In Time With You- Episode 4

In Time With You

Episode 4


Today it was all about denial. Denial, You Qing is drowning willfully in that wide river. She knows that she’s jealous but she refuses to analyze the reasons for it. Da Ren on the other hand, knows that he loves You Qing and has started to step out of his denial phase, but doesn’t know what to do with that knowledge.

This episode is all about the relationship between Da Ren and You Qing, how they each perceive each other and how they think the other perceives them in return. 


The episode starts with the most violent toilet scrubbing I’ve seen to date. Perhaps I should try it because it looks like quite the workout. While You Qing is attacking the toilet, Mama Cheng is looking at and wondering what has her so nervous, since she only scrubs the toilets like that when she’s worrying or nervous about something.

You Qing denies being worried but we find out  that’s not true, when as soon as her mom walks out she recalls an image that seems to distress her: Da Ren with his arm beneath her head looking at her, waiting for her to wake up.  You Qing shakes her head and tells herself to forget that because she can’t become used to such a scene.

4th sign of old age- When You don’t want to change the habits that you’re already used to

While she’s attacking the toilet she receives a call, however that’s not important- the point comes after the call- She’s still so flustered by her memory that her hands shake and she drops her cell in to the toilet. Bye bye cell phone!

At a cell phone store she gets tutted at for having such an old cell phone and gets the sales talk about a new phone that allows you to communicate easily through different social networks as well as having other neat features. But she refuses since the cell phone will end up controlling her life and then end up betraying her.

The guy then advises her to find a boy friend that’s good at fixing electronics, but she out rules that to because to date a guy you have to invest your feelings and then the relationship ends and then you get hurt. Is it worth it?  She rather only have a “boy” friend who is good with electronics.

Da Ren meanwhile finds himself looking at Mama Cheng’s computer and trying to fix the virus that got into it. Papa Cheng comes in and tries to distract his wife when he hears that Da Ren explaining that the virus might have entered when someone visited strange sites such as a porn site might have let the virus in (Papa Cheng is naughty 😛 )

After getting her new cell phone You Qing goes to a new art exhibit that features fluorescent light tubes moving up and down, in and out, supposedly in a movement that mimics swimming, as an expression of the rhythm that everything in the world has. You Qing contemplates then what is her rhythm?

Once she’s out of the art exhibit she heads to her office to recommend Nic  as the Central District General Manager, with the excuse that she can’t handle all that work alone.

Outside of the building You Qing stands around because it’s raining, and like before, Nic shows up with an umbrella. Grrrr…  He thanks her for her recommendation, rapidly You Qing steps out of the umbrella and tells him that there’s no need for thanks since she did it because she wanted him far away from her.

As she pulls out a plastic hoodie she steps closer telling him that he should realize he’s capable and that that’ll be what gets him where he wants to go. She warns him that just because he understands women, he shouldn’t use it as his secret weapon, because women aren’t his enemies after all.

As she steps away from Nic, You Qing remembers that Da Ren said he liked the You Qing who despite getting hurt and taken advantage of still finds the good points in that person.

This whole time Mama Cheng and Da Ren have tried to get ahold of You Qing, but with no success. Since they couldn’t contact her they went ahead and ate together.

As Da Ren is leaving the house You Qing is walking in and they are so so awkward that even Mama Cheng notices their weirdness and comments about it to Papa Cheng.

You Qing ignores the pointed chatter and goes up to her room, but she’s followed by her mom asking her about what happened. Because if they’ve fought and their friendship has ended then she can’t keep asking Da Ren to come and help her with things- like a handyman. You Qing sharply replies that she shouldn’t do that even if they haven’t fought. You Qing  then pointedly ignores her mom and starts thinking about the night before.

During their drinking they start talking about the old days. Da Ren brings up the times back in high school when You Qing always objected to his opinions – how she always spoke up against him because she was going against “boy power.”

Da Ren is laughing but he’s also serious about asking why she always hated his opinion. Such as the times when he told You Qing that Ding Li Wei (the guy they always mentions and YQ gets sensitive about) was a jerk and she ignored him until they broke up and she realized DLW’s betrayal. You Qing says that she disagrees with him so that she won’t end up being a follower.

