In Time With You- Episode 11 Recap

In time With You

Episode 11

Another dummy couple is born…


they’re still at the Karaoke and You Qing can’t stop thinking about what Maggie said and she keeps drinking. While the group is singing Da Ren starts crying.

You Qing  keeps drinking and looking over at Da Ren, oblivious to everybody even to Li Wei sitting next to her.

Why why didn’t I think of this answer. that’s right, I did think of this but it was just that a thought. The problem that brought about this solution was never established. because there weren’t any problems that’s why I didn’t need an answer. isn’t that so? Now I finally knowthat the “problem-free, answer-free” Cheng You Qing and Li Da Ren has always been a problem

She starts sobbing loudly and Li Wei asks her what’s wrong and she denies anything and then it comes time for present opening time and even LW cheers for it.

Inside the person sized box is a Sailor Moon cosplayer- You QIng calls out SM’s classic “In the name of the Moon” shout and then the SM (snerk- it only needs an & in there) cosplayer pulls DR for a dance

11th sign of old age:
Previously could sing at the KTV till the sun comes up. Now after staying up one night tired for a week.

Her nephew and niece are staying over and they start playing around in YQ’s room waking her up, She notices her niece playing with cards of sailor Moon-like characters and she tells them that once she wanted to be sailor moon to protect her loved ones too, but she grew up to be someone who got in trouble day and night

It’s Da Ren’s flight and he leaves in a taxi, his family saying goodbye at their house rather than at the airport. You Qing is debating whether to go see him or not.

At the airport DR is wished luck by his ex coworkers. Then he turns around and we see that YQ is there waiting for him. She approaches him and hits him like the last time she discovered he did something for her without telling her.

Why didn’t you tell me that you love me. Am I a stranger to you? How can you deceive the person involved like that! How could you be muddle-headed and let a person who’s involved be loved by you? How could You love me? How could this be possible, This is really too much. Too much!

All DR can say is Sorry… and hug her and hold her lovingly…
man this could have been awesome scene… if it had been real! but nooo…. it was a lie, it was YQ imagining it happening and then decided that she’d rather be an ostrich hiding her head in the ground from the obvious than risk losing her friend.

Meanwhile DR is waiting for YQ. however she calls him giving an excuse that she overslept, but really she’s right there watching him, but staying hidden.

You Qing tries her hardest to stay calm and instead of crying she tells him something that’s part depressing, and part extremely frustrating

You Do you know that you are my best best best very best friend right?

DR is kind of crying at that himself but assures her that she needn’t say it he already knows.

She tells him that since she’s told him that she won’t ever need to tell him again, he’ll understand without words. and they say goodbye and YQ adds in voice over:

Good bye, forever. Take care. In this world I will never be able to find a second person like you.
My dear, please forgive me for not having the courage to look at your face.
My dear, please believe me that friendship is more enduring than love.

At work she refuses the promotion and transfer and lies that the friend who transferred isn’t someone she’s close with. Nic plays devil’s advocate and tells her that he doesn’t understand why she can’t go if LDR is there, after all he doesn’t know that she knows that he loves her so there’s nothing to be embarassed or awkward about. However she retaliates that BECAUSE she knows it she’ll be awkward. he then asks her what if Henry loves her would she feel awkward, and she’s like no, because I don’t love him! and you gotta love Nic BiNGO! he says and explains to her all her symptoms

  • Giving up a job that she yearns for
  • Insisting on keeping a distance
  • Now that she knows he loves her her walls have crumbled

= She has fallen for Da Ren and she’s afraid

DR is unpacking and he places two pic frames: his family’s and YQ’s. Suddenly he get’s a feeling and off he goes looking for beer but it’s more expensive than in Taiwan and he can’t believe it. he wanders around and his mom calls just when he’s lost, but he’s not worried he’ll find his way…  maybe that’s exactly what his life is like at the moment. He’s lost, but he’s strong though sometimes it may not seem like it, and I worry endlessly for him like his mom does, but he’ll find his own way and be all the better for it.

