Padam Padam- Episode 5 Recap

Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat

Episode 5


We get more of the supernatural element here. Gook Soo’s visions and angel wings/tattoos. hmm


Gook Soo wakes up from his dream and gets up running, calling Kang Chil’s name. He soon finds Kang Chil out in the middle of the road, right after being almost hit by a truck. Luckily the truck evaded him and kept going. Gook Soo tells Kang Chil about his dream, but Kang Chil is still hung up on the fact that Oh Yong Hak the framer, contacted him.

Jina gets the bones in her foot reset by her sunbae/oppa/ex while her dad is passed out on the bed. Her oppa gets all pissy about the fact that she’s been hanging out with Kang Chil. Jina asks him if he’s actually being jealous. He doesn’t say anything.

She remarks that his warmth despite his outer coolness is what attracted her to him in the first place, and also the reason why despite his cheating she doesn’t hate him. He tries to tell her that he loves her but he can’t marry her, because he doesn’t believe in marriage, then he tries to kiss her but she rejects him. She tells him that it may be just her old-fashionedness (I know, not a word) but she wants someone who will stay beside her always.

Kang Chil and Gook Soo rehash what just happened. Gook Soo figures that the only reason why Yong Hak would contact Kang Chil is because the relationship between him and Chang Gul has soured and gone south and now he wants to reteam with Kang Chil. This would also be why Chang Gul hasn’t done anything to Kang Chil, he’s just biding his time to try to catch Yong Hak and make the evidence disappear.

Gook Soo pulls a leather cord through the angel wing stone he’d given Kang Chil and tells Kang Chil to never leave home without it.

The next morning KC’s mom is cooking and Im Jung stares off into space without answering her questions about how he likes his fish cooked.

Kang Chil and Gook Soo are painting the house when the neighborhood ahjummas come around to have a look at all the repairs he’s done. They see that the house is looking much nicer though there’s one bitchy one that says that if they think this house is nice then they’ve never seen a nice house. Gook Soo smiles at them and offers to do any paint/wood/electrical work they need.

The little family Kang Chil has now consists of his mother Mi Ja, Hyo Sook, Im Jung and Gook Soo, they all gather around to eat together. Mi Ja scolds Hyo Sook for leaving her daughter so much time with the sitter. Hyo Sook asks Im Jung if he’s really Kang Chil’s child to which he answers he doesn’t know yet, and then proceeds to tell them about how Kang Chil had told him he didn’t have a child when they first met. Kang Chil gets pissed off and yells at Im Jung to stop being rude. Mi Ja scolds Kang Chil for yelling like that at the son he hasn’t been there for in difficult times, Kang Chil turns it around to her and tells her that she wasn’t there for him when he needed her either.

Hyo Sook, Kang Chil get up and leave the table, Gook Soo awkwardly tries to get Mi Ja to eat by placing some fish on her rice.

Kang Chil confronts his son. Im Jung asks him why Kang Chil abandoned his mother, which is completely different from Kang Chil’s perspective. Kang Chil tells Im Jung that the one who left wasn’t him but Im Jung’s mother, who probably realized that Kang Chil was nothing much and left for a better future. Im Jung swears that his mother wasn’t someone who would betray anybody like that. They both part furious at each other at their circumstances.

When Kang Chil returns to his mom’s house, Gook Soo’s on the phone. It’s Oh Yong Hak, he’s called to tell Kang Chil that he has the evidence that could turn their life around. Yong Hak hangs up and then while he’s in the tub, stretches and picks up a laminated bloody knife. It’s the evidence Chang Gul wants to get rid of.

Gook Soo suddenly gets up, his back has been hurting/itching but he can’t see what it is. We can though. It’s angel wings that appear like tattoos and then disappear once again leaving unmarred skin.

At work in the vet hospital, Gook Soo and Kang Chil start wondering how much would be enough to compensate Kang Chil’s wasted life in prison, how much to cover Im Jung’s study abroad and a new house. They go and ask Jina how much would say 200,000 dollars get them. Jina tells them that that would probably get them a so-so house.

Jina’s senpai comes out at that moment and starts asking them who they’re going to ask that much money from. Kang Chil and Gook Soo clarify that they’re not gangsters to demand that amount from anybody. However Sunbae hasn’t had enough, so he rudely starts goading Kang Chil and Gook Soo into divulging why they were in prison.

First he tries to suss out their relationship to each other, they can’t be same age friends, are they brothers? but they don’t look alike do they. Kang Chil tells him that they were cellmates. And that he (KC) was in prison for more than ten years and Gook Soo says he was in for four, Kang Chil continues saying that he was innocent of the crime he was charged for, Gook Soo chimes in that on the other hand he was guilty.

