Juunen Saki mo Kimi ni Koishite- Recap ep 1-3

Juunen Saki mo Kimi ni Koishite

I’ll Still love you in 10 Years

Episodes 1-3

Character list

  • Ueto Aya as Onozawa Rika
  • Uchino Masaaki as Maruyama Hiroshi
  • Gekidan Hitori as Hidaka Koji
  • Watanabe Eri as Hamada Azusa
  • Watanabe Ikkei as Kawakami Tetsuo
  • Kinami Haruka as Hachiya Ami
  • Sometani Shota as Onozawa Yuta
  • Hayashi Tantan as Ino Mariko


What would you do if a man claimed that he was your husband from the future, and he asked you to not date him once you meet?  I’m pretty sure that I would look for a mental hospital to admit him in, it can’t possibly be real. However that’s the situation that Onozowa Rika finds herself in. 


Episode 1

Oh God, that one may read the book of fate and see the revolution of the times- Shakespeare

The Onozawa Rika is a baby faced 26-year-old editor who tries her best at cheering on the heartbroken author she’s in charge of. As she’s sitting with her author in a café she notices that a trenchcoat wearing man has been looking at her.

Apparently she has spotted the trenchcoat man before and knows he’s been stalking her for a couple of days. She mentions it to her coworker’s and one of them has the hilarious idea that she’s hallucinating a book character ‘Philip Marlowe‘  because she hasn’t had a boyfriend in two years.

As she’s walking home that night she sees the guy lurking again and when he turns to leave suddenly she gives chase until she catches up to him and demands to know why he’s following her. He doesn’t know what to answer but under pressure he says, “I’m your husband.” Rika turns around promptly saying “he’s very scary” and now it’s her turn to run away.

She gets a scare back at her home as someone runs up the stairs right after her. After nearing having a heart attack she realizes that it’s only her little brother Yuuta. He’s there to ask her if he can crash at her apartment for the time being since his girlfriend kicked him out.

In the house they start talking about their mutual bad luck in love. Yuuta wants to blame it on the fact that they really had a crappy childhood what with being hit by the father and the mother running away with another man after the divorce and leaving them with grandma.

Due to her meeting with well-known author Hamada Azusa who is being transferred to her care as editor, Rika is out in the countryside when TTH (Time Traveling Hubby) shows up. They have a spat where he warns Rika about not getting on the bus that was coming. She doesn’t want to but after fighting she stalks off growling fine.

The bus was where they were supposed to meet which is what TTH is trying to avoid. But fate is much stronger than him so they still meet. She catches the space bunny he had launched for the children and they hit it right off talking about Space elevators. etc.

She’s a dreamer who wants to continue helping others dream even more and he’s a an engineer working to make other’s dreams a reality. His name is Maruyama Hiroshi.

When Hiroshi goes to see his friends and mentor at a university space investigation lab he tells them that he has good news: he’s met a really nice and cute girl. Everybody is overjoyed since he’s usually the too shy type of personality and they feared he’d never find a girl.

Hiroshi and Rika go on a date to the amusement park and they realize that they are really very happy just being next to each other and talking about the impossible and the possibilities of making them possible. Meanwhile TTH stews because he wants her to stop seeing him and to break up. Rika doesn’t pay heed to his words and continues her new relationship with Hiroshi.

TTH meets with his professor and tells him about his plans to break himself and Rika up. He asks him if he could stay with him for a while. The teacher agrees saying that he’s extremely happy to see the future Hiroshi.

Episode 2

Note: TTH= Time traveling hubby^^

The day is going extremely well for Rika, her best-selling author has finished writing the book and the day is sunny and she has all the memories that she made with Hiroshi-san to buoy her up through the day.

However in the bookstore elevator she’s met with an unpleasant surprise TTH is waiting for her and he keeps telling her to break-up that she won’t have a happy future if she doesn’t etc. He even bursts out in the middle of the bookstore saying ‘i’m happy that you loved me” and then he runs away leaving Rika to the pitying looks and whispers of the onlookers

She gets summoned to her the house of the well-known author she’d been presented to the day before. Previously the woman had thought her lacking and disliked her right off the bat, but upon hearing about the incident in the bookstore she wants to here more of it.  However Rika’s soon kicked out of the study and makes friends with the husband and the kids.

