In Time With You- Episode 6 Recap

In Time With You

Episode 6

Intro Commentary

I think this episode has a lot of misunderstandings. Finally some are faced and fixed and others are still festering waiting to explode.  I want everything to come out in the open, I want them(You Qing mostly in this ep) to really listen to what they’re saying. I want them to use their incredible bond to notice how much more than friends they are. I swear this relationship they have has more love, more devotion and honest to goodness caring than many marriages! They have a lot going for them and I hope they realize it SOON! or I’m going to die… I swear I’m about to self-destruct, implode, or what have you.


In the last episode Da Ren told You Qing that Ding Li Wei was back and for all that she denied wanting Da Ren to give DLW her number, she is on high alert. Whenever the cell rings she dashes to it, even if she has to barrel through people (i.e. Mama Cheng). She is immediately frustrated when it turns out not to be him and she takes it out on the caller (i.e. Mei Qing jie).

She has gotten it into her head that should she venture outside for any reason she must be in her “best state” so she goes out to dump the trash in a cute and flirty dress and heels. A startling contrast with her neighbours who go out with their track suits and other comfortable casual clothing.

Of course because she is so distracted with her cell phone she doesn’t notice all her neighbors piling their trash in the truck and leaving. She ends up having to chase the truck with her heals and somehow from a distance make the trash go into the back compartment (she makes one and misses the other and has to chase some more)

The 6th sign of aging-

Putting important things in important places and forgetting where that important place is.

Of course if she dresses so beautifully to go take out trash it’s obvious that she must do so for work. At work her companions are so in shock of seeing her so lovely and feminine that they start teasing her about having fallen in love.

Her boss also joins in the fun teasing and notices the cute ring You Qing is wearing and asks if she could try it on. You Qing gives it to her to try on and holds on to her boss’s diamond ring. As they were about to switch back her boss receives a call and walks back to her office hurriedly leaving behind her ring.

You Qing finally makes it into her own office and marvels at the beautiful ring, and decides that she has to lock the ring away in her drawer for safe-keeping.. (bad choice YQ- have you forgotten you lost your own name stamp just recently)

After a while her boss comes looking for her ring and You QIng opens her drawers (after looking for her keys and not noticing that they were in her hands – it’s like whenever I’m looking for my glasses and they’re on my head^^’) She searches through her drawer and comes up sans-ring. It’s gone missing.

The whole department pitches in to search for the ring but they can’t find anything. Her boss is such a sweetie that after seeinng that this mishap has distressed You Qing she tells her not to worry too much since things have a way of turning up when you’re not looking for them.

When You Qing arrives her she’s still obviously despondent over the whole issue that her mom and dad can’t even utter a word to her as they watch her drink water and walk to her room like a zombie.

In her room she sulks and throws herself unto her very comfy bed that I’m jealous of. As soon as Da Ren calls her she picks up and tells him that it’s his fault that she now owes 3,000,000. Da Ren asks why would that be his fault? and she tells him that it’s because she’s been so preocupied over the possibility of Ding Li Wei calling that she was distracted and lost the ring.

Da Ren is upset that she’s affected by the possibility of the call and asks her where her ” self confidence and rationality” have gone. He thinks she’s longing for DLW’s call and doesn’t understand her need to appear in her “best” form in front of that guy.

He misinterprets her wanting to get revenge from Ding Li Wei, and starts to give her DLW’s number and she throws her cell phone in shock. Her wanting to hear from DLW so that she could flaunt how much he’s missing might seem counter-intuitive for Da Ren, but I totally get her. She understands that it’s better to let everything alone that’s why she won’t call him, but IF he were to call her, then that gives her a semblance of power over him… to accept or reject him, and exact her revenge.

That night she has a nightmare in which she’s in her messy room full of papers, books, clothes and boxes and she’s searching for something desperately. In voice over one can hear Da Ren asking her ” Where’s your rationality and Self Confidence You Qing?” and she answers “I’ve lost my self confidence and I can’t find the place it’s at.” She wakes up from that dream thinking about the money she owes and how she won’t be able to eat for five years to be able to repay it.

At work she contemplates her office, and looks at her mug, and she decides, for probably the upteenth time that ” Ding Li Wei is like the coffee that I forgot to drink. It’s better not to drink, it does more harm than good.” She goes out to throw away the coffee and thereby metaphorically throwing Ding Li Wei out and she finds the diamond ring.

Her boss smiles as she looks at her diamond ring, ” a diamond is still a diamond even when it’s been soaked in coffee- try doing that to a marriage certificate!” and so it turns out that the diamond is not an engagement/wedding ring but an “I’m brave” ring after she divorced her husband and began a single life

You Qing admires her boss, and goes to see some diamond rings for herself. She becomes enamoured of a ring, and though she tries it on for size and loves it, she finds that she can’t afford it just yet. She looks at the diamond, hoping that no one will buy it.

