In Time With You- Episode 12 Recap

In Time With You

Episode 12


I wish that we had cut down some of the earlier episodes angsting down, since things didn’t change much between Da Ren and You Qing. Instead of all the angsting think about how fun it would have been had Ping An and Da Ren had seriously plotted together to make their respective BFFs jealous. Ping An would have been actually a better rival against You Qing than Maggie because in a way she’s diametrically You Qing’s opposite.

She would have played the part of Da Ren’s  supporting character, and let him take the spotlight. In fact she already does that by just walking behind Da Ren while he’s thinking and then just standing there and really LISTENING to him. Yeah definitely could have been a character that would have caused You Qing a good bit of jealousy while actually being a person that is quite compatible to Da Ren.


It’s drinking time for Da Ren and You Qing while You Qing in voice over says

each moment is staged in laughter each time is also staged with tears, and so there are those that are heartbroken.  and there are others who suddenly become flustered

she’s so confused, or more like I feel that she knows her answer but doesn’t want to admit. How much more does she need to prove to her that she’s in love with Da Ren and is merely escaping through Li Wei?  Which despite not liking LW makes me feel bad for him

12 sign if you don’t mutter to yourself the brain will tie itself in knots

Da Ren has gotten drunk, thrown up on himself, and fallen asleep in the tub with his clothes on. Ping An pulls him out gives him a clothes change and piggy-backs him to the bed! wow who would have thought that the drama piggy-back would be for Da Ren! I like Ping An.

Mom’s a worrywort and because he didn’t contact her the night before she’s ready to storm Singapore and save her son! too bad what he needs saving from is his own weak personality that is reinforced by her domineering mothering. Thankfully Uncle Bai is there to calm Li Mama down.

The general good humour in the Cheng family is disturbed by Li Wei’s call when he asks that they break the news of their engagement to the family.  During the lunch that they share YQ’s brother starts talking of needing investment into his latest hairbrained venture, the older sister refuses and Li Wei says he will invest. YQ’s brother says that he needn’t worry about it since LW isn’t part of the family and only family can get involved in money issues. (eeh? Didn’t Da Ren end up paying his mother in laws upgrade to first class for him? well goes to show that DR is pretty much considered a family member, but I rather not be in cases of money.)

When it’s announced YQ’s brother hilariously turns on his mom blurting out in anger that her plan didn’t work.

Turns out Mama Cheng had been counting on YQ’s contrary nature to kick out and go against what she said. So she supported and pushed the relationship so that YQ would realize that the one she really cared about and really fit her was Da Ren.

YQ ridiculously tells her mom to stop saying that since Da Ren has a girlfriend… is she delusional? so crazy… and her logic is screwy too. she says that if she loves LW then she can’t love DR but its circular logic that get’s her nowhere and it could easily be flipped to if she loves DR she can’t possibly love LW… but she’s being unnecessarily obtuse about her own feelings.

Meanwhile Ping An has become a good confidante to Da Ren especially after what happened, and she invoked closeness on the fact that she’s now seen his everything… lol… despite swearing she didn’t… hehehe… I like her.  They are two fools in the same boat, they actually could end up in an actual relationship if this were a longer drama.

He threatens to tell Lin Kai that she likes him and she says that if he does she’ll tell every one he let her change his pants… lol feisty.

They basically both fear the same thing: should the relationship not work then they are risking ruining a friendship.  She calls him stupid but really they both are and the thing is they know it and still they continue being stupid.

Li Wei takes YQ to his family and essentially manipulates You Qing to a  super fast marriage, skipping the engagement period and jumping into marriage with the excuse that his grandma is so old that he’s afraid that she won’t be able to attend the wedding if they were to wait longer… really low LW, really low, now she’s a monster if she doesn’t accept.

They don’t really agree on anything. He wants a big house because he  has enough money to buy it, but she wants to share the cost and wants a smaller one. Then instead of showing the appropriate reaction of a groom for his bride trying on dresses. You know the one where he looks at her like she’s super special and thankful that she exists…. no LW doesn’t like any of the dresses and wants to get a dress made in Paris… yeah buddy that’s outrageous given the fact that you want to marry her in little short of a month.

Maggie finds her Romeo, and she basically growls at him to tell her what she’s already planned for him to say:”thank you for having bad taste and leaving Maggie, because that way we’re together.”  Da Ren’s face is hilarious when he hears how she forced her new boyfriend.

She asks Da Ren about how his relationship with YQ is and shes surprised that YQ actually didn’t take the next step and call him to patch up with Da Ren and perhaps start going out. But Da Ren’s floored that You Qing knows and it makes sense to him now, the lack of news from her. She’s avoiding him because she knows.

He gets upset when Maggie urges him to make the call to You Qing if You Qing hasn’t had the guts to do so. He walks away from the lunch he was sharing with Maggie, her boyfriend, Ping An and Lin Kai.  Ping An walks behind him, following him  just to support him and talk him through this situation.