Jina’s sunbae tells Kang Chil that every prisoner if asked would say he was innocent. Kang Chil counters that even then how can he say if Kang Chil is lying since he doesn’t know anything. Jina leaves in the middle of this argument, embarassed that Kang Chil had to put up with such intense and thinly veiled insults from her friend.

Sunbae follows Jina shortly after, she’s mad at him and tells him that what he did was really low and cheap, and that he better apologize to Kang Chil. He stomps over to Kang Chil and Gook Soo’s work area and grits out that he’s sorry for what just happened.

Jina and her dad have lunch together before he leaves for work. They start arguing about the use of hand guns and he’s pissed that she’s worried about the criminals, until she tells him that she was worried that the one who would end up hurt was him, then even the soggy rice feels like it’s the best to him.

Kang Chil ignores Jina when she asks him if he wants to eat. Gook Soo tells her that he’s practicing being an elitist like her sunbae.

Detective Jung(Jina’s dad) goes into the station only to be told by his partner that the drug dealer they caught has basically got out scott-free. His partner blames it on DA Park’s crooked ways. Detective Jung doesn’t want to believe it and tries to call DA Park, but the DA doesn’t answer.

DA Park Chang Gul is too busy watching TV and clapping for his father by himself in his office. He rejected Detective Jung’s call but when he recieves a call from Yong Hak he goes out to meet the guy immediately.

They talk about evidence, about Kang Chil. Chang Gul tells Yong Hak that if he wants to receive money from him that Yong Hak better not go to Kang Chil. After Chang Gul leaves, Yong Hak picks up the hidden camera he had, and reviews the scenes it caught, it’s basically a very incriminatory second piece of evidence.

While Jina’s out walking she catches sight of a food cart and recalls Kang Chil’s excitement as he ate spicy rice cakes and intestine. She ends up buying it and takes it to the vet hospital to see if Kang Chil is there to eat some too, but strikes out since he’s already left for the night. She looks at the bag woefully, she’s bought too much for just one person.

The next day Jina’s sunbae comes around again, this time as an apology he comes bearing makgulli and food. They all eat together, and in converse in a more relaxed atmosphere. Seeing that Gook Soo isn’t drinking makgulli they tell him there’s enough for everyone, but he declines saying that “angels don’t drink alcohol.” They look at him like he’s a nutter, a cute but still not all there.

While they’re being this convivial, Im Jung comes up and smirks. He calls out to Kang Chil as “appa” and says that he’d wanted to go with his “appa” to complete his transfer to the new school. Oh, so he shouldn’t refer to Kang Chil as “appa”? will it interfere with a remarriage? Smirking Im Jung walks away.

Jina’s mind is reeling at this information, she remembers when Kang Chil had said he’d never been with a woman properly, she blurts out her thoughts and accuses Kang Chil of lying. Kang Chil explains that he had pursued IJ’s mother in high school but she was after a sunbae, and hadn’t given him the time of day, until one day. She had sex with him, and the next day she was back with the sunbae. Kang Chil get’s up stiffly and leaves to continue working

Back in her house Jina’s sunbae tells her that she sounded jealous, questioning Kang Chil like that about his child. She tells him she’s not, she just doesn’t like to be lied to by anyone. Her sunbae tells her that she better apologize to Kang Chil for questioning him like a criminal over his son. As he settles down into the couch, he does point out that now that Kang Chil has a son, he’ll probably be able to get that liver transplant done.

Kang Chil, Mija and Gook Soo walk to Im Jung’s new school and ask to speak with the school principle. The school principle is in ecstasy over being given the care of such a prodigy student. He wonders at Kang Chil’s youth, and asks his profession, Gook Soo answer for him saying that Kang Chil is a carpenter.

When Gook Soo and Kang Chil return to the vet hospital, Tenggie is waiting for him with a note from Jina. She tells him that she won’t be able to keep the movie date, but she does want him to join her on a little adventure that begins at 10:05 at the train station. He tricks Gook Soo, telling that he’s going home, but Gook Soo read the note and gets upset.

Gook Soo tries to follow Kang Chil, but gets into a little accident with a cart, and loses Kang Chil.

Kang Chil goes to see Hyo Sook and when she doesn’t lend him money right away, he takes it from the cash register promising to return it to her. (umm, I was kind of uncomfortable with this scene- it made KC seem like an immature gangster…)

At the train station Jina gets waylaid by the bitchy ahjumma from the fish market. She drags Jina to sit next to her and starts talking about how proud she is of her government employed sons, etc. Jina doesn’t really listen she’s trying to have an eyeball conversation with Kang Chil who’s seated a few rows down from her.

When bitchy ahjumma notices Kang Chil, she starts talking smack about Kang Chil, man she friggin’ annoys me and apparently also Jina who starts to defend him. However the ahjumma decides to leave the train car and change to another one where she won’t have to see him. She’s an idiot.

