In Time With You – Episode 5 Recap

In Time With You

Episode 5


What does it take for a person to understand another person?  For sure knowing what his/her favourite colour, movie or food, won’t help you. You can know all that and still not understand anything at all.  It’s something that we all learn sooner or later, and in this episode, it’s Maggie’s turn to realize it. You Qing and Da Ren know a lot for each other, perhaps they don’t know everything, but they “get” each other. They understand the essence of the person that is underneath the skin. 

Music Interlude: Hong Pei Lu- Tiptoe Love


Today You Qing is asked by her mother to memorize her bank account password, her facebook password and just about every password she has. At first You Qing thinks her mom is preparing for a time when she’s not around, but her mom sets her straight, telling her it’s just in case she forgets, stop being silly You Qing!

When You Qing complains about having to memorize her mom’s and hers too, her mom says she should find someone she can rely on to help her remember her passwords. You Qing thinks about it a bit,

Hey Li Da Ren have you ever thought about whom you can entrust your passwords to? And between people even if we deny it we need a Pass code

5th sign – you feel as if you’re drowning in passwords

As she’s checking through her list for what she’s going to take to the trip with li Da Ren she notices that she wrote “B” and doesn’t remember what it stands for. So what does she do? of course call Da Ren  to ask what word starts with “B” and even though he complains about the subject being too vast. Knowing how You Qing’s mind tends to work he comes up with “Book”.  Though he’s indignant that she would actually take a book when she’s going to have fun with him.

The next day I had a bad feeling when I saw DR’s very wierd apologetic look as he got out of the car, and of course there she was, the scariest thing I’ve ever seen, the Maggietubbie. I swear I felt like I’d seen the return of my childhood nightmares.  I blame her for now hating  the word “surprise!” aaargh.

Maggie gets her sly remarks in before You Qing can even take in the fact that her trip with her friend has been hijacked by the creepy baby-ish thing. She phrases her explanation in such away that if You Qing doesn’t agree with her presence she’s a narrowminded person. But You Qing isn’t a fool and understands that but she promises herself that she won’t lose.  You Qing pretends that she’d suggested to Da Ren that he should invite her, but he’d told her that Maggie had to work.

Maggie get’s in to the shotgun seat and Da Ren immediately tells her that she should sit in the back since You Qing can’t sit in the back because she gets sick. Maggie looks unconvinced but You Qing settles it quickly by saying that she’ll be driving since Da Ren drives like a snail.

Of course Maggie cannot stop being annoying she feeds Da Ren in the mouth then expects You Qing to accept food from her hands too. Seriously you only do that with friends you are really really close to, otherwise hand’s off ma’ food!  Then comes an uncomfortable moment for Maggie because all You Qing has to say is “I’m thirsty” and Da Ren knows that she wants water and not juice, while he doesn’t know what Maggie likes at all.

Maggie gets more proof of how close Da Ren is to You Qing and her family when Cheng Mama calls Da Ren to ask if he knows what You Qing’s favourite ice cream flavour is, which of course he knows is dark chocolate. Once he hangs up,  Maggie asks him about his favourite flavour, and You Qing answers for her saying that he doesn’t even like ice cream (DR are you for real?)  Da Ren tries to explain that if he had to choose then it would be vanilla, Maggie goes “me too me too.” And what’s You Qing’s answer to this new level of ridiculous she’s been a witness to? a sharp swerve and an announcement that they’ll be arriving at a rest stop.

At the rest stop, Maggie goes to the restroom, and Da Ren and You Qing get out of the car to have a discussion, or more like Da Ren receives a reprimand as he tries to make excuses for having brought Maggie on their trip.  You Qing feels that Da Ren values love over friendship, but I feel that this is all due to his niceness and his inability to say no to whiny little kids.

Speaking of kids, when Maggie returns from the bathroom she sees You Qing and Da Ren arguing. However, when she asks what’s wrong (dear is there something wrong with your eyes? is your brain filled with fluff? you KNOW what’s wrong) they deny it saying that they sometimes have “serious discussions” like this. To me it felt like when Mom is scolding Dad for indulging baby when he shouldn’t have. They were definitely treating Maggie like the kid she’s being.

