Padam Padam- Episode 2 Recap

Padam Padam: the sound of his and her heartbeats

Episode 2


The acting the directing, the editing. Everything in this drama is tight. It’s wonderful. The filming of the fighting is very in-your-face, and gritty. Then the supernatural element gives it a dreamy sort of feel. I think that this could have been a horrible mess if the filming/directing/writing/acting team had been a different one, so I’m thankful that the stars aligned and we got the right combo.


Kang Chil is back to the day that he killed Warden Kim accidentally, and he’s completely confused because he knows ahead of time what will happen. He turns around and asks Gook Soo what’s wrong with him since he’s alive again after dying. He even has the rope burns around his neck to show where he was hung.

Gook Soo asks him what he’s talking about and when Kang Chil tells him everything that will happen that day that will lead to his death, he gets pissed off. He tells Kang Chil to stop it since he’s not dead he should avoid getting into the fight that will cause the Warden’s death. Gook Soo tells him to stop thinking about dying instead just live. He asks him to stop being afraid of living and face the fact that he’ll be out in the world.

As they’re outside, Kang Chil says he can’t control his body. Gook Soo kisses a pair of angel wings and places it in Kang Chil’s pocket, it’s something to help him.

However it appears to not work right away and everything starts to play out like it had happened before, however just when he’s about to hit the Warden, Kang Chil manages to control himself.

Then really weird clouds passover the prison compound, and the pair of angel wings that Gook Soo  placed in his pocket start glowing and emit a strange light in the form of wings that fly off with the clouds.

Kang Chil looks at Gook Soo and asks him what he is, is he really an angel as he’d claimed. Gook Soo doesn’t answer, just stares off.

A day before they’re released Kang Chil keeps staring at Gook Soo, wondering what he is exactly. Gook Soo laughs and asks him if he wants proof. Kang Chil peers at him questioningly and Gook Soo pulls down the edge of his pants to show him… a cut from an appendectomy… lol

Another proof: As he was hitting the ATM machine he heard his mom’s voice asking him how an angel like him would do such a thing. Kang Chil’s all like, huh? so you’re an angel because your mom said you are? When faced with Kang Chil’s disbelief, Gook Soo says, “What are you upset because you’re human and I’m an angel?” Kang Chil opts for believing that he’s gone crazy from stress rather than Gook Soo’s being an angel.

Gook Soo tells Kang Chil that he’d finally turned into an Angel and made a miracle happen, by the way there’s still two more miracles for Kang Chil on the way, since chances come in threes. (isn’t that more like he’s a genie, not an angel?)

Jung Jina is told by a real estate agent that her father Detective Jung has adamantly pronounced that he has never set his house up for sale. This thwarts Jina’s plans for a study abroad. Her father tries to persuade her to stay one more year and then he’ll give her the house.

Meanwhile Kang Chil’s mom is brought food by a young woman (Kang Chil’s ex-gf)  who calls her mom and treats her very kindly despite the mom being very gruff with her. The ahjumma beside her starts being disgustingly cute with her son, rubbing it in that Mi Ja doesn’t have Kang Chil to eat with her. (I just think her son’s kind of lame for eating with his mom instead of a wife or a girlfriend. Especially if this is a daily occurance, if it’s once in a while it’s cute)

At the Han River we get the usual up-to-no-good meeting. This time it’s Chang Gul meeting up with drug dealers, however this happens while someone watches from his car.

Kang Chil and Gook Soo are released from prison together and the Warden Kim sheds some tears of happiness at their departure. Gook Soo and Kang Chil take a bus into the city and while on it Gook Soo tries to get Kang Chil to realize that his will to live saved him in the first miracle, he should find other reasons to live so that his two other miracles will occur.

Kang Chul however is very disillusioned with society and can’t really muster any hope or desires for his future. Gook Soo gives him black stars for his pessimism.

A man has been tailing Kang Chil and Gook Soo. Kang Chil becomes aware of this and promptly knocks down Gook Soo and runs away, so as to make sure that Gook Soo doesn’t get involved with his ongoing problems.

Kang Chil stops to eat noodles where he’s found by Gook Soo. Gook Soo is so afraid of letting Kang Chil out of his grasp that he tries to make Kang Chil enter the same stall as he does while he does his business. Kang Chil manages to leave him and runs away again.

Kang Chul catches his stalker and tells him to tell his boss Park Chang Gul to find him in Tongyung when he finds what he needs. Kang Chul also wants to know what it is he has that is making Chang Gul so nervous.

Meanwhile Detective Jung greets DA Park Chang Gul. What we get from the interaction is that the latest drug bust was by Detective Jung and his partner but DA Park took the credit, and also that the fact that DA Park was nothing before detective Jung’s son Minho was alive.  Detective Jung hurries over to his daughter Jina.

Gook Soo tracks Kang Chul to the Bus Station and sees him on the bus heading towards Tongyung. As it drives away he sees himself seated next to a young man, he wonders who it was he saw.

Jina walks into her father’s house and looks at all the food containers and soju  bottles lying around. She looks at the picture her father changed and the pictures on the wall with her mother. She recalls the moment in which she saw her father beating up a young man, supposedly the one who killed Minho who turned out to be her father’s dongsaeng, but one he raised as a son. her mother had come in an hugged her, telling her not to look at them.

Detective Jung picks up flowers and heads over to the restaurant where he’ll have dinner with his daughter.

Kang Chil arrives at his destination and stands in the lonely road, a small blotch of dark in a vast landscape only marred by the highway and passing cars.

