Padam Padam- Ep 1 Recap

The Sound of His and Her Heart

Episode 1


Ok, here I go again into a Melo. I can’t believe I never learned my lesson, these types of dramas always leave me wrung out and depressed by the time they’re over. However I guess I have my candy K-pop (i.e. SJ’s early songs) to go back to when I need a lift.  Nevertheless I can’t pass up a chance to see Kim Bum as an Angel either in reality or figuratively, we’ll see. Either way  I’m watching. I wonder if he took the role to make sure there is karmic balance in the world- He’ll be the Angel to Jung Il Woo’s Reaper/Scheduler.  So how in the world could I skip this? nope can’t & won’t.


Jung Woo Sung-Yang Kang Chil

Kim Bum- lee gook soo

Han Ji Min as Jung Ji Na


So we’re thrown in media res. Yang Kang Chil is eating his last meal before he’s executed. We don’t know at this point what it is that’s lead him to this point and when they ask him if he has any last words or prayer he says no to both.  And then the noose is placed over his head and that’s it- he’s dead.  (such a horrible way to die – hung…gah reminds me of old westerns where outlaws were hung)

We’re taken back to a month before the execution. He’s reading a letter he’s received about a certain Im Soo Mi. His friend Lee Gook Soo is curious and tells him that he’ll give Kang Chil two white stars (you collect stars to go to heaven) if he tells him who Im Soo Mi is.

Hilariously Gook Soo is so cheerful that not even, Kang Chil’s disbelief and brusque manner deters him. He hangs onto his hyung’s arm trying to wheedle him into good humour.

Yang Kang Chil and Gook Soo have been given 72 hours to look at the world and try to get used to the world they’ll be returning to in a month.  It’s a leave that Gook Soo’s father and Warden Kim have been petitioning for a long time.

They’re given their leave papers and a cell phone. The cell phone is only to be used for incoming calls, he can’t call anyone from it. The younger warden is an asshole to Kang Chil and warns him that should he not answer before five rings of the telephone he’ll send out a search party and Kang Chil will be a wanted man. He then proceeds to kick Kang Chil’s bag out of his hands.

They leave the prison, Gook Soo in super high spirits, excited to be out. He takes Kang Chil’s hand in his and they run around the city holding to each other.

They have several run-ins with Han Ji Min’s character, the most memorable one being in the subway. Gook Soo won’t let go of Kang Chil’s hands for anything in the world so he can’t really stop himself from crushing her. At one point after multiple bumps, he even lands a kiss on her forehead to her utter disgust.

As she leaves the subway she socks him a good one and then flips him the finger. Heh. I love a fierce woman.

Gook Soo is watching all of this and after she leaves, he manages to stand closer to Kang Chil and tells him that they’ve just met the woman of Kang Chil’s destiny. Kang Chil looks at Gook Soo like he’s got a screw loose or something but lets it go.

After she leaves Subway Girl receives a call from her father which she promptly ignores… uh oh… daddy issues.

Gook Soo and Kang Chil get into a bus, still holding each other’s hands.  I’m loving this. They get into a small argument when Gook Soo invites him to his home nad Kang Chil wants to go to see Jongmin, a guy who had promised to treat to food, drink and women when they got out of prison.

Kang Chil says that he doesn’t want to be present Gook Soo gets beat up by his family after all getting out after four years in prison for a bank robbery isn’t something to be proud of.

Kang Chil slips off of the bus when Gook Soo gets distracted and tells him to meet up with him if he changes his mind about drinking.

While eating Jajangmyun, Kang Chil receives a call from the warden, and after his loud answer everyone looks at him warily. Normally people don’t answer with numbers attached to their name.

We all know about the steamy shower of angst that are staples of the K-drama industry. Well we get a shower scene! yay Woo Sung abs! However it’s got to be the most energetic, happy shower ever.

After the happy shower, and some gleeful bed-rolling, Kang Chil makes a call from the hotel room, probably to the Jongmin guy since he goes out all pimped out.

While he’s standing around he sees the Subway Girl (he recalls how she flipped him off) having an argument with a guy holding a poodle. She’s accusing the guy of stealing the dog from another lady. As the guy is walking away from her, he bumps into Kang Chil and his hold on the dog loosens. Subway Girl runs off with the dog.

Kang Chil notices a guy that’s been following him for a good while, a flashback to the same guy with a beaten up face. Kang Chil gives chase but ends up losing sight of the guy.