Maggie has decided that she MUST introduce You Qing to her cousin- a Bae Young Joon look-a-like (or so she says), yeah THAT Bae Young Joon the one who is called the first Hallyu star, a.k.a Yon-sama.

You Qing is still obsessing about the call and Ding Li Wei until she creates a handy dandy little sketch that diagrams : Maggie & Da Ren want to matchmake her her= Da Ren doesn’t want her to go out with DLW = He didn’t give DLW my number! yay! now she can concentrate on work.

Later that day You Qing is a victim of an auditory assault by the numerous people that invaded her house (ok her parent’s house, same diff? right?). Turns out her sister in law has family over and because her own apartment is too small You Qing will now have to share her room and bed (oh glorious bed) with her sister in laws aunt.

Unfortunately the aunt is NOT a quiet and calm sleeper, and so after many hardships when You Qing finally falls asleep she ends up dreaming that she is on a table about to be sawed in half. Jolting awake she’s faced with another monstrously creepy view, the aunt has been staring at her like a creeper while she’s sleeping, “because you are so pretty.”

As she prepares for her blind date with Maggie’s Bae Young Joon look alike cousin her mom comes up to chat and sneakily places a picture of a half naked man in a yard. It’s the sister-in-laws aunts’ husband’s cousin. Yeah I think that was it. well anyways somehow or other he’s a single man related to the aunt who scared the bejeezus  out of her that morning. You Qing imagines that the picture start talking telling her he is a 45 year old bus driver who’d like very much to meet her. yeah- she shivered and I shivered with her… ew.

She tells her mom to stop trying to pair her off and that she has a blind date to go off too! the mom is delighted and wishes her luck. You Qing goes off to meet Maggie at the hotel where the blind date will take place and they start going through info and pics of Maggie’s cousin. I actually thought that You Qing was in a pretty good mood, even smiling along with Maggie, something that’s indeed very hard to do.

Maggie’s blabbering about what a stud he is and how she cried so much when he went off to study, etc, etc. When a weirdo douche bag  walks in. you can tell he’s a douche from the way he sits on the couch. It reeks of douchey-ness. Maggie runs off before You Qing can say anything and leaves her with Mr. Douche, oh that’s not his name? ok ok, Tang ge.

So Mr. D runs his mouth off about what he needs in a woman blah blah blah and ends up telling her that for their sexual happiness/compatability/satisfaction wouldn’t she consider doing a breast enlargement- so that she can be, oh I don’t know a 34E, oh don’t worry he’ll pay for half of the operation fee!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK this guy is a FREAK!!!

That’s when saviour Li Da Ren walks in and answers for You Qing,

 She doesn’t need to think about it. You can use your half of the fee for a mental examination, a facelift, spot removing treatment and classes on manners. I think that will be a great contribution to society.

The man sputters as he stands up demanding to know who Li Da Ren is to say such things to him. Da Ren clearly on rampage mode says:

A person who knows how good You WIng is and you are not a person who can match her even a little bit. And for an unstable person like you, no matter how many degrees you have, even a size 34E wife wouldn’t be happy with you.

You Qing has been silent with a face that promised stormy weather this whole time and as Da Ren moves to grab her hand she pushes him away and walks the hell away from that humiliating scene. (Though I think it should be more humiliating for the guy who acts like that because everyone’s gotta know that he’s a douche now.)

Da Ren runs after her, shaking off Maggie who tries to hold him back. Outside of the building You Qing asks if she’s so pitiful in Da Ren’s eyes that he has to make her endure a blind date with that kind of man. She turns away from Da Ren as her eyes start to tear up. “Li Da Ren, you’re too much!”

She stalks off and he follows, and in a beautiful shot we’re shown how he’s always been the one to follow her lead. Always keeping her in sight as she leaves him behind. Always being there for her to look back at and fall back on whenever she needs, and for me it’s such a aaaw!-enducing sight and yet it’s also the most frustrating because he never tells her anything about his feelings for her.

She continues to walk with Da Ren right behind her. Most interesting thing is that she always looks back at him. It’s like she’s confirming that he’s there, expecting him to be there despite being mad and frustrated with him. They make it back to her house and as she’s walking into her house, he calls out to her. (And I’m all excited! Finally will he confess?)

He starts to talk but she’s so aggressive, all “just say it already” so he’s left with no choice but to pull her in for a tight tight hug. those bone-crushing, I’m-never-letting-you-out-of-my-embrace ones that can only really show love, and he starts to talk finally.

