In Time With You – Episode 8 Recap

In Time With You

Episode 8


So many missed opportunities for one person are  another person’s golden opportunities and so it is between Da Ren and Ding Li Wei. Da Ren hasn’t been able to make use of his time with You Qing but Li Wei with the little time he’s had since coming back he’s taken each opportunity to try and claim her affection.

If it’s love or not, if it’ll last or not, those are things that are not easy to determine if it’s even possible, there are so many gray areas in life that it becomes hard to determine it’s different shades.

Hoping that we’ll get to choose between black and white is futile, all we’ll get is choices of gray, is it more black than white or more white than black? that’s what we have to determine for ourselves. You Qing has a dilemma like this in this story. Should she choose Ding Li Wei who is open with his feelings though he has a temper to match her own, should she choose Da Ren who thinks about her feelings over his own and is often too lily livered to actually confess?


You Qing considers the potted orchids that Li Wei sent her as he mom comes in for food. Mama Cheng pointedly says that since her children no longer want to tell her their problems, she’ll be eating since it’s the one thing that she can do without being called nosy.

You Qing goes over to see what her mom is making without answering the barb intended for her. Her mom continues speaking and says that ” double cooked pork same as love if we experience our love one more time it will be perfect”

You QIng goes up to her mom and laughs at her apt naming of her relationship with Ding Li Wei’ Double cooked pork’ indeed.

As she’s putting down her cell, her brother calls to ask her for her info so that he could introduce her to quality potential boyfriends to make sure she doesn’t end up with the bad “poppy”  She gets angry and hangs up on him immediately.

Hey Li Da Ren
I’m probably getting old, Thinking about starting from “I’m Cheng You QIng what’s your zodiac sign And start the phase of love I feel so powerlsess. So maybe starting fresh the five year old relationship. It won’t be so bad.

8th sign
the reason fro not bothering starting new friends because it’s a bother explaining your life from the beginning

Meanwhile in his kitchen, Da Ren is looking at the notes about the Chicken soup she made for him to get better. He’s wondering if maybe it’s time to let her go.

Are you willing to let her go? Willingly let her go? Are you able to let her go? I think you can’t let her go.

As he sits there with the chicken soup she made for him,  he calls her and thanks her for it. He tells her about his company possibly considering transferring him to Singapore. She asks if he accepted such a great promotion and he tells her that he didn’t take it beccause she wanted him to take responsability for her. She remembers what she’d said and laughs it off telling him she wasn’t serious. After all  what was he going to do make Ding Li Wei disappear? find her a good man?, or marry her?

When he hears that he blurts out that he’d marry her. Except that it wasn’t a romantic declaration it sounded more like he flet obligated/forced to marry her. which of course riles You Qing up like nobody’s business.

She’s not a stray that he is going to pick up and take home. She’s not so pitiful as to need his charity thank you very much. She’s pissed and takes it out on the square lion, throwing it to the floor telling it that he lost his chance.

Da Ren is pissed at himself, (as he should be – such a golden opportunity to tell her “I LOVE YOU” but as usual he overthinks things) because he couldn’t explain his feelings correctly and instead made You Qing upset.

The thing is is that You Qing is upset and if she hadn’t cared she could have just taken Da Ren’s comment as a joke instead of feeling bummed about it. She hated that Da Ren seemed to find it easier to marry her than to love her.

She’s in the bus and Ding Li Wei appears all sexily and stops right in front of her and asks her what time she gets off of work. Though she tries to brush him off, he caresses her face and we see her totally melt into his touch. He sits down and holds her hand and tels her that he’ll be waiting for her at home then. she leans on his shoulders cautiously.

Too bad it’s a dream that she has to wake up from

After waking up from that dream she keeps waiting for him at every turn, and she’s practically stuck to her cell phone in case he calls her. It’s funny and sad because I totally get how nerve wracking and frustrating it could be to be waiting for a call from someone you are interested in and then hating yourself 1000x for expecting anything from that person. Her parents ask her to not be so absorbed by work or by her telephone

In her room she’s upset that Li Wei didn’t call once and disappointed she says that shit eating dogs can’t stop eating shit. Just as she throws aside her cell a call comes up and it’s DLW. He’s in Japan for a business trip and has called her to ask if she’s missed him and that he’ll be back the next day. He asks her for her shampoo brand since he went to pharmacy to find her smell because he misses her fragrance.

