History is making me go nuts^^

As if I don’t have enough going on in my life what with Med-school,recapping ITWY and trying to have a life besides the one on my computer, I made the mistake (a very good one, mind you) of watching Tree with Deep Roots.

Of course I don’t know much about the historical landscape behind this story. All I know is that Joongki’s character- King Sejong, was the one who established the Hall of Worthies and with the scholars in this group established the Korean writing system that is in use today- Hangul.

So because of this I have gone on a history crazy binge and I’ve started researching more about early Joseon history. It’s a lot to cover, but it’s soooo interesting. I love history and most of all I love learning about the different social customs of the era, it’s always been one of my passions (which is probably why one of my majors was in Anthropology during my undergrad days). So I was thinking that perhaps one of the feature posts in this blog in the future will be related to what I find interesting and want to share on Joseon history.

Also though I will not do full recaps of Tree with Deep Roots, I’ll share parts that I find touching, important or impressive.


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