In Time With You- Episode 9 Recap

In Time With You

Episode 9


I hate the distance that’s been growing between our friends because someone ::cough:: Da Ren ::cough:: is too timid to confess and the other one is too obtuse to notice. I think that top picture demonstrates my feelings about how they are right now perfectly: They’re all divided by the black that are the secrets they keep from each other. People, just come clean~

I wonder if the director suddenly became sadistic and wanted me to dislike everything that I loved about Da Ren in the beginning. However that is not to say that I dislike him, it’s just I want him to become more aggressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how many times I’ve said that already, but I really mean it!.


There are many things that Da Ren and You Qing remind me of and in the opening scene of this episode it’s two siblings fighting for the same toy. As soon as Ding Li Wei goes out to answer the phone call they dash back to the paper.

Da Ren doesn’t want her to read it but she doesn’t understand why, after all they’re best friends. So she comes to the conclusion that it’s actually a complaint about her that he gave to Teacher Meng.  Da Ren tells her that her confidence that it’s about her must be because she has a guilty conscience. As they fight over it. the paper rips and each is holding a piece of the wet paper.

9th sign You finally realize that God is too busy

We get to see the most awkward dinner ever. In fact for the teeniest tiniest moment I actually felt bad for Ding Li Wei since he was stuck in the middle of this. But then I remembered that it was because he is there, that the best friends are fighting.

He tries to make conversation telling them that he’s envious of their closeness and their ability to maintain a friendship that’s lasted so long. You Qing and Da Ren scoff, because they’re not feeling too friendly about each other at the moment.

YQ:  The condition to have this unique friendship is because someone agreed to have the position of fool

DR: Yeah, As long as one person continuously continues to hold the disadvantageous position and agrees to be the supporting cast then it won’t be hard to maintain the friendship

Ding Li Wei asks who it is that has the position of fool and supporting cast and who is the lead.

Da Ren answers that for him, but this time his petty side comes out a bit, because what he says is meant to piss of YQ because it’s unfair, and it’s also meant to point out to Li Wei how much more Da Ren means to You Qing than the term ‘boyfriend’ does.

Isn’t it obvious? Cheng You Qing is the center of the universe, the story’s main character.  To be her best friend you must learn to be her shadow. You must learn to share a hatred for a common enemy and respect all new conditions. You must believe she is genuine, the truth. You also have to learn to be her garbage can at any given moment and carry her anger and sorrows and you can never ignore her requests. Basically there are just too many responsibilities to be her friend. You don’t need to be jealous. All you need to do is be a good boyfriend

After hearing this little monologue from Da Ren, You Qing is no longer in the mood to eat and orders that the waiter pack up her food so that they can leave fast.

Back at You Qing’s house Ding Li Wei asks what that little show at the restaurant was about. She tells him that it’s nothing and that he needn’t worry about it since it doesn’t concern him.

Li Wei tells her that yes it does concern him and that he hopes, no begs that she use this bad feeling that she and Da Ren have at the moment to separate from each other and break up.  She tells him that she won’t since she’s not the type of girl to fall in love and then forget about her friends.

He asks her if things are as simple as that, wondering that perhaps both of them are harbouring mutual crushes (why yes they are…) She tells him that he should just stop talking about it and he does by changing the topic to why she won’t marry him. She tells him he hasn’t proposed so why should she marry him. He smirks sexily and leaves promises of something to come with that smirk.

Da Ren is at home in his room looking at his cell and deleting a message. A song starts to play in the background as he’s angsting and playing his ukalale . It’s his voice singing the song he’d written in high school.

(part of the lyrics)

I think I probably probably won’t love you

I tried hard tried hard not to fall for you

So I let myself like you

that way you wont have the heart to leave me

I think i hate hate the arrogant you

also the wonderful wonderful you

That is why I let myself pretend that I hate you

So you can’t bear to leave me

I must say I probably won’t like You […]

As the song plays we get a montage of You Qing blow drying and trying to decipher his writing and what the words mean, trying to complete the missing sections. But she can’t and she gets even more frustrated that he actually repeats that she’s arrogant several times since she doesn’t think she is. At the same time Da Ren is fixing the ripped page and rewriting the missing words.

