Padam Padam- Episode 4 Recap

Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heart Beat

Episode 4


What does tricking a young man into giving a liver to save another’s life merit? A black or white star? If the resident angel can’t tell me, I assure you I can’t tell either. Though I can imagine, you know, the boy will not react positively.


Remember how Gook Soo ran off in the middle of Kang Chil’s party of despair? well he’d gone off to look for Kang Chil’s son. And he found him. The boy, Im Jung, is a genius, a prodigy, according to his homeroom teacher. He’s a boy that KAIST (a school of great reknown, especially for their R&D programs) has been looking to recruit. And he’s a boy who dreams of studying abroad in the US.

We go back to Kang Chil and Jina. Jina at first doesn’t answer his question, she says she doesn’t know the answer to that. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she asks if this hypothetical friend, has never dated, never had love, and he’s somewhat old, what has he been doing all his life? Kang Chil answers that he’s been in jail for sixteen years for a crime he didn’t commit but was framed for.

Kang Chil asks Jina what materials she wants for the hospital, and after some circular logic, he manages to get her to agree to go out to Seoul to look at materials.

Kang Chil’s childhood friend comes up to visit him, showing off her daughter to him. Kang Chil is in wonder at the little person, and though a little brusque, he joyfully coos at the baby.

However Hyo Sook is not there just for that, she has a loan/gift for Kang Chil, and asks that he go down the road a little to see it. It’s a truck, and Kang Chil’s over the moon and rainbow about it and starts kissing Hyo Sook’s cheeks and grabs the baby in his joy. His obvious joy in life brings a smile to Jina.

He’s being observed by the baseball cap wearing ahjusshi, who is also on the run from Chang Gul’s gangster lackeys. His name is Oh Yong Hak, and he threatens that unless Chang Gul delivers the money, he’ll contact Kang Chil.

Gook Soo follows Im Jung around trying to get him to agree to go back to live with Kang Chil. Im Jung doesn’t want to, but Gook Soo notices that he isn’t on good terms with the owner of the apartment he lives in.  Gook Soo wonders if he’s Im Jung’s stepfather but Im Jung denies it.

Meanwhile Jina and Kang Chil go around Seoul. Jina is completely confused as to why Kang Chil isn’t going directly to the material provider, and instead lingering in an architectural fair, and then looking at different buildings (you know it reminds me of my father who is a structural engineer, he’s forever looking at houses, and how their build- When my college had a forum about the structural plans for their new dorms my father spent over four hours talking with the architect- they even gathered an audience).

She gets tired of the walking with no end in sight and tells him that she’ll go on ahead to a cafe that is just down the street while he looks at the material.

After some time, Kang Chil reappears next to Jina, and sits down with her at the cafe. He’s done. She asks him if he’s got the samples, and everything written down. He tells her it’s all in his head, but she remains skeptical.

To prove to her that he’s got it all, he takes out a blank page from her notebook and draws a rough sketch about how things will look complete with the product numbers next to each one. He’s also taken into consideration the things he observed she liked in the different building they stopped to view. She’s amazed at his skills and when he looks at her unfinished ice cream, she tells him he can have it It seems that Jina is now alternatively amazed or amused by Kang Chil, but she’s definitely not scared anymore.

Gook Soo has waited for Im Jung outside of the apartment of the student he tutors. They both go down to see the dinner truck that Im Jung’s mom’s friend owns. They witness a heated argument between the “aunt” and her husband about her insistence on keeping Im Jung and helping him through college, especially she says, since they owe a lot to his mom.

Gook Soo tells Im Jung that if he were to leave now, his aunt would have one less reason to argue with her husband, though they have a lot to argue about anyways.  Im Jung relents, he takes out his bank account book and stamp and tucks it away among some miniature bushed and texts the “aunt’ about where he left it. He also tests her that he’s gone to see his dad and will return if his dad is no good, so she needn’t worry about him.