In Da Ren’s house he’s told that he’s not romantic and dull and that he’s way too nice. His mom tells him that men that are a little bossy are cute
and his little sister says that girls love bad men. Mom disagrees but Tao Tao points out that the bad men in soaps like Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden and  Jiang Zhi Shu in It started with a kiss got the girl to fall in love with them. (hehe- love the mention of Ariel’s drama with Joe Cheng).

 Mom retorts that those women who fell in love with them are poor dogs, wretches. Tao Tao isn’t about to let her mom win so she says that men who are a little evil have charm,

Mom, possibly thinking about Uncle Bai says that a sincere love is meaningful, but Tao Tao isn’t willing to accpet that point of view and says that compared to a man who says “I miss you” a man who says” I want you to appear before me” is the best. Mom is horrified at her perspective on what a charming man is.

How can you like people who mess with your heart? that means that you have something wrong with your heart!

Both Mom and Tao Tao are so intense and are about to start arguing for real,  that Da Ren tries to stop them and mediate saying that he’ll be sincere when he needs to be sincere and a bastard when he should be a bastard.  But instead of placating them he ends up getting chewed out by the both of them anyway… seriously he’s surrounded by too many strongminded woman- and instead of becoming even more assertive he’s taken on the role of pacifist mediator and seeming almost toothless.

The next day You Qing is surprised to find DLW settling down next to her in the bus. he puts his head on her shoulder so that he can sleep until her busstop because he’d caught the overnight flight so that he could be back to see her as soon as possible

They go watch a movie but there’s a huge queu. He randomly asks her if her fighting skills have improved. Without further explanation he pulls her over to the people in the line and starts accusing her of getting off of work too late and then when she storms off he turns to the people in the line and begs two tickets off of them saying that if he doesn’t buy the tickets from them his girlfriend will definitely break up with him.

She’s surprised at his thick skin and he says that if it’s for her he can be thickskinned. And then he totally melts her with the cute (if this were a k-drama I’d call this aegyo, but I don’t know what to call this level of uber cuteness in taiwanese.)

She starts cooking for him but they get ‘distracted” after she’s showered she comes out wearing his terry cloth bathrobe and starts hearing dog barks and growls (oh lol) and as she wonders around looking for him in the apartment he appears and corners her “so are you going to tell me why I’m a dog?” she tells him that she won’t and he starts chasing her.

Ok I’m on board the Ding Li Wei train too… at least for now he’s just making it impossible for people to keep their panties heads on. …

They are soo cute! so ridiculously cute- just too cute and I can’t say anything else but that about the montage of happy dates they have.

But it’s ominous that You Qing keeps on thinking that:

A pity love isn’t just about those sweet moments. Sweet moments of self captured photos. sweet moments of breakfast or dinner. Love needs you to be energetic

Work is still going very well for You Qing though her happiness at being loved by Ding Li Wei has made her even more approachable and human to her co-workers.

It comes to pass that Ding Li Wei is finally invited to a family dinner.  It’s a pretty uncomfrotable family dinner what with the parents staring at Ding Li Wei and not eating and the brother trying to kill him with his eyes. The sister finally breaks the ice and tells him that they want a gaurantee that he’ll make You Qing happy.

As  he says that he wants to become engaged with YQ. He tells her of how much he thought of her throughout his travels and that when he fell down and broke his leg it made him want to see YQ even more.

The brother says he objects to Human-Animal relationships and everybody shushes him.

The parents say they what they think is not important e one who must decide is YQ – and she says she doesn’t want to.

Later Mama Cheng asks You Qing what it is that she meant by not accepting the proposal. You Qing says that not wanting to doesn’t mean she doesn’t want but that she feels that they should date first and get to know each other again. After all they are just starting after a five year break. Mama Cheng asks he what will happen if he ends up leaving again? You Qing tells her that all it’s mean is that they were not meant to stay together.

You Qing goes out for some fresh air and the mom follows and warns her that to break up with the same man twice will really make her into the laughingstock.

You Qing lies in bed that night wondering if Ding Li Wei is what she wants. Does she really want to continue the path of reconciliation with her ex. She wants to talk to Da Ren but hesitates because she knows that Da Ren really doesn’t like Ding Li Wei.