You Qing is still pissed, when they go biking she speeds up (how gorgeous and lush is that backdrop?), and she won’t join in onthe “fun” and instead chooses to sit and watch Da Ren and the kid play.

 When Maggie goes to get her camera, Da Ren makes an escape and goes to You Qing’s side and sighs saying that it’s more comfortable lying there.

Maggie wants to monopolize Da Ren even more, not letting him share dinner with You Qing, because SHE doesn’t want to eat noodles like You Qing. You Qing feels, and rightly so, that Maggie is wanting to start a “war” with her.

When they finally all make it back to the hotel, Da Ren is about to talk to You Qing when he’s interrupted by the Maggietubbie. She suggests a place that she wants to go to, but hasn’t even asked You Qing if she’s interested. Da Ren points out that it’s only respectful to ask You Qing, especially since just deciding like that will make You Qing feel like she’s a third wheel when she’s not the one who got added on. Of course Rags has the frackin’ guts to pout and make him feel guilty for pointing out the truth. Da Ren if you don’t break up with this poison ivy I’m going to disown you! 

After the talk with Da Ren, Maggie goes in search of You Qing. She succeeds in ruining a perfectly quiet and peaceful moment for You Qing in the hot tub. She tries to make small talk but You Qing is not in the mood to try to please her so she leaves the tub and goes to the sauna. Maggie asks her to stay in the tub since she’s scared of ghosts- I say she’s scarier than any old ghost and harder to get rid of. You Qing denies her request and goes ahead to the sauna. About a second later she’s joined by ‘Fraidy-Maggie.

While in the sauna, Maggie mentions that she wants to get married with Da Ren within a month. Wow there cowgirl, you’re going to fly off that saddle, you’re going too fast and your horse is about to put in some nasty brakes. You Qing warns her that things are not going to be so easy if she doesn’t even understand Da Ren. She asks her if she thinks that their marriage would last just because she willed it so? She basically lets her know that  if they are not compatible the marriage would end soon after the wedding. Maggie says that Da Ren will change and that she would change so that they could stay together, You Qing tells her that she’s being too naive because if change was easy then there would be no unhappy marriages.

Later that night You QIng goes off to ask the service desk what time the earliest shuttle bus to taipei is, and Maggie wakes up to find her gone. She hurtles to Da Ren’s room and launches herself and uses her tentacles to grab him tightly, all the while looking all of 4 years old. seriously GROW UP!  She makes Da Ren go back to her room and watch her fall asleep- she’s so me-me-me gaaah.

While Da Ren is in the room he notices that You Qing didn’t even take her book and so he goes to search for her. (Maggie see there’s the difference- You throw yourself at him, and You Qing doesn’t do anything and yet she’s the one he goes to look for)

All this while You Qing has been relaxing by the pool, just letting her feet dangle in the water as she contemplates the day. Da Ren finds her, covers her up and sits next to her, without a word in perfect companionship. You Qing breaks the silence and tells him that she’d thought about torturing him and making him feel hurt for betraying her, but she decided to give in, because she doesn’t want to be the “other woman.”

You Qing tells him that she’s been thinking about what he said of her being a vaccuum cleaner full of rotten men, but that she finds that though he’s an overly nice person he hasn’t fared any better in terms of love.

She exhorts him to think really hard and decide if he and his girlfriend are really suitable for each other. All that Da Ren can say is that she “is not bad, not bad figure her looks are not bad and has a not bad personality.” Which is why he says he is trying to see if they can be together but that he feels like he’s.. You Qing finishes his sentence “overlooking love.”

Da Ren assents and says that he’s thought about telling her the truth but, again You Qing finishes his sentence, “you can’t say it.” He says that because he saw her panicking like a kid with her mom’s accident and so he hugged her and things suddenly became like this. You Qing says that he’s merely spouting excuses. Da Ren doesn’t deny it but he does say that he likes her, “but loving her is a little too far away.”  You Qing reprimands him again reminding him that hes’ not just  choosing a flavor of ice cream.