Lin Kai sees them and Da Ren becomes evil and becomes really close to Ping An. Creating a misunderstanding for Lin Kai to mull over and making a bet with Ping An that someone will like her now for 10,000 euros. heh, he really does like bets… didn’t he do the same to you Qing?

He’s invited to the bachelorette party for You Qing which has become another class get-together. He decides to use work as an excuse not to go, asking Ping An what she thinks. Lin kai is lurking and overhears how close DR and PA appear to be.

At work YQ has newlywed ex-bf Henry listen to her problems. and he has very good advice that will solve all of her issues: Don’t Marry. hehehe… He’s funny because I can totally see that he’s really rooting for YQ to realize her feelings for DR… after all he’s the one that thought DR was the shit-blocker who won’t shit.. or something like that… hehehe

She and LW argue some more about the house, the money, the bridal dress and basically everything. Seriously I would have dropped this relationship a looong time ago. Her character development is going backwards, she’s not becoming a better person, she’s become more unsure of herself and unhappy… and now she can’t even plan her own wedding, merely signing and sending out invitations

She talks with her mom about what a marriage is and her mom tells her that it needs to have a main singer and the backup and unfortunately both she and LW like to hog the Main position. YQ says that’s why she’s ceded so many things so far, and her mom tries to open her eyes telling her it won’t stop with the wedding, she’s have to cede her position for the next 10,20, 50 years and if there isn’t love and genuine acceptance of each other then with only yielding it won’t be easy or even possible to maintain the marriage.

Her mom tells her to imagine her future life, and see if it’s something that suits her. So that’s what she dreams. With Li Wei she has the fancy house, but a cold marriage, and then she finds herself in a cheerful, cozy house, and Da Ren. She wakes up and can’t decide or won’t on what that dream is trying to tell her.

Da Ren get’s a Talk with Lin Kai about Ping An and Da Ren plays it cool telling him that perhaps he will really start courting PA since she is a pretty girl and the girl he liked is getting married and he needs to move on.  Lin Kai tells him that he can’t like her because then PA will get hurt when he leaves for Taiwan. Da Ren says that he’ll take PA back to Taiwan then. After some more macho posturing, DR pats LK’s arm and tells him to think really hard on why he cares so much about PA.

Awkward scene with DR’s mom and YQ as she hands out her wedding invitation. Mama calls DR immediately and is surprised that he knows about the marriage since she’d gleaned from YQ that she hadn’t told him yet.  Lol his Mama and Uncle Bai look at him like he’s about to die or something. And they maybe right, perhaps something inside has died.  He starts smiling because seeing his mom and UB in the same frame kind of reminds him of a happy wedding photo.

He checks his Taiwan phone and receives many messages from You Qing where she told him everything that she was feeling except the fact that she loved him too! mostly because she’s still trying to deny it – such a fool. She even thanks him for not telling her he loves her because if he had then she would have fallen for him and then he would have found out how very hard to love she is an what a selfish bitch she is… um honey, did you think he hasn’t found that out in his fourteen plus years of knowing you? He knows.

It’s crazy party time complete with strippers chasing around the girls. Except YQ kind of runs away from the stripper… lol

During the general drunkenness the guys confess that because of the YQ-plastic friend incidence they guys almost disbanded too. Basically DR got pissed at their trick on Xin Di and had beat them up. (the fighting though was pretty funny, they are all so weak, I think I could have punched harder than DR did.) They said that it had seemed to them that Da Ren had a halo around him, he was so nice, but they’ve now reflected that it was all thanks to the fact that DR was in love with You Qing.

Xin Di comes out with the cassette that Da Ren taped for You Qing. apparently she’d filched it when she got pissed off at You Qing and she’s recently found it again. They all tell her to listen to it and start leaving.

Da Ren arrives to the party too late, everyones again, but not really, You Qing’s in a corner listening to Da Ren’s casette.

A waiter tells YQ that a man had been looking for her and she runs out hoping to catch him. However Da Ren’s nowhere in sight.l


I love Bo Lin’s song for the OST. It just fits perfectly.

I hate the fact that You Qing is being so stupid. She’s denying something that’s so obvious to everyone around her, and even she knows it, but she just doesn’t want to risk anything. However in not risking anything both have risked everything. They’ve kept too many things hidden and their friendship is on shaky ground.


3 thoughts on “In Time With You- Episode 12 Recap

  1. daydee says:

    Thanks for the recaps.

    I laughed when I read your comment about DR hilarious face when he hears how Maggie forced her new boyfriend to thank DR. hahaha…I laughed when I first saw it too. It was like…. ‘OMG, is this the ‘Maggie’ that I know?? ” and the answer is “Yes DR. That was the side Maggie’s been hiding all the time” LOL.

    I love Ping An too. Wouldn’t mind if they extend an episode for Ping An sake. 🙂

  2. “I hate the fact that You Qing is being so stupid. She’s denying something that’s so obvious to everyone around her, and even she knows it, but she just doesn’t want to risk anything. However in not risking anything both have risked everything. They’ve kept too many things hidden and their friendship is on shaky ground.”

    Totally agree with you!

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