Jina moves to sit next to Kang Chil, despite his warning that if they’re found out by the ahjumma there’ll be talk in town. She smirks and tell him that she’ll just say they were talking about the remodeling of the hospital, and so that she’s not lying she asks him what colour for the trim would be better.

It turns out that she takes Kang Chil to the zoo that she volunteers in. He gets to have an eagle fly to his arm, feed a baby lion, listen to an elephant reply to “I like you”.

In the midst of this Kang Chil asks her what amount of money she thinks would be enough to compensate for a lifetime of being treated like trash, of his mom being scorned for having a ex-con for a son, of being robbed the right to ask out Jina because he’s got a prison record and no official education. She starts at that last one, and after some seconds to collect herself, she tells him that money won’t compensate for things like that.

They talk about their fears, she says she doesn’t really have any but, we see her thinking back on her father hitting her mom and then beating up the boy who was accused of her uncle’s murder – it’s Kang Chil, but she doesn’t know that yet. She asks him about his. He flashes back to the moment where his life went down the drain.

He sees himself being stabbed by Minho (so minho could have murdered him (o_O) not an innocent victim), trying to get back at him by hitting him with a bottle, but before he can do so Chang Gul stabs Minho in the back with a knife.

In the present time he tells Jina that he’s most scared of people.

Gook Soo has been working hard this whole time while Kang Chil is playing with Jina, and his back has been hurting something horrible. Through a mirror he sees the wings on his back right before they fade away.

Jina goes to a store and picks up boxers. Kang Chil asks who they are for and she just says that she’s doing this in her mother’s memory for a young man. She sends the underwear to someone under her mom’s name. I’m thinking that since her mom’s death seven years ago, she’s been the one sending Kang Chil underwear and socks.

They have to hurry to the train station, but they do have some flirty time in the subway. It’s similar to how they first met, he’s hovering above her, being pressed in by the people, but the difference is her take on it. That first time she treated him like a pervert, this time she’s uncomfortable, but it’s more about the fact that she’s aware of him as a man, and she’s not ready to come to terms with that yet.

From the subway station they run up the stairs to the train station. Jina has to stop midway to catch her breath while he’s just zooming past her and having to backtrack for her, and yet he’s fine. I think she’s also at least mildly asthmatic, might be why she doesn’t live in Seoul, and instead lives in the countryside.

As they’re celebrating the fact that they just barely make it. Kang Chil presses a kiss on a surprised Jina.


I loved this episode. There was conflict, there was joy, there was intrigue, and we’re beginning to see proof of Gook Soo’s angel-dom.

Concerning the wings that are only now beginning to appear in Gook Soo’s back. Are both He and us(the viewers) hallucinating them? Are they really growing? If they are real, why are they only now showing themselves. Are they harbingers of bad things to come in Kang Chil’s life? Because if anything Gook Soo looked more consternated than overjoyed that they are appearing.

Also I’m quite glad that they are giving to us slowly but surely the pieces to the puzzle of Minho’s murder. It looks to me that Min Ho wasn’t an innocent who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, he’d been the one to stab Kang Chil. Chang Gil now becomes interesting beyond being the by the book evil DA. Because did he stab Min Ho to protect someone? Has his life also spiraled out of its path of righteousness because of his involvement and later cover up in minho’s death?

Then I wonder how Jina will react to the kiss, because I don’t think that she was ready to head into a relationship with Kang Chil just yet.


12 thoughts on “Padam Padam- Episode 5 Recap

    • Padam Padam is pretty awesome, I will continue recapping, and also two of my blog friends are doing their own awesome recaps. you should check them out, they’re on my blogroll- Mad Dino Asylum & Raine’s Dichotomy^^

      Recaps have been a little slow in coming from me because It’s the new season and a whole bunch of dramas are coming out so I’m a little swamped with not only life issues but also new and backlogged dramas.

      Hope you keep on enjoying Padam Padam, and you’re welcome to come here and rant about it at any time.

  1. You wrote senpai! πŸ˜€ LOVE IT! I need to find me a dorama or an anime…

    As for the cash register, I can see how it made you feel that way. But they feel like siblings to me at this point and I have every confidence he will pay her back. It was a low thing to do, but he IS a very imperfect being. I really didn’t bug me that much or stand out as something he WOULDN’T do.

    Good point on the asthma thing. Trust you to come up with that! Yay! I’m curious as to what happened with the boys when they were younger and why Chan-gul seemed to save Kang-chil by stabbing Min-ho…but then framed him? I dunno.

    Nice recap! Love seeing how we point out different things!

    • Anna says:

      From what I’m thinking, maybe the reason why Min Ho stabbed Kang Chil is because he was angry that Kang Chil slept with his girlfriend, who is the dead mother of Im Jung.

      So then maybe Im Jung is actually Minho’s son and Ji Na’s cousin!

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