Kang Chil and Jina are eating at a street stand. She is amazed and worried about the amount of junk food he’s eating. She asks him why he’s eating like that. he tells her that where he was at he used to stare at the wall say that when he was able to he would eat all the spicy race cakes, fish sticks and intestines he wanted. And so that’s what he’s doing.

She’s worried that he’s not sleeping well and on top of that not eating well so she tries to pull him away from the street car and take him to a restaurant where they can eat more nutritious food. He doesn’t let her and tells her that he’s decided to enjoy every moment to the fullest, in the way he wants to, and today at this particular moment he wants to eat spicy rice cakes and intestines. he shoves some of the intestines in her mouth and then apologizes and tries to clean her up because he made a mess of her face with the sauce on the intestines.

They go out to buy clothes but Kang Chil ends up with nothing, saying that once inside the store he no longer knew what to get. He said that it made his head hurt with all the different styles and colors. Jina smiles, she’d surreptitiously looked around for a shirt for him and bought it for him.

Suddenly several young people run past them and chatter about going to the roof of some building, suddenly there’s a rumble and they hear fireworks going off. Kang Chil has never seen fireworks so Jina asks him to find the highest building so that they could see it from the roof.

They race to top of the highest building they find and Kang Chil is amazed by the beauty of the fireworks. Jina is amazed at Kang Chil’s joy at this simple but beautiful thing.

On the way home Kang Chil is still hyped up from the excitement of the fireworks and starts to list off a number of things he wants to do, among those travel with his mom.

Jina asks him why he’s making a list of things to do. He asks her what she would really want to do if she knew she only had a few months left. She catches on that this is what Kang Chil is considering, that he has only a few months and he wants to pack in a truckload of experiences he’d never had before. She feigns a headache and feeling tired so that they don’t talk about it anymore.

Her sunbae is waiting for her at her house. She tells him that Kang Chil is the guy she ran over, but that he hasn’t realized it’s her. Her sunbae warns her not to tell him. She asks him what he would really want to do if he only had a few months to live. He blows her question off and doesn’t answer.

Kang Chil arrives home and unloads the wall paper he’s bought for their home. His mom tells him to do it another day and instead get some sleep. He tells her he’s slept a lot in prison, so he doesn’t need to anymore. To get her off his back he bugs her again about the time she hung up on him, saying that he won’t be able to let that issue rest until she gives him an answer and a proper apology.

He wallpapers the house the whole night, and it’s his second day without sleep.

Gook Soo is on the bus next to Im Jung, just like in his vision days before. While Im Jung’s sleeping Gook Soo pulls out a set of pictures the boy has and among them is a picture of a graduate, a person that Gook Soo doesn’t recognize.

Gook Soo calls Kang Chil out. Tells him to look left and see the boy next to the parking lot. Kang Chil looks and realizes that it’s the kid who claimed to be his son. He tells Gook Soo to stop getting involved.

Unrelentingly Gook Soo tells Kang Chil to look to the right. To the right it’s Kang Chil’s mom toiling hard in the fish market. GOok Soo asks Kang Chil if he really is willing to let his weary mom see how her youngest son dies.

Kang Chil tells him that of course not, he won’t let his mom see him die. He’ll walk into the ocean and kill himself before he shows his mom his dying process. He prefers that clean end than the dragging one that cancer will undoubtedly bring.

Gook Soo continues to press on his heartstrings: “Don’t you love seeing and gretting your mother everyday? are you really going to deprive your mom the ability to be proud of her son, of saying “my son is the best?” Kang Chil can’t take it and breaks down.

He asks Gook Soo what if Im Jung doesn’t want to help with the transplant. Gook Soo tells him that even then they should take care of the boy, and help him with his dreams of living abroad.

Kang Chil walks away accepting Gook Soo’s plans, but telling him that he should verify first if he’s really Kang Chil’s son.

Gook Soo pushes Im Jung down a few steps as an excuse for a trip to the hospital and to get some blood tests done. He confirms that the boy is AB blood just like Kang Chil (well that’s not 100% accurate way of telling if he is or not KC’s son, as long as the mom was either A or B and the other man was AB like KC the boy would also be AB without being Kang Chil’s son). 