At work YQ’s sales friend is having trouble with stock, so she has to run out on the new manager’s speech to the team. This new manager “Grace” is actually the one from the first episode, when YQ voted against Lala’s shoe design, and complained that YQ was hardly a 17 year old to be so firm against it.  You Qing goes to Taichung (Nic’s district) to escape afterwards, but she wishes she could talk to Da Ren.

At dinner with Li Wei, YQ orders more food than they could both eat, though I find it aggravating that he tries to curb her decision to eat all that or try to at least. he asks her if there’s anything that she needs to vent about and she denies it, calling the dinner a celebratory one since she won’t be going to Singapore after all. LW is suspicious about her sudden decision and asks if anything happened recently that’s making her act strangely, especially since DR’s farewell party.

You Qing gets pissed off at his questioning and stalks off leaving him behind. She ends up at the streetside restaurant she and DR always frequented and asks for her usual round of beer, and her usual order of food. She’s in the middle of drinking when she remember she didn’t have her wallet with her. The owner laughs and tells her that her boyfriend had left money to cover those times when she forgets her money. She starts crying that DR isn’t her boyfriend, just her best friend.

While You Qing is having a melt down, because she can’t handle knowing that Da Ren loves her, Da Ren walks around Singapore, Starts writing postcards, and doing his best and enjoying the new environment he’s in. But at the end of the day Da Ren is also eating alone.

When she arrives home her parents are awkwardly sitting around with LW, and as soon as YQ shows up and they leave to let them talk. It’s funny because if it had been Da Ren the parents would have lingered to try to overhear what they were talking about, but they don’t have that kind of familiar relationship with Ding Li Wei so they give them space.

He sits down next to her and asks her if she drank, and he remember’s DR’s explaining that sometimes she’ll need to drink a can of beer and talk to vent out her problems.
She starts explaining about the frustrating fact that a design co-worker that doesn’t get along with her gets promoted to manager.

As she’s listening to Li Wei give his opinion on her job issue, she’s seeing Da Ren sitting accross from her and we see/hear the difference between Da Ren and Li Wei.

LW: If you’re not happy at work, resign. after all you can’t be selling shoes the rest of your life.You don’t need to be that serious at work, what I mean is that after you resign, if you can’t find the job you like just take a break for the rest of your life, I’ll give you a salary. Always remember that you don’t have to put up with the humiliation just to keep a job, and suffer in silence, it’s because you have me. so don’t be unhappy because of such matters.

DR: They really don’t understand you. At work frankly you’re the most hard working and serious of all…. But you have your own salary. Isn’t it also that from this job you find a sense of accomplishment right? I will always be supportive of you, do your best!

She makes a promise, to her imaginary Da Ren that the next day would be better and he tells her that that’s the You Qing he knows.

While LW is pulling in for a hug relieved that her mood was because of her job and not Da Ren, She is thinking:

I may be able to lie to the whole world, but I can’t lie to myself. Indeed I am depressed. It’s because I can’t bear to lose my best friend

The next day she goes to Maggie to ask her if what she said was the truth because she doesn’t want her friendship with DR to full of awkwardness. Maggie smiles a bit smugly and tells her that if she wants to avoid awkwardness just take what she said as a misunderstanding.

YQ is pissed off at the flippant answer and tells her to cut it out and tell her the truth. however YQ doesn’t have the right to demand such things of Maggie since she’s too scared to confront it directly with DR… this is the cowardly way out and I’m on Maggie’s side this time around (what a change right?).

Tell me why I should seriously answer any question from a fool who won’t even face her own problems seriously.

Whether you now feel awkward, uneasy tormented or thinking how do I get rid of my boyfriend and fling myself into Li Da Ren’s embrace?, these unhappy feelings, you should endure them all by yourself.