As he’s looking around he finds Subway girl hiding behind the car, he almost punches her before he realizes that she’s not the guy he was chasing.

He ends up saving her from the dog thief by making it look that he’s making out with someone behind a car.

He scoffs that earlier today she made him out to be a sexual predator but now she’s a dog thief. He towers over her making faces & cooing at the dog she’s holding (who surprisingly has made hardly a sound). Subway Girl is completely spooked by Kang Chil, and he finds it amusing so goes out of his way to scare her, even making her squeal a bit.

When he finally arrives to the bar that he’s gone to meet Jongmin, he happily calls out to the guy. However the guy doesn’t notice and starts calling Kang Chil the worst type of gangster to a friend,  sayin that he’s such a thug that even his own mother is afraid of him.

Kang Chil reacts violently of course! I mean when a guy talks trash about you, wouldn’t you want to smash his car to pieces to? Most of us would fantasize about doing it, but Kang Chil actually does it.

While he’s punching the guy he warns him that a certain Yang is still looking for Jongmin and would be glad if Kang Chil told him where to find him. Jongmin changes his tune and asks for forgiveness, but Kang Chil’s too pissed off to care.

After a disastrous night, he decides to go see what Im Soo Mi. However that’s another bust, since she’s dead already. The friend who had written to him about her tells him that he has a son. He starts laughing in disbelief since he claims that Soo Mi left him for another guy right after, so who’s to say if the kid’s his, he’s not going to recognize him.

The kid Jung Hee shows up as Kang Chil is arguing with Im Soo Mi’s friend. The lady starts screaming at him to take responsibility or to at least take the kid to his mom’s. He just laughs and mockingly asks the kid if he’d like to go to prison with him.

Jung Hee follows Kang Chil and without so much as saying a word, shows him a picture and spits on his face. Kang Chil smacks him and returns the favor before continuing on his way.

Next thing we know and he’s running across the street and BANG! he’s run over by Subway Girl. She nervously gets out of her car and checks to see if he’s still breathing and calls the ambulance as the crowd gathers.

As he’s taken into the hospital, the older warden is calling him. Jerk Ass Warden wants to declare Kang Chil a wanted criminal.

Meanwhile Kang Chil has woken up in the hospital. He sits up and pulls out the IV drip and walks away. Actually the scene sort of feels weird and unreal since the nurses and everybody don’t even notice him, almost as if he were invisible. I don’t know if that was intentional or not.

AsKang Chil’s leaving the hospital he receives a call, he answers it thinking it’s the warden but it’s not. It turns out to be Chang Gul, the guy who set up Kang Chil to be accused for the murder. Chang Gul had the knife in his hands and Kang Chil was lying below the dead guy, so Chang Gul had placed the knife in Kang Chil’s hands and ran away. Now he’s calling Kang Chil to warn him against trying to reveal the truth. Kang Chil tells him that it’s too late for that to happen and he’s not powerful enough to do anything, so why is he so afraid still? The guy hangs up quickly.

Turns out Real Killer is a prosecutor, whose father is now looking at a promotion to the Supreme Court. He’s standing outside a meeting place as a group of lawyers are coming out, he calls out to District Attorney Joo.  The guy is not all warm fuzzies with him and tells him that he better stop hearing about him making deals with gangsters and whatnot to advance himself.

Finally the hospital notices that Kang Chil isn’t there anymore and calls the police department where Subway Girl has been giving her statement.

At the prison the two wardens are pacing around, the Jerk Ass warden is pressuring Warden Kim to place Kang Chil on the wanted list. Warden Kim pays no heed and instead calls Gook Soo but before he can speak Jerk Ass grabs the phone and starts yelling at Gook Soo to find Kang Chil and come back to the prison on time. (where’s the respect for his elders? Jerk Ass has none.)

Gook Soo immediately goes around searching for Kang Chil. (his shirt has angel wings^^)   Gook Soo finds Kang Chil sleeping in a park, and he immediately goes up to him and kisses him on the cheek, exclaiming “Aigoo my baby!” exhilarated at having found him.

Subway Girl is a vet student, who’s working at the zoo cleaning the seal exhibit. She’s still in shock about the incident and hopes that the guy left because he was really fine.

While on the bus ride back to prison Kang Chil listens to the news about Chang Gul being in the spotlight for the arrest of a huge portion of a drug ring. he remarks that he wants to see Park Woo Young.Gook Soo reads his mood and asks him “because you want to get revenge and can’t, you’d rather die?”