Da Ren is working overtime again and his coworker asks him if his girlfriend wouldn’t be sad if he’s always working overtime but when Da Ren tells him that he doesn’t have a girlfriend the coworker tells him that he understands him and that work is the best cure for a breakup.Da  Ren wishes that it could cure him from the breakup that’s coming as he looks at You Qing’s picture.

he gets a call from YQ’s brother and sister, they called to tell him about the engagement proposal from Ding Li Wei. The brother believes that Da Ren will help him get rid of that guy. While Mei Qing  is more interested in asking Da Ren why he never went after You Qing since if he had everyone would have been happy and she never understood why he hadn’t. The brother is actually close to the truth/excuse that Da Ren had made for himself saying that he probably can’t handle overbearing stubborn and bad tempered women like You Qing.

Again the brother tells him that despite You Qing’s faults the only one that You Qing ever listened to was Da Ren.  She never listened to her useless brother and witless sister, but she takes in every word of Da Ren’s so can’t he find a way to get her to stop seeing Ding Li Wei?

Next is an exercise of bad- god awful timing : Da Ren  calls her but she’s a sleep he lets her sleep. he calls again but she’s at work she hangs up.. She calls him but he’s in a meeting…

At work they ask him to go to Singapore to meet with different travel agencies. he agrees and he starts packing up for the trip. As he’s packing he recalls what his little sister said about perhaps not ending up together but apart. And so he sends You Qing a text.

I still want to take responsibility. it’s not because I’m acting without any hesitation under strenuous conditions. I’m not accepting it reluctantly either. the answer is really simple. It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s that I REALLY love you. really love you very much. Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Singapore on business. Other than being on the flight. My cellphone will be switched on for 24 hours I will wait for your answer.

Of course when he finally gets the friggin’ courage to do it someone else reads it. And it just so happened that it had to be DLW… I was hoping that he wouldn’t actually delete it, the more fool I.  It’s not his cell phone after all and though he’s starting to go out with You Qing he does not own her! and I was just reallly getting to like him too! The thing is that I can’t hate him either and I understand why he thought he might have to do that- because if I’d been him I’d have been tempted to do the same  thing.

I get that he’s insecure because of the friendship but he’s so super secure about everything else why doesn’t he let You Qing handle it? Wouldn’t that show her that he values and trusts her decisions? Instead he tries to drown her in his sweet atentiveness, taking her out to eat and have fun and basically distract her enough that she doesn’t think of calling Da Ren.

The next day he asks her to go to a dinner with his colleagues she doesn’t want to but he sort of makes her feel bad about it and she agrees.

As she leaves her office laden down with shoe boxes she comes face to face with Nic outside her office. He smiles at her and  helps her out with the boxes she’s carrying. They go for a drink in the office building cafe. Nic tells her that she looks very good especially now that she’s in love.  She tells him that before when she was younger being in love gave her energy but right now it tires her out.

She asks Nic about his own love life but he’s already broken up with the guy he was with. He says that for some reason he’s not able to hold a relationship for more than 3 months.

like a coke wihtout gas. there are a lot of times that w are blinded by our feelings. we think whtat we love that person very muvh but what we think is love is often loving the fresh feeling of falling in love it’s not not the person after 3 mos And when you have tired of seeing his face, and you getten used to his hugs and kisses. he will turn into a coke with sugared water not worty of anymore love. we may be looking for more coke

I wonder if this is part of what she’s been thinking about Ding Li Wei, and if it is, isn’t it a sign that it won’t last?

Nic says he’s ashamed of himself and she tells him not to worry since the fact that he noticed that there’s something wrong about dating for three months means he wants to change, so she’s sure he’ll find someone he’ll love.

As they’re talking her classmate, Mei Mei (the one who’d just divorced from her cheater husband) calls and tells her that their High School literature teacher that they were all close to has died. She tries to call Da Ren but her fingers are useless and she’s already started to cry. Nic calls Da Ren for her.

Though he’s at work with two travel agents- he immediately takes it thinking that it’s about the text messsage – but she tells him she never received a text from him. Before they can go into that he notes that her voice is weird and he asks her if something happened. She tells him that Teacher Meng died. He’s surprised but he helps her calm down. Telling her if she remembers that their teacher used to say that he loved to see his student’s smiling faces so she better smile for the teacher when she goes to see him. He asks her to tell Teacher Meng that he’ll go see him soon and he tells her that he’s sorry that he can’t cry with her in the funeral.