Do you know that I hate women like you? You clearly have ulterior motives, but under the guise of “good friends” you think you can get away with overstepping your bounds. And turn us into sacrificial lambs to illustrate how close you guys are how much tacit understanding you have, how special.

And after that, if we get jealous, or envious, it looks like our hearts aren’t generous enough. Like we’re small minded, superficial. And don’t respect your “exalted friendship.”

What a load of crap. So I have been waiting for this day, because I want to represent the moon and punish your hypocrisy. Bye Bye Miss Cheng

And she leaves YQ to think on her words… Though I think that to Maggie this could all seem true, and certainly since YQ now knows what DR feels, it’s how it’ll be in the future, but at the time Maggie was with DR and felt all this, YQ wasn’t aware of anything, she wasn’t trying to hurt Maggie, she didn’t understand herself back then and even now she’s still in the process of discovering her own truth.

She sits in the airports and watches the different relationships and starts cataloguing them all but she can’t place her relationship with DR in any of those.

She gets a call, she’d forgotten about a meeting with a client, but her new manager had it all taken care of by the time she arrived. While with the sweetie boss YQ would have been able to talk and ask forgiveness and have a calm discussion about the day’s mishaps, but this new boss takes her to task for not setting the rules with the salesgirls and tells her that she should have them and that it’s because she doesn’t that the salesgirls are taking advantage of her.

You Qing tells her that it’s not like that. She and her salesgirls have a deep rapport because they have worked together for many years, and the girls have a good sense of responsibility towards their jobs, what had happened (a mother falling sick) wasn’t something forseeable and certainly not something that should merit punishment.

The new manager says that she’d like to know what this “deep rapport” that YQ has with the salesgirls is based on. YQ tells her that it’s by being their for them and helping them solve their problems and encouraging them that has made her into the effective manager she is now, because it’s better to have an emotional connection and win over the workers hearts and minds than lord her position over them and boss them around.

The new manager tells her then to evaluate the drop in sales from the year before for the same month and then decide if her method of winning hearts is better than the punishment style of managing is better.

Personally I think this is sort of boss(YQ) is unreal, I’ve never had such a nice manager in all my different jobs, if another like YQ exists I hope that I can work for her!

DR is getting a tour around Singapore, and the guy who’d previously taken him around, introduces the new guide her as his “best friend” oh noes…not another stupid couple. She’s obviously not that happy with the “friend” description but she let’s it go.

She’s energetic and takes them around the place makes them take silly pictures.

While the two younger friends are arguing over popsicles, Da Ren envisions YQ and LW fooling around and being all lovey dovey without even noticing him.

While he’s on a boat he meets someone he knows. Turns out it’s a girl that had pursued him and he didn’t give her the time of day (her words).

DR tells the male coworker that Ping An (the energetic girl) is pretty and when the coworker is asked if Ping An is his gf he denies it saying that getting involved with a best friend would be disaster, DR just starts laughing and says indeed getting messily involved with a friend would be a disaster.

DR notices Ping An pouting when her friend is flirting with DR’s friend. He takes a picture of her and when she asks if he finds her unfeminine he shows her  the picture saying that she looked cute like that. She asks Da Ren if he has a girlfriend and he tell her that he doesn’t, though he’s thinking about You Qing as he says this. Ping An tells him jokingly that she’ll be his girlfriend then, but she’s looking at her friend. When Da Ren sputters at that sudden comment she laughs it off and says she has a boyfriend after all and his name is Jerry Yan… lol fangirl at heart..

DLW takes you qing to a contemporary artist gallery owned by a friend. He gives her the job description and tells her that she’ll even get to travel etc, it’s a terribly enticing offer, but YQ feels like it would be a blow to her pride to use her connection to him and admit defeat at her job.

However the G-train …lol not my nickname it’s their’s… has made the decision to transfer her to another company section. You Qing tells her that she won’t be defeated by this and writes a resignation letter telling the General Manager that after working hard so many years she won’t take the transfer lying down.

