Mamonde- What are you selling me?

Mamonde (taken from the french (Ma=my; monde=world) is a Korean cosmetic brand owned by Korea Amore Pacific Group, and this group has been selling me Siwon this past week…

Hey everybody My name’s Cloud! I’ve been created because Min has gone cuckoo and someone sane needs to take over- so please ignore the crazy person up there. So let’s get this straight Mamonde is actually selling their facial creams using Siwon’s appealing face – AND BODY- please ignore that she keeps cutting in. As I was saying they are promoting their creams through a three week challenge and Siwon is their spokesman.   

Cloud stop ruining my reputation I’m perfectly sane! I tell you they’re selling me Siwon! –no they aren’t – Of course they are! if not why is the cream hardly even there and my whole screen is filled with Beauty such as this:

And he says I have beautiful skin:

And if I buy him I’ll eat ice choco with him:

And he’ll tell me I’m the best!

And I’ll get to share a bed with him! he’s in it alone dummy- you’re not in the picture! I shall ignore all naysayers!

And oh my god they’re selling me A Siwon MASSAGER!!!!!!!!! I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!! I MOST DEFINITELY WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I’ll end the post there or Min might just lose all her respectability. I’m sorry for such a shameful act. This is Cloud signing off! Bye Bye!

Jeez Cloud, why don’t you let me have my fun!!! you spoilsport!

You made me this way! Because you’re so unmanageable right now You should have more composure!


3 thoughts on “Mamonde- What are you selling me?

  1. I’m imagining Cloud with blond, spiky hair and the Buster sword….

    That said. I’m enjoying your multiple personalities. I must say that I have to agree with Min. (Sorry Cloud) I would be buying Siwon and not the product…

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