His memory flashes back to high school  to a time when he was called to meet in the teachers office by Teacher Cheng. THe teacher had recited a poem that he’d written for a girl back in high school and then he’d read a poem/song lyric that Da Ren had been writing- I think I can’t possibly love you in order to strive not to love you- he says that it’s very good.

life is like that…life will have many obstacles and you will run into many problems you havve to overcome them once you overcome them you’ll have a brighter future. But if you give up you will never achieve that wonderfully made dream. Finish this. She will understand. true love is what people need in life.

it’s lke he understood what Da Ren felt for You QIng and was encouraging him to face it. Too bad it’s taken Da Ren 14 years to even try.

In the Funeral, like back when she was class president, You Qing leads the members of her class that showed up in greeting the teacher and then the ‘Mother Teacher’ aka teacher’s wife. The wife hands out some of the content that the teacher had saved in a box. All things that he’d confiscated/borrowed from his students- a book from the classmate who became a reporter a cheat sheet inside a pencil that was Mei Mei’s. He’d saved it all lovingly, remembering his students.

The students go to another location where they’re folding paper cranes and basically enjoying being in each other’s company after many years of distance.
Lu XIn Di the girl that showed up late to the funeral and had been the first one to betray You Qing in high school though You Qing had defended her tells them that she’s no longer the same unhappy person who broke solidarity because of a boy, she shows off her diamond ring.

She asks You Qing to forgive the past so that they can be friends again. You Qing says that she’s not so petty as to hold a grudge for so long. Xin Di asks her why she ignored her the other day then, they tell her that it’s not strange since not one of them had recognized her. She tells them almost proudly of all the operations she’s had for example :her nose, eyes and chin adnd boobs.

Then she asks You Qing if she knows a Ding Li Wei (obviously knows that YQ does)
When You Qing hedges she tells her that Ding Li Wei had gone to her husband’s party had approached her and they had ended up talking about You Qing. During the conversation he asked for You Qing’s phone number and since she didn’t have it she’d asked another classmate and then she’d given it to him.

 So it wasn’t Da Ren after all! XIn Di asks around for Da Ren asking if he’s married yet, the guys laugh that he hasn’t because he’s smarter than they were. She says that it’s strange since it had seemed as he’d been in love during high school since he’d written a song about not loving and then loving- they all say that they don’t remember.  She’s surprised that they don’t remember since he’d even recorded a tape for it.

Meanwhile You Qing  becomes unsettled and runs out. She had just remembered the dinner with Ding Li Wei and his colleagues. She calls him and tries to explain but he doens’t let her, and when he’s finished talking she doesn’t feel like telling him anymore and hangs up.

But he’d stayed around the meeting place waiting for her, they go back to his house and they’re both in a pissy mood.

She tells him about going to the funeral parlour and that they’d then gathered to fold paper cranes for the teacher and she’d lost track of the time as she talked with her former classmates.

He’s so jealous that he burst out asking if Da Ren had returned from Singapore- seeing as how she hadn’t known about it until she called DR she figures that he was the one that read and deleted DR’s message. Oh boy is she pissed off. she asks him why he would do such a thing. ( I kind of laughed maliciously at his “Oh Shit! Face” when You Qing noticed that he was the one that deleted the text).

He avoids the question and instead asks her if LDR’s text is so important- she tells him that it’s her decision if it’s important or not. He’s unhappy with the answer so he demands to know what her relationship with DR is and she tells him it’s not the point and he says that it is it was five years ago and even more now.

She tells him that even if she and DR do have an especially close relationship he doesn’t have a right to read and delete a text. And that she has nothing to admit to a guy who cheated on her and doesnt’ trust her.

Li Wei doesn’t let her go and actually grabs her bag and throws it on the floor (his temper is way to strong) She goes to pick it up and as she turns around he blocks her path.

He admits to deleting the text and that he’d never done a thing like that before, but that her relationship with Da Ren forced him and that no matter how much he tried he can’t butt out of that relationship since Da Ren gives him motives for doubting their type of relationship.

Then he goes and asks the question that every friggin’ person asks when they’re insecure. He asks her if she had to choose between him and Da Ren who would she choose. She immediately without hesitation says Li Da Ren. He asks why?

Because just like tonight My teacher died and I need someone to listen to how sad I am and that person is Li Da Ren. I don’t need to say anything at all he would understand, and you? from the start do you know how important that text is to me? Even if you didn’t, did you ask me how I felt? you didn’t. all you thought about was you and your coworker’s awkwardness.

