Monday Musical Madness- Week 4

A Look at CN Blue

So last week I managed to actually write about Music without Cloud or Di! Hopefully they won’t appear today either, I did give them an exceptionally powerful sedative this morning…

So in the poll I held the past two weeks CN Blue won^^ 

Let’s Talk CN Blue!

First the name, do you wonder what it means? I did, so I looked for the information.  Turns out that CN is short for Code Name and Blue is actually the first letter in the word that describes each member.

Burning Lee Jong Hyun

Lovely Kang Min Hyuk

Untouchable Lee Jung Shin

Emotional Jung Yong Hwa

 Why do Korean Rep Agencies do that? give them these little adjectives that are so so corny?

hey why are you here? I gave you a sedative!

Yeah well I’d be stupid to let myself be taken in twice in a row! of course I didn’t take it, dumbass. I need to be here so that you don’t gush embarassingly.   

I do not gush!

Do too, now I’ll let you continue, but as soon as you deviate into gushlandia I’ll interfere ok?

hmmph… anyways’s continuing… This band started out as an “indie” band in Japan,- of course this wasn’t really the truth since they were already backed by FT Island’s managing group, but whatev  Cloud, I thought you would let me continue this on my own? I did I just thought I’d add some more info!

ok, yes they went the indie route in mid 2009, playing in clubs and other indie band hangouts. they mostly did so with songs in English like Now or Never: 

This song’s style for some reason makes me think of Bryan Adams, I like this song a lot though I do have some trouble understanding YH’s english, but overall he does wonderfully. -warning number 1 

::whisper:: Geez, the opinion police is here

In January 2010 they had their korean debut with their mini-album Bluetory, which I’m 100% sure is not a word, but something like an awkward compound of Blue and Story.

Which is like, totally appropriate! Like how blue-er can you get than a song. like titled, like, “I’m a Loner” so sad. So, like, here it is: I’m a Loner by CN Blue

 Min, I thought you gave both of us a sedative, why is she awake?  

Crap, I forgot to adjust the dose for her fast metabolism.  

Like, what are you guys talking about? Were you guys being mean to me again? Like totally, unfair! Like I can’t beli– before she could continue Cloud knocked her out and laid her on floor bound and gagged. It’s the only way, otherwise you’d really not be able to finish. 

Thanks. Where were we? oh yeah, “I’m a Loner” it makes me think of 50’s rock probably because the music they play is influenced by the Classic Rock era. 

In their second mini album (less than half  a year after the first) they performed with songs composed by Yonghwa, such as Love Light & Love 

oh yeah tell them about the debate among k-pop fans about Love Lightr. 

Well basically fans, have little fan wars about it in which some say that the song was NOT written for SNSD’s Seohyun, Yonghwa’s wifey on WGM* and other’s, Sone’s mostly, say it was. My unbiased opinion is that everything was written and composed way before he began to participate in WGM, however he did add the “I’m genie for you girl” line once he started participating in WGM as fanservice.^^ the first video I placed here doesn’t have the rap with the Seohyun reference but here this one does – oh and I like the little bongo drum sound  this version has.  

However one of the other reasons that I like it, is that it’s not just Yonghwa singing, as much as I like his voice I love to hear other voices at times. 

Then this year they finally had their first full album. The title track Intuition, is good and it kind of reminds me of Maroon 5’s style back in their early days. Also the MV is funny, because they’re being “bad” tagging on freeways, parked cars and blacking out security cameras— kid’s watching this video don’t do that please! Also I can’t take these pretty boys seriously when they’re trying to be bad:P

Then for the Japanese market they came out with In My Head  this past October, and it’s PV (it’s the Japanese equivalent to an MV) is interesting…, well not that much, just that from it I glean that in Yonghwa’s  head (he wrote it) there are empty spaces in which CNBlue performs with debris flying around them. However the song is really enjoyable

Other Good Songs

Tattoo (and I like the video the fan created for the YongSeo couple) 

Black Flower

Teardrops in the Rain: vocals= Lead Guitarist Jung Hyun with cute Engrish… 🙂

Random videos:

Do you want to know their Ideal types?

Jung Yong Hwa’s Speed interview- it was weird but he’s earnest…

Awkward Yong Hwa dancing Back it up (Jewelry)…

CNBlue on Kim Heechul’s radio show Young Street! omg isn’t my Heenim so beautiful, isn’t he just the most awesome MC, trying to make everyone feel so welcome to his show, surely the best- Strike two! Min, you’re clearly biased, just let people watch the clip!

and he’s clearly learned the Kang Ho Dong habit of incriminating people, talking so much and fast without letting people talk back.

Funny version of “I’m a loner” including the trot Prince’s (I think I’ll be making a post on him one monday) version of it^^ 

Side Notes

WGM- is short for We Got Married, a sort of reality show that pairs off different Korean artists off and for several months they have to act as if they’re married to each other. (I was big Kim Hyun Joong + Hwangbo shipper! yay for the SSangchu couple!)

ps… I like the little scat thing Yonghwa does in some the songs, i feels like it gives it flavor.


3 thoughts on “Monday Musical Madness- Week 4

  1. Min-yah,

    I bet you there are a lot of lurkers for these posts. They’re so interesting. I voted for CN Blue.

    Now or Never – super 90s rock throwback HOORAY. I seriously don’t know any bands these days. I enjoyed it. Wallflowers ish right?

    I’m a Loner – this was the first song I heard by them and liked. I was really pleased with the rhythmic accuracy and the style! It’s FUN! And the video is pretty cool too. Lots of 90s throwbacks in K-pop. But that tends to be the pattern.

    The second video has that 10cm vibe, right? And the strings in the background. The ones who aren’t playing look bored…FOUL. But I really like the song and that they sing in tune live. That’s pretty difficult for a lot of people. The drum looks like a djembe. Not sure, cause my percussion knowledge sucks. You can really tell they love music.

    Intuition does sound like Maroon 5. I love that first album. The new ones are good but not like that first one.

    In my Head – I really really like Jong-hyun’s (is that him singing?) voice. He was in that earlier acoustic video right? I actually like his voice best, although I love Yonghwa. Their Korean accents are really strong when they sing in Japanese which is funny cause i notice it less with the English lyric.

    Kumawa sunsaengnim!

  2. eeee! This is so cool. I’ve always wondered why CNBLUE were so famous. I’d half-heard a song of theirs but I wasn’t really listening so it didn’t seem that good to me. THANK YOU for this post!! I never got why people kept giving Yong Hwa acting roles, had no idea he had a voice like that. They sing better live, though. I liked the first and third ones.(the live ones) Intuition was good too. Agree with you and Raine, It does remind me of Maroon 5. I only liked their old stuff. And as for their bad boy act, I’ll humor them. hahahha.
    Those are the ones I watched, will keep this page open and watch the rest later. I like how you first gently bring us over to the dark side and then supplement our newfound admiration with more and more videos.

    • Ya, keep it up Min-yah!

      I really do like the live stuff. The engineers play with their voices in the videos. Also, there is the heart in the live videos. After you’ve sung something 40000000000 times in the studio, its hard to replicate the emotion. Live, you feed off the audience and each other.

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