As Da Ren is fixing the page, his mother walks in cheerfully asking him about when he wants to go to see a play. He answers that ok, but when she asks that he invite You Qing he screams that You Qing is busy and can she just leave him alone for a while. His mother leaves, her mood ruined by his rudeness. Strike One.

The next victim of angry Da Ren is Tao Tao. She came in to talk to him and before she can get past “Da Ren ge-” he’s yelled out that she leave him alone and to stop being rude. Since she is disrespecting him by coming in without knocking. Now she’s in a pissy mood too. Stri—ke Two!

The two women who just got reprimanded by Da Ren meet up and one pissy mood against another spontaneously combusts and flames start rising as they argue about colors for rooms.

Da Ren comes out yelling that they should be quiet. And could they just get along for one day since getting along shouldn’t be as painful as losing a leg. both women are shocked at his temper. And Strike THREE!!!!!!!!! You’re out.. Da Ren  just dug his hole and will have to find a way to climb out of it by appeasing their hurt feelings for his uncharacteristic anger.

Morning is awkward. The mom has reconsidered about choosing the color for the interior, and says that she’ll only choose the kitchen, they’ll each decide on their rooms and the shared living spaces will be voted on. That way nobody can accuse her of being the ‘main character’.

At work Da Ren proposal has been rejected until he redoes it. Da Ren feels like everything is just piling up, and he is finding it hard to stay afloat.

 Frustrated, I’m really very frustrated. I don’t know why I’m being mediocre and unambitious. I’m frustrated not knowing what is there for me to fight for? Randomly I get angry. Frustrated that I was defeated, I’ve been rejected. I feel that there is an even deeper frustration about to break out.

He walks around town, trying to breathe, perhaps find an answer by clearing his mind but nothing seems to help.

At the end of his random wandering, he decides to meet Ding Li Wei. Li Wei is wary of why Da Ren is there to see him, thinking that perhaps he’s there to find fault with him and he’s surprised when Da Ren says that he’s not.

Da Ren starts the conversation by telling him that he actually wasn’t You Qing’s friend in high school, Li Wei tells him he knew that. Da Ren nods and starts talking again, telling him about Xin Di being helped out by You Qing, and he ignores Li Wei obvious skepticism at where the conversation is going.

The You Qing I talked about yesterday is not the real You Qing. The word egocentric is not fair towards her.

I know she is arrogant, but that’s because she works hard enough.  But at the same time she feels inferior. Because she realized that she’s different from others.

In this world no one can understand. So sometimes you have to be her mirror. To let her see the real Cheng You Qing. She needs someone to constantly remind her of her weak points but also remind her how good she is.

But don’t change her completely. Let her keep the habits she’s already used to because those little things are what makes Cheng You Qing.

She likes the feeling of her heart palpitating but she also regrets it. I know that you’re an expert in what you do but don’t use strange techniques on her. Just take your sincere heart.

She regularly needs chats. Sometimes with a can of beer, she can let her thoughts flow naturally.

When she has things she can’t think through and doesn’t want to talk she’ll hide behind a book. Please don’t bother her, wait until she she’s calmed down. Until she has absorbed all the nutrients. She will mysteriously rise up again in front of you.

Li Wei is none too happy and he tells Da Ren that he doesn’t feel like being lectured about You Qing by the best friend who is actually in love with her.

Da Ren finally understands what happened, and why You Qing never got his text. He tells Li Wei to beware since

 the enemy is always at your right and left- so please cherish CYQ well.

Li Wei tells him to give up since he’s getting engaged to You QIng but Da Ren  tells him that being engaged doesn’t mean it’s the end. Same goes for marriage since it’s just another beginning. I kind of find this ‘cool’ Da Ren funny, since he hasn’t done anything yet! he needs to say these things to You Qing not to other people.

Everybody at You  Qing’s office is witness to Henry’s proposal to Lala since he did it via huge floating balloon. Henry’s other ex Li Jie asks You Qing if she’s envious because she’s not- wasting so much money and being impractical doesn’t ensure happiness- However she drinks more than is normal as she says this.

You Qing’s mood turns comtemplative as she looks at the balloon. and we cut to Papa Cheng.

What’s happiness?

Watching his hair turn white? Dad who’s married for forty years. always holds out his hand for tea when he arrives and opens his mouth for food.

