Monday Music Madness- Week 8


The first time I heard about Boohwal, was through Star Golden Bell in which “granny” Kim Tae Won was one of the fixed guests. They call him granny because of his hairstyle.  

Kim Tae Won is the man behind the band, he’s the one who started it and kept it going through multiple lead singers, and even the tragic death of one. He’s struggled a lot, gone through a lot to keep Boohwal alive.

Boohwal’s name means “rebirth” or “reincarnation” and I think that it’s a pretty prophetic. The band has gone through a series of “deaths” and “rebirths” through it 20+ years. Currently since 2005 the lead singer has been Jung Dong Ha, currrently the longest time a lead singer has stayed with the band.

The current main singer has an awesome voice and he’s pretty hot too^^.oh and as a plug: Go watch ROCK ROCK ROCK! which stars Noh Min Woo as Kim Tae Won! It’s a wonderful 3-ep docu-drama.

The Music

Their Debut Song: Heeya– This performance was 16 years after Lee Seung Chul first sang it.  One of the reasons I love Boohwal is because of that guitar sound, it’s so wonderful.

A more recent song- The Only Road– from the Warrior Baek Dong Soo OST- I think this song fit the atmosphere of the drama, and I loved hearing it when it came up… which reminds me I have to go and finish this drama. It’s an exciting song, it makes me feel like I should pick up my sword and become a hero^^

The More I love- This is my favourite song ever, it’s sad and it’s even sadder when you think about what happened with the singer who KTW had planned to sing it, Kim Jae Gi. His little brother Kim Jae Hee ended up singing it and only stayed with the group for that album’s promotions. I think this song is just beautiful.

Lonely Night- This song is really wonderful, and this performance is one of  my favourites of the ones I’ve watched.  It has the both the current main singer Jung Dong Ha and the one who first sang the song back in 1997 Park Wan Kyu.

I Thought/Senkakina – This is a soft rock ballad song by Jung Dong Ha, his voice is really soothing.

I like this performance, I also felt like crying myself.


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