Da Ren smiles a sort of “i’ll smile and shut up now” kind of smile, he takes a seat at a corner sofa, and starts fiddling with the can he’s holding. He gathers his courage (probably thanks to the amount of beer they’ve both consumed)  and says that when You Qing was going out with DLW she was a woman without an opinion or personality and that was the You Qing that he hated most. She says that because of love she compromised and considered the other person

DR: Wrong, Have you ever considered why a man loves you? It’s because he likes the original you, with your way of doing things, your attitude towards everything. But why do women when they fall in love become blind to reason and attach themselves to love so much that they lose themselves

They start arguing about the value of love and how much one should or should not compromise. Until all that Da Ren has to say is to ask her not to become a “vacuum cleaner full of rotten guys.” You Qing asks if then he doesn’t consider himself a rotten man.  If not a rotten guy then why did all his past gf’s break up with him, she asks. All he can say is that it was because they couldn’t accept his best friend.

Since they’ve run out of beer they go to a 24 hr convenience store to buy more. As they’re selecting what they want they start talking about what true love is and how do you know if it is.  Their conversation is hilarious since it ends with Da Ren saying that the problem with just having friends is that you can’t sleep with them in front of the clerk that’s charging them for their drinks.

When they get back to the hotel room they’re still talking about it and You Qing concludes that all the problems are due to the lower half of the male anatomy.

Da Ren disagrees saying that women want to be desired and when the men express it they’re considered to be lusty beasts and are accused of taking advantage of women. He then asks You Qing if it isn’t the men who are taken advantage of by women?

You Qing laughs at him and asks why he’s complaining to her when she has never taken advantage of him. With a sudden burst, Da Ren spreads his arms open and says teasingly, “Do you want to take advantage then? Come I welcome you!” You Qing surprises him and places her face right above his and threatens that she really will and he says he’s not afraid. However at the last moment You Qing throws herself off and laughs nervously about what just happened.

Why do people say that it’s impossible to have a platonic friendship between men and women, You Qing wonders. All Da Ren can say that it’s probably because of their own personal experience.

You Qing then interprets their own friendship to mean that since he doesn’t see her as a woman. Da Ren shakes his head, because it’s You Qing that doesn’t see him as a man. Da Ren leans closer as You Qing asks him again then why did he once said that he couldn’t possibly love her.

Of course they’re interrupted when Maggie calls- what horrible timing. and You Qing goes to the bathroom and stands in front of the mirror asking her self why she’s hiding? her mirror self tells her that it’s because she knows she’s jealous but doesn’t know why she’s jealous.

When she exits the bathroom You Qing notices that Da Ren fell asleep while Maggie’s talking. She grabs his cell and tells Maggie that he’s asleep. Maggie stutters something about Da Ren and You Qing being together overnight. You Qing laughs telling her she needn’t worry since Da Ren treats her like a guy.

The next scene is the one that’s been playing over and over inside You Qing’s mind the whole day. They wake up next to each other, with You Qing lying very comfortably in Da Ren’s arms. The next thing we witness is a sequence of pure awkwardness, which ends in arriving at YOu Qing’s house and her retreating hastily inside.

I can’t stand Maggie as I’ve already stated before, but she bugs me even more when she asks the most stupid comparison question ever: “If she and I were drowning, who would you save?”  I’ve heard it in several dramas, I’ve witnessed it in real life, and all it ever really says of the one asking is that they’re insecure. That’s why it’s gratifying when Da Ren tells her to stop since it’s a boring question he’s already answered five times.

Then comes a strange scene where You Qing receives a call and she tells the other person that they should imagine themselves in an idol drama. She hangs up and watches the tv where her scene with Nic and the umbrella plays, but they’re speaking Korean… lol.

At work, during the week, Da Ren finds Maggie pouting  because he didn’t tell her about his promotion. He makes excuses that she ends up accepting, and when they’re walking home she says that love needs management so he has to call more often at least 2 calls and a text a day. – If you need to tell a guy to call you, then it’s not going to be sincere.

She invites him into her house – he refuses bc he wants to tell his mom about his promotion (lame excuse for not going inside) she demands fried rice and eggs that he’d promised her and he says fine. Before leaving she tells him he’s acting strange since coming back from the trip to Taichung, as he’s trying to explain- she kisses him instead of waiting for him to finish talking. Her love management tip 1- kiss goodbye.