Da Ren says that he wants a steady love because it is better than passionate love for marriage, and that he’s “confused between a steady love and an unmatched… anyways I’m so confused now.” You Qing asks him if she should hug him as the confused young boy he is being at the moment. Da Ren shakes his head yes (CUTE^^) but You Qing points out that she would be doing the same thing he did for Maggie (taking care of a child). They both laugh at that.

Today it’s You Qing’s turn to be a great bff as she expresses her wishes for Da Ren.

I wish that you are happy. Are you happy? or is that you haven’t really tried to be happy?
I would rather be deathly jealous of your happiness than be your love’s obstacle

Da Ren asks why she doesn’t ever get along with his girlfriend, and she points out that he’s pot calling the kettle black since he’s never gotten along with her boyfriends either. But that perhaps the reason she hasn’t gotten along well with his girlfriends, is because she understood him too well and knew that he wasn’t happy, because she could sense her best friend’s unhappiness.

Da Ren turns to her and tells her that she should “hurry and find your happiness.” Somehow I felt that he thinks that maybe as long as she is happy then he’ll be happy so she must find her happiness first. And then he goes on to cutely say “you have to be happy!” You Qing can’t believe he did that and all he can say is “I’m only like this when I’m with you” in his own defense.

The next day is raining so they spend it indoors and Maggie witnesses how You Qing knows LDR’s habits, even how Da Ren plays games and vice versa from how Da Ren always chooses the middle column  in tic tac toe or how You Qing always chooses rock in rock paper scissors.

On the way home You Qing states that Da Ren is like a grassland, when you’re tired after walking in high heels and you take them off,  you just have to step on it and you can return to how you were at the beginning – Maggie doesn’t understand what she means and says that to her Da Ren is like a bed (wtf?) a place where she wants to stay in every day.

Maggie then pesters Da Ren into finding an analogy for her and all he can say is that she’s like a bookmark, You Qing gives her a meaning to it saying that she’s  can let him rest for a while after reading a book for a long time.

 Maggie again pressures Da Ren into describing You Qing, However Da Ren can’t say a word that describes You Qing because he feels that he  understands her too much can’t describe her with 1 word. And they proceed to have the hottest rearview mirror looks ever.

When You Qing arrives home she’s faced with her nephew who is here because his dad (her brother) is fighting with his mom. Cheng Mama feels bad for her daughter in law for marrying her son who doesn’t take care of others and begs You Qing to go and talk to her sis in law.

Meanwhile Maggie breaks another cardinal rule of being a self respecting girlfriend (not that she ever was more than a clinging mess):  She invites herself to Da Ren’s house so that she could meet his parents.

Da Ren’s mom and Uncle Bai are sharing an afternoon together and she’s helping him rehearse for a play, which she says she won’t go see even for him, since it’s not interesting.  When Da Ren arrives he tells his mom he brought a friend over, and since she thought it was You Qin she seemed not to mind. However Maggie put her foot in her mouth and sealed her fate as enemigo numero 1 when she greeted uncle Bai as Papa Li.

Da Ren’s mom is colder than the north pole to Maggie not even acknowledging her and reprimanding Da Ren for inviting over guests without warning.

Uncle Bai later mentions to Da Ren’s mom that he never thought about how scary and hard to please mother-in-laws could be, but she just showed him. Da Ren’s mom says she isn’t hard to please, in fact she doesn’t care about who Da Ren dates as long as he follows her rules of bringing them over, after all this is her house, so he should follow her rule. Uncle Bai just chuckles that indeed after breaking her rules once and getting her rude behaviour for not calling ahead of time and stating reason for visit and exact time, he made sure he never forgot them again.

