Monday Music Madness- Week 1

Michael Jackson dancing with the living dead.

Because I hate Mondays the most in the world! Seriously why were they created?

In honor of Halloween, let’s go back to an old but awesome song. Of course I’m talking about Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. I’m happy to start this section with such a well made video, it’s something I wish K-pop would start to do. Seriously. I love Suju but their videos are pretty much the same, I wish SM would invest more in them, but that’s not here or there I guess.

Michael was really dedicated to making great music, great videos and he had that spark that makes people want to follow him anywhere. so here’s the video and the making of videos I found (I’ve actually watched that over five times in the last 15 years.) Michael’s music is Pop at its greatest!

Thiller Music Video

Thriller Making of


4 thoughts on “Monday Music Madness- Week 1

  1. You are my HERO! I love this video. (It seriously was the catalyst for some really amazing videos.) I haven’t seen the making of in YEARS. I have it on video tape. You have brought back memories and that music…oh the dancing. He may have been one f***ed up dude, but damn could he perform! We haven’t found another like him yet.

    Happy Halloween!

    • Min says:

      I love good music, good videos and a good performance, sometimes we can get 2 out of 3 from an artist and we’re so happy, but Michael always gave us a 3 out of 3^^ We certainly need another one like him- here’s to the future! Hope you had a good halloween^^

      • You too Min ssi (or Min ah for you?! I had a quiet Halloween. I’m not a huge Halloween person. I went and watched a few Michael videos and I remember always adoring them. And the music. So creative!

        By the way, a favor to ask. If you notice any classical music in anything you watch, let me know. I’m trying to write about classical music in drama (or anything pop culture) and unfortunately I haven’t kept track of what I heard where.

        • Min says:

          You can drop the ssi^^ Min or min-ah is good 🙂 However you feel comfortable
          I’ll keep my ears on alert when I watch a drama for classical music and I”ll report it back to you^^

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