gaaah I hate photobucket…

so for the past two days I’ve been trying to upload my stuff and it’s been denying me TT___TT so that’s why I haven’t been able to finish my recap for ITWY, but never fear the main part of it has been finished so it will go up soon, just as soon as PB let’s me finish uploading!


4 thoughts on “gaaah I hate photobucket…

  1. Min says:

    I wish I was as well versed in computer techie stuff, but I’m so bad that I’m not quite sure of what FTP is… Another proof of my computer inadequecies: can you imagine I just learned about the webmaster tools thingies right now? yep i’m quite illiterate about these things and my friends are worse, so they’re no help! It’s what I get for being into social and health sciences…

    • As a web developer I’m just a little bit well-versed in this. FTP simply put is finding the folder on your server and then I can drag and drop from my folders. Of course you have to know what folders to put where and how to create a link to them.

      I haven’t played around much with webmaster tools though. I prefer looking at analytics. Now I’m enjoying peeking through there.

  2. Webmaster tools? Huh? Photobucket has been okay for me so far but I’ll smack it upside the head for you! MadDino helped me with a few techie things that I won’t be able to play with until my PC gets fixed. I’m on a mac now…(help!)

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