As they’re walking towards the prison Gook Soo proceeds to tell Kang Chil that with that line of thinking he would never meet Woo Young, since Woo Young died saving him, he’s in heaven because of his thousands of white stars. However Kang Chil has about 6000 white stars for his good deeds and around 5,900 bad deeds so in the end they both cancel out. Kang Chil would never get to even visit heaven.

Kang Chil asks him who he is that his hand drawn white stars decide who goes to heaven and who doesn’t. Gook Soo tells him that he’s an Angel.

Kang Chul scoffs at him, if he’s an Angel what’s he doing on earth instead of in heaven. Gook Soo tells him vehemently who says that angels can’t be on earth? Angels are everywhere, in heaven, spread out on earth, in the mountain, amongst people.  He tells Kang Chil to stop being such a downer and instead have hope since they’re getting out in  a month, they can open a snack cart together.

Kang Chil is determined to be a downer so he says that fine they open a snack cart together, and then some drunkard starts hitting him and he hits back, they go to the station and then because he’s an ex-convict the police won’t believe a word he says and he’ll end up back in jail. And on and on he goes with different scenarios. he even starts laughing hysterically and Gook Soo looks at him in disbelief.

Warden Kim looks through a box that’s arrived for Kang Chil, and it’s a pair of underwear from Yoon Mi Ae. He warns Gook Soo and Kang Chil to not fall for any of the tricks the other inmates may make because they like to do that to those who are about to leave. Gook Soo assures him that they’ll do their best to ignore everything.

Subway Girl calls the police about looking for the guy who walked out of the hospital, but they’re not searching or doing anything about it.

I called it! she so does have issues with her dad! She sits down to eat with him, but ignores him completely and when he asks her why she’s so cold, she tells him that it’s because she takes after her mom. And then she leaves without looking at him when he tells her to please be there for his birthday.

She goes to the vet hospital next door. There’s a vet there operating on a dog, and he asks her if she’s really leaving for her study abroad. She says that she’s not sure, he jokingly asks if he should go with her and she tells him that they’ve broken up, remember? He just laughs and continues what he was doing.

And so begins the harassment Warden Kim warned them about. It’s more like a friend of Kang Chil’s (ooh annoying reporter in Oh! My Lady) gets the brunt of the abuse, which pisses of Kang Chil. Jerk Ass warden is completely in league with the jerk who’s harassing  Kang Chil’s friend, and he allows things to get out of hand so that it pisses Kang Chil off more. Gook Soo tries to keep Kang Chil in check.

However it gets out of hand when they’re outside running and the friend get’s thrown down. Kang Chil blows his top and attacks the bully, Gook Soo tries to go stop him, but Jerk Ass warden pulls him back down and just friggin’ watches the bully and Kang Chil fight.

Warden Kim comes running in to stop it, but Kang Chil is too enraged to notice who he hits and punches him too. However, things start to calm down as silence spreads on the compound. Kang Chil looks over and he sees Warden Kim bleeding out heavily from a blow to the head. When Kang Chil had punched him, he’d fallen backwards and hit his head with the metal post.

Warden Kim died from that accident and Kang Chil is sentenced to death. But Kang Chil doesn’t want to do anything to revert that sentence, since he’s “been wanting to die” anyways. We see the same sequence as the beginning, him eating his last meal and the hanging, however, we get to see his thoughts as they questioned him about his last word and prayer.

He sees himself as a teenager being beat up by his father. And when he’d called his mother and she’d not even tried to talk to him and had hung up on him quickly. And then him laughing with who was probably Woo Young. And a woman softly telling him that she’d do her best to get him out of there. And then he’s dead.

However he wakes up back in the hospital after the accident and then life fasts forward until he’s back in the prison showers with Gook Soo. He turns around and tells Gook Soo  that he’s dead. As he says this everybody in the prison shower disappear and he shouts “Gook Soo What’s wrong with me?!” Gook Soo only looks at him silently, but most telling of all while everybody disappeared, only he’s stayed visible to Kang Chil.


Ok. I think this was a pretty strong start to the drama. So Kim Bum is going to be Kang Chil’s guide, probably.  I’m looking forward to the next episode…

This drama has a very dreamy sort of feel whenever the characters are contemplative and then it get’s real harsh whenever something happens, with the car accident, it really made me jump with the change in volume and lighting sharpness.


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