Li Wei takes a step back from his forcefulnes and says I’m sorry, that he’d lost his sanity for a bit because he loves her too much.  However at this point You Qing is too mad at his insensitivity to accept the apology.

I’m really sorry I can’t stand it anymore. I can’t stand the champagne that has lost its sanity. I need a glass of water now

She arrives home late her dad and mom have been waiting up for her. he tells her that she’s an adult and he’s a dad that doesn’t like to control his children but he wants her to come home earlier since she works the next day and that girls need to love themselves more and that until she marries LDW her curfew is 12am .

That night, Da Ren calls to ask her how she feels, how things went at the funeral. She tells him agbout crying though she tried to smile, and how the Mother Teacher (the teacher’s wife) smiled though she wanted to cry. She tells him that she’s so so tired


He tells her to go to sleep but she says she can’t fall asleep yest because she hasn’t removed her makeup – and she wished she had someone who’d remove it for her- He asks her about the steps needed to take to remove makup up. Cue imaginary Da Ren carefully removing her makeup following her instructions. IU’m sorry for straying DR!! I was taken in by DLW’s Sexiness!

Screams from YQ’s dad stop the conversation- her mom fell down in the bathroom and seems to have hurt her leg. You Qing’s first reaction is to call Da Ren but he’s in Singapore so she calls Li Wei.

Ding Li Wei pulls through and helps her in that time of need even bringing her water as she’d said she needed. YQ starts to cry about how many unexpected things happened- teachder meng and then her mom. DLW lets her cry and comforts her- is all she need a comforter? You Qing grrr…

Da Ren arrives that following morning and as soon as he comes off of the plane he goes to see Teacher Meng. He and the teacher’s wife talk and she tells him that the Teacher always worried for You Qing and Da Ren, always worrying about when these two very compatible people would finally learn to love each other well. You Qing calls him while he’s in a taxi going home and asks that he meet her at a restaurant later that day.

 When he arrives he wants to tell her about his feelings for her but he hears that there will be another person joining them so he asks who will join them. She tells him that she and Ding Li Wei got back together and that Ding Li Wei has changed and isn’t like he was before so she hopes that he accepts him too. Again Da Ren’s confession has been blocked by bad timing and Ding Li Wei.

You Qing suddenly remembers the paper that the teacher had wanted Da Ren to have back. As she’s handing it over she knocks a glass of water on it and the inked words start to bleed through the paper, slowly revealing the song he’d written about his feelings back in high school. You Qing looks puzzled, she might have started to read the words.

At that moment Ding Li Wei appears and DR rushes to hide it from him. This action only further piques You Qing’s curiosity.  Ding Li Wei asks for Da Ren’s blessing, since his blessing is important to the both of them –grrrr… you’re sexy but you’re such a beast…

There’s a call for Ding Li Wei at that moment and he goes outside to answer it. As soon as Ding Li Wei is out of the way Da Ren rushes to get the piece of paper and hide it but You Qing beats him to it and asks to be able to read it.

8th charm of a woman : Drink plenty of water purfy your life purify you love and purify the concealed truth


If Da Ren recognizes that he can’t let her go why does he hesitate so much! I don’t think that with their friendship will break even if she doesn’t accept him (but she totally would if he just told her!). Perhaps they’d need some time a part a few months, maybe a year but eventually they’d be able to repair the tear in their relationship. I’d think that You Qing would look for him. I think what he’s most afraid of is being hurt. not the possibility of losing a friendship. He just doesn’t want to feel rejected and I think that’s what he needs to get over/fix in his personality, he doesn’t risk much in his relationships.

One of the many great things about this show is that it doesn’t suddenly make competent career-woman You Qing into an incompetent  bumbling bimbo because she’s in love, she’s still pretty awesome.

Another one is that when it comes time to decide, when You Qing finally knows Da Ren’s feelings. You Qing will really has a difficult choice to make. Both Li Da Ren and Ding Li Wei are different, they have different tempers, different ways of showing their love and yet the one thing in common is the most important: the both love You Qing. So they can both potentially be the right one the one that will make her happy. But she has to look at her own heart and decide what is love as she defines it and then choose which one is the one SHE loves the most.