But not everything is as it seems and G-train has her own issues, Like hiding her husband’s death from her kid and pretending that he’s overseas and writing letters to him. Lala tells her not to take everything too much to heart since Grace is actually very nice, just that she hides it by being super tough on herself and everybody around her. Sort of like YQ but with actually more reasons to be like that.

And then YQ has dinner with the sweetie boss, who tells her that the transfer was her own idea which involved YQ spending time in all of the departments and becoming acquainted with all the aspects of the business and then settling her as the Manager of the Taiwan sector. It was actually Grace who was going to be the Taiwan manager but she volunteered herself for the Singapore branch since YQ was in a relationship and she herself was a widow now and it would be a good thing to start over.

When You Qing tells her good news to Li Wei, It doesn’t go over well with him since he’d already been set on her working at the gallery. He tells her that she’s too competitive and obstinate and that even his boss could tell that about her. He starts to ask her if she even loves him, since all she does is work work work, and she never gives time to him, that if something happened to him and she was working would she even choose him over work?

Because she doesn’t answer right away he snarks that she probably would have to ask Li Da Ren how to answer that question… oh my you’re not being jealous are you? hehehe serves you right for reading someone else’s text.

Mama Li asks YQ to come over and help her change a lightbulb… seriously DR’s household is full of princesses… But she does give YQ good advice about Grace, telling her that they’re both heroines who should cherish each other.

The next day YQ goes off to apologize to Maggie, and tells her that about half of what she said hit home to her. Then she asks if she has any Stewerdess friends that fly the US Route.

It’s Lala’s wedding and as she’s getting ready her niece and nephew start complimenting her and she accepts it with a laugh. Just as she’s leaving she receives a message from Li Wei giving her his flight number and telling her he misses her.

At the wedding Lala’s mad at Henry for losing the ring, and to save the wedding from having any more drama YQ & Grace go to the groom’s hotel room to look for it.

YQ finds it but as she’s heading out with it she hears that LW’s flight has had a rough emergency landing. Grace is the calm one and calls the company asking for a list of passengers, and tells YQ to do the same.

As she is doing so she thinks of DR who works at the airport, and quickly calls him. DR does the best he does running, calling, organizing everybody to figure out what’s happened with the plane.

YQ makes the snap decision to fly to Singapore to meet LW when he arrives from the forced landing. Da Ren is surprised to see her arrive. They wait, DR comforting her the whole time, only to see her back running to LW and crying in his arms…

You Qing tells Ding Li Wei that of course she’d choose him over her work. DLW has the right timing this time and he asks her to marry him, of course she tells him yes!

honestly I didn’t care for them being all happy, All I had eyes for was DR sobbing his eyes out.

Meanwhile Grace’s son receives a package from “dad” from the US filled with toys… there’s also a sailor moon doll for Grace.

11th charm of a woman:

There will always be a new generation of Sailor Moon to whom you can look up to.


There’s something infuriating about their mindset, he loves her and won’t say anything, she knows he loves her, and yet she won’t bring it out in the open, because now there’s LW and she’s confused… and she should be, but I still say that straight talking makes for better friends, misunderstandings and deliberate ones at that won’t. It’ll just fester until they won’t be able to talk comfortably with each other, and distance will occurs. I hate the fact that they are telling each other they understand each other, there’s something the conversation at the airport that it almost like a farewell forever, their friendship won’t ever be the same and it’s all because of their real but misguided fears.

