Padam Padam- Episode 6 recap

Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat

Episode 6


Padam Padam is one of those dramas that have so much going on, yet still manage to keep it interesting. The big Secret that we all knew but the characters now get’s partially revealed. Also even though we have Gook Soo’s visions that warn us about the tragedies to come, when they do come to pass, they’re still able to surprise the viewer. 


After the kiss, Jina refuses to speak to Kang Chil and asks that he find a seat somewhere away from her. She leaves him in the parking lot telling him to take a taxi home. Geez I don’t think that Kang Chil’s the only one confused, she’s playing him hot and cold.

Meanwhile Sunbae/Young Chul is waiting for Jina back at the vet hospital. Gook Soo is curious as to why Young Chul is still waiting for Jina, what is he to Jina? Young Chul doesn’t really answer. Gook Soo, who has called Jina Kang Chil’s fated, tells Young Chul that Jina belongs to “my hyung”… which at first made me go all aww… but then the whole she’s not a thing that can be owned issue came to mind…

Jina gets home and Gook Soo is worried to see that Kang Chil isn’t with her. He runs out fast, he doesn’t want his vision coming true.

Young Chul asks Jina what happened and she doesn’t answer. It’s kind of interesting to see him be so jealous, when he’d already told her he doesn’t want to commit. Jina asks him to leave her home.

Kang Chil is walking up the hill to his mom’s house when a little alarm starts ringing. Somebody had placed a cell phone underneath a rock. Kang Chil looks through the cellphone’s image gallery and sees pics of Chang Gul, and of the knife.

As he’s looking through the phone, a call comes through. It’s Oh Yong Hak. He wants Kang Chil to meet up with Chang Gul and pressure him. Kang Chil tells him that both Yong Hak and Chang Gul are the same to him, they both betrayed him to save each other’s skins.

Gook Soo comes running at Kang Chil full tilt, and starts scolding him for being alone in open places, where bad things could happen to him. Kang Chil ignores him and continues walking home.

Once they’re in the house, and showered, Gook Soo starts questioning Kang Chil. He asks him why he’s being so sullen when he just had a date with the pretty doctor. Kang Chil says nothing. Gook Soo hypothesizes that the only reason why Kang Chil would be this quiet is because he kissed her but got rejected. Kang Chil’s even more miffed that Gook Soo hit the problem in the head.

Gook Soo looks at himself in the mirror but he keeps seeing Kang Chil dead and floating in some lake. He turns to look worriedly at Kang Chil. “I keep on seeing you dead.” He’s sweating profusely and he looks at his shoulder seeing the shadows of his growing wings. Kang Chil notices that Gook Soo is looking extremely pale just as Gook Soo falls heavily to ground passed out. He’s also burning with a high fever.

The next day Im Jung and Kang Chil walk to Im Jung’s school together. Im Jung asks Kang Chil why he decided to bring him to his home.. oh I don’t know, so that I can have a piece of that mighty fine liver you have right there. But no, Kang Chil says there’s no particular reason.

Im Jung says he wants a paternity test done, because he doesn’t think Kang Chil is really his father. Kang CHil points out that they spit the same way (eeew, this is one of the disgusting habits that people in this drama have… so many germs are spread, it’s actually more hygienic just to swallow your phlegm and have the acid in your stomach disintegrate it.  This is actually one of my pet peeves- I hate spitters.)  and have a mole in the same general area.

Just then Jina and Young Chul pass by on their bikes, ignoring Kang Chil completely. He wonders if she’s really that mad.

Mi Ja is worried about Gook Soo. She accompanies him to the vet hospital. She’s fretting about his fainting spell and high fever of the night before. She puts her forehead to see if he has a fever, but he’s totally and completely better. She tells him that even if he has nothing at all he should at least take care of his health. Gook Soo is completely loving the affection that’s being showered on him despite the scolding words.

As Kang Chil comes in Mi Ja comments on how great the house is and that she hopes that one day she’ll get to live in something like it. Kang Chil tells her to stop dreaming and please leave. Jina comes in at that moment with Young Chul and MiJa compliments her on the house. Kang Chil screeches like a young kid being embarassed by his mom, asking her to leave.

Kang Chil finishes putting up the shelves and he uses it as an excuse to talk to Jina. She gives the shelves a cursorily look, and starts to leave with nary a word to Kang Chil. He asks her how long she’s going to go without talking to him. She doesn’t even answer, just gives him a look.

That night the package that Jina sent in her mom’s name arrives at Kang Chil’s house. He   takes out the underwear from the box and places it in the drawer without realizing that they are the same ones Jina picked out. Gook Soo asks him why he even folds the paper it’s wrapped in, and Kang Chil tells him to shut up.