Tao Tao follows Da Ren to his room and asks how he had the guts to take a trip with his girlfriend and You Qing, and then bring the girlfriend home unannounced. He tells her that it wasn’t guts since he was forced to on both accounts by Maggie(of course I know that nobody can be forced to do anything and this seems like an excuse but Da Ren is one of those stupidly nice people so I forgive him- for now). Tao Tao is the voice of reason for the first time probably in their lives and tells him straight out that if his girlfriend forced him to take her on the trip with You Qing jie and then forced him to bring her home, then that “not bad” girlfriend is way too irritating (Thank YOU!)

Da Ren defends Maggietubbie saying that of all his girlfriends she is the only  one who accepted his friendship with You Qing  (How did you arrive at that conclusion Da Ren? she’s just too insecure in her relationship with you that’s why she accepts, dummy U_U’) His sister of course says that Maggie accepting that friendship is weird in and of itself because no normal girlfriend would. Plus his and You Qing’s friendship is way too weird to be easy to accept, unless… here Tao Tao even has the guts to look down at Da Ren’s ‘jewels’ and suggests while smirking, “unless well…. you’re gay?”  Heh. little sisters will ALWAYS be annoying no matter their age.

He points out that Uncle Bai and there mother are also just friends but Tao Tao points out that Uncle Bai loves their mom to death and that sooner or later they’ll become a couple. And sooner or later ” You and You Qing jie will” Da Ren interrupts with a smile and half says half asks “become a couple.” she smirks and says “nope sooner o later lose contact” Needless to say Da Ren isn’t happy with that forecast.

You Qing tries to find out what happened between her brother and her sister in law and instead they end up fighting. You Qing finds out that her brother really is thick skinned and actually called Da Ren to upgrade the tickets for hi. She is open mouthed shocked at his gall and the fact that he doesn’t realize that the only way to “easily” resolve the issue was by paying. And that therefore, what he didn’t want to pay was paid for by Da Ren. Her brother dismisses that and says “who’s stupid enough to do something like that to help others?”

You Qing lays it on him for being an opportunist who is always asking for money without ever realizing the real cause of his problems. She tells him that if she had money she would never invest in him. However she does say that she’ll transfer $20,000 to his account but not for him but for her nephew, Kai Le.

You Qing meets up with her sister in law and she finds out that they’ve been jealous of what each other have. She tells her sister in law that being a single career woman means having to do without a lot of things her sister in law wouldn’t know.

When you want to eat hotpot and nobody’s there to eat it with you. Buying a lot of things you later regret to vent your loneliness when your best friend’s girlfriends treat youl like the mortal enemy and when some one asks why you aren’t married, you really want to give them a flying kick. And when Christmas and Valentine’s day comes around there’s an indescribable emptiness in your heart.

Maggie tries to learn more about Da Ren and keeps calling and asking for info on his past, kiss, first major date, all of which he answers reluctantly.  Because Maggie’s been calling him incessantly he answers his phone automatically assuming it’s Maggie but it’s his mom on the line reminding him of the favour she wants him to ask of You Qing.

Da Ren invites You Qing out for dinner and relays Mama Li’s request which is that You Qing pick out a nice dress of Tao Tao. You Qing asks Da Ren why doesn’t he ask Maggie, but he asks her if she thinks Maggie will be able to choose something that will satisfy both his mom and his sister. “Besides,” he says “My mom picked you personally” but the way he expressed himself made  You Qing think of his mom like an empress picking the concubines, and it makes You Qing almost spit out the noodles she was eating.

When Da Ren gets home his sister tries on the dress and appears to like what she sees in the mirror. You Qing managed to satisfy Tao Tao’s love for black, and give it some life and elegance which is something Mama Li approves.

On their next date, Maggie brings up the topic of having double dates with You Qing. And to that end she’s already made a list of potential boyfriends. However Da Ren isn’t happy with any of them and Maggie burst out why don’t they introduce Li Da Ren to Cheng You Qing then.  And I say,  yes please do! and then butt out forever!

