Extravagant Challenge- Episode 3 Recap

Extravagant Challenge

Episode 3


The Cell Phone Reaction Test was going well at first, the President was impressed by the first half of her reaction. However, the caller had said things too similar to what Sho had told her and she lost it.  among her most impressive retorts “If an apology could change things, then there would be no hell.”

After she was eliminated from the audition, Gong Xi goes to ask Manager Shen why she was cut. He asks her what she thinks about love? “Love is the Music of destruction and despair!” Manager Shen tells her that because of her inability to love, she cannot be an entertainer.  To be loved by the audience she needs to love them first. But she doesn’t have confidence in her ability to love an audience she’s never met, when she loved Shang and been so mistreated despite it.

She’s so depressed that she gets scolded by her tough love boss. He tells her that she should go to her room and rest and not show such a pitiful face to the clients.

 She goes to her room, but her self loathing gets even worse. She realizes all that she’s lost because of trusting in someone who never even treated her half as well she did him.

 Apart from being sad I’m very frustrated. I feel like I’m very useless. The me that’s living in this world is living for what reason?

President keeps thinking and pondering about Gong Xi. Just as she’s thinking about her, his granddaughter – the little girl whose cheeks were mistreated by Gong Xi- comes up to him and asks him about Gong Xi and is disappointed at finding out she was cut from the auditions. Manager Shen also calls him up and asks him to consider another option for Gong Xi.

Gong Xi lies in her bed and remembers the last time she cried so hard. It was when she was very young and her mom abandoned her.

Suddenly she gets up and remembers the stone that she’s named “Corn”(in the manga she misheard Kuon as Corn). Somebody had told her that the rock would absorb all her troubles and sadness.

Once she has it out she feels a little better. Not the best but she’s able to move forward.

Boss is disappointed that he gave his special knife for her audition, only to have her give up before trying out every option. He calls her weak.

She goes out and finds a job in a gas station. She wonders if being so far from the entertainment circle she’ll still be able to get her revenge.

Meanwhile we cut to Shang who sneezes and wonders at his popularity, that someone must be thinking of him. His manager tells him that it might not be a fan who’s thinking of him but Gong Xi planning her revenge. He tells her not to worry because Gong Xi would be kicked out from the Entertainment business in two minutes flat.

At the gas station Gong Xi sees and interview with He Lian. Everything that he says doesn’t coincide with anything he’s ever said to her. He’s encouraging and tells the reporters that as long as the actor has guts and hardwork the results would be good. She starts to strangle the TV imagining that it’s He Lian’s neck that she’s wringing ever so gently… Her co-workers laugh at her weirdness, and she lets go embarrassed.

While she’s working at the Gas Station, she runs into a dreaded situation: Shang is right before her. We get a sequence of her flights of fancy: She imagines hitting Shang with a HUGE WRENCH.  but then she thinks that the most probable one would be that he would knock her out with that wrench and mock her.

However when she faces him, and pretends that she’s a fan by telling him that he’s the number one, he doesn’t realize it’s her. she discovers that there is something worse than being ridiculed; It’s being forgotten. Shang doesn’t recognize her, though the Manager does think that there awas something familiar about the girl.

Shang says that it was nothing but the same haircut that many of his fans have, and besides she was exceptionally plain. But she did have one thing different from many fans: She recognized right off that he was the most handsome man.

In her room Gong Xi attacks her voodoo doll. Upset that while she spent time hating Shang, and thinking of him everyday, he’s never thought of her and instead forgot even her face.

As she’s rolling on the bed thinking about what she should do. Boss come in and tells her to enter the entertainment business

Not every road is smooth. If one doesn’t work, find another. If that doesn’t work, make your own road If there is a road there is a road, if there is no road, there is still a road. Don’t let yourself make that even ifthere is a road, there is none. Bye Bye.

With that abrupt pep talk. Gong Xi is completely revitalized.

The next day, Manager Shen is sharing the plan to let Gong Xi enter LME if she comes back within the week. He Lian wonders why the company has gone through the trouble of creating such a rule and making Gong Xi an exception. Manager Shen that He Lian’s interest in the girl must make the girl something special.

When Gong Xi finally makes it inside of the company building she bumps into an older actress with a diva attitude. The sequence is long and ridiculous, I don’t know why they even but Tchaikovsky’s beautiful piece “Waltz of the Flowers” for that. It’s sacrilege. So basically her run in gets her scolded and pressed into service as luggage carrier.

He Lian is in a pissy mood because the lady is late. and when she makes excuses for being late he tells her to just go out early then. He Lian and Manager Shen are surprised to see Gong Xi come in rushing in with the old actress’s luggage.

He Lian surprises Gong Xi and takes one of the heavy pieces of luggage from her.

Outside of the building He Lian tries to explain the Ai Wo Ba Bu/ Love Me department that was just created. She laughs crazily about the name, not suspecting that she’s the first member of that department.

He then proceeds to tell her about the basic idea of points for a job well done. She’s so excited by the fact that if she gets enough points she gets to debut, she kick’s the luggage. She gets scolded for kicking the luggage and for letting He Lian carry the luggage instead of her. Minus 10 points for Gong Xi.  She’s pissed that the one who offered and gave an irresistible smile as he helped her was one of the causes of her minus points. He Lian coolly tells her that next time she should refuse help from anybody.

She’s taken to have a talk with the President who gives her a notebook and stamps that will help in her Love Me jobs.  After the talk she’s  given her hot pink jumper.

He Lian and his manager are passing by the cafe that Shang is hanging out in and Shang can’t help his jealousy.  He imagines himself standing above a He Lian who wonders at Shang’s handsomeness and dances to Sorry Sorry… heh. He kicks a flower stand to stop He Lian from walking past him.


The drama needs to have tighter editing. There are way too many flashbacks of very recent stuff. They should only keep the relevant flashbacks: those ones that show young Gong Xi.

Also it has very choppy editing and sometimes changes from scene to scene can be jarring. The BG music could be better chosen, I mean why is a ridiculous scene given a  beautiful piece like Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers?

The acting is not bad, Siwon’s He Lian is still a bit stiff, and the scenes he’s being given are not helping… they’re really throwaway scenes that could have been cut without disrupting the story, maybe the more important one so far beside’s his initial meeting with Gong Xi, is this challenge from Shang.


4 thoughts on “Extravagant Challenge- Episode 3 Recap

  1. I agree with the choppiness but its so darn entertaining despite it all! I totally thought I commented on this, but I supposed I hadn’t. I’m most engaged when she’s on the screen. The president kinda grates on my nervous and I still dont see the point of He Lian save the fact that I know he’s the 2nd lead.

    Anyway, nice recap! Off to watch the 4th episode then readur next one!

    • The president… I skip over most of his weird “play” scenes… he’s strange like that even in the manga…
      Ivy Chen is doing really well which is great since she’s the main lead, I’d hate to be bored by the main character 🙂

      Hmm… I guess He Lian/Ren is the second lead, but in the manga he’s my favourite character, so I’m hoping for Siwon to get into the character better and infuse it with soul, instead of seeming to be a 1D character.

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