Young Chul goes to pay them for the work they’ve done so far. At first both Gook Soo and Kang Chil don’t want to accept it, because they haven’t finished their job yet. Gook Soo thinks that he’s come to fire them. Young Chul smiles and tells them that it’s alright since he’s not paying them more than he’d have payed anyone else, but that maybe he should have because they’re doing a real swell job.

Then he cuts to the chase about what he really wants to know.  What happened between Kang Chil and Jina for them to have stopped talking and instead start a cold war. Kang Chil says that nothing happened and Young Chul let’s it go because Jina enters the room looking for him.

Hyo Sook comes running in and grabs the money they were just paid and takes it to Kang Chil’s mom. She didn’t want Kang Chil to spend it without giving it to his mom. She ends up dropping all the money bills and having to pick it up quickly before they’re blown into the ocean. But she needn’t have worried, Kang Chil had planned on letting his mom have his first pay.

As Kang Chil drives away in his truck, Gook Soo comes running in after him, Kang Chil just laughs and waves goodbye… and am I crazy or didn’t Gook Soo faint in this scene? It was such a weird drop to the ground… but then they never mentioned it.. was it an editing error? anyways moving on.

Kang Chil goes to an abandoned warehouse he was told about by Hyo Sook, and plans about how to make it into his wood-shop. It’s very cute how he’s planning just a bit for the future. He grabs his wings made by Gook Soo, and thinks about how he promised to make one for Jina.

Jina, Young Chul and Tenggie have a lunch picnic out by the river, keeping a lookout for otters. Young Chul asks Jina to please stop feeding the wild animals, since the villagers kind of hate the fact that she does it. Then he asks her if anything happened between her and Kang Chil, she changes the subject immediately.

Tenggie has wandered off while they’re talking, and they begin to look for the dog. The dog has actually found Kang Chil in the warehouse and surprises him as he finishes a small carving of a dog.

Tenggie picks up the carving in his mouth and makes Kang Chil run for it as he takes it to  Jina and Young Chul. (btw-is Tenggie female or male? anybody know?) Young Chul and Jina are suprised to find Kang Chil with Tenggie. Young Chul is amazed by the place and offers to connect Kang Chil with a friend of his who interviews artists/artisans in their work environment. Kang Chil dismisses the idea saying that he’s no artist as he prepares tea for them.

Jina refuses Kang Chil’s tea, and tries to convince Tenggie to go with her but the dog refuses to budge. To make matter’s worse Young Chul’s other ex calls and he tells her that of course he loves her, who else but her friend could love her…blablabla… he’s such a smooth talker.

 Jina goes outside and Young Chul follows her. He tries to ask her why she’s mad and Jina starts scolding him loudly partially at him but partially to get a message accross to Kang Chil. “You have to cut things coldly otherwise people can mistake pity as interest in them.”

Young Chul accepts the scolding but basically tells her, “Alright, you may be right, but if you’re doing this to tell Kang Chil something, you are cruel.” (for a moment here I actually gave him some points)

Kang Chil heard the whole exchange and he gets into his truck and drives out of there. Then he gets pissed off and drives back to where Young Chil’s car is parked.

Inside the car Young Chil has gotten the answer to what happened between KC and Jina, and he’s NOT a happy camper.

Kang Chil comes knocking on the car window and asks for five minutes with Jina. Young Chul reluctantly drives a few feet forward and watches them through the backview mirror.

Kang Chil asks Jina why she’s so mad. She asks him if he really doesn’t know the answer to that. He tells her that he sees no reason for her to be mad or him have to apologize. So ok he likes her, why does he have to apologize for liking her. Instead the person that doesn’t like should apologize for not liking him back. (of course I don’t think there needs to be apologies from anybody involved… liking or not liking is what it is  after all an apology won’t change either situation).

Young Chul comes in and pulls Jina away, stating that their five minutes are up. Men… so petty… and so jealous. Young Chul and Jina arrive back in her home in the village. Young Chul tells her that she better stop seeing Kang Chil now because now she will be dating him(YC). (Kiddo, I think you have to ask first, not declare it… at least that’s what I’ve always thought). She tells him no thank you. He tells her ‘fine, we’ll get married’.

She refuses again. He’s confused as to why she’d reject him now. She tells him that this is just like him, to become all jealous and in the moment propose, but they’ve been there before and he got cold feet. So if she wants to marry him, she’ll have to find other guys to make him jealous. Because he doesn’t really want to marry her, but he doesn’t want her to find anyone else either. She tells him to leave.

At home Gook Soo is eating chicken wings? and Mom is counting and recounting the money they received as pay. When Kang Chil arrives she tells him to keep the money and spend it like crazy. She doesn’t want to be the one to spend his first paycheck. Kang Chil tells her to keep it.