Rika goes on a date with Hiroshi again and though she’s a little shocked because TTH had told the truth about Hiroshi wearing a strange shirt of a bear looking panda. She’s shocked because he may be telling the truth about the future, but she’s soon just very happy to be on a date with the timid and innocent Hiroshi. While on the date he hands her a little memento of their first date in the form of a little puppy dog phone charm.

Meanwhile TTH is at her apartment sneaking a peak at her mailbox when he’s caught by Rika’s punk rocker younger brother Yuuta. However Yuuta is pretty easy to convince that he’s from the future and with his wild imagination Yuuta comes to the conclusion that TTH is a Time Police, lol.

The next day Rika is at a café with her friends and they notice that ‘Philip Marlowe’ is there at a table across the room.  They urge her to meet him especially since the prickly well-known author Hamada Azusa wants to know more about the supposed time-traveler for ideas for a new story.

But all TTH wants to talk about is her need to give up on Hiroshi. Rika doesn’t want to because she doesn’t believe that he’s really the future Hiroshi since the Hiroshi she knows doesn’t talk nonsense as well as he does. He tells her to believe it because he will become just like him. He tells her to stop now since they’ll just make each other unhappy in the future. He tells her that one day she’ll wish she hadn’t chosen him and had lived a different kind of life.

Rika continues to ignore TTH’s dire warnings of their future, because she wants to believe that the love she has for Hiroshi won’t change so drastically in 10 years. She goes on a third date with Hiroshi to a planetarium, Hiroshi happily looking at the stars while Rika only looks at him, trying to see, understand, just how much they both would have to change for an unhappy TTH to choose to come here and try to stop them.

After leaving the planetarium Hiroshi summons up the courage to ask her if she’d like to be his girlfriend. Rika says no, because she doesn’t want Hiroshi to become unhappy. Of course present-day Hiroshi doesn’t understand why she said that, but he walks her home nevertheless.

As they near her home, Rika says that she’s really sorry about hurting him. Hiroshi turns around because his eyes are starting to water and half crying he says that if he had a time machine he’d try to stop himself from confessing, and in the same breath he says that no, even then he’d still confess again.

Rika starts crying too, and she says that she’s sorry really sorry but she can’t let him go after all, because she has begun liking him too. If he’ll have her, she’ll be his girlfriend. Hiroshi can’t believe it and they hug, Rika murmurs, ‘I definitely won’t make you unhappy.’  

At work her best-selling romance novelist Hidaka comes and brings her a beautiful bouquet of flowers, ‘just because, no special meaning.’ But it’s painfully obvious to everybody but Rika (who’s in cloud nine about Hiroshi) that he likes her.

Later that day Rika is reading a book (she’s in love with books since they were her companions when life was tough) when she here’s someone calling “hey kimi, hey kimi, hey! RIka!” She turns around excitedly “Hirosh- aah it’s you.” As soon as he sits down they start arguing and he tells her that she should have shown this side of hers before the marriage, he wouldn’t have fallen for her then.

She’s startled, and she denies having hidden anything about herself during their dates. She stares at him a little longer and then concludes, “you must really hate me.” He agrees that now he does and that her future self hates him too. She hides her face from him because the thought that he’d hate her enough to try and stop their relationship from growing has hurt her more than she cares to admit.

Mid conversation, TTH runs off because he’s suddenly feeling pain alerting him that his past self is near.  As it turns out Hiroshi was passing by outside of the café, Rika hurries out to meet him and they walk together awhile. While they’re talking Rika asks Hiroshi to start calling her Rika instead of Onozawa-san. When he does, her face shows how happy she feels.

Once she arrives home, her happiness turns into sadness and she starts to cry. Her friend and her brother ask her what’s wrong. She says that it’s a shock and it hurts that the same face and voice has said he likes her and hates her. Yuuta tries to cheer her up by telling her that he’ll work hard to make her future happy.

Rika goes back to Hamada-sensei’s house and tells her about the things the guy from the future tells her. However since she doesn’t ask the guy much it makes Hamada-sensei mad.  She starts calling her boring and that best-selling author of hers, Hidaka? He’s the most boring of all! Rika doesn’t take that calmly, instead she heatedly defends Hidaka, saying since he writes from the heart it’s not boring, it’s wonderful! Again she’s kicked out of the study.

