Monday Music Madness: Week 7

R&B: Hwayobi

Hwayobi. She of the powerful singing voice. She’s considered the Mariah Carey of Korea…

Hwayobi debuted in 2000 and ever since then she’s released 7 studio albums, 4 mini albums and several singles, as well as participating in numerous  collaboration albums.

In 2007 she underwent a major surgery to remove a vocal chord cyst, but she didn’t let that daunt her and came out with an album soon after.  Though it’s not the same as before, that doesn’t mean she isn’t a great singer still.

She’s the real dark horse in variety shows, her comments are very funny, and very much out there. In 2008 she participated in We Got Married as Hwanhee’s  “poopy” wife.  


Something Like That: from her debut Album and from a compilation album

I love the instrumentation in A woman like Me. The blend between her voice and the strings, and then with the piano, somehow I find it haunting. Indeed it almost makes me want to cry,  Also a lot of people find the video strange what with the woman and man each in their own bathroom. I don’t, the bathroom is the perfect place to run away to when you want to think, or cry,  you can run the water tap or flush to hide it, and nobody knows, and if they do they pretend they don’t, because a person’s time in the bathroom is something personal.

This following song I don’t recommend listening to if you’re going through a tough break-up, or perhaps do, if you need a beautiful song that will release your tears and clear up your heart.  I find that the lyrics are what most people ask themselves after a break-up.

Tears: Unrequited love, and then a case of mistaken identity… that’s the video’s message, and it is a source of many tears, however that’s what happens when you drag on being a secret lover… sort of like San and his cactus’s in Pasta… Another comes along and takes your place. However the best part this is her voice…

just to show you, just how great she is, here’s the live version of it..

Recently she participated in the OST for the drama Miss Ripley. The song is called Glass. This song is particularly fitting for that drama, Lee Da Hae’s character was hard as nails, but when she finally gave into love she became filled with tears, wanting to rest on the much warmer men around her who loved her. This song is really a call for love for a person who’s been broken and is only now learning what love is and how it’s given.

Rose “I love you… lies… I’m sorry… lies… “- I think that  line was my favourite line in the whole song, for some reason it just stuck to me, it’s essentially about someone who can’t trust in other’s words or promises and yet she’s hurt because she still loves.

Other Videos

Hwayobi, with IU and Park Ki Young singing Butterfly– These three women are great singers, when I heard this, I was really in awe.

Ghost- Duet with Go Yoo Jin-

Some of her random variety show clips^^

against HaHa, Chaeyeon and Park Jung-ah in X-Man – love the song the use as the background – Por una cabeza… heh I’m very partial to that song 😛

Against Suju’s Kim Kibum- lol he used the Noona card.

another X-man vid, this time against Yang Mira


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