Monday Music Madness- Week 6

The Trot Edition

What is trot? Trot has taken it’s name from the 1920s-30s America popular dance: The foxtrot.  However it’s also been influenced by japanese Enka during the occupation of Korea. It was a popular music style up to the 90’s when dance music came to the forefront thanks to Seo Taiji and the Boys

Trot often features traditional korean music styles, but more & more it has become this fusion of other different styles, that not being a music expert I’m at a loss as how to describe.

I must also warn beforehand that it’s an acquired taste, and though I enjoy quite a few of the older songs, I’m more of a fan of the “modern” trot. So I’m going to dedicate this post to Park Hyun Bin. I’ll owe you guys a post of some of the other trot singers. I promise I’ll share them, but for now enjoy…

Today’s Victim: Park Hyun Bin!

So who is Park Hyun Bin you ask? As of his debut back in 2006 he has been hailed as the “Prince of Trot.” Compared to many other trot singers indeed he’s the one of the youngest and his debut as trot singer has revitalized the genre, there are more younger trot fans now than before because Trot Prince came unto the scene.

He has an awesome voice, it’s very expressive, which is something that’s really necessary for a trot singer. He also has very good voice control, And he’s so incredibly loud even without a microphone, he impresses everybody with his volume.

He’s a hoot as an entertainer, and is often asked by variety show hosts if he’s drunk because he usually has this very extremely happy face and it’s a joke that ties in with one of his albums : Gundurae Mandurae which has been translated as “Dead Drunk” heh…

Trivia: He’s Lee Yoon Ji’s cousin, so he appeared on her WGM house warming episode and played the protective oppa, earning himself time in a locked cell. lol want to watch? Click and go watch the episode 

In may of 2006 he debuted with Bbara-bba-bba (빠라빠빠). To me everytime I listen to it i kind of gives off a latin rhythm with a Trot twist… or something to that effect

Then he came out with his song Geundurae Mandurae, and is that Carmen- Habanera I hear?

This is a live version that I like that has both Geundurae Mandura & Bbara-bba-bba. Thanks to the basic beat that trot shares the transition was almost seamless between both songs and it almost seems like it’s one song.

Then he came out with the song that calls to the girls to “trust in oppa” Oppaman Mideo. He takes it in stride that in variety shows he gets called cheesy/buttery because of it.

The song Ah! So Hot! is really good, but somehow the MV that makes no sense, kind of makes it more fun? Apparently the concept is to counteract the “cheese” of Oppaman Mideo, lol, so he went for charismatic.

One of my favourites though is Daechan Life (대찬 인생) [though it’s been translated as “brilliant life” the hangul means something like : I can’t agree with you life]  And the MV is pretty awesome, with black and white footage

A performance with Z-E and Geumbi (from hip hop group Turtles- debuted in 2001) – Daechan Life

My favourite of all because of it’s addictive-ness is Shabang Shabang. It’s the song that he almost always get’s asked to sing a piece of, and other groups when they start singing a trot song- they generally pick this one. It’s fun and it’san energetic song that really must be hard on his vocals, but when he sings it it sounds so effortless.^^

Random Park Hyun Bin Vids

Colab performance with Hong Jin Young (another young trot singer) Click to watch

At Trot Battle Chuseok Special in 2008 PHB interpreted a song sung by Big Bang’s Taeyang- he hilariously makes it sound like Trot^^ The same with Jewelry’s One More Time… and all the while looking like a boss. kekekeke
A fun moment with SS501 singing Hyun Bin’s Shabang Shabang and you can see him dancing and enjoying the performance at the side and then running in for the ending lol…  😛
In 2009 he & Jang Yoon Jung turned Baek Ji Young’s My Ear’s Candy into a trot-style… lol.. it start’s after Kim Tae Woo and Baek Ji Young’s rendition of Uhm Jung Hwa’s Invitation PHB’s part start at around 2:08 
For the DMZ peace concert this past autumn he performed People Are with Sistar, and they really rocked it.
In 2009 he was chosen to sing the song celebrating the Hangang hosting of the World Highwire  Championship. It’s interesting to here him sing something other than trot as this is more of a rock style.
He appears often in many shows like Star Golden Bell, and when Miraculous Victory and Defeat was airing he was one of the regulars there, so there was a lot of his silliness in those episodes.

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