Despite how frustrated they make me feel, there’s just something that keeps me rooting for them to make it through this and face each other with the truth, because their relationship is really very positive, neither try to control each other, or limit their actions, they take the person as they are and go on with their lives. I think that was best demonstrated in the three way conversation that happened with the job issue in You Qing’s home. Li Wei kept telling her to quit and that he’ll SUPPORT her, but Da Ren told her to do her best and he’ll be SUPPORTIVE of her. there’s a universe of difference between those two terms. DLW is trying to make the decision for You Qing based on the fact that he can afford to have her stay at home and give her a salary, but he doesn’t give You Qing much autonomy, on the other hand Da Ren isn’t asking her to quit her job, he’s just telling her that whatever she decides he’ll be behind her the whole way.

Li Wei baffles me too, he says he loves, he’ll accept her etc. However everything You Qing does get’s him mad or in a pissy mood, if she wants to transfer to Singapore, if she doesn’t want to anymore, if she wants to stay at her job, if she wants to succeed on her own in her own terms, he gets mad.  Does he even know You Qing at all? How can he love her and yet not understand that she’s horribly independent, that she’d rather pull her own teeth out than be told that she can’t succeed at her job? That she would rather he root for her like she’d root for him through troubled times, than be placed on a pedestal where all she needs and wants will be placed at her feet? I feel like he’s not even trying to understand, he’s hoping that once she’s his wife all these traits will change, she’ll become soft and pliant to his words, and stop being independent. However, if she were to suddenly get a lobotomy for some reason and actually end up like that, I feel like he’ll run away, be and absentee husband and find a mistress on one of his business flights.

In regards to the new work development, I can’t help but love the Sweetie Boss, she’s so kind and understanding, and completely appreciates what her staff does. It’s like a fairy tale to me, between her and YQ’s idea of managing, it’s like i’m not in the same planet as they are. Actually I find the G-train boss a little more realistic, and though it was rough for YQ to suddenly be under a less idyllic boss, it’s still actually better than in many other work situations in real life. I like that the new boss is a prickly bitch only on the surface, and that she has reasons to be tough, not just because she feels like inflicting massive scars on her employees for the fun of it.


17 thoughts on “In Time With You- Episode 11 Recap

  1. angeleyes says:

    After watching episode 11, there was this unexplainable extreme sadness that I felt in my heart. I know it’s only a drama but that airport scene before Da ren left for Singapore was so painful to watch. I cried the most in that scene, especially after You Qing said to Da ren, “Bye, best friend” (OMG! I have to say, not only should Bo-lin Chen be nominated for a Golden Bell, I think he deserves to win that Golden Bell award next year. I’m just so amazed by his acting!). It just simply showed, that the kind of friendship this two have is actually beyond love. Yes, I’m so frustrated as to why they can’t seem to open up their feelings towards each other. Actually, their relationship is far better than married couples I know. You Qing & Da ren’s friendship is already a testament of what unconditional love is. And I think this drama is actually more about their enduring friendship rather than romantic love. Of course, I’m hoping they’ll be a couple soon but how beautiful it is, that even though they encounter countless obstacles & hardships along the way, their lovely friendship keeps them “together”.

    Well, Ding Li Wei is that kind of person who loves himself so much. An “I” person… I want this, I am right, I need this, etc. It’s always him first. He & YQ are kinda alike so they always clash. What really pisses me off in that conversation between YQ & DLW in her house, together with imaginary Da ren, is that I feel, DLW looks down on YQ’s job and career. He obviously doesn’t respect her. On the other hand, Da ren is just a selfless, adorable human being. And that scene when he helped YQ during DLW’s plane crash incident, just shows he’s really a good person. So I hope You Qing realizes this in episode 12, or she will forever regret choosing Li Wei.

    Thanks for another wonderful recap! Until the last 2 episodes. OMG! I’m still not ready to say goodbye to this drama. Lol! :))))

    • I think that if this were real life… YQ and DLW would probably marry, but divorce very quickly when both realize that neither of them is willing to compromise on their wants for the other… I think back on what Da Ren said a couple of episodes back when Li Wei essentially told DR that he would marry You Qing so he should back off and Da Ren though pained merely said,”marriage isn’t the end, just another beginning” yes marriage isn’t an end to anything really, it won’t kill off Da Ren’s love for You Qing magically.