Only knowing how to boss people around always resenting mom as an ordinary wife. He’s fighting bravely with the washing machine’s disaster.

Becoming ignorent and helpless when life’s order is lost. Restlessly chasing the steps that mom used to take. Using profanity that upsets people and making fish soup that probably tastes bad

Those earth shattering things that aren’t earth shattering – why do I feel like crying?

Papa Cheng goes to see Mama Cheng in the hospital and they play mahjong and he gets scolded for his bad soup. But they’re having a good time being together.

Despite dad’s marriage declaration there wasn’t a word of love- but love has already take a form at all times it’s omnipresent.

You Qing sees her dad arrive from the hospital and offers him dinner that she made. He starts eating it and he comments that it’s not the same as her mom’s but it’s good nevertheless. You Qing looks at him and tells him that before the accident she’d wondered if he even loved her mom.

 People alway think that those that you turn upside down is love. But your mom is much better than being head over heels in love, she mixes up all the dates, makes you afraid of quietness. She sways here and there. Always makes your line of sight. After that she makes you picky about food, slowly makes you lose your capabilities, and in the end you realize that you could never leave her again. so you can only firmly make up your mind without possibility of change.

Actually what she wants is not much. Sometimes just a smile, or just a hug, she regulary likes me to watch tv with her. Be with her while she cries, laughs. Actually just wishes that I be by her side. She likes me walking beside her in the rain. She would intentionally carry a small umbrella and hope that I would move closer to her. The lamest trick was that she likes to ride a bike to pick me up, and would like to speed. She just wants me to hug her tighter when I hug her.

This woman doesn’t request for a lot of things. Sometimes men are very selfish. But she still loves me.

I think it’s one of the most eloquent descriptions for what love is that I’ve heard in a long time, and it came from a most surprising source. It almost makes YOu Qing cry and she says that in the end it’s her dad’s earth shattering things won over Henry’s earth shattering proposal.

The next day Henry is bugging her about being jealous about his proposal to Lala and dismisses her denial  saying that she just gave herself a precaution injection by saying she doesn’t like or need those things.

Later that day she goes to see mom and finds the cake Da Ren sent Cheng Mama.  You Qing asks how Da Ren knew about mama being in the hospital, and her mom says she doesn’t know since she’d though You Qing had told him.  But then she remembers that she posted it on “FB”.

While they’re talking Ding Li Wei brings a cake for Mama Cheng. As You Qing is closing his briefcase she sees a case that looks remarkably like a ring case. She jumps to the conclusion that it’s an engagement ring and she starts acting strange as soon as he pulls the box out- but he’s pranking her- he bought it for his boss’s wife’s birthday. Li Wei smiles at You Qing’s reaction and asks her if she was waiting for something else.

Da Ren takes his mom flowers to apologize for his tone of voice the night before. He tells her to please choose a color for his room since he doesn’t have good taste in colors.

He also has a gift for his little sister as an apology. She accepts it and he’s forgiven for his past rudenes..

In his room he sighs that at least he’s settled two but thinks that the last one is going to be much harder. He wonders why his life consists of princesses.

You Qing and Da Ren meet up coincidentally as they go to greet Teacher Meng at his memorial service. When they leave the service they start their same old routine. You Qing walks ahead of him without acknowledging him though she smirks at the familiarity of this, but when she finally turns around to face him, he’s gone. that’s never happened before and she’s bummed.

She sits down at the bus stop upset that he didn’t even apologize before he left- but right no cue he turns up with a water bottle for her.

She asks him if she’d ever said those things he’d mentioned the night of the dinner and he says no. She compares friendship to a fart. And he tries to lighten the mood that even a fart can have a force that cannot be ignored.  When she’s not amused he says that he as a ‘friend’ was jealous since she’d never told him she was going out with LW and then she sprung it upon him and wanting him to accept them just like that.

She tells him about the huge balloon proposal- he asks if she’s jealous- of course she is she wants someone to do something earth shattering for her too.

Da Ren asks her what she would do if someone had done such a thing but she didn’t know.  You Qing tells him that the person who did it is hateful because he made her lose out on feeling touched and knowing gratitude and happiness and instead made her an idiot who is unaware.  She vowed that she’d punch the guy two times if they do that to her.