Da Ren tries to use that as an opening for his letting her down gently speech, telling her that he doesn’t feel they’re compatible and that perhaps they should stop. He tells her that all the questions she’s been asking are so rigid and really don’t bring about an understanding of each other.  He tells her that he’s also seen that she’s tried to adapt herself to him but that that isn’t the point since then he’ll never really know her if she changes herself to suit him. Of course she has to BEG him not to break up with her and give her more time with him, and their goes the tears and there goes Da Ren’s resolve.

As they are walking out after the tearfest portent of doom (for Da Ren) they meet Ding Li Wei. He introduces himself to Maggie and makes Da Ren give him his phone number. Just from his stance even if I didn’t know that this guy was someone who made You Qing suffer I’d likely develop a strong dislike for him. He just oozes arrogance in the way he holds himself. Can’t stand that type of guy.

The rest of the day Da Ren doesn’t know if he should tell You Qing about DLW being back in Taiwan,  he doesn’t want to ruin her day but he doesn’t want her to run into him without mental preparation.

As he is debating what to do, DLW calls him out. When Da Ren arrives the first thing DLW does is hit him for making him lose You Qing, Da Ren shows a feisty side to himself and hits him back with nice right hook to the nose, because DLW wasn’t faithful to his relationship.

At work You Qing sneezes and is approached by Lala who says that someone must be thinking of her. You Qing complains that lately that the only reason people come to see her or think of her because they need her to help them with their problems. Lala laughs and saying that it’s probably because You Qing is intelligent, confident and nice that they all flock to her, and that if she had problems she would also go to You Qing.

They start joking about You Qing being a trash can or not, and Lala can’t come up with a word that describes You QIng. You Qing asks if she is really that hard to describe since someone who knows her very well couldn’t. Lala perks up “Li Da Ren?”  You Qing asks if she knows Da Ren, but that isn’t the case. She said that she went out with Henry and suddenly he said that sometimes he sometimes he wanted to punch Da Ren, because he sits on the toilet seat and doesn’t shit… lol what a phrase. Before You Qing can ask her more Lala makes a quick retreat.

Da Ren and Ding Li Wei after hitting each other go off to a bowling alley. DLW says that he thought that Da Ren and You Qing would be together when he came back to Taiwan. Da Ren says that he’s not someone who has to have something just because he likes it. (finally he’s admitted it – DLW points that out too).  They continue arguing all passive aggressively and then Ding Li Wei says something that Da Ren agrees with :You Qing’s like a book you want to keep reading.

That night You Qing gets a call from Da Ren who tells her he’s outside her house. She goes down to meet him and brings him a beer (their poor livers!). She smells the liquor on him and asks what happen and assumes that the bruise was caused by Maggie- which is ridiculous because as much as I dislike Maggie, she probably couldn’t hurt him if she tried.

He tells her that Ding Li Wei is back. She gets mad that he got hit without hitting back. Da Ren sets her straight telling her that he hit him back.Then he tells her that Dick Li Wei wants her phone number and that he hasn’t given it to him unless she wants him too.

She basically tells him to stuff it and don’t say anymore when he tells her

 Cheng You Qing I finally came to a common ground with Ding Li Wei.” [….]” You are a book worth reading over and over again.

5th charm of a mature  woman:  Don’t be a bookmark but a book worth reading again and again.


It really bugged me that Maggie has been pressuring Da Ren this whole episode. First the trip and that was bad enough, and then she made him take her to meet his family. That’s just not done! I mean you can invite him to your house to meet your parents but you can’t force him to let you meet his. If you need to pressure him like that it means he wasn’t serious about you and perhaps had never thought of having you meet them at all. Or as was also the case with Da Ren’s mother, there are very strict rules that have to be followed if he is to invite his girlfriend over for the first time. Honestly if I knew a Maggie I would give up on her, she’s the worst kind of woman out there.

Also though I hate the fact that she’s one of those girls that have to bust out their handy dandy tear wells in front of the guys they want to cling to, I was really upset with Da Ren for not sticking to his guns about breaking up. What a few tears and you let it slide? I wonder if he doesn’t realize that it’s just gonna be worse later on when she begins to feel more and more attached to him.

