Tree With Deep Roots – Rambles #1

Tree With Deep Roots


There are so many great scenes in Tree with Deep Roots.  It’s incredibly awesome, and visually it’s a joy to watch. I love the fact that though there’s a lot of close-ups there’s also a lot of background to be seen that helps us ground our characters in an era, what status they are and where they are.

There are many things that I’m dying to know, and hope that they will be satisfactorily explained, exposed throughout the drama’s run.

WARNING: Before going into what I’d like to discuss of the drama, I have to warn you that there will be spoilers if you haven’t seen at the first episode. Though this is not a full recap, or even a sort-of recap at all, I will be mentioning some of the things that happen.

While you read, here’s the OST song Deep Love- Ai

As I’ve said earlier, this drama is very intriguing and there are many thing that I hope to find out from it as I watch.

The most pressing question in my mind is how Kang Chae Yoon (Jang Hyuk’s character) changed so much from his early childhood tendencies of charging in first without much else than a fierce yell and swift fists to the calculating person he is now.

The Kang Chae Yoon we meet in the first five minutes of the drama is very calculating. He stands and observes the courtyard where the king holds court and imagines the probabilities of successfully launching an attack on the king. He mentally imagines how everyone would react, how fast the archers would land arrows in him and just how he’d die without accomplishing what he’s set out to do.

That Chae Yoon we meet is indeed very different from the slave Ddol Bok who didn’t dream of assassinating anybody, all he wanted was a little respect for his father, not even for himself. He was a boy who stood up for a dad whose intellect was below average, be it the overseer or the Chancellor he demanded respect for his father. In those days he didn’t calculate how much he’d end up hurt.  I’m excited to travel down memory lane and find out how he managed to change so much.

I don’t think the WHY is so much the question as the HOW is because the why is obviously very related to what ended up happening with his father.

The second most  important question is how Lee Do (Song Joong ki) changed so much physically… lol…  ok now seriously, I wonder how it is that his rather timid? Weak? personality changed into the man that strode  by the older Kang Chae Yoon. The young Lee Do would be shut in his room trying to figure out the answer to a huge Sudoku puzzle, not wandering the courtyards and receiving and discussing information about military strategy with ease as confident King Sejong.

I know I’m being unfair to Lee Do, since he’s only appearing weak because there’s someone’s who’s stronger than he is. His father really puts new meaning into the words: evil- manipulative- power-hungry- despot. Of course then we’d have to take into account that King Taejong (3rd Chosun King) only came into power after a lot of bloodshed, & betrayals even among siblings, so he is absolutely paranoid of anybody trying to usurp/takeover his power. He is probably just trying to make sure that once he no longer has any influence, his son will be able to lead without interference, but the thing is- Sejong isn’t like his father, so his father’s ways will never be agreeable to him

However I still want to find out how we get rid of him, does Lee Do do some scheming of his own? Does someone else do it for him?

I’m looking forward to find out about these and many present  and  future questions throughout, ^_^

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One thought on “Tree With Deep Roots – Rambles #1

  1. jen loves koean drama says:

    It looks like you have given up rambling about this drama. Which is too bad. I can tell your translation is better than the subtitles on the drama & you understand what is going on. It helped me keep up a little better. I love Korean Drama, but don’t understand the Korean language yet. I just found this drama and am looking forward to watching the whole series.

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