She looks over at Da Ren and tells him to confess what he’s done- he doesn’t tell her about anything important – like the song he wrote about her- instead he tells her that he cut the perv teacher’s tires two times. You Qing punches him in the arm and laughs. Mission accomplished, she’s no longer mad.

Lala comes to ask You Qing if it would be alright to ask Henry’s ex gf Si Lin Jie to be her bridesmaid. She wants Lin Jie to catch the bouquet and then be as happy as Lala finds herself to be. You Qing tells her that if she’s that sincere about it there’s no way that Lin Jie would find offense.

However, You Qing is somewhat taken aback about not being asked to be one, and she asks Lala why. Lala says she did think about her from the beginning but that Henry said that You Qing is the ‘Center of the Universe’ type of person so instead of BM, he’s going to ask her to be the main event person at the reception.

The comment about being the center of the universe reminds her about Da Ren’s comment at the dinner with Li Wei. To find out if she’s perceived that way by others,  she goes to ask those who are already married why they never asked her to be the BM.

Her sister tells her straight out that it’s because the bridesmaids are supposed to be uglier than the bride and You Qing would stand out more than she would. Her friend said that that because that kind of serving role was better for a sister, and then she asks Xin Di who reminds her that it’s obviously because they’d been on bad terms and weren’t talking.

Henry comes over to talk to You Qing as she’s talking with Xin Di.  XD asks who he is and You Qing tells her that he’s the one who did the huge balloon proposal- Xin Di is amazed at his spending so much money when he is only a manager, she wonders if the girl accepted.  You Qing laughs because of course who wouldn’t after such a deed.

Xin Di tells her that you can never tell, besides You Qing herself didn’t even bat an eye when Da Ren followed her choice in college. You Qing tells her that it was merely a coincidence.  Xin Di sets her straight, telling her that with Da Ren’s exam scores he could have gone to NCCU which is the best media art’s university in the country but instead he went to You Qing’s college. Why does she think he did that?

You Qing is waiting for Da Ren in front of his house and he immediately breaks out into a smile, but she doesn’t change her murderous expression. She approaches him and then out of the blue punches him and knees him to his stomach for making her an unaware idiot.

She tells him to confess to whathe’d done for her. Da Ren who is not psychic, thinks that Li Wei may have mentioned their talk so he totally confesses to having gone to talk to DLW because he’d felt his words had been unfair. You Qing’s surprised and she get’s mad and asks him what more he’s hiding from her.

Da Ren’s face is a work of art. it’s priceless. There are so many things that he probably doesn’t know where to start, so he denies everything and then runs away.

You Qing grabs him and it’s like they’re doing slapstick comedy as they run and trip up the steps to his garden.

She catches up to him before he can make it inside the house and she tells him to admit to having given up studying at NCCU to follow her.

He looks at her surprised that she found that out and then he denies it. After all they weren’t even friends in high school so why would he follow her. To get out from under her scrutiny he fakes being very hurt.

She worries that she actually did hurt him and offers her back for two punches. He makes as if he would, scaring her, and then says that never mind, he doesn’t know how many apologies he’d need to make to her afterwards.

She laughs and asks if it hurt, and he jokes that it’s a good thing his bladder was empty. and she punches him again. (You know, I always see this when girls are flirting with guys they fake punch the guy)

You Qing offers to have a drink with him and he’s about to go buy it she tells him that as an apology she’ll go get it.

As he waits for You Qing to come back with the drinks we get a flashback to high school. It’s the beginning of the day and the scores for their tests had been published. He’d become the top scorer but You Qing doesn’t even acknowledge his existence as she’s looking over the scorecard with the teacher.

Da Ren asks his buddies what happened and they told him that You Qing hadn’t gotten a high enough score to enter NCCU which had been her dream. Da Ren  lurks behind a pillar and overhears the teacher suggest that You Qing study marketing in his wife’s university.

That night Da Ren goes around calling and asking people if they knew what university the teacher’s wife had gone to… This proves it, he’s totally guilty of following You Qing.

As You Qing goes to get the beer she promised she receives a call from Li Wei asking that she bring him beef noodle so that he can see her.

She calls Da Ren to ask if it’s alright if they postpone their drinking plans. He tells her that it’s alright, but it’s clear to us that it isn’t.