Rika turns and apologizes to Hamada’s husband for her rudeness but he just laughs, saying that that argument had sounded fun.

Rika is taken to meet Hiroshi’s friends and his teacher who he treasures. The teacher smiles at her and tells Hiroshi that he should treasure her well. Obviously this was said so that TTH can hear through the vents.

TTH and Yuuta are cooperating with each other since TTH assured Yuuta that this was to ensure Rika’s future happiness. Yuuta informs him of Rika’s schedule and whereabouts as part of his mission. Yuuta also insists that since TTH is a Time Police and he’s his assistant they should have secret signals between them… such a dork lol.. hehehe

TTH  goes see her at the book-launching event and tries to leave unperceived, but it doesn’t work.

She sees him and goes after him but she walks into the street without looking and almost get’s flattened, but TTH jumps in to save her.

Episode 3

After saving her from the oncoming truck he tells her that she’s too stubborn and careless, and should watch out for danger. She thanks him for saving her life, and she says that at least he doesn’t hate her enough to want her dead. He jerks around and almost shouts, “I love you!”  but quickly amends, “at least I used to love you” and he stalks off.

Work and life go on as usual. One day, Rika takes a lunch out to Hiroshi and she’s delighted that he’s eating her food happily. She asks him suddenly if he likes her. He’s startled and she apologizes saying that girls who asked that get hated instead, but he quickly says that yes, he likes her, he likes her a lot, he’s just timid.

She smiles at him and then she turns around and starts listing off her bad qualities that he hasn’t seen yet : she’s strong-willed, conceited, stubborn, careless and she’s not as thin as she appears to be.

Hiroshi takes it in, not sure what has brought on the wierd mood she’s in.  He gets up and says standing next to her, that he wishes to get to know her even with all of these because he’s sure that those aren’t enough to make him ever hate her. They have a peaceful moment and she’s happy that at least her Hiroshi does like her a lot.

Yuuta has taken to writing messages for the “Time Police” in public spaces whenever he can’t contact him by phone… he’s truly a child. Hamada-sensei’s husband see’s it and calls her over to see it. She’s completely enthralled by the idea of a secret time police coming back to fix errors, she has a wonderful idea, ” this is it, it’s the scope I want, this is big” and right in the middle of the busy busy place she and her husband start jotting down her ideas.

Rika has gotten a new determination of doing well in her relationship with Hiroshi, and when she meets TTH in the streets, she tells him that she wants to finally have a chat with him where she’ll listen to his reasons why they can’t be together in the future.


What I like:

I like this drama, it’s cute and I give it extra points for using a time-travel plot, which is something that is not usually used in dramas.

I like that the  female lead is very driven and dedicated and succesful in her career and yet she’s not a cold hearted bitch. Which she could have been considering the tough childhood she had.

I like that Time Traveling Hubby isn’t doing this because he doesn’t like her, or to benefit himself. He’s just really sorry that her life wasn’t what she wished it to be because she married him.

I like the side characters, for example the University professor who seems to serve as a love guru also. I also like Rika’s boss friend, though she seems silly she’s quite dedicated to work but she’s also really lonely. I heart Yuuta, though his appearance is tough, he’s quite child-like in his love for his big sister.

What I do NOT like

Time Traveling Hubby seems to have done this without even trying to talk to his wife, he’s taking too much for granted, like he knows what’s the best for her.

well I think that’s my major gripe.


2 thoughts on “Juunen Saki mo Kimi ni Koishite- Recap ep 1-3

  1. w00t. This sounds interesting. I’ve had trouble lately finding J-dramas that I like so I’m really happy to have been exposed to another. I’m in the middle of TPM and my life right now prevents me from watching more than one!

    About the recap, I enjoy your clean writing style. It’s very succinct in manner — the complete opposite of my drivel.

    • Min says:

      I’m glad I could point you towards this little gem I found^^ I also haven’t really been following the J-dramas these days, but sometimes I run across interesting little pieces like this one.
      I’m also happy that you enjoy my recaps^^ though I do believe I have a loooot of room to improve, but I’ll continue to work hard and present better 🙂

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