I’m a Versatile Blogger

My second award nomination comes from Bitte, Surprisingly she didn’t go for the old rules of 1)having to kill someone. Though I understand why she wouldn’t go for the second rule 2)Go jump off a Building, Since the Dark One doesn’t jump off buildings, She just aparates away.

I also want to Thank Raine for her nomination^^ Once Again you beat me to it dear!

The requisites according to The Dark One/Bitte for this award include the following:

1) Award 15 other bloggers who are worthy of the award.

– Everybody on the list for my Liebster Award

– I still need to add to the list here and there and I will as time goes by

2) Ensure that these lucky bloggers are aware of their new ranking in the blogging hall of fame.

3) Thank the wonderful soul who bestowed the nomination.

I did! or did I? Well here it is again! Thank you Bitte & Raine you gals are wonderful.

4) List seven interesting, random facts about oneself

– I am a girl of many names: Min, Mina, Mini (yes as in small, as in I’m not very tall), Minnie, Meanie (cuz in spanish Minnie sounds like Meanie- as in I’m mean, it’s a pun that works with spanglish speakers), Clau, Claw,  Cloud, Cloudy, VitaMin, Poodle, Chilib (which in Mayan means stick, this was relevant when I was skinny) Negrita, Georgia, Yuca Gringa (Yuca is an abbreviation of Yucatan & Gringa is usually how Mexicans call US citizens), La Gringa, Güerita (It means blondie- though I’m not really, my natural color is light golden brown), Now I’ve added Harem Master to my large list of potential alter-egos.

– I received piano lessons for twelve years, however I’ve never gotten over my fear of playing in public, so though I play pretty well alone, when I have an audience who is not my family I freak out and go blank.

– I double Majored in the span of three years (by overloading and taking summer courses – I had no life in college, it was study, work, study, work some more and then sleep). For those who might be interested my Majors were: Human Evolution, Prehistory and Material Cultures Anthropology (that’s one major, otherwise known as HEP track Anthro)  and the second was  Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies. I usually reduce it to “I majored in Anthropology and Latin American Literature”

– My friends and I had a school system for naughty thoughts. While they were in University of Bad Thoughts (UBT) I was still attending Gutter High(GH) – I was perpetually the last one to get a dirty joke, or double entendre… sometimes I still am…

– I went to an All Girls High School. I hated it my first year there, partly because I hardly ever even talked to girls before going to such a place, it was torture, all my friends were guys, what was I doing stuck in an all girls school?! My parents decided that it was the only way to ensure that I don’t go boy-crazy and get high grades to get into the best college. It did work, my High School was competitive, I became Salutatorian and the best is that I eventually met my BFFs there…  I miss them…

– I am the queen of TMI (if you hadn’t noticed with the previous bullets)

– My dream is to work in the Doctors without Borders program… Hwaiting!

5) Display the award for all to see.

  • Check it out on my sidebar!

12 thoughts on “I’m a Versatile Blogger

  1. Me gusta Yuca Gringa y Mini/meanie. That made me laugh. my name is pretty much the same in english and spanish but my sibs names feel the effects. haha.

    You are more of a studyholic than me and that’s scary. I was in the top 10% of my class but…in a class of 750 it was hard to get higher since all ranks were within .01 points of each other. I beat the valedictorian out in music theory though…

    and ooh doctors without borders thats awesome!

    • During High School I had no options but to study, if I wanted to go out with my boyfriend I had to uphold my GPA. I HAD to take every AP and Honors class offered or my mother would be on my ass. And then when I got a job, if I wanted to keep working and have the “privilege” of using the car I had to stay within the top grades.

      However once in college I did it because I found all my classes interesting for the most part, and I thanked my mom for the years I didn’t get summer vacation because I’d pretty much eliminated my basic requirements and could concentrate on the fun courses for my majors.

      But it wasn’t just studying ALL the time, I even got to take an archery class! I loved archery it was a wonderful way of relieving stress, and same goes for the intramural tennis (there’s something about whacking a ball that’s so relieving)

      • Actually, all the work I did in highschool made college a hell of a lot easier cause I got all those prereqs out of the way too. Plus I already knew how to deal with a heavy work load. I took a ton of APs too. I didn’t have mom really pushing. Or maybe I did. I always remember her helping me when I was a kid with my HW. But I’m the only kid of hers who is self-motivated to study…haha But you’re definitely more hardcore than me. I got 2 Bs in my time…*wince*

  2. ok let me see if I can list my nicknames. I might not have as many as you

    Lis, Lee, Lisi (leesee), lisapizza, pizzaface, lisaface, spaz, ‘chelloooo’ (Cello plus hello), spaztastic, a singsong with my full name, only by my Spanish last name, a butchering of my last name, Liser (Someone from Boston). LIsaAaAaAa (OPW style)

    If you call me Liza…ever. I will come get you. I cannot tell you how much I DESPISE THAT NAME. if its someone you know, sorry. but it wont change my mind!

    And randomly, once when we were kids, I was arguing with my sister who was so fed up she yelled “Plisa Lease!” It was such a cute screw-up that we just cracked up, forgetting whatever it was we were arguing about. To this day if she REALLY wants something, she says Plisa Lease. I cant ever say no.

    • oh I love Plisa Lease! that’s the cutest one, I can imagine how hard it is to keep mad or stay strong against such aegyo.

      lol my closest cousins are older than me, and they don’t share my K-culture obsession but they do share my Anime/manga obsession so they call me “okaa-san” which is mother or “obaa-san” for granny, because they say that I sometimes speak like I’m scolding them (i’m not I just worry about them), so they call me that to make me laugh and stop. those are actually their nice nicknames for me, otherwise to them I’m “el Mal” (something like the “Evil One”) because their theory is that apparently in horror movies the big evil are usually green-eyed monsters and I have greenish eyes.

      • I love Plisa Lease. Its the sister power version of ‘oppa’ for me.

        Haha, Oka-san. (one ‘a’ I think). Isn’t calling a young person oba-san kinda insulting? Like old hag? I like ‘el Mal’. Did you see Deeno’s picture with the darts on her glasses?

        I call my cat neko-chan…I know its lame. But I think its cute anyway. And then I started calling him nekito. and nekitico! haha.

        El Mal. you might not live that one down.:D El Mal con un ‘harem!’ I def dont know that word in Spanish.

        I wanted my brother to call me ne-chan, but he wouldnt. baaaka. I love how baka means totally diff things in Span and Jap.

        Anywho, I’ve always wanted green eyes. But I comfort myself with saying brown eyes go with every make up color…haha. And then I covet green eyes again

  3. Congrats, me dear!
    LOL I think I was like that too, the last-person-to-get-a-dirty-joke thing. Then I spent more time around guys…It’s embarrassing to admit, but in my girl friend’s I probably am the biggest walking talking collection of dirty jokes.
    What’s TMI?
    I think the doctors without borders thing is sooo admirable!! Good luck

    • TMI – too much information. Usually said when you provide too many gross/dirty/sexual details. “I took a smelly shit today.” “Dude, TMI.”

      • yeah I try not to do the gross info, but I keep spewing all kinds of other info… except other peoples secrets, then I’m silent as a tomb. I don’t have many secrets about myself because I’ll just end up revealing it someway or another

  4. Becoming Bitter says:

    I’m loving that random list. “Gutter HS”

    Congrats! You deserved it dear.

    Oh and the day you commented… that was the day you sealed your doom.


    • I’m scared but I’m looking forward to how I meet my doom, I hope it’s spectacular and not because I did something so faily as try to kill you and have the gun backfire on me and kill me instead.

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