Mi Ja asks him if he thinks that money can ever repay all the things he’s missed out on? She said she felt so bad that the reason why she never turned on the heater in winter all these years was because all she could think of was her son in the cold cell alone. She wants him to finally enjoy some peace, and the money he makes for himself.  “How will you be repaid for all that time! Pabo” she thinks as she holds the money he’s placed back in her hands.

In a crazed mood Kang Chil drives to Seoul with Gook Soo. They wait accross the street for Chang Gul to get into his car. And from their proceeds a very tense, dangerous and almost manic cat and mouse game, where Kang Chil cuts Chang Gul off and Chang Gul races to get away and Kang Chil cuts him off again, and then in the middle of the friggin wide streets Kang Chil swerves and occupies two lanes.

He gets down from his truck and stalks over to Chang Gul’s car. Chang Gul visibly pales at being confronted by the person that’s suffered the most because of his evil schemes. Kang Chil bends down to peer at him through the car window. He asks Chang Gul how it feels to be watched, and chased by someone without knowing it. Because this is something he has had to live through thanks to Chang Gul.

When Kang Chil leaves, Chang Gul loosens his tie and takes deep breaths, he’d probably been about to pee himself… so basically he’s a wimpy asswipe villian? As soon as his mother calls he tightens his tie and drives home, of course not before first calling his lackey to tell him to finish Kang Chil off.

Detective Jung has been taken off the active field and given a paper pushing job. Needless to say he’s not happy, telling his boss that this decision is bullshit, and he starts throwing a fit. He’s given a hard knock in the gut and taken down by another police officer.  His partner takes him away, carrying him on his back.

Kang Chil and Gook Soo start looking for Jina, and even look for her at Young Chul’s but she’s not with him and he under duress, gives them the name of the restaurant she’s at.  She’s with her father and his police officer friends, very drunk and he starts railing against the rest of the world about the injustice of being taken off active duty.

As Jina watches horrified her father starts venting his anger on another customer in the restaurant. He’s in such a rage that he goes on beating on the poor guy and not one of the other police officers are able to control him.

Kang Chil has finally arrived, and as he looks around, he notices the commotion in the restaurant. The words, and the actions, trigger his memory of the time he was beaten by  Jina’s father right after Minho’s death. He realizes that it’s the same man, and horrified he takes in the whole scene, realizing that Jina must be the officer’s daughter, and the daughter of the woman who believed in his innocence.

Jina and Kang Chil’s eyes meet just as he’s about to turn away. Without a word he crosses the street to the phone booth. He starts to call Gook Soo but a truck (driven by Chang Gul’s lackey) comes from behind and rams into it.

Jina watches the scene horrified, and turns away at the last moment.


Today I was pissed off at Jina for almost all of the episode. She just seemed so bitchy in this episode. So he likes you and kissed… ok.. get over yourself… I mean, it’s not like he’s raped her, and he didn’t push himself on her after the kiss. All he wanted was to talk like civilized people and to each other… And her method of talking to one person but meaning it for another… that’s just cruel and bitchy.

Young Chul, basically he’s a player who still has a lingering attachment to a past love, for which Jina has had to play second fiddle at times. Yet  he’s pissed off that there might be something between Jina and Kang Chil? and he’s so elitist about it, going on about Kang Chil having no money. So what if he has more money than Kang Chil? I’m betting that with Kang Chil’s whittling and carpentry skills he’ll make enough to keep them fed and happy.

Chang Gul is a freaking little wussy mama’s boy with a streak of villainy that runs as deep as his insecurities about not being good enough for daddy.

Gook Soo is just so cute. His attachment to Kang Chil’s mother is adorable. I love that moment in which she placed her forehead on his to check his temperature, that’s just something so motherly. I’m sure he’s missed all the motherly affection because of his mom’s death.

There are many cute little things in this drama: like Tenggie as the vehicle of fateful encounters. or those cute little drawings of worktables in the air as Kang Chil allows himself to dream just a little.

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6 thoughts on “Padam Padam- Episode 6 recap

  1. I agree, she’s playing him sooooo bad. I mean, she’s not doing it maliciously, but still. All smiley and touching his chest. Dudes are seriously affected by things like that.

    Mighty fine liver…kekeke

    spitting is totally gross!!!

    It is kinda weird that NO ONE saw Gook-soo pass out. But I’m sure he did because he’s already done it twice before.

    Tenggie is male I think.

    When Kang-chil asks for an apology, I took it more as wanting an apology for totally confusing the crap out of him instead of just telling him straight out. He’s always asking her straight, and she NEVER answers straight.

    OMG! We described the driving chase scene the same way. It was kinda scary. Isn’t crazy how that scary man can be almost childlike in his joy?

    I agree. Ji-na needs to stop being so bitchy. WTH?

    Young-chul is so typically a guy I have trouble being super pissed at him, but still. The boy needs to learn some self-control.

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