      The airport scene, when DR was just so excited waiting for You Qing to arrive and he answered his cell so happily because she was at the other end. It crushed my heart when she told him that she wouldn’t arrive and his face and demeanor just crumbled, I felt like crying for him, for them, for their fears…

      I love how it’s not just the acting that makes me feel that way, the way the shots are taken, the background music, everything is just so perfectly edited for maximum effect, I’m so happy and so glad that I decided to watch this, despite the fact that sometimes I want to grab both of them and strangle them for their lack of action.

      I know that as of late I’ve been complaining that they should just get together, and realize they’re perfect for each other, but they are more than just lovers, they are each other’s universe, if they suddenly were to part from each other, disappear from each other’s lives a dark hole would be created and their lives would become warped, strange and confusing.

      • angeleyes says:

        Amen. I agree. And watching this drama is such a fascinating experience for me. At times, I wanted to get inside my computer screen and give Da ren & You Qing a beating for prolonging the agony . And more often than not, I find myself crying, laughing & even cursing, in front of my computer. I felt like I’ve gone crazy… LOL!!! 🙂

        And yes, I too, appreciate the fact that the direction, the lovely lines, camerawork, production design, music, etc., all blend into one, producing one memorable drama. Needless to say, the stellar performances from the actors. Not yet ready to say goodbye to this drama… sigh… 😦

  2. daydee says:

    Totally agree with Angeleyes. Chen Bo Lin indeed marvelous as Li Da Ren. Especially at the beginning when he sing with his friends. Its a farewell song but we can see the tears got nothing to do with the farewell party. Its a farewell song for he himself and You Qing. Those tears just flowed unconsciously. I didn’t realize he was crying when I watch it the first time. After re- watching it for second round I did see the tears. It was so sad.
    And in Singapore when he received call form YQ. He smile. A big grin, delighted by a phonecall he been waiting for days. But those expression changed the second he heard the news or what ever YQ been telling him from the other line.
    And also the white lie he told YQ (about the plane accident). I really like those expression.
    Have you ever imagine other actor act as Da Ren? I did. Mike He, Ethan, Joe Cheng, Jerry Yen even Ming Dao. LOL…. Not that I don’t like them, No no no. All of them are so good looking. Who would hate them. But I just can’t put them in Da Ren’s shoes. Vic Zhou maybe fit a little bit cause sometimes he got this sad puppy expression. But still Chen Bo Lin is a perfect choice.
    Since most of us are die hard fans of this drama, saying goodbye will never be an easy thing to do. Just 11 more days. :(. Maybe I will shed a tears when this drama ends, even though its gonna be a happy ending.

    • angeleyes says:

      Hi daydee! Just to let you know I always read your posts and updates at the ITWY AF forum page. You’re one & the same person, right? I’m not a member of that forum but I love reading all the posts there. I love Ariel so much, it’s actually the initial reason why I watched ITWY. I missed her for more than 2 years not acting, that’s why I’m glad she chose to act in ITWY rather than in Skip Beat.

      After watching Bo-lin as Li Da ren, I honestly can not think of any other actor suitable to play this role. Chen Bo-lin IS Li Da ren, so perfectly REAL! Same goes for You Qing’s character, Ariel Lin IS Cheng You Qing.