Do you know how great you are? Do you know in my eyes 99% of the men can’t match you. Do you know, Actually I—

…And then she interrupts! right when he’s about to say something really important something he wants her to realize and she takes it to mean that he’s just pitying her. and she rushes inside and stands with her back to the door and Da Ren stays transfixed staring at the door. GAH YOU QING! LISTEN TO HIM!!!!

Family will be family and so when Mama Cheng sees her, she excitedly asks about the blind date, the aunt also asks about the blind date, and though  she thought she was safe from more questions in the bathroom she answers a call from her sister asking her about the blind date. It’s like they’re mocking her… but they don’t know anything so it’s not their fault they’re just being nosy like normal families. At that moment she receives a call that may be Ding Li Wei.

Da Ren walks into his house and finds his mom crying. She deflects his questions saying that it’s probably because it’s autumn, but when he suggests that Uncle Bai come over for a walk with her, the truth comes out. Uncle Bai has gotten into a relationship with a theatre co-star. Da Ren says that she probably misunderstood since the only one in Uncle Bai’s heart is her. She shakes her head and says she didn’t misunderstand since Uncle Bai told her it was love at first sight. She asks for his comments and he tells her to get Uncle Bai back. she shakes her head, implying the possibility and she says,

Mama Li: “Da Ren there are many things if mistaken will one day be too late to change”

DR: “mom do you regret?”

Mama Li: “Extremely”

While he’s talking to Mama Li he receives a call from Magie asking for forvgiveness for the mess that occurred.

He goes out to meet her at her home, once there she tries to ask him for forgiveness, telling him to yell at her if she’s mad but not to stay silen because it’s scary when he’s silent. But Da Ren says he has no reason to yell since she didn’t mean to do anything bad. He’s not angry anymore he says.

Maggie asks him to smile otherwise it’s scary but he can’t even muster even one of his fake smiles. He tells her he’s been thinking about a problem and she can sense it’s not something good for their “couple” state and so she says, complete with awkward back hug too, “Don’t think about problems because I love you.” Da Ren insists on sharing what’s on his mind- probably the first and last time he will with her.

I’m sorry. […] I’m sorry because I’ll only be more sorry towards you because, I love You Qing. I thought I wouldn’t fall in love with her. I DIDN’T want to love her. I already have an arrogant mohter, and an arrogant sister, I just didn’t have the confidence to love the arrogant Cheng You Qing. But this could possibly the law. The more I love her. So I, —

Until finally she can’t take more of his heart bearing and tells him to stop because she doesn’t want to hear about his love for You Qing. For the first time she doesn’t talk all cutesy. I wonder is there a law somewhere stating “Don’t ever Let Da Ren finish his sentences or else?” Of course this time I can understand Maggie a bit, since I can only imagine how awful it must be to hear how much your boyfriend loves another, even if you are an annoying mosquito that just won’t die.

Maggie continues to go off on him and I begin to lose whatever pity I had for her which was really very little. She tells him he’s disgusting because he accepted her love when he clearly had another person in her heart and so he was using her, blah blah blah. Ok well he tried to break up with you before but you clung to him like bad odor and started crying for him to stay with you.

However Da Ren in much calmer than I would be facing her and plus he is feeling guilty because of starting this relationship with no love.

DR: Maggie did you really love me or did you love me because I fit the criteria? Love shouldn’t be about meeting conditions let alone marriage, if there is no love it will be hard to maintain it.

M: Do you think that you can rely only on love, do you think it can last forever? Go ask my mother and those who were betrayed by love.

DR: […] Maggie you can dislike me and hate me but there is advice that you must listen to, don’t get into romance for the sake of getting married, you must face your feelings directly.

Good does that mean Da Ren will now face his own feelings head on? Will he finally confess? I hope so!

When Da Ren leaves Maggie’s left alone with pieces of a broken wine bottle, and she cries that she didn’t want a great man, nor a rich man all she wanted was a good man  and be able to have a normal happiness.  And I feel bad for her for about the first time, because I get that she’s just been trying to attain that happiness but she went about it the wrong way and things just didn’t work out. Perhaps next time?

After confessing his love for You Qing to Maggie, Da Ren calls You Qing, he says he wants to talk to her and that he’s at her house, which she doesn’t hear because she interrupts him again! Ok You Qing I love you to pieces but please let Da Ren talk, please? I’m sure you’ll be even happier if you hear him through!