That night he falls asleep thinking on You Qing’s question ” Why did you say you could never love me?” He dreams that he goes to her and kisses her and begins to confess. However he’s immediately stopped by You Qing who asks him not to vocalize his feeling or they can’t be friends anymore and -“I can’t ever love you.” Da Ren wakes up suddenly at that.

At work Nic leaves You Qing coffee and a note- if i could love women then I would love you. You Qing starts tearing up and she goes to call DR but because she hasn’t received a call from him all week she refuses to call first, so she calls her mom asking if she’s cute? then if she is then she will find someone to love her one day right? She hangs up instantly and she can’t stop crying but she tries to cheer herself up by telling herself Cheng You Qing Jiao!

At Da Ren’s house the actor from the play is visiting his mom and they’re having tea together. He reads her a passage from a play which talks about people cherishing past love, but Da Ren’s mom isn’t impressed. She believes that people can’t hang on to yesterday and then hope for tomorrow, because today, now, this moment is what is most real. Uncle Bai starts joking about her depth while Da Ren looks on and  wonders if You Qing and him will be friends like that when they’re 50.

You Qing has a busy work day and falls asleep at her chair, Henry’s other ex invites her out to eat, and in the restaurant they find Lala eating by herself because Henry’s on a business trip.

Da Ren is with Maggie at her house cooking egg fried rice when You Qing’s brother calls about his mother in law’s tickets. Maggie get’s jealous and says that it must be nice for You Qing to have a friend that even takes care of her family. Da Ren asks if she wants to switch with You Qing then.

At the restaurant, You Qing and her friend are telling Lala about Henry since they’re both his exes, but though they point out his bad points they also share with Lala his good points. You Qing tells her that ending a relationship doesn’t mean the guy was bad or she was bad, just that they didn’t match. And that it doesn’t mean that Lala won’t match him. They’re having so much fun together that they go singing and drinking.

At her house, Maggie tries to be closer to Da Ren but he pulls away and quickly ends the night. She tells him to wait and she returns with a house key before he leaves. He just accepts it and he’s about to leave but she doesn’t let him until he kisses her- he kisses her on the forehead, she shakes her head and purses her lips inviting a kiss on them but he doesn’t do anything so she kisses him – it’s possibly the worst kiss I’ve seen in my life. It’s like Da Ren became a dead fish under her lips. (he reacted much much more to the ALMOST kiss with You Qing)

As he walks out of Maggie’s house he sees You Qing and her friends walking back home drunk off their asses, talking into their shoes like they were cellphones. He wonders at their fate that even in moments like these he crosses paths with her.

In the morning Mama Cheng rips You Qing a new one about coming home drunk. You Qing apologizes but obviously not paying much attention. That is until her mom tells her that she asked the neighborhood association if they could introduce a guy to You Qing.

This time Da Ren goes to the same art exhibition You Qing went to earlier in the week. It’s his turn to report to his imaginary You Qing.

Cheng You Qing if I could see your world and walk down your path would that bring me even closer to you?

You Qing ends up going back to the phone store for her cell and he asks what happened to her friend who was great at fixing electronics. You Qing’s a bit mad at Da Ren’s absence the whole week, because he never called her so she tells the clerk that her friend was too busy being in a relationship.

However she realizes that Da Ren never forgot her and in fact had called and sent numerous texts, ranging from “are you mad?” to “I’m sorry”  to “you never saw me as a man anyways” , to “friend forever?call me please”. she realizes that her friend has been thinking about her all this while and probably thinking that she’s upset with him.

Da Ren calls her at that moment and while they’re talking to each other they hear their voices and realize that they are at the same place walking across from each other.

Charm of a mature woman:  laughter can overcome your enemies and yourself.


Today it was Da Ren’s turn to have a thoughtful Shout out moment instead of You Qing’s usual psychic report to him. I think it was appropriate because I found that this episode was really more focused on him. Even though the episode starts out with You Qing, the one that’s finally admitted his feelings to himself, even in a dream, is Da Ren. You Qing still wishes to ignore why she’s jealous, and so her growth in this episode was very little.

Because of his one lie, because he said, “I’ll never fall in love with you” he started the ball rolling to his own demise. really, he turned out to be his own worst enemy. That comment made it impossible to confess later on and then the timing never got around to being on his side again.

