In Time With You- Episode 13 *Finale* Recap

In Time With You

Episode 13 *FINALE*

The ending was great, though the journey towards that has been rocky. There were moments when the story lagged, and I wished the director had cut off some of the inecessary angsting moments, sometimes you don’t need more than a minute of a person crying you know? And I wish that there had been a little more conflict besides their own stubbornness and fear. However, I do concede that because it was their feelings and their own weaknesses and not some grand scheme that kept them apart the story did make me feel for them, especially for Da Ren. Da Ren, I’m going to be praying to God that I find someone mostly like you^^ though I hope not as timid!


So we start with You Qing running out after being told that a guy came to see her, but Da Ren had already left. Now she’s despairing because she knows she doesn’t love DLW, seriously YQ you should have owned up to it a long time ago!

If she’d gone home directly she might have met Da Ren leaving since he did linger quite a while first as he debated what to write and then as he imagined a younger YQ and confessed to her.

his message:

I’m back using the pen you gave me. I’m wishing you well in my own handwriting, Even thoug it’s difficult since there’s little space and the sentiment runs deep But the words I can’t bring myself to write, I’m sure you know it all. I’m heading back to Singapore. I’m sorry I can’t attend your wedding. But I’ll make sure that red packet get’s to you.

I can’t even begin to imagine the heartbreak he must feel admitting that he’s lost, lost to her. This is also very poignant since his own song talking about how he won’t fall in love with her is in the background.

His imaginary confession to the high school age YQ

Could you let me wipe your tears dry? Could you let me listen to what’s in your heart? Could you let me be your friend, but not just a friend. Could you let me love you?

Imagine if he’d actually confessed like that to her? all the heartbreak he’d have saved himself from. I feel bad for him, but really his suffering was a trap he’d created all on his own.

You Qing ends up at home and reads the message Da Ren wrote and ends up crying in the street. I think it’s a little exaggerated, however You Qing tends to exaggerate when it’s about her feelings.

She scares her mother by just sitting next to her mom’s bed all wet and staring at them. You Qing tells her mom that she’s confused about her feelings and can no longer marry Ding Li Wei while she’s feeling like this.

Her mom shows why I loved their mother-daughter relationship at the beginning, she puts her daughter’s happiness above the “saving face” that is very important for many families.  she even says she’ll go and kneel with her to ask forgiveness of DLW’s family.

You Qing rejects her mom’s offer to accompany her, deciding that she has to own up to her mistakes and go to talk to Ding Li Wei by herself. Her dad encourages her to apologize for the wrong so that karma won’t come around and hit her later.

Uncle Bai goes to Da Ren’s house to confirm that DR’s mom is still there, he’d had a nightmare in which she was gone. DR’s mom is disconcerted but ends up inviting him to sleep in Da Ren’s vacated room.

Da Ren is watching them from the garden gates, smiling to himself, happy that the ones he loves are finding love with each other.

You Qing walks like a zombie into Ding Li Wei’s apartment… hey I didn’t know the genre was horror!?

DLW jumps to find her next to him, and it’s not because she looks like a zombie, no… it’s because he’s been cheating on her with his secratary.  What a Cheater! hey, if I were the secretary and I heard the man say ” She means nothing to me?” I’d likely rip his head off (and not just his big one) and then berate myself for being an idiot.

You Qing goes on a soul-searching trip and finds herself ” leaving security behind and finding her wings to fly.” You Qing keeps in touch with Da Ren through postcards.

She’s not the only one who is traveling. Ping An also has decided to leave for Europe to study abroad. it seems Lin Kai rejected her after all, telling her that “she’s the second woman most important to him, so he’ll bring his girlfriend to her for approval” seriously.

And then Lin Kai has the audacity to look forlorn as Ping An leaves- you’re an idiot Lin Kai, if you like her say it! I find it amusing that Da Ren looks at them with  wise ol’ eyes, he’s been there done that, so he understands.

You Qing keeps sending Da Ren postcards with little messages.

Konya, the birthplace of the whirling dervish dance. I couldn’t help  but shet a tear at that innocent repetitive dance, People why do we spin endlessly on and on? Is all our spinning round and round just for the sake of finding our special someone, or is ourselves we’re actually searching for.

DR’s mom gets married to Uncle Bai because he promised that he’ll outlive her. Tao Tao goes to hide inside the house and watches her mom from there. Da Ren reassures her that their dad would be happy to see their mom happy, but that’s not the reason why she’d left the party, she’d left so she could cry because she wishes that the “old princess” finally has her happily ever after.

Mama and Papa Cheng are fed up at the constant threats to divorce from Guan Qing and his wife so they prepared divorce settlement papers and call their bluff. Both of the silly people say that they don’t have their stamps so they can’t sign it, they return the divorce papers.- Mama and Papa high-five happily. They’ll keep the papers for their future silliness.