Detective Jung and Jina have dinner, and tells the waitress that he has to celebrate since it’s been two years since she’s had a drink with him.  They start to argue about her plans to study abroad, he wants her to wait a year, at least until he retires then he can help her with her study abroad. After she rants that she doesn’t want to continue like this, doing what he wants.

He gives in and hands over his stamp but tells her that he didn’t want to part like they were enemies. He tells her that he didn’t kill her mother. The arguments they had was because her mother supported the man who was accused of killing his dongsaeng. She’d even looked for a lawyer and went to visit the culprit in prison.

Jina still can’t forgive him because he knew her mother had asma, and he still called her to yell at her. He stressed her mom so much she had an asma attack in the middle of the road one summer and died. He slaps her and they both part angry at each other.

Jina recalls another memory of her father and her mother. Her mother had been upset that Jina’s father had beat up the boy on top of him already being caught by the law. Jina’s father had slapped her mom and asked her if she hadn’t even cared about Minho.

isn't this a picture of the perfect creeper?

Jina’s car stops in the middle of the road as it’s raining. Her dog Tenggi runs away and finds shelter in an abandoned house. it happens to be the house where Kang Chil had also taken shelter. As he’s preparing  a fire he remembers that she’s the woman from the train, and the one running from a dog-napper.

He offers his fire to her. She goes but she’s still wary. He begins to close the door, and then he awkwardly comments that perhaps not the best idea when alone with a girl, he opens the door again.

He tries to make small talk with her, but he’s awkward. He admits that he hasn’t seen a woman in a long time and finds everything about them cute, from their smile, laugh, hands and face, everythings small and cute. She doesn’t know what to make of his comment, but accepts the hot potato he’s peeled for her.

He asks her about her dog, and she comments that he’s being trained as a guide dog for the blind, and being taught not to fear the world or it’s people. Kang Chil remarks that he also might need that.

She asks him how it is he came to be there. and he comments that he took the bus to Dosan and from there he’s walked for four hours and had to find a place to stay warm when it started raining. He also tells her that he has no money now because he gave it to a friend, and since he just got out of pris- and he stops realizing that divulging that last bit might make her uncomfortable.

And she does, and it becomes worse when she sees his prison tattoo.  So she doesn’t answer him when he asks for her name and instead distracts herself with the dog.  She tries to leave but he grabs her arm suddenly, becomes uncomfortable with both the girl and dog looking at him and leaves the shelter. She’s confused as to why he grabbed her suddenly she sends the dog too  follow him.

Seriously that dog is so smart! Curiously the big bad Kang Chil is scared of the doggie. hehehe. The dog leads Kang Chil to the Jina’s car. Kang Chil praises the dog for being smart, and proceeds to fix the car. The dog and Kang Chil celebrate his victory over the car.

Can I use this washboard?

He asks Jina if she could drop him off close to tongyung as a thank you  for fixing her car. She is even more spooked by him since he opened the car without keys and when she sees that he has a huge scar on his abdomen (and it’s a nice 6-pack abdomen that it is).

So she lets him get in her car but instead of dropping him off near tongyung she stops in front of a police stationand tells him that if doesn’t get off and accept  the cash she’s going to give him, the station may be a good place for him. Kang Chil is upset at her obvious judgmental view of him and tells her so, he leaves her angrily.

He sits by the sea and recalls his hyung Kang Woo. Sorrowfully he wonders why his hyung died for a guy like him, he promises to find work so that he can buy him his favourite crackers and soju.

Kang Chul sees his mom being harassed by a bad tempered customer, and then have said customer taken by the ahjumma in the stall next to hers. He walks up to his mom’s stall and stands before her asking her if she recognizes him, she acts like she doesn’t know him.

That’s the last straw, the whole day he’s been rejected and now it’s his own mom doing it. He goes bonkers and starts to throw all her fish around.

Out of nowhere Gook Soo comes flying out and jumps him and starts pummeling him to the ground. At first I thought it was a beating for leaving him alone, but he does it so that he can prevent Kang Chil from going to jail yet again.

The girl who treats KC’s mom like her mom, Hyo Sook, drags him up and tries to take him to the hospital. She takes him to  a vet she’s friendly with. Turns out it’s Jina.

Hyo Sook and Kang Chil continue arguing good naturedly and when KC keeps asking about her ex husband, HS asks him if she tells him the name will he go beat up the guy and protect her like he used to do when they were children.

Hyo Sook leaves him to close up shop. Jina has recognized his voice even though she can’t really see his face since his hands are covering it. She tries to clean him up and as she brings her hands close to his face, Kang Chil’s eyes are blurry and her movement recalls to mind her mother’s hands who had gone to visit him in prison. He has one question, “Who are you?”


So their past and their present are twining around each other yet again. Couple that with last episode, in which Gook Soo declared her Kang Chil’s fated, we’ve got a strange sort of Romeo/Juliet love, her father will never accept Kang Chil.


8 thoughts on “Padam Padam- Episode 2 Recap

  1. Heya! I’m back to the blogging world. I’m going to catch up on all your posts. It’s so interesting reading other recaps because we totally see some things sooo similarly and then….sooo not! It’s great! We definitely thought the same way about the Han River! Haha. Bad Han River. BAD!

    What do you think about Gook-soo?

    • I don’t think the Han River has ever been good… it’s the place shit goes down! hehehe
      Gook Soo, I don’t know sometimes I think he really is an angel, and then I think him and I are delusional for thinking so.

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