One of her wishes is to have someone to comfort her. Which is why Da Ren is actually the best choice, but Ding Li Wei, when he’s not being insanely jealous is also sensitive to her as shown during the emergency with her mom. That’s also why though I’m mad at her flip floppiness over Ding Li Wei I can’t hate her, because I understand that it’s hard to pin point and decide when she doesn’t really know her own heart yet.

Also did you guys note how the hand holding changed? When You Qing dreamed of Li Wei sitting next to her in the bus his hand was on top of hers, it was his act of holding on to her. Then during the family dinner, it was her turn to hold his hand and so hers was on top of his. I think that’s another mark of how much she changed in her perspective of Li Wei, she wanted him to chase her but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to accept, and then it was like she finally accepted his efforts.

Another thing, hands seemed to be a recurring theme : the hand holding, then Li Wei’s strong hands on You Qing, him grabbing ahold of her strongly  as compared to Da Ren’s feather light touches as his imaginary self cleanses You Qing’s face.

P.S.:They showed the part of Taiwan I envy the most! The night markets! omg I wish I could go one day they looks so interesting, so many different things in one huge place!

P.S.S: I like that we have some sexy time, but it’s done quite artfully and without going overboard so that I don’t feel that I’m watching something else. It’s one of my main issues with Mexican Telenovelas- they have so MUCH not sexy time but SEX that I often feel that I’m watching an overly dramatic porno flick.


12 thoughts on “In Time With You – Episode 8 Recap

  1. daydee says:

    Did you notice that Ra Den phone number is in speed number 1 ? She told Niic when her hand was too shaking to make any phone call. Although You QIng is using blackbarry, that came with a lot of keypad to store a lot of speed number, but speed number 1, still stand for very important person.

    • Min says:

      I did, but I kind of took it for granted, since there isn’t anybody that’s closer to You Qing than Da Ren, but now that you mention it, I realize that it could very well been her mom in that spot, and yet she chose him for it… there are so many clues for them to realize their love for each other! I want to shake them!

      • angeleyes says:

        Ehh… I think it’s the same with Da ren, he has You Qing’s number in speed dial 1 as well. just a hunch…. hehehe! 🙂

  2. angeleyes says:

    Wow, wonderful recap! You definitely have an eye for detail. I love how you can see the littlest of things in this drama.

    I love your analysis on choosing between black or white. In our decisions in life or in love, I feel we should only choose between black or white, yes or no. There should be no gray areas. For me, I would say You Qing is still in the “gray” area. She’s such a confused individual. Lol!!! Obviously she has feelings for Li Wei and her relationship with him is exciting & “fun”. But during her deep thoughts and in time of need, the first person that comes to mind is Da ren. I actually understand her confusion and things would really be different if she knows how much Da ren loves her. Judging from her personality, she’s not one person to assume, she wants things clear & straight to the point. Unfortunately, Da ren, as he admitted himself, is sooo bad in expressing his feelings. Again, in this episode, timing was never on their side. Because Da ren won’t be sending a text to confess his feelings if he was able to talk to her before leaving for Singapore, so I’ll give him credit for trying.

    I don’t actually “hate” You Qing & Li Wei’s relationship but I do have my reservations as to whether it’s the right love for You Qing. In a way, Da ren had a point when he said, You Qing tends to be a “different” person when she’s with Li Wei.

    Like what their teacher said about You Qing & Da ren: “Two people so suitable, when will they understand to love one another.” Oh, I hope very, very soon, in the upcoming episodes. It’s so hard watching these heart breaking scenes but I still love this drama to death. Never fails to stir up my thoughts and emotions.

    Thanks for the recap! 🙂

    • Min says:

      Angel! We must share the same brain wave-length! 🙂

      I also wish that they’d realize that they are so very very suitable, and not just suitable, I want them to face the fact that they are as necessary as breathing to each other and just love each other well!

  3. Venus says:

    Thank you for the great recaps!! was wonderful to discover your blog, ever since “Time With You” begin I had been looking for someone to recap the drama, cause its such a gem, I’m enthralled with it. The acting, the writing, the music and the directing is so well done and the themes are so real, it really touches my heart.

    Moving to this episode, I totally LOVE it…I love how we get to see YQ and DR alone in their own worlds, with out each other, yet at the end of the day their was the urge from both of them to call each other and just talk. However, YQ knows that talking to DR about her DLW is a very sour spot so she is not going to go there so she doesn’t call, and then we have DR who just want to hear her voice, but she knows that she is busy rebuilding her relationship so he doesn’t call. Its crazy how both dance around each other, it drives me batty!!!…but that why I love this drama.