      I’m not saying that the actors you mentioned are not good actors. I love ArJoe, Joe’s chemistry with Ariel is explosive. I love Vic Zhou too, even though he only collaborated with Ariel in a MV & tea commercial, I loved their chemistry too. I’m praying he & Ariel could at least do a movie together. Anyway, I think what makes Bo-lin so perfect as Li Da ren is his quiet & subtle portrayal of Da ren. He need not say much, but his expression & gestures speaks for itself. And his acting skills really match up well with Ariel, because it’s important that they’ll be in the same level so that You Qing & Da ren’s friendship will come out believable. I just adore Ariel & Bo-lin’s chemistry, so natural, intimate & intense. I’m actually not so familiar with Bo-lin compared to Mike He, Ethan, Jerry Yan, etc. I think I haven’t seen him in an idol drama before. Lol! I’ll forever remember Bo-lin as Da ren Ge, like I remeber Joe as Jiang Zhi Zhu. For me, Li Da ren is so tailor-made for Bo-lin, like Cheng You Qing is tailor-made for Ariel. 🙂

      • Bolin is my discovery of the year, well basically besides the ArJoe idol dramas I really haven’t seen many other T-dramas, so I’m a baby in that drama sector and haven’t really gotten a taste of all that T-dramas have to offer, but for right now, Bolin is it for me…hehehe

        Bolin has completely blown me away with his acting, his character feels so visceral, so real, like I could turn around and find Da Ren living and breathing next to me and not just on the screen.

        If I were to compare Bolin to another actor, that’s made me feel the same kind of realism for his character, it would be Gong Yoo… yeah…

      • daydee says:

        Yes. I am ‘that’ daydee. 🙂 Been around in almost every forum with ITWY, a little bit insane, am I… LOL… . I like Ariel. You can say I am her fans too, although not a die-hard one. But she is the only chinese actress that I like.
        As Bo Lin, I had seen him in a few Hong Kong movies. I don’t remember him well, which probably means those movie just a mediacore one.
        I watch ITWY since first episode simple because I totally in live with the story line. Friends turn lover always been my favorite plot. Never get bore of it. Somekind of Wonderfull, When Harry meet sally, Reality bites, No String Attached, Friends with Benefit, Made of Honor and the newest one, One day. Volleyball lover (T-drama), 9 end 2 out (K-drama) love all of it. But still my fav goes to ITWY. This drama is almost perfect, in everything.
        Back to Chen Bo Lin. Ever since I heard he will act with Ariel, I started looked for his other works. I first one I watch off course his best movie, Blue gate crossing. It is a good movie. an old one but still very nice even if you watch it 10 years later. But the one I would suggest to you, if you looking for a good movie from Chen Bo Lin is this one. Waiting in the Dark
        Its a Japanese movie from an award winning director. Nothing special about Chen Bo Lin act in here, but, the story is very interesting so at the end, Bo Lin looks special too 🙂 It may put some viewers to sleep, as the film is a bit slow-paced and quiet, but It received so many positive comment from critics and viewers. I myself watch it a few times.
        Sorry that I get carried away with this off topic talk. Hope you all don’t mind. 🙂

      • angeleyes says:

        Thanks daydee! Nice to have met you here. Don’t worry, if you think you’ve gone insane because of this drama, believe me, you’re not alone! hahaha!!! :))))

    • That farewell was so much more than a farewell to his colleagues, it was a farewell to You Qing more than anything, it made him realize that they were no longer running smoothly upon parallel lines, they were diverging, going their separate ways which would not involve each other as closely as before.

  3. NN says:

    Thanks for the recap! I agree with the other commentators – I love Chen Bolin in this role. It’s the first time I’m seeing him in a drama. He may not be super good looking but he’s a fantastic actor and has a beautiful smile.

  4. eoan says:

    honestly, i haven’t seen episode 11 yet. i think am not ready to see more of da ren’s agony. i thought i’m a masochist that no matter how heartbreaking this drama is, i could bear watching it. but gosh, i can’t really bear to see a torn da ren. it’s ironic coz i watch ITWY coz i’m a big fan of ariel. she’s the only taiwanese actress that i really like. i came to watch her and i ended loving bo lin. among all ariel’s leading men, joe cheng, mike he and wu zun, i love bo lin the best for her though i know all of them have explosive chemistry with her. i haven’t seen vic zhou and ariel’s ad yet but i’m looking forward to see them in a movie together or possibly in a drama.

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