When You Qing arrives at Li Wei’s house he’s already fallen asleep while working. She pours the noodle in a bowl and then finds a blanket to cover him up. Before she leaves she caresses his face softly, looking intently at his sleeping face.

You Qing’s mom is finally brought back home- complaining all the way about how unclean and full of cockroaches her house must be. They take her down to the living room. In a smart move she stops her son from trying to carry her down the stairs otherwise she would have returned to the hospital with a new patient.

Meanwhile Da Ren is being driven batty by his mind. It has been giving him You Qing hallucinations at work – she’s popping out unexpectedly and then disappearing and the reappearing once again- he reacts to everything his imagination comes up with. If imaginary You Qing asks for an airplane model he stretches his hand to give it to her. He ends up looking like an insane person, hands pulling his hair every which way.

To distract himself he goes to a get together with his friends. It’s a get together of bachelors- who wish and don’t wish they were married.

You Qing is waiting for Li Wei to pick her up. And she starts to think that perhaps he would propose to her and he finds her doing strange actions.  However he tells her that they’re celebrating the fact that he got a case.

The bachelor party starts breaking up. Two of them go and then the last one left starts asking Da Ren what You Qing is to him. He asks him if he’s possibly in love with her. Da Ren says he’s not since she’s only a friend. That friend starts saying stuff like ‘it’s hard to be alone and have no one stretch out a cup of water after i throw up’ etc… Da Ren nods in agreement.

When he gets home he starts imagining You Qing again. After he throws up she’s there with a glass of water, and then on his bed she lies down and tells him to sleep on the sofa since he smells. Then he continues drinking.

Li Wei has taken her to the party in his honor, where she’s stuck with nothing to do as he schmoozes with the bosses. As she waits for him she starts looking at Facebook on her pad and comes across a photo of Da Ren and she smiles as she sees his face.

Li Wei’s secretary comes up to her and asks about her job and how hard she must work. You Qing is proud of her work, and says that to find a position a person must work hard. The secretary totally loses You Qing when she basically says that her answer to position is to ‘find a rich husband”.

You Qing leaves the room shortly after to get some fresh air and talk to Da Ren. She calls him and he’s totally asleep after drinking so much, but he wakes up for her. She tells him that she’s at a place where she feels out of tune and that she’s finally ready to agree that indeed she doesn’t know how to be a supporting role.  Da Ren laughs and she asks with mock indignation why he laughs.

As they’re having their usual deep conversation-  she starts saying that she is foolish and egotistic. Ding Li Wei is preparing his proposal to You Qing. But he notices that she isn’t there and he asks the secretary if she saw where she went and she suggests the restroom.

Okay, Li Wei is hot, and he’s supposed to be smart, but who proposes to another person while that person is in the restroom? I would hate to be proposed to while in the middle of defecating. That’s got to be the worst proposal idea in the galaxy. And I find it amusing that he actually “And Now the Time is right” ugh… no it’s the worst timing ever.

Meanwhile You Qing is doing a proposal of her own. Asking Da Ren that he let her be his ‘supporting role’ for once. Da Ren doesn’t get what she’s talking about until she tells him that she wants to be his bridesmaid when he gets married… um You Qing you have grossly miscalculated what Da Ren wants you to be.

 Li Wei is still talking to the bathroom door with an audience, waiting for her to step out and say “YES oh YEs! you gorgeous Smexy Man!” or something along those lines. When she doesn’t come out the secretary goes in to check and tells him that she’s not in there. He calls her phone and receives the busy tone.

You Qing is still explaining to Da Ren what she wants to do for him.

I will accompany you bride, help her dress up, help her with make up, make a toast, help send off the guests. I will help you care for her protect her. I will let her be the most beautiful and happiest lead. And then the whole way I’ll escort you both and enter into happiness

Li Wei arrives as she finishes saying this and deduces that it’s Da Ren and in a fit of jealousy grabs her cell phone and yells at Da Ren to get out of their lives. You Qing asks him what he thinks he’s doing, and he tells her he doesn’t know anymore either since he was proposing to her while she was outside cozily talking to Da Ren.

Da Ren meanwhile drowns his sorrow once more in beer and shouts out You Qing’s name- I’m seriously worrying about his liver. His love for You Qing is becoming destructive to his health, he’s also becoming a public disturbance…  >_<‘

The next morning You Qing prepares to work and as she opens the door she screams. Crouching outside her door looking pitiful is Li Wei, he’s been waiting for her to give her the ring she hadn’t been on hand to receive the night before.