Anyways she’s too excited over the call she received from Ding Li Wei and the date he proposed for them to go on. As she chatters and chatters Da Ren is sitting on a bench in her yard and she’s in her couch. As they were talking they imagine each other sitting in the same couch together, but as she continues the run on rant about Ding Li Wei, Da Ren get’s exasperated and he’s back on the bench. He tells her that she obviously didn’t learn anything if her heart fluttered again, he warns her that he won’t keep her company for the next five years.

Aunt comes in at that moment and You Qing drops the call. As they are talkiing the aunt comments that You Qing shouldn’t go outside because a man with a beer is sitting at the bench. You Qing hurries outside, but Da Ren has skipped out by that time.

That night she falls asleep on the couch and when she’s woken up by her mother the next morning she has a painful crick in her neck.  The mom tells her that since she’s up she should brush away the fallen leaves on the floor. Grouchily, You Qing brushes the leaves away and then she notices that she’s locked herself out of the house.

She runs after her mom, but she’s already gone. As she’s standing in the middle of the street with her hair a mess, wearing big nerdy glasses, and in sweatpants and a t-shirt who else should be standing behind her calling her name? you guessed it! Ding Li Wei. She takes one look at him, he’s looking perfectly groomed and she’s a mess and she’s in pain and off she goes running away in the opposite direction. Oh my gosh, that was the most hilarious moment. You Qing can be so crazy. heh.

It turns out that she ran away to catch a taxi to Da Ren’s house. Da Ren laughingly asks her what’s wrong “Are you sleepwalking? Or were you suddenly missing me?”  as he pays the taxi driver

She asks him if she looks terribly ugly like this and he jokes that he’s seen her in uglier states. LoL, Oh Da Ren way to boost her confidence.

He gives her a ride home, on the way he stops to buy her a pain relieving patch for her neck.  She complains that all she wanted was for Ding Li Wei to see her in her Best state so that she could show him that she was doing well, great and happy. Da Ren asks her why it’s so important for her to do that, and she says she wants to make Ding Li Wei regret.

Da Ren is clearly upset and he takes her words to mean that she hasn’t really got over the guy, but before he can finish, You Qing slaps one of the patches on his mouth to shut him up. Telling him that she’s disappointed in him because the first one she turns too for comfort is him and instead of comforting her he’s mocking and misunderstanding her. Da Ren answers to that accusation with another of his own saying:

I’m also disappointed in you, I thought that after five years Cheng You Wing has finally grown up and would finally not live for someone else.

You Qing gets pissed off at him and demands that he let her down. He does and then he drives off. She can’t believe he actually did and he’s in his car telling her to not expect him to go back for her, but he’s a softie and of course at the first chance he makes a U-turn but she’s not there anymore. when he arrives.

Several days pass before they see each other again, since they’re both mad at the other  and regretful about their own actions. You Qing receives a message from Ding Li Wei asking her to set up a date for them to go out, and she deliberates for several days, even going as far as setting a beer can as a Da Ren stand in while she asks Beer Da Ren for his advice.

 Da Ren has a talk with his mom because she notices that he’s depressed and she asks him if they broke up, and he’s all like no we had a fight, the mom asks him why and he says that it’s because every time he meets her about her love problems he feels like he doesn’t know her. His mom asks him if the love problem isn’t him and he’s all like huh? who are you talking about? and she’s like the Lin girl, wasn’t she your girlfriend.  He looks at her and stands up. Mom laughs at him a little as he walks away.

So it was You Qing you fought with. Behaving like his spirit is crushed

They both continue to have really crappy days while they’re not speaking to each other. You Qing going about work with her face so pale and Da Ren even cuts himself while shaving.

The aunt is finally going back home. She’s going back to her cheating husband to start over. You Qing runs back to her room and enjoys her bed for the first time in days-weeks.

You Qing continues to stare at her phone and she comes to a decision. She makes a date with him at the place and time they used to meet back when they were together.

Maggie texts Da Ren asking if he doesn’t regret yet, and even goes to his office to look at his desk. She sees that his background is You Qing and him together.  Da Ren texts her back saying that he doesn’t and that she should find someone to whom she’ll be first before anyone else.

Walking past a park, You Qing ‘sees’ her past self arguing and crying because of Ding Li Wei. At one point her past self comes up to her and tells her, “Did you see him? Even a break up he solves by avoiding it”  this whole seen was so eerily beautiful, it’s like her past self is shouting at her to learn from the past, and don’t repeat the same mistakes.

She continues walking and she witnesses another occasion she ended up crying because of Ding Li Wei. Then as her past fades away, she receives another beautiful message from Da Ren and she burst out crying at it’s kindness and love.

That day you weren’t ugly you weren’t in an awkward position either in my eyes you’re the most precious rose in the desert. I only wish for you to be happy. Then I will have no regrets.