Maggie keeps saying that she really likes Da Ren, but she doesn’t really listen to him, or pay attention to his attitude. She is willfully ignoring the fact that in truth she and Da Ren aren’t compatible. I mean, she notices that he doesn’t pay attention to her during the day never looking at her while she’s busy snapping pictures of him to place on her FB wall, but she doesn’t try to translate that to what it really means. – He doesn’t really care about her.

Da Ren already knows his feelings and he’s probably known for a very long time, but because he fears that You Qing will not reciprocate, and they’ll fall apart if he confesses he’s stayed mute all this while.

Also I’ve watched Da Ren closely (I swear it’s purely objective, not because I like, like him or something… ok, maybe I do, a teeny bit?) and his face never lies. When he smiles at Maggie all his smiles are so strained, like he has to smile or else. On the other hand, when he sees You Qing, a smile just blooms without thought, and his eyes shine so much.

Sometimes I don’t understand Da Ren. Obviously there’s a huge difference in his feelings for both these women, and he KNOWS he loves You Qing and it KILLS me that he still forces himself to be with someone who won’t make him smile as broadly or as sincerely.

Oh god, this recap is a monster… sorry about that you guys, I got to excited.. >_<


15 thoughts on “In Time With You- Episode 4

  1. I loved the part where You Qing is hovering above Da Ren’s head and he leans his head back and closes his eyes truly hoping for a kiss and his face when she rolls off to the side is so disappointed.

    • Min says:

      Yes that’s actually my absolutely most favourite scene of this episode, I have like a gazillion caps of it, almost every change of expression, every breath they took, I captured it all… Insane cackling is heard

      • I watched it twice to capture it. That is also the only scene I really wrote about and ended up paraphrasing each line. Please keep up the cackling. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a scene far more than you should.

  2. angeleyes says:

    I enjoyed reading your recap & notes! 🙂 I feel it’s hard to recap ITWY because the beauty of this drama is in the dialogue & characters, every scene is so important.

    I actually felt that this episode was hilarious & frustrating. (can’t believe i used those 2 words in a sentence, Lol!) A lot of scenes left me laughing so hard! The 1st scene with You Qing, I can relate, but for me I tend to clean the whole house, hahaha!!! When Da ren was talking to You Qing & said it out loud that: you can’t “sleep” with your friends, (in front of the store clerk) was awkwardly funny. The dinner of Henry’s “girls” was interesting. If Henry wasn’t on a business trip during that time, they should have invited him to join in, i would love to see his reaction, yikes… Lol! When annoying Maggie was asking Da ren who would he save if both You Qing & her drowned, the devil in me thought… i won’t save you because i’ll be the one who’ll push you in the water, just a thought, okay. hehehe!!! And when You Qing didn’t know that the music she often hears was actually the ring tone of her cellphone was so funny.

    The scenes in the hotel room with You Qing & Da ren was definitely the best. But at the same time, I really felt the frustration for Da ren. Really, he wanted that kiss sooo bad, he was moving his face towards You Qing & closing his eyes! awwww… the disappointed look on his face was priceless! And when he was about to answer You Qing about the “I can’t love you” issue, I was actually shouting in front of my computer saying… tell her, tell her quick!!! And his phone rings… the worst timing ever!!! Geez… Li Da ren, you should have turned off your phone! LOL!

    And yes, in this episode, I also thought it was significant that it was Da ren who was having a shout out moment to You Qing & not You Qing’s usual psychic reporting to Da ren, usually in the start of the past 3 episodes. Well, episode 5 will be interesting, with Ding Li wei coming in, I guess timing’s never on Da ren’s side….Thanks for your recap & thoughts for this episode. God bless… 🙂

    • Min says:

      The scene with Henry’s girls was pretty funny. I liked how Lala was all like “what is Henry doing? dating all of his coworkers?!” lol But I like Lala a lot because they could have made her into a jealous biotch but instead she’s just cute and she has a personality too!

      I sometimes feel like Da Ren and You Qing are like the extreme example of bad timing. seriously. they can never finish a talk about their feelings towards each other without interruptions.

      Da Ren should get his butt in gear and admit that he’s just humouring Maggie and really not caring about her at all. And Maggie should just find another guy that fits her criteria and leave Da Ren in peace. But she’s going to be a clinger… probably even worse than poison ivy, it’s going to be hard and painful to escape her grip…

  3. Melsyl says:

    Thank you so much for this recap!!! Have been looking for a decent recap on this drama and I loved reading this!

