Monday Music Madness- Week 5

Shining SHINee


Lee Jin Ki/Onew (leader, lead Vocalist);Kim Jonghyun (Main vocalist); Kim Kibum/Key  (Rapper, singer, not to be confused with SJ’s Kim Kibum); Flaming Charisma Choi Minho (Rapper, Singer); Lee Tae Min (Main Dancer, Maknae)

My Impression of SHINee

When I first saw SHINee when they debuted in 2008, I was really not attracted to their music, probably partly…no it WAS because I don´t like being made to feel a pedo noona, they were so young! Especially Taemin! And their first song was geared to the noonas what with it telling the noonas “you’re pretty”…Noona nomu yepo. (I know I’m biased since I go gaga over Seung gi’s Noona you’re my woman… but I’m not his noona so I don’t care… which is strange because he’s not singing to me like they are… well… something like that. )

I usually like being same age or younger to the singers or actors I like so their being younger than me was a put off at first. But then damn it they had to have that show Hello Baby, which made me fall for Onew, and so for his sake I started listening to their songs, I like a few of them, though I don´t favour Jonghyun´s voice a lot, but don´t read too much into that since that could be my Onew bias affecting that.

oh and MinHo´s Flaming Charisma description always makes me laugh for some reason. He´s such a hyungwhore, and I mean it in a nice way, I find it cute. if you all get a chance to see different shows and he happens to be there, you’ll see it, he finds a hyung and off he goes for attention from them… lol.

Their Music

their noona song: Noona Nomu Yeppeo

 One of my favourite, and maybe also for all you PP lovers too

Another one of their OST songs: Stand by Me from BOF- I really like this one a lot! here´s the live version at the SUKIRA radio program… they sound wonderful.

The song that’s the perfect ring tone song: this is one of my favourite performance of the song… Ring Ding Dong

and also a good performance of Juliette

I like their Lucifer song, but their video like almost all SM produced ones, involve them in a strange room without anybody but themselves, except with expensive luxury tows: cars… which they drive with the door open? anyway the song is good, it´s catchy and it made wish I could dance…

Love Should go on (live) i love Onew´s voice and really everybody’s talent is show-cased. I liked this even more than AMIGO, which is good but everytime they said AH ME GO kind of made me laugh 😉

random videos

Jonghyun sort of redeemed himself- I began to like his voice…lol.. when he participated in Immortal Song. I especially liked this piece, especially the wind and percussion instrumentation in it. (Is it really irish folk style? he said it not me… I’m not that familiar with folk music of any kind besides mexican mariachi style^^ and I’ll recognize an irish reel, but folk? I don’t know.. with the guitar sound through out the song I thought Spain?) He sang his heart out on this one.

SHINee were the singers in this CF for Anycall… nice song and such a cute scene I wish could have been part of the BOF madness.

this video was slightly disturbing, but funny… crazy crazy shit for the fangirls to crazy over…hehehe

Because they can dance! : SHINee & Suju- Bad & Beat it

A random note on Onew- he suffers from a condition where he’ll be inadvertantly funny and un-funny when he wants to be funny- it’s the Onew Sangtae:


5 thoughts on “Monday Music Madness- Week 5

  1. I too love Shinee…because dammit Noona is pretty and I’m happy you noticed LOL.

    That Lucifer dance…I learned like the first minute and then quit.

    I’m a Key Bias personally…from Hello Baby: “Yoogeun…Go wake up eternally second place Appa Minho”

    • haha I’ve gotten over the aversion of being called Noona by them because now they are legal… mostly… Taemin is still on iffy territory.
      I think I tried to learn the first twenty seconds and gave up, what can I say I have blocks for feet, and they have no sense of rhythm or timing.

  2. It took me soooo long to get back here. LOL sorry bout that.
    I LOVE SHINEE. Well, I’m not a fangirl, but I DO really like their songs, plus I watched Hello Baby till the 13th episode or so, so I know how funny/weird/adorkable each member can be. The first few episodes were soo funny. From the videos alone, I liked Jonghyun the most, but wow, he’s such a kid in real life! So I switched ove to team Min-ho. If you haven’t watched the show, go and give it a try, It really will make you love them more. I hadn’t really heard them sing live before. They’re GOOD. I was surprised about the age thing too. It seemed unfathomable to me to have stars that famous be YOUNGER than me. *sigh* I know there will come a time when I will get old and all the people on TV will be younger than I am. Scary thought. Great post, as always.

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