    The moment that my heart broke was when DR found out by YQ brother and sister about the “engagement”…I felt like I hear DR heart breaking in to million pieces, I mean his face said all, like a puppy who just kicked and thrown to the curve, I felt for DR. I think what hurt him the most is that he had to find from third parties instead from the major source, YQ. At that moment is when I feel that DR took the initiative to take the Singapore job, confess-cause what there is left to do- and just be the observer.

    YQ on the other hand can give great advice to other people, Maggie, her sister in law, LALA, and now Nic…and her advises are always spot on, but she doesn’t take cue from her own advises..I love that, her character is so well written that I love YQ virtues and flaws it what makes her unique. YQ through out the whole episode was looking for someone to validate her relationship with DLW and to basically tell her “Yes, you are doing right” but everywhere she turned specially to the people closed to her, also had major doubts towards DLW, just like her and the one person who matters the most is the one who is not validating it, hence the final scene in the restaurant with DR.

    The final scene in the restaurant gave me the vibe that YQ was there to “break up” with DR, The way she looked at him, the way she talked to him, the way she acted around him felt like a break up scene, and my heart just died for DR at that moment, because YQ had finally in her own terms validated DLW relationship, and DR the moment she sees her knows it in his heart. He knows that something has changed that things are serious this time and basically he better leaves, he lost his chance. I wanted to kicked him and slapped or maybe just throw that water on his face!!.but DR is not selfish like DLW and we know he would never ask YQ to choose between him and DLW. Not DR style at all.

    Sorry this is wayyy too long!!…I had so many observations to make and each episode is packed with so many great stuff is just wonderful.

    About the hands you are right..both YQ and DLW are fiery, passionate and possessive people that why their relationship is so volatile, but if we noticed during the family dinner YQ took her hand away from DLW.bad signed right there. However, is funny how we have never seen YQ and DR holds hands just as friends..I’m sure she would never let go!!!…..

    • Min says:

      Don’t worry about the length! I love love love long comments!

      I know that Da Ren wouldn’t ever make her have to choose between him or Ding Li Wei, like hot confusing jerk tried to do (too bad for him that YQ chose DR). It’s definitely not his style. But I do want him to tell her his feelings. I really do. He needs to get it off his chest or he won’t ever be able to move forward. At this point I’m more worried about him than I am about You Qing.

      You Qing could probably be happy with DLW because that guy does love her and she does at least care about him (that’s why this dilemma we’re presented with works- YQ has at this point an option that could effectively take her away from Da Ren- DLW is not as horrible as I’d imagined him- he’s just hot-tempered and jealous- he even said that he felt the same five years ago.)

  4. apricot.kisses says:

    When DLW threw her bag in a rage when she was trying to leave, i did this whole ” OH NO U DIDNT!!!! ” outloud that had my brother and mum looking at me weird . haha, seriously i was so angry for her. i can’t imagine being with someone like that. If he can get mad like that over something like this, imagine if he gets super made over something else and then gets physical? we can all see how he tries to dominate her by overpowering her with his sheer size and masculinity.

    whilst iadmit that his body is quite attractive, the tattoos are such a turn off for me… Call me retarded but DR in his shirt, and pj bottoms ( not to mention his glasses) looks way more sexy to me than DLW and his half nekkid body~ !!

    i find myself sighing with a smile on my face thinking ” how cute/ sexy is he? ” when he has scenes when he’s talking to YQ on the phone and he’s wearing his glasses and pjs. sigh~~~

    although on a side note, at this stage the whole missed opportunities has gotten me real irritated… i hate these type of situations… they usually induce the whole : UGH!! *smacks hand on forhead* WHY WHY WHY???? tirade from me which then earns looks from my mum and brother again. haha!

    • thanks for all your lovely comments^^
      oh god, I hated the fact that You Qing just picked up her bag when he threw it, I’d have slapped him a hard one and then made HIM pick it up.
      Yay! I”m not the only one that likes, or thinks Da Ren’s a very cute/sexy^^ I guess it’s because I tend to like the “softer” looking men, and DLW’s face is way too sharp for me. I like Da Ren’s cheeks more^^ hehehe.
      hehe, I used to get the “what a weirdo” look from my family then they got used to it^^

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