Also what’s with Maggie being very shrewd and knowing what to say so that You Qing can’t say that she doesn’t want her to go, or that she won’t go, and then being all of five years old whenever she finds herself alone?

Another person I really disliked in this episode is You Qing’s brother, because all he’s been doing is complaining about how his wife exaggerates what they have to her parents and then he’s embarrassed when his mother-in-law comes over because he doesn’t have those things, but then he’s the same type of person. He basically fooled his wife into thinking that he was a rich guy who owned several houses when the house he had was paid for by his parents. And though she came to Taiwan thinking she was marrying a well established guy, she didn’t run out on him when she realized he wasn’t, instead she helped him and worked also to help out with his business ventures and even had a son with him. Also to not realize that when he’d asked Da Ren to upgrade the ticket to first class, the only way that it could be settled easily and fast would be for Da Ren to pay the difference himself, he’s definitely a self-centered opportunist.


9 thoughts on “In Time With You – Episode 5 Recap

  1. angeleyes says:

    Thanks, nice recap! I was playing the music while reading. 🙂

    This episode sure had a lot of annoying Maggie but the evil side of me was enjoying the fact that she just won’t win against You Qing & even to Da ren’s mom. That picture of one of the Teletubbies is so cute but I think even they wouldn’t want to be associated with Maggie, kids love them, while Maggie acts like a kid. hehehe! Lol!!!! Anyways, as always, I enjoyed the ohh sooo adorable conversations & banters between You Qing & Da ren. I just love & envy their relationship to death. They’re just the cutest couple! Again, credit to the awesome acting skills of Ariel & Bolin, that’s why You Qing & Da ren seems so real!

    How cute was it that even the “B” code that You Qing noted on her memo, Da ren could understand. It takes someone that really knows you by heart that will understand even the littlest things. I also hate the fact that her brother seems so lame but it’s nice how the writer shows the imperfections in families which really happens in real life. I also liked You Qing’s conversation with her sister-in-law. It was so touching, I cried a bit when she was telling her that she should not envy her. I can truly relate because, I have to say, in one point in my life, I had her exact sentiments.

    Can’t wait for the next episode especially seeing the hug (based from the preview) between You Qing & Da ren. And Da ren finally admitting to Maggie that he loves You Qing. Oh, I just can’t wait. I’m just loving & loving this drama so much. Thanks again! 🙂

    • oozzeee says:

      I love the fact that you pointed out that it’s the evil side of you that rejoices in having YQ (and even DR) rebut Maggie because we gotta admit that it is rather cruel of them to gang up on her and rub in her nose how much YQ and DR know each other …she may be an annoying biatch but Da Ren is also partly to fault for allowing their relationship to go this far and she is but trying everything, (desperately) to maintain said “relationship”…Not that I am siding with Maggie ‘coz I’m also very annoyed with her..

    • Min says:

      I don’t know about teletubbies being cute, they were kind of terrifying to me…lol… Having someone that understands what you yourself have no clue about is awesome. I’m hoping to meet a Da Ren for myself one day.

  2. Maggietubbie. Hehe. I also love how well they know each other. It’s funny when someone knows you well enough to complete your sentences. I only need the say the first half or give a look and Mr. Dino knows exactly what I’m going to say.

  3. apricot.kisses says:

    ❤ this eps recap. ur little comments pretty much summed up what i was grumbling about to myself ( like a crazy woman -according to my brother) whilst i was watching this ep. "Maggie tubbie " even annoyed my mum even though she wasn't watching it, she heard her speaking in a few scenes and she was like -what's wrong w/ that girl?!

    • apricot.kisses says:

      Oh and yes – i also disliked LDW from the second i saw him get out of the taxi. never mind we all know that he’s a cheating scum, without knowing all that , just from the way he walked up to DR and spoke to him , the arrogance and passive aggressiveness in the way he talks is enough to put my hackles up!

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