As Li Wei is placing the ring on You Qing’s finger, Da Ren goes to his manager and tells him that if there’s still the opportunity, he’ll take the transfer to Singapore.

However the ring is too big and it slips out of her finger easily. Li Wei tells her it’s alright since he’ll just change the size. However she thinks that it’s a sign that they’re still not ready to get married.

Marriage is not a ring. You can’t just change the size and you also can’t force yourself to try it. I think, probably God is, making us wait for some time. Other wise wait until I become a little fatter.

9th charm of a mature woman:
Tell yourself bravely: This is not mine!


This time I don’t think I have much to say because to say I’m unhappy with Da Ren and You Qing it’s an understatement.

I do hope that this transfer to Singapore actually happens. They seriously need to be apart right now. They need to miss each other.


11 thoughts on “In Time With You- Episode 9 Recap

  1. Becoming Bitter says:

    Okay I have not seen this show, but I’ll put it on my to-watch list. I think I’ve already told Lady Vader this too. Nice screen caps by the way. I wanted to ask you something… but I’ll search your site first okay.

  2. angeleyes says:

    Thanks for the recap! As I’ve said before, I really appreciate how detailed your recap is. Thanks. 🙂

    Funny, from the recaps, blogs, forums, that I’ve read for ITWY, most people, if not all, just feels sooo frustrated, disappointed, unhappy, and all the other synonyms you can think of, and that sums up what the viewers feel about Da ren & You Qing’s relationship right now. LOL!!! Well, obviously I share the same sentiments.

    So for health reasons, like saving Da ren from liver cancer & from being an alcoholic (I swear, I lost count as to how many times Da ren was drowning himself in alcohol in this episode!) and at the same time saving the viewers from insanity and preventing damage to our computer screens…. I agree with you & most of the people, Da ren & You Qing needs time apart. And I also believe You Qing doesn’t deserve Da ren’s love right now, she has a lot of unresolved issues. I want You Qing to realize for herself what Da ren means to her. Hehehe! Geez….. this drama…. ughhh…!!! :))))

    Thanks again!

    • Min says:

      I have issues with that woman (YQ) lol… she just doesn’t see how self-centered she can be (of course not always since she’s pretty good at listening too, but sometimes when she shouldn’t be she is), so I’m kind of glad that the show pointed out that she is arrogant, that she’s always first in DR’s life, and he plays a secondary character to her ALL the time… and… actually I’m getting the feeling that that’s also why it won’t work with DLW, he’s also a “center of the universe” kind of guy too.

      • angeleyes says:

        agree! DLW & YQ together is like an active volcano. We’ve seen a glimpse of how they argue & obviously both of them have very strong personalities. And that’s why Da ren is best for YQ because he won’t try to clash with her & he knows how to calm her down.

        I was thinking, YQ being self-centered & getting used to being the “center of the universe”, in a way was tolerated by Da ren. Because Da ren loves her so much, he kinda spoiled her & pampered her with all the attention. She & Da ren have their own little world wherein she’s obviously the main lead. And Da ren leaving for Singapore, hopefully YQ can realize Da ren’s importance in her life. At the same time, it can help her realize her flaws, being self-centered, arrogant, etc. I think she needs to examine herself & face some unresolved issues before she can understand her love for Da ren. Or does she think, she doesn’t deserve someone like Da ren? She may be arrogant & proud but she’s very insecure. 🙂

      • Min says:

        I think that she’s basically to Da Ren what DR’s mom was to his dad… see they’re always saying that the mom’s a “princess” and in one of the early episodes Tao Tao complained that the mom was always pampered by their dad and yet even after he’s dead she still scolds, and Da Ren mentioned something like “pampering and treating mom like a princess was Dad’s happiness”

  3. NN says:

    Thanks for the recap! I still love Da Ren but just wished he would confess already! I agree with You Ching – I would feel so foolish for not realising all the wonderful things someone had done for me, especially since he’s her best friend. And angry too!

    • Min says:

      I would be too, but she’s also to blame, since when he is about to talk to her, she cuts him off to talk about what’s on her mind… so they’re both at fault.

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