You Qing interviews for a job at IKEA (hmm brand placement or what? but I actually like IKEA..heh), but  has to run out because Papa Cheng was the one that now broke his leg falling in the tub like Mama Cheng. Mama Cheng complains “We really need to fix that bathroom or both your father and I will become disabled”

Mei Qing confuses leg with spine and starts ranting about how she’ll take care of her father now that he’s unable to walk. And it’s a little hilarious a whole lot of heart showing that despite YQ’s sibling’s usual flakines both are really very affectionate to their parents also.

In the hospital room, You Qing catches her father stroking her mother’s head while she sleeps bent over next to his bed.  And he quickly stops, pretending as if nothing happened.

It’s You Qing’s birthday at the IKEA office and this time instead of being down in the dumps, like in the first episode, where she basically bit her assistant’s head off, she accepts the flower and congratulations cheerfully. Then she goes to her facebook where everybody and their mother congratulates her and her answers are cute (to Maggie who sends her a message in Japanese, she answers “kamsahamnida, Saranghae!” lol) however there’s one congratulatory message that’s glaringly missing: Da Ren’s.

She oversees the new sets in IKEA and sees the room from her dream- the one where she dreamed of a happy home and  was shared with Da Ren. Her co-workers turn the lights off and  happy birthday song comes on and Da Ren walks as if he’s arriving home from a very tiring work day to be with his wifey.

They sit together on the couch and he asks if she wants to sit in a living room like that for the rest of their lives. She purposely obtusely says that with  with $387,650 he can sit on such a living room forever.

He asks her if the price includes her? She tells him that she’ll have to ask her best friend. She flips her phone and Da Ren’s   phone starts ringing.

YQ: What do you think of Li Da Ren?
DR:Mm. Your taste in men has finally improved.
YQ: Are you sure that it’s improved and not that I’m settling?
DR: I’m Certain and i’m also sure that your love won’t reach high peaks or involve earth shattering “moment’s” But I’m certain that even though it is of long standing ,it will never fade of feel stale becasuef for the past 15, we’ve never run out of things to say, so   for the next 15 years, and the 15 years after that and the 15 years after that!
YQ: Stop! I just want you to promise that whether Li Daren adn I split up or not You’ll always be by my side.
DR: I’ll always be by your side.

And then the mood is ruined, because they are so awkward kissing each other. I’m sad, I wanted a hot kiss, after all the troubles I’ve been through, but no drama had to go and give DLW & YQ the hot kiss and DR & YQ the awkward one… noooo!!!!!!!!

And so they start long-distance dating, since DR is still in Singapore. During one of her flights over she runs across DLW  and she can finally say the words she wanted to say back when he first reappeared, “I’m well, very blessed and very happy” with self-assurance.

They are both extremely cute, and though it’s not something YQ did with her other boyfriends- being all cute and whatnot, but she’s always sort of been that way with DR (when she’s not being a raving lunatic), letting him see her as no one else would have. And Da Ren of course is the epitome of the perfect boyfriend, leaving love messages all around the apartment, even going so far as to buying her pads just in case. I can just imagine him buying it at the store… lol… indeed a very good boyfriend.

Then one night he doesn’t appear to video call. He calls her on the phone that he’s sorry for not making it to their usual calling time. She pouts saying that she wanted to tell him good news to his face, she applied for a transfer to Singapore!  his response was not enthusiastic and she asks why he isn’t more excited, he’d actually applied for a transfer back to Taiwan. OMG they’re such dorks!

and his proposal! Dude you’re really king of the understated gestures right? he tells her that he just has one problem with his transfer back to Taiwan… he had to have a valid reason, and he’d put “Marriage” as the reason, so will she help him out with his transfer? Though she’s a little upset at the not so romantic proposal, she’s still moved to tears and throws him onto the bed to kiss the daylights out of him… heh.

They’re wedding is so random, I don’t really understand what plastic girl and  the guy were doing there, but You Qing and Da Ren look wonderful together. Though I didn’t like the poof they gave Da Ren’s hair.

Their wedding night turns into a class/new friends reunion what with almost everybody’s presence.

The Bride and Groom end up sleeping on the couch and the classmates enjoy the bedroom, sprawled everywhere in the room.

Then we have a link to a past conversation- DR offers to help her remove her make-up, YQ wonders who taught him how, and he laughs reminding her that she did.

On their flight to Singapore for their honeymoon Da Ren comes out singing his song he wrote (rather off-key) and ends it with DLW’s line “I can’t live in a city where you don’t exist” lol

You Qing laughs and asks that he never repeat that line again, and he pouts that he practiced the line so much and all she did was laugh? plane rides after marriage with Ariel Lin are always epic aren’t they? ISWAK anybody?

Their first night is just so awkward, I don’t want to describe it. just watch it if you dare. Just Da Ren’s nervousness is like that  of a teen on his first night. I wonder if he was really that innocent…

Then they go about little samples of their daily lives, loving each other but also fighting. And when they’re having cold wars as husband and wife they always have each other as best friends.

