Blog Response To Raine’s My Descent into K-drama Madness

Because I can never be brief- This was actually a response to My Descent into K-drama Madness by Raine but it got way out of hand and so I decided to post it here.

I think I was raised on anime- seriously- my earliest memories are of Candy Candy, Heidi, Remi – I think I was four or five when these aired on the spanish speaking channel Telemundo.

Then those were followed by Captain Tsubasa a.k.a Flash Kicker (OMG was I in love with Tsubasa Ozora or what), Astro boy and many others!

 I watched all of the classics too: Saint Seiya, Sakura Cardcaptor (was my first ever introduction to boys love in anime actually),  Dragon ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT (DBZ was my fave season though) I also watched Sailor Moon (This one was my intro to girls love in anime – yeah I’m talking about Michiru and Haruka)– I watched all and I mean ALL of it’s seasons including the one where Mamoru appeared for a grand total of 2 episodes for a reason I won’t divulge here lest I spoil it for someone. I was so obsessed with Sailor Moon that I had my parents buy me Sailor Moon doll and then I also watched Ranma 1/2 – ho my god that one was a trip. And so it continued on and still to this day I love anime though I don’t have time to watch it-  =o

That childhood environment became the gateway to J-pop, J-Rock, J-drama from 2000 onward (When my dad finally allowed me access to a computer for recreational purposes- before it was strictly homework related use). I heard, and watched and devoured all I could find…

Because of time constraints, school, drama watching and sports I turned to manga more and more. I first started reading manga in 2001 -incidentally my first manga was Inuyasha  (an anime I was also watching) – thus I have a soft spot for Rumiko Takahashi 😛 (Currently I’m following a loooong list of manga, mahwa and manhuas…- though I’m sort of bummed that the one I loved the most has been postponed indefinitely – Nana– does anyone know if the mangaka got over her illness or is she still battling it?) 

but then in 2003 I found the crackiest crack that I ever was addicted to: K-drama, but not just any old k-drama no… it is probably the most tearjerky most cliched, most frustrating work of all – Stairway to Heaven – of course I didn’t know it was clichéd at the time since it was my very first drama (now I know better but can you believe I’ve watched that tearfest over 3x? Shoot me please). Soon after that came more and more and more dramas- so many I lost count- when I didn’t have time for dramas (because I used to marathon watch them- I hardly ever watched as it aired) I looked for movies and so I have watched soooooo many that I can’t even say how many but there’s on that I remember loving very much: Kang Dong Wan’s Temptation of Wolves– god that had me crying too… wait a minute I’m seeing a trend here…. am I masochist?

Then when I found Dramabeans- JB was flying solo then, and it wasn’t the huge site it is now, but it became my drama guru, and kept the crack flowing for me. And so it is that I’ve become a 10 year old Drama addict… OMG… hahahaha…

13 thoughts on “Blog Response To Raine’s My Descent into K-drama Madness

  1. Becoming Bitter says:

    Oh God Temptation of Wolves… I loved that movie.

    Here watch this… totally unrelated to SuJu or TOW, but you liked MJ vs Rain so I think you’ll enjoy this too:

  2. Min, you’re totally my sunbae in everything drama/pop. This story rocked my world.

    Now, did Telemundo dub it, or put subtitles? I’m just trying to imagine it. Heehee.

    You collected more than I did in terms of Sailor Moon. Frickin’ last season where Mamoru-kun gets…*gulp*

    So I don’t know much about pop. Please continue to introduce me. I got the Rain thing DOWN. He’s rockin’ the 90s r&b (what I grew up with!)

    So Min sunbae, thank you for your post!

  3. Min says:

    Telemundo aired the Spanish dub – and not the Latin american dub but the European Spanish version – so imagine Candy Candy’s spanish sounding like a child Penelope Cruz and Anthony like Antonio Banderas- yeah… I can’t bear to hear it now, but back then well, I didn’t know better, I wasn’t even conscious of it being anime till much later- to me they were just the ‘caricaturas’ that my mom used to distract me while she studied 😛

  4. HEYY! Wow, I’m so sorry it took me so long to come over to your site! 😛
    That said, I’m totally jealous your anime-rich childhood. I just watched kiddie cartoons and played in the sand…0.0
    LOL, and I totally understand that thing about the first dramas being the ultimate crack, because since you’re new to the whole thing and have no idea about the norms and stuff, you notice the good stuff only. I watched BOF as my first, and man, was I smitten. I dismissed the awfully repetitive music and sometimes over-the-top acting as the norm and focused on only what I liked about the series. I could watch that drama a million times and not tire of it. 😀 Then I watched other dramas and was like WHOA! They seem normal! Like the acting and music seems more natural and all.

    • Min says:

      I thank my mom for placing me in front of the drain tube early on since I got acquainted to those animes I’d otherwise never watch. haha..
      As for dramas- I totally forgave Stairway to Heaven for basically everything just because it was my first… I forgave their overacting, their demands on me to suspend disbelief, and in turn they presented me with the pretty… and thus I became addicted.

  5. Oh, and as for the last line of you post:
    Atta girl! I went through a SuJu phase too, but you need to feed your addiction for it to grow, and I only had a few of their better-known music videos to drool over, so I’m not that crazy about them anymore, though I do want to see them more, like in variety shows and all so I can get an idea of their personalities and all.

    OK that was a long sentence, too lazy to go back and chop it up

    • Min says:

      I am biased, not gonna lie. But honestly I think they’re the most entertaining group to have on a variety show. They’re just so dorky and funny and they make your day better because they make you laugh, that’s why I am still pretty addicted to them… I never thought I’d be like that for a boyband – I’d survived unscathed from the Backstreet Boys and *NSync days, so I thought I’d never be such a fangirl, but I was wrong… and the the other day actually, I was jumping up and down in joy like a little kid because their 5th album FINALLY arrived at my California home- So though I don’t have it in my hands now I will by XMas – Yay!.

      • Ok, I’m gonna do a search on them on boosaysharingiscaring and see what I come up with. I WISH THERE WERE MORE HOURS IN A DAY. I’m sick and tired of not getting time to watch even half of what I’m straining to.
        I watched the video to mr. simple just a while ago. It was weird. LOL, good, but not as good as some of their older stuff. I want to re-addict myself to them. Will search for and hunt down new songs and shows of theirs to prey on. muahahha

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