Kang Chil goes off to see an abandoned farmhouse he could use as his woodshop.

Im Jung looks at Kang Chil’s mom’s house and is disappointed and just as KC’s mom is readying to make him some food (she’s so pleased to have a grandson, even though it’s unconventional) Im Jung rushes in and yells at Gook Soo for hood winking him. How could a family this poor afford to send him abroad?

Jina goes off into the countryside, ostensibly to feed the wildlife, but really to set off traps placed by the villagers. At one point a scary ahjumma catches on to Jina’s tactics and chases her down the countryside.

Jina runs down a ravine, but places her foot directly on a hidden trap. She lowers herself to the river trap and all to hide from scary ahjumma.

Tenggie goes off to find help for her and ends up finding Kang Chil. Kang Chil follows Tenggie at a run and after an exhausting run arrives at the ravine where Jina is sitting.

He carefully opens the claws of the trap and frees Jina’s foot. Luckily the trap was old so her bones weren’t snapped, but her foot is sprained and she can’t walk on it . He cleans up the wound… (oh god all the bacteria in that creek water, but I guess it’s a little better than leaving it with rust- she better take some antibiotics to kill the infection agents)

Kang Chil ends up carrying her piggyback style. and then alternating it by carrying her bridal style.

At one point she offers to do anything he wants as thanks for his help this time. After some dithering and confirming that she’s serious with her offer, he asks that she go with him two times to the movies. She looks at him seriously and he begins to back down, telling her that one movie is fine. She surprises him and tells him that two movies are fine, but he has to eat real food and have a real dinner with her instead of having junkfood like the day before.

Kang Chil is extremely touched by her comments. He tells her that he’d never had anybody worry about him so warmly. He apologizes for staring at her.

When they arrive at Jina’s house, her sunbae and her dad are already there for her. Her sunbae takes Jina from Kang Chil’s arms and takes her the rest of the way to her house.

As Kang Chil’s walking home somebody yells out his name. He gives chase, at first believing that the guy is one of Chang Gul’s lackey’s.

However Before Kang Chil can catch him, Yong Hak jumps into a cab. Kang Chil stays in the middle of the street cussing him out without realizing that a truck is headed right his way. while they’re in the middle of the street the guy removes his cap and tells him that he’s Oh Yong Hak. Kang Chil remembers to the night of Minho’s murder, the night his life was ruined. There had been one other witness to the whole ordeal. Oh Yong Hak. And this fellow, on the day of the trial, despite knowing the truth had pointed the finger at Kang Chil. ‘

Gook Soo is sleeping, but he’s sensing the danger because he suddenly screams out Kang Chil’s name.

Kang Chil turns around right as the truck hits him. Next thing we know he’s in a huge body of water with his eyes wide open.


What a way to end an episode. These people really do have the art of cliff hanger ending down pat.

There’s something screwy in a world where an “angel” has to resort to trickery to get a son and father to reconcile so that the son can donate a part of his liver to the father.

Gook Soo is so interesting, he’s not beyond using trickery, blackmail, violence, if it’s for the good of his hyung. Kim Bum really is demonstrating his acting chops here.

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7 thoughts on “Padam Padam- Episode 4 Recap

  1. ARE YOU SERIOUS about your dad? My dad is a building contractor and is like Kang-chil. He doesn’t need plans. He once started explaining a museum piece to me once. It was a 1930s window. We drew a crowd INCLUDING a curator. It was crazy.

    Nice point about Gook-soo.

    I knew you would point out the blood type thing. The other think you pointed out that made me thinkwas it was his second night without sleep.

    Anyway, I finished my recap so I came on by to read yours!

    • yeah,my dad’s a structural engineer, and can’t help himself, he sees a building plan/drawing and he’s all over it… poor poor architect who thought he was going to get away with barely talking about it to an uninterested crowd, on the other hand maybe it was a happy incident for him because at least someone was interested in the plans even though he was questioned about the soundness of the structure.

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