13th charm of a mature woman: have a job that you love, have a home that you cherish. Have him.

Weird dog is weird.


I like that with this episode we come full circle, it started with You Qing’s birthday and we ended with a birthday too.

I feel that it was unnecessary for DLW to be villified as the cheater again, there were enough issues with his possessiveness, and manipulative streak. It ruined You Qing’s growth, since she’s no longer on the hotseat for the dissolution of her wedding. She doesn’t have to own up to anything, she’s now the victim… AGAIN…

And though it may be argued that she had her growth period when she left home and traveled to find herself, it’s a cop out… major cop out.

You know what would have been better? if the one who stayed behind had ben You Qing, and instead Da Ren had gone on the trip. She’d have had to miss him and feel what it is to be left behind by him. Maybe she’d have grown up a bit.

I also still think that instead of the story arc with Maggie, the girlfriend should have been Ping An, DR should have gone to Singapore earlier and hooked up with her, then YQ would have really had a run for her money in keeping Da Ren, because Ping An and Da Ren also had good rapport. It would even have been better if they’d played it as a way to have their respective ‘buddies’ get jealous. – Oh and Lin Kai? I think he’s a dummy, he even cried after Ping An left!? jeez what a fool.

Though I do complain a bit about how awkward You Qing and Da Ren’s transition from friends to lovers was, it’s actually the truth, it really would be in real life. It’s hard to change the category in which they’ve placed each other before the change, it’s why most of my friends say they’d never go out with close friends.  I think that even though they were awkward at first and the first night together was excruciatingly painful for me to watch, I felt pangs of embarrassment on their behalf, their relationship as a whole is what I’d like in my future.

I want to be more than just pure passion, which will soon fizzle out after the first few months of the infatuation wears off, I want to have someone who’ll be there to talk with me about more than “what’s for dinner?” So I’m glad that throughout all their dating You Qing and Da Ren always felt ” There’s so much I want to tell you!” and not “oh the sex was awesome, now let’s sleep and leave.” They became best-friends again by becoming lovers. Their bff-ery had fallen to pieces during YQ’s relationship with DLW so it was nice to see them rebuild it and strengthen their bonds. However it might have been better if they’d shown the beginning of this healing for more than just 2-3 minutes in the last episode.


9 thoughts on “In Time With You- Episode 13 *Finale* Recap

    • no, I still haven’t gone around to reading yours^^ I will, promise^^ is there a whole lot of the same opinion? Well I’ll see for myself when I read yours:P

    • I’ve read yours now, and I think we’re a bit psychic, though I don’t agree with some of your points about their future happiness… I’m more upset about what could have happened like 4-5 episodes ago, than with this ending- just that cheating crap kind of ruined a part of it, but I’ll pretend for my sanity’s sake that it never happened.

  1. angeleyes says:

    hahaha!!!— “plane rides after marriage with Ariel Lin are always epic aren’t they?”… Yeah! I noticed that too! Lol!!! 🙂 Xiang Qin had their wedding video played during the flight and now Da ren Ge singing in the plane! Touches of Director Winnie? Actually a lot of scenes had those touches of ISWAK. Da ren often following You Qing home was like Xiang Qin often walking behind, following Zhi Shu! But definitely Director Winnie’s unique artistic style shined in this drama. I was awed by the camerawork and how he presented scenes like those phone conversations between Da ren & You Qing. I think ITWY was amazingly shot and directed. It’s a thing of beauty.

    I agree with you, I think it would’ve been better if the writer didn’t go towards that route. Ding Li Wei’s attitude is reason enough. Mag Hsu, the writer, has answered that question since a lot of people thought the same. She said, she has encountered a lot of the DLW type and DLW’s cheating is aimed towards men & women who think cheating is a minor thing and tend to forgive such wrongdoing.

    I also believe, it would have been better if the writer and the director lessened the angst. I was hoping the heartbreaking scenes ended 2-3 episodes back. Fortunately, I feel, the ending delivered. I like that it was lighthearted and not those dramatic endings we usually see in dramas. I love that we get to see a glimpse of You Qing & Da ren’s life together. I love that although they’re already husband & wife, their friendship still plays the most important part in their relationship. Love them.

    Thanks a lot for all the recaps and sharing your thoughts. As a whole, watching ITWY has been an awesome experience for me. 🙂

    • Oh Directer Winnie & Ariel were definitely the pull into T-dramaland after ending my previous foray into it right after ISWAK and TKA.
      DLW was such a jerk if I’d been You Qing I’d have broken up with him as soon as I found out he read my texts and deleted them! Granted cheating is not a minor thing and cheaters should lose, but I don’t feel he did, not really, he’s already changed his secretary for the hottest new model. His behaviour as a whole and not just his cheater tendencies needed to be punished.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed reading my recaps, it was definitely a joy to read your comments. I’m sorry for the late response to this one though!

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