Oh and another thing, did you guys notice how many mirrors and windows there were in this episode? 

Also I tend to write parts of my recaps as I watch, jotting down here and there things I want to mention and not forget so that’s why there’s a very different attitude towards Nic in the beginning than in the end. Why did the perfect guy reveal himself to be the worst kind of man?!

And last but not least, please guys/gals watch the drama if you can. I try to do my best recapping it, but I feel that a lot of it’s essence gets missed out on.  If there’s anything you all think should be discussed, mentioned, please do! I love to hear from you and what your thoughts are on this drama.


12 thoughts on “In Time With You- Episode 3

  1. angeleyes says:

    Wonderful recap! I love reading recaps because I want to know if what I felt while watching the episode was the same as others. Your recap was able to summarize my thoughts so well. The best way to appreciate this drama is to discuss it among friends because it makes you reflect a lot about life. I love this drama so much that I feel I’m having anxiety attacks just waiting for the next episode. Lol!
    Anyways, like you, I love the “little things” that make this drama so awesome.
    – 1st of all, no need for apologies regarding Maggie, I feel the same way about this annoying girl! I tend to “fast forward” the parts of her scenes with Da Ren! haha! Such a shame to women! My ears hurt so much hearing Da Ren Ge!!! ewww!
    – I also like that each episode starts with You Qing thinking about Da ren & “reporting” to him. Shows how much Da Ren is a part of her life.
    – love it that there are times that they may be busy at work & can’t talk long on the phone but no need to say sorry. Just shows they have a deep rooted friendship.
    – the restaurant scene with LDR & YQ discussing about the “moment” & their “exes” was so interesting for me. I felt LDR was “probing” as to why YQ loved those guys. And when he said “I will save you” because she didn’t want to eat the yam. Awww, I think he was teasing her a bit, showing her that he too can save her & hoping he can make her heart flutter too! Lol! Well, when Maggie arrived, that scene became funny to me. The look on YQ’s eyes upon being introduced to Maggie! LOL! So funny that LDR was so concerned with YQ’s reactions during the conversations. When YQ went to the washroom, looking at the mirror, she was obviously jealous & annoyed with Maggie, who wouldn’t be, she just gives me the creeps! Same as when Nic arrived to pick up YQ, there’s a hint of jealousy in LDR’s eyes as well. OMG!!! this two are so complicated, they obviously love each other dearly! I think Da Ren already loves You Qing in a romantic kind of way. Because in ep 2, he was staring at her behind the computer. But i think, You Qing has yet to realize her love for Da ren “romantically”. Sigh… I’m so puzzled with these two, Lol! That’s why I love this drama.
    – The best scene for me was of course, the last one, that’s why I’m dying just waiting for episode 4! LDR was oh sooo sweet, while talking to her & consoling her on the phone, he was on his way to be with her! (talked with her & traveled for 1 & 1/2 hrs!) And thank you so much for recapping Li Da Ren’s dialogue. It was so sweet but not being mushy. Who wouldn’t fall in love with LI DA REN! But you are right, I hate LDR’s “passivity” as well. He must muster enough courage to realize that the “good man” he was talking about that can treasure & love You Qing is HIM! arrghhh!!! And he must also have the courage to avoid the “advances” of ms. annoying girl. Like what his sister said, he must be honest with Maggie.
    – I’m so sorry for my very long comment, I just love this drama that it’s hard to describe in a few words the beauty and deep feelings that this drama gives me. You Qing’s character is so real, she’s like a friend to me and how I wish I have a Li Da Ren in my life! Awesome, awesome drama, i hope a lot of people can appreciate how this drama was well written, presented & acted (Ariel Lin & Bolin Chen are just perfectly amazing as You Qing & Li Da Ren respectively!). Thanks again & God bless… 🙂

    • Min says:

      First of all no need to apologize for a long comment, it was lovely to read^^

      You know You Qing keeps talking about a “moment” is all it takes for her to decide on a person, I wish that she realize pronto that she just had a HUGE “moment” with Da Ren who traveled as fast as he could to hold her and comfort her. He’s her real knight.