    My favouritest scene in this whole episode was the last scene, when she saw his messages and finally sighed a sigh of relief. I felt that it was a really good way to round up the episode, with both characters finally subconsciously coming to consensus and mutual understanding that they care equally about each other, though they haven’t realized it yet.

    Ah this drama is so beautifully directed, with all the adequate amounts of meaningful subtleness. I can watch this over and over again and never get bored ❤ This director and scriptwriter are geniuses.

    • Min says:

      about the last scene: I liked the symbolic nature of them walking around the circular fountain, it’s like it’s saying they are whole and complete when they are together.

  4. NN says:

    Thks for the recap. It’s my favourite Taiwanese drama so far – the acting is fantastic, the characters (maybe except Maggie) and dialogues are so believable. None of the usual over-the-top stuff that oft occur in Taiwanese rom-coms. It’s in a similar vein as K-drama, Bottom of the ninth with 2 outs (another one of my faves), but without the co-habitation thus far. Hope to see more electric moments and skinship between the OTP but unfortunately, You Qing’s ex is about to enter the scene.

    • Min says:

      I liked 9 end, 2 outs too, and though I really liked it, I never quite believed they’d been just friends for so long their relationship was quite different from You Qing’s and Da Ren’s.

      I think You Qing’s and Da Ren’s is actually one where I can almost feel just how comfortable they are together without it necessarily being of a sexual nature ( I always felt that in 9 end, 2 outs, the lead couple was about to jump each other) , though I don’t doubt that once You Qing and Da Ren accept their feelings there will be a more palpable sexual tension.

  5. tumbleweed says:

    This may have been a long recap, but it was a beautiful one that I really enjoyed reading 😀 I absolutely loved You Ching and Da Ren’s drunken conversation, but I think I loved the moment in the morning as You Ching woke up lying on Da Ren’s arm. The way he looked at her… the way they were so comfortable and snuggly together… until You Ching’s brain woke up and screamed “No! I can’t be here!” Aww, and I love it when Da Ren goes to the art exhibition that You Ching went to and “reports” to her. Oh, and I love it when You Ching finds all of Da Ren’s text messages on her phone, too 😀

    I don’t understand Da Ren either. Okay, I get that it’s hard to confess to your best friend. It’s frustrating for me to watch, but I do understand that part. What I don’t understand is why he’s forcing himself into a relationship with Maggie when he’s just barely interested in her. Can he really go so far as to marry and live with this childish, needy stalker for the rest of his life? I don’t think so. So why is he wasting his time? Their relationship is basically one of him humoring her like a little kid, like “Here, Maggie, here’s a lollipop. Now, be a good girl, okay?” Of course, that’s not what he literally says, but it’s in the same vein. He’s not doing Maggie any favors by continuing with the masquerade. It’s funny; You Ching’s in denial that she loves Da Ren/he loves her, and Maggie’s in denial that Da Ren doesn’t like her (and she really doesn’t even like him either! He just fits her criteria).

    I wonder if we’ll see a change in You Ching once Ding Li Wei comes back into the picture. I think You Ching’s probably gone through a lot of changes since they last parted ways, but it does sound like he was her first major love. I don’t think You Ching will ever go back to the way she was before with him (losing herself almost entirely in the relationship), though, and I wonder how Li Wei will react to the “new” You Ching.

    Oh, and I wonder if we’ll get to see You Ching go on any dates set up by the neighborhood matchmakers, haha.

    • Min says:

      I do hope we’ll see You Qing go on a few dates, maybe one that can even be possibly serious competition for Da Ren, so as to shake him out of his indecisiveness. I trust that it’s not with Ding Li Wei, because seriously that guy knocked Da Ren a good one and I can’t imagine You Qing ever siding with a guy who cheated on her and hurt Da Ren over her best friend who never left her side.

  6. daydee says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderfull recaps. I enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoy watching the drama. Keep up the good works and I’ll be waiting for next eps recaps.

  7. Okay, now I want to watch this, too. As if I didn’t have enough things in my queue….I blame YOU Min! But I suppose knowing one’s writing caused such a reaction in a reader isn’t an insult to a writer….guh, fine. It goes in the queue. 😀

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