Monday Musical Madness- Week 2

The Rain Special

When I need a pick me up.  who better to listen to than Rain!

ooh ooh Rain! Are we Singing in the Rain? no? 

No not that rain.

oooh then Purple Rain? November Rain? no? then maybe the Rain Song?  No? then how ’bout Black Summer Rain? not that one either? no? then–

NO dognabbit! not any of those! can you please let me talk Di? Why isn’t anybody letting me talk!  First Cloud appears when I was enjoying Siwon and then you appear when I’m trying to talk about Rain– why are you guys taking over!?- go back to where you came from!!!!!

::Cloud appears stealthily as Min makes Di cower in the corner::

So while those two are arguing so childishly let me introduce to you Rain. 

Born in 1982 and given the name Jung Ji Hoon-  He’s since taken on the artistic name of Rain( 비). He’s a hardworking, amazingly beautiful person who suffered rejection early on in his career Yah! I caught you Cloud!! I’ll carry on from here thanks! 

Can you all believe that the reason he was rejected was because he didn’t have double eye-lids? why are they so obsessed by the double eyelids? I have double eyelids and it hasn’t brought me anything special because I have —::is bound and gagged by Cloud::

 Ok as I was saying. Rain is a modest man who considers that he’s gotten to the top through hardwork not only of himself but of those around him. He started out as a back up dancer for JYP and then worked his way up to what he is— ::faints from Min pressing the pressure point::

Do you all want to play a little game of I Spy?

Find Rain in this video! 

Did you find him? Anyways.. here’s the music videos that I wanted to share with you before those two appeared and sidetracked me.  Oh and I hadn’t noticed how naughty the song titles are until I put them together- o_O

Let me show you:

I want Rain to sing me a Love Song

And be a Bad Boy

In my Bed

And say I’m Coming 

more info on Rain:

CNN Interview

Time Magazine Interview Interview (Ninja Assassin)

Secret Info on Min: She totally watched the gore fest that was Ninja Assassin for him… not because she was interested in the story before it was confirmed that Rain would act in it– oh no– she totally watched it only because of Rain


10 thoughts on “Monday Musical Madness- Week 2

  1. I watched I’m a Cyborg but that’s OK a while ago, and just yesterday I watched him be awesome in Ninja Assassin. I haven’t read the rest of the post , but I have a feeling that by the end of it, I’ll be firmly in Team Rain. Though I hope you change my opinion of his music, because I honestly don’t know why people love his love songs so much. I think there’s a kick ass song of his that I don’t know about that has everyone stuck on him. I wanna listen to it too, then!
    Will come back and comment more when I’ve finished watching the videos.
    Oh, and I LOVE the way you’ve written the beginning part! Who are Di and Cloud?

    • Min says:

      Cloud and Di are my alter egos- or at least that’s how it sometimes feels, so when I write them down they are.
      But in real life, they’re just two of several nicknames that my friends have for me, my friends never reached a consensus on a nickname for me , so yeah, I get to have many nicknames, even a nonsensical one like ‘Vitamin’ -_-‘

      I like Rain’s faster songs more than his slower ones, but otherwise it’s just he has this sort of feel to him that makes me listen to him over and over…

      • Yep, his faster songs are better than the slow ones.
        Say hi to CLoud and Di from me. You know, you’re really lucky, the only nickname Ive been given that was even half decent was Jawa. Seriously, completely unconnected circles of friends, yet they independently come up with Jawa for me. LOL, better than my 6th grade nickname, that’s a secret no one will get out of me.

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