Monday Music Madness- Week 3

Water Works Edition

Todays’ the Crying episode So come Cry Cry  with me.

I love MV’s with a story, and it’s even better when they tell me a story that makes sense, that looks great and goes well with the song it’s associated with. So here goes my favourite story-telling MVs.  Also a warning I may go a bit old-school on you guys a bit, but see my first one is Puppy!

 White Lie- Seung Gi

This one is a love story set in the early 1900s during the Japanese occupation of Korea. It’s a story of love, obsession, betrayal and somehow redemption.

 Love Greeting & Ice Doll- Seeya

I was attracted to this at first because of my tendency to be interested first in stuff involving archaeology, history and then sort of spiritual. Although I’m Catholic I’ve always been attracted by the thought of having lived more than one life- a soul that travels through time. The story depicted is interesting to besides that fact. It depicts a story of love between the lady of the house and her manservant, but they are tumultous times they live in and there’s plotting being done by the commoners to get rid of corrupt people. Do they get a happy ending? Watch and find out.

ps… It’s interesting right? three main characters of this years tearjerker that I loved are together in a way- one singing and 2 acting in it 😛 I’d forgotten about them being in this… uhoh I’m getting old, how can I forget JHJ wearing a mane of glory?

Because of Love- Moon Child now known as MC the Max

I liked this one because it showed how life can change in a second, sometimes without you doing a thing, and then your life spirals out of control, your actions fed by that first push. Of course it was also because the song had a string section and piano! I really love this song. And though unrelated I like motorcycles… and there was action, and death and blood and it made me want to cry.

PS- And for those of you who love Last Scandal of My Life there is a surprise waiting for you here!

Arirang-  SG Wannabe

set during the war between north and south korea. There’s a very very important draw for me in this- Mr. Voice – Lee Sun Gyun- Also I really like the use of string instruments- it gives it a plaintive and deep feel to the song, that fits the sad  theme of the mv.

Timeless – Zhang Li Yin and Xiah Junsu

Siwon is a mafia boss, and the voices are superb… need I say more? watch it…

There are many more, but for right now I think this is enough so that I don’t overload the post with so many songs 😛


9 thoughts on “Monday Music Madness- Week 3

  1. Min-ah,

    I only watched the first one! But it was so good and the singing was lovely. I love how these videos have great stories stories. I’m going to watch the others slowly. How do you know so much about drama and music? You are a never ending wealth of k knowledge! I’m especially interested in the one that you mentioned has strings…heehee. I know, so predictable, Raine. jeje.

    • Min says:

      One possible reason is that I’m an alien… j/k I don’t know, but it probably has to do with my early induction to the genre 😛 It also probably has to do with the fact that my parents are those types of people that need music playing in the house or it’s too silent for them, so even before I knew how to speak I had already listened to music, in english, spanish and italian (mostly operas though, they looove those^^), adding korean music to the queue was not too much of a stretch for me 😛
      But I do envy people like you who are dedicated to music, I wish I was as talented musically. Me? I’m just good at listening and enjoying, actually performing, not so much. I love playing piano, but I hated performing in recitals, so by the time I turned 18 I quit participating in recitals. I only play it for myself now. That’s kind of why I’m also taking voice lessons so I can work through that stage fright that I suffer in performances. but strange as it is, it’s only when music is involved that I get nervous, because I absolutely loved participating in my HS’s drama production.

      • THEY LIKE OPERA?! What kind? What kind? What kind? I only know singers who sing and love opera but not many non-singers who like opera.

        I listened to classical, rock, blues, jazz, bluegrass, folk, etc growing up. Not really in multiple languages until I got old enough to make friends, then a lot of Spanish music although I didn’t understand it. I just learned to dance (not great, but I learned!)

        Stage fright is a funny thing. People have all these reasons for it. I honestly can’t figure it out. I don’t really get it. I get it a few seconds before, none during, and then I flip afterwards wondering how I did. HA. But I’ve been on stage dancing/singing/cello/piano and all that for 20 years.

        I hope you learn to work through the stage fright. You don’t get over it. That’s something I learned. But you can work through it and channel it. The best thing I’ve found for mine is to have a mental plan of what happens before during and after. Before: There are steps I have to climb, I go to center stage, I sit down, adjust the stand, cue the pianist to tune. etc etc etc. People forget those little steps and focusing on that helps me forget the other stuff.

  2. OH ya, thats so intense. Friendship, love, jealousy, redemption. It’s crazy what the human heart can be full of. It’s always the most stressful of times that brings out true emotion. He chose his friend in the end. I’m a sucker…it made me feel for him even though eh forced the chick. In times like that, occupations, its very difficult for people to choose sides, especially when choosing the invaders means life for a family. Sacrifice family for loyalty to your country or loyalty for family.

    • Min says:

      I know, I was so impressed by Seung gi’s choice of material for the MV it also brings awareness to the young generation about the issues that their grandparents had to live through, things that they witnessed. I love Puppy for doing that.

      • Me too. We forget so quickly. Even now, you don’t hear about Haiti or Japan despite the fact that they recently (past 5 years recent) just had horrible natural disasters. New Orleans is still suffering. No one cares anymore. The Japanese occupation is historically recent and a lot of young people forget. It’s awesome he did that. And he’s so handsome in it…his voice is husky too!

  3. Oh Maria Callas. I learned about her in 4th grade ad I still remember how much my teacher hated her voice. But now I listen to her and I like it. She’s got verve and spunk as a singer. I can hear passion in her singing. I’m not sure what her voice type is but she can sing Sempre Libera from La Traviata (a coloratura role, ie really high and agile) well. And yes, I’m a bad opera nerd and only like the popular songs from operas…

    It’s a Verdi opera and what little I remember from my 19th century Romantic class was he was ALL about the big. Big orchestras (or at least orchestral sound), big choirs, big soloist voices/part. As you can hear, ridiculous runs and range. Aw man, I listened to this twice. I’m glad. I haven’t listened to opera in months.

    It’s an old quality so the strings sound terrible…but we’ll forgive them because by their rhythmic accuracy they’re probably a good orchestra minus bad quality recording.

    I did it again! I always ramble…guh. Now I wish I knew more about opera…okay Raine. One interest at a time.

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