      I’ve been thinking about the symbolism behind the mirrors and glass walls & doors since I watched this episode and posted my recap and all I can really come up with is that the mirrors are being used to point out truth since a mirror never lies and shows a person how he/she really is. That’s why YQ can’t bear to look at herself in a mirror when DR gets to her hotel room and why when she was crying so heartbrokenly she was horrified at what she saw in the glass doors.

      oh and the crying…. Ariel has always been one of my favourite cryers. She doesn’t worry about her image as an actress instead she cries how a real person does, her eyes get blotchy, her cheeks stained, her nose is red and you as an audience get your heart wrung out along with her. (I swear I capped so much of her crying. She’s just that awesome)

      long answer is long^^

      • angeleyes says:

        Thanks! 🙂

        Just like you, I know there’s a symbolism behind the mirrors. But I can’t quite figure it out. There was also a scene wherein You Qing was in the washroom talking to herself in front of the mirror. You’re right, the mirrors can symbolize truth. But I was thinking about 1 of Da Ren’s dialogue. “The mirror can’t reflect your beautiful side because that side only I know”. I was thinking, maybe it also meant that the mirror can only reflect the physical beauty but it can’t reflect the inner beauty of a person. Hmmm… that’s why I can’t get enough of this drama, scenes are very simple yet there’s so much meaning behind it that lets you ponder what it means to the characters, especially Da Ren & You Qing. Sigh…. 🙂

        And the “moment” thingy… I also hope You Qing realizes that Da Ren is truly her knight! That he is the guy that will truly treasure & love her for who she is. Problem is, she’s so stuck in the “friends zone” that’s why she can’t realize it but her heart is already telling her because she got jealous & upset when she knew Da ren was at Maggie’s house. Really… they should stop analyzing & just follow their hearts!

        Yes indeed, crying scenes are one of Ariel’s forte… so natural, like any other human being. That scene wherein Ariel was crying in front of the glass door/window, honestly, I was crying with her during that scene. That scene was so sad yet powerful because I felt her pain. I wanted to hug her at that moment.

        So cute also that when both are in a predicament, they were both “saved” by each others phone call. When YQ had that awkward moment with Nic at the office & when Da ren was kissed by Maggie (geez! she might as well remove her clothes!).Really… desperation overload!!! Looks like I’ll hate her more in episode 4… arrgghh!!

        Can’t wait for episode 4 but I don’t want to see Da ren brokenhearted if indeed he confesses his feelings to You QIng. Oh well, its a drama… someone’s feelings is bound to get hurt… sigh. Looking forward to your recap of episode 4. All the best & God bless… 🙂

  2. diuane says:

    thanks for your recap. I dont blame you on Maggie. I just dont understand why man do that. if you dont like the woman drop it why drag and pretend.

    • Min says:

      You’re welcome I’m just happy to have others to talk to about this great, wonderfully touching drama.
      Da Ren should have just told her from the start so that Maggie could give up on him, but even though I really really really dislike her I know why she fell for him I just hate the way that she goes about pursuing him.

  3. tumbleweed says:

    Beautiful recap! I cried all over again reading that long quote from Da Ren to You Ching. I like how you brought up the point about the mirrors/windows; I almost forgot how much I loved that scene of You Ching seeing herself crying in the glass doors. It was so beautifully filmed. I’ve always appreciated that Ariel *really* cries and doesn’t try to prettify it like so many actresses do, and it worked perfectly for this scene. It was so easy to relate to and sympathize with her. (And I love the song that starts playing in the background during that scene)

    I find Maggie incredibly annoying, but the one thing I can’t blame her for is falling for Da Ren. I just don’t understand why Da Ren definitely decided to pursue a relationship with her after their “moment” when she’s only “okay” to him. Was it partly due to his discussion with You Ching (and earlier, her parents) that he decided to be more for “the moment” instead of taking more time to analyze?

    Nic totally caught me in his trap with all of his sweet words and smooth talk (although I thought that some of the stuff he said to You Ching was really odd for a subordinate to say to a boss, even if he liked her), but oh, how I wanted to punch him for causing You Ching so much pain in the end. Seriously, you do *not* play with a woman’s feelings like that! Nic’s boyfriend was really cruel, basically saying that You Ching is an old hag who’s just dreaming that any younger guy could ever like her. I wanted to punch him, too >:o

    The depth of this drama is just amazing; every episode gives so much food for thought. I love reading recaps/discussion on it, because a lot of times, other people will point out things that I missed or things that I hadn’t thought about.