An unspecified time later You Qing is back in front of the diamond ring store and the ring she likes is on display. She regretfully tells the ring that she hopes it’s doing well and that she’s here to say goodbye since she can’t afford it and her future husband probably will be just as unable to buy it.

As she’s staring at the ring, Da Ren approaches her and says “I’m here” and she complains that he’s slow. He tells her not to complain since he took the afternoon off just for her because she said she had something she wanted from him. She looks at him and opens her arms. She wanted a hug from her best friend because she was about to do something about to do something extremely rational, brave and confident.

He looks at her wondering what she’s talking about when she points to the ring. and tells him that she’s completely parting ways with it.

What Da Ren doesn’t know is that she’s also parting from Ding Li Wei since he’s currently waiting for her at the appointed place.

Meanwhile Da Ren and You Qing are enjoying themselves at the Japanese bar. You Qing reports to Da Ren telepathically, while just staring at him smiling (something he finds a bit strange since he keeps looking back at her staring while he’s eating).

She tells him

In the past five years I have suffered and been dejected but right now I’m very good, very great and very happy because I have you. Even though you won’t love me, but I know that compared to anyone else you treasure me the most

The sixth charm of a mature woman

The thing that makes you shine isn’t a diamond but your eyes after you’ve cried.

Meanwhile Ding Li Wei is still waiting for her, but instead of being upset, he smirks and says “very good You Qing… I’m back”


I feel that finding the ring in the coffee life is telling her that once she manages to throw away the bad rotten things that she’s distracted with, she’ll be able to see the jewel that’s been beside her all these year- Li Da Ren.  I hope she realizes this soon!

Ok so basically what we got here is that Maggie has been clinging to Da Ren because he fit her criteria that she created because her mother was betrayed by her father. And so she has been adverse to just falling in love without filling out a criteria sheet, however she missed the most crucial part:  You can’t just choose someone at random to fit your criteria and then expect them to choose you back if you guys are just not fundamentally compatible. oh Maggie.

On a side note, isn’t You Qing’s boss the greatest? she was so calm despite it being her ring that was lost. She considered You Qing’s feelings in the whole fiasco and didn’t accuse her of anything. I want a boss like her!

Also this is massive : 4600 + words…


5 thoughts on “In Time With You- Episode 6 Recap

  1. Thank you for the recap. 4600 + words. So long. I don’t think I have any that are that long. I typically only have 2000, but this was a rare one that was 3500. Or was that the one before this one? I was disappointed the Li Wei wasn’t in this one more, but then next episode will be interesting.

    • Min says:

      It’s like I can’t stop myself from typing and saying more and I fear that it’s so verbose… but then I can’t cut anything out… >_<' oh yeah next episode looks super interesting… Ding Li Wei's smirk in this episode promises a VERY interesting next episode

  2. angeleyes says:

    Oh! I can truly relate with what you’re feeling… the waiting, longing & anticipation of You Qing & Da ren being together is killing me as well! OMG!!! These 2 can just talk about anything & everything but when it comes to their true feelings, they seem to be so confused (especially You Qing). At least, the realization of Da ren that he loves You Qing is a start but they just have the worst timing ever or fate is against them. It’s like one step forward, two steps back. Well, its a drama, there’s still 7 episodes left. LOL!!! But honestly, the frustration is agonizing & I’m afraid this feeling will continue on to the next few episodes. ughhh!!! But I still love them, their just soooo adorable… :)))

    So You Qing doesn’t know yet that Da ren & Maggie had broken up, right? Or did I miss that. Maybe that’s the first thing Da ren should tell You Qing so he can start showing her how much he loves her, not only as a friend. Because honestly, if I were You Qing, I’ll be confused too. Well, just have to wait for the next episode… Thanks for the recap, I know ITWY is a very hard drama to recap. Thanks again! 🙂

  3. apricot.kisses says:

    4600 + words … and i read every one of them 🙂
    thanks for the recap. Although i’ve already finished watching this drama, it’s just nice to read ur recap and ur little comments about the scenes and find that we were pretty much sharing the same thoughts. I’ve got no friends who actually like watching asian dramas that i like ( unbelievable right?!). They all wonder why i don’t watch american or english type of dramas ( well what about Bones & The Mentalist which i do watch?!)

    what i find about American tv-shows is that they don’t focus on the heart subjects like asian dramas do.. i’m talking about deep stuff. Yeah, they talk about love and family etc, but they’re not wholesome, they don’t make me think about them even after i’ve finished watching an episode. I don’t end up sitting there and wishing i had such and such just like in that serie.

    anyways. enough rambling – going to read the next recap hehe!

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