    • Min says:

      I’m really happy that you enjoyed my recap, I really love talking about this drama so this recap was so extra long^^ I thought I may have put off some readers, so I’m glad to hear that it’s enjoyable.

      I know, Maggie isn’t at fault for falling for Da Ren, he’s to blame for being so near perfect.
      About Nic, I’m a little dense so it took me a while to figure out who the guy was to Nic, But yes he was too cruel and in such an unnecessary way. I’m just really upset that the seemingly perfect Nic was such a tard. I remember in the previous episode, when Nic and You Qing met Carmen’s Habanera was playing in the background, and I commented on it. I thought it was referring to perhaps You Qing being the dangerous one who’d end up breaking hearts, but instead I realize it was probably a warning against Nic…

      • tumbleweed says:

        Heh, when you brought up the sampling of Carmen’s Habanera in your Episode 2 recap, I thought it was a very odd music choice, too. Now it makes sense… Nic, the “siren” 😛

  4. I love your recap again! ❤

    Man, this is one hell of a drama. Your right, there's so much premise in all the characters and their development that its enough to make it enjoyable rather than slow or not moving forward!

    I officially ❤ this series! But a pity it isnt up for download anywhere! 😥

    The crying scene! Gosh, she is amazing in it! N i love the end of the episode and what Da Ren does. Without a care about anything else, he simply goes to where she is so that instead of just giving her comforting words, hes there besides her! Thats how friends are! And i seriously love the thought that hes also in love with her! hehe 🙂

    I'll definitely keep coming back for more! 😉

  5. ladida says:

    First off, you have got some of the best recapping skills I’ve ever read. So much thought and feeling comes through in your writing, and I really appreciate the time and love you put into recapping a show that seems to be flying under the radar.

    I think the mirrors in this episode are stand-ins for YQ and LDR: LDR told YQ that only he has seen her best side and he told her how amazing she really is, so he was reflecting the best of her back to her, the way a mirror does. These two act as mirrors for each other, sometimes showing the other the best of who they are, like with what LDR told YQ in this episode, and sometimes showing them the worst, like when they give each other advice, or when LDR told YQ that he hated it when she was dating Li Wei, and sometimes simply showing the fear they have, like in the play from the second episode. It’s kind of like that paralel line thing you mentioned in the recap for the second episode. It also reminds me of the two lions LDR gave to YQ. Why did he give her two instead of one? I think it’s because they are both square maned lions, and that they are a pair that comes together, either in friendship or in romance.

    Another thing to notice tat follows the theme of “twos” or “pairs/couples” in this drama: the sheet and pillow set that Maggie has shows a boy on one pillow talking to a girl on the other pillow connected by a piece of string; at the end of each episode’s theme song we get LDR and YQ speaking to each other, using a string and a can, just like on Maggie’s pillows. It’s these little details that pile up and give this drama so much depth and such and atmosphere of being alive that I love. And it’s able to be realistic and whimsical at the same time.

    I also adore the last scene in this episode: I love how the director shows us how they begin talking in the early evening and just spend hours and hours talking to each other without any awkward silences. And they don’t just goof around, either, they really have a conversation. It makes me think of the title, In Time With You: they spend so much time together, but they are s easy and comfortable with one another that it feels like no time at all. They don’t have to work at it. This again brings me back to your paralel lines comment. If they ever intersect, then it would be this official thing, this thing that they would most likely feel pressure to work at, pressure to make work. They (especially LDR) probably feel that once they start seeing each other romantically, then they’ll be more aware of their relationship to one another, and it will become this thing that they want to have, as opposed to something that simply exists organically like their already established friendship, and like episode 2 warned us, once you have possession of something you want, you start losing it. The thing is, their friendship is easy and comfortable, but they DO work on it, every day. That becomes more obvious in episode 5. I just hope that LDR stops being a coward and realizes that they can work on being lovers just as easily as they work at being friends.

    Thanks again for the recap, and for giving the lovers of this show a place to talk about it!

    • Min says:

      I also love the fact that they have so much to talk about for hours on end. It shows, I think, how interesting they find each other to be. Their friendship works because they are invested in each other. It’s not like they just let the chips fall where they may, they are genuinely taking care of their friendship^^.

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