Padam Padam- Episode 7 Recap

Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat

Episode 7


Kang Chil has finally started to reconnect with his family, there’s a miracle in the works and a lot gets uncovered in this episode.


We go back to the moment where Kang Chil realizes who Jina is, and then as if in fastforward he’s getting smashed by the truck, and then everything slows down as he dies. As he’s floating he see’s a pink sneaker.

He’s back at the phone booth, alive with blood coating him, but back in the instant right before he died. He recalls that Gook Soo said that the first lesson from his first miracle was “will” so he crosses the street willing himself to move away from the spot where he’ll die, but he’s right back in the phonebooth.

He calls Gook Soo, panicking, telling him “I keep dying and when I leave I end up back where I started.”

Gook Soo is shocked to hear that Kang Chil is going through the very death that he’d wanted to prevent.Gook Soo tries to calm him, but ends up panicking himself when the lights in the store go out, and the doors won’t open. All he can do is talk to Kang Chil through the phone.

Kang Chil tells Gook Soo that he can’t panic, he’s Kang Chil’s angel so think of something. They review Kang Chil’s death, and what he sees after it. Gook Soo has a flash of insight and tells Kang Chil to concentrate on the pink sneaker. Nothing happens without a reason, the sneaker is there for a reason, they just don’t know it yet. 

The next time Kang Chil is killed by the truck, he does what Gook Soo recommends. He looks at the sneakers. The sneakers now have feet and legs attached and we discover that it’s Jina’s sneakers, the ones she was wearing when she watched her father beat Kang Chil up.

He sees Jina’s mom Mi Rae, the lady who visited him in jail, comfort her and tell her to look away.  He sees Jina’s dad break down crying after beating him up.

Then he’s brought a few years forward. He’s in jail being visited by Jina’s Mom and the scene where she brings her hand to the glass as if to touch him is replayed again. Then She’s in her car. She started having an asma attack, and Jina’s dad made it worse as he started yelling at her. She tried to reach her inhaler but doesn’t reach it in time, and her body goes slack.

Kang Chil is taken to another phone booth. The one where he watched his mother hang up on him while he was suffering from the stab wounds inflicted on him by Min Ho. But this time he sees the reason: His father had come to yell at his mom to hand over Kang Chil, and she was swearing up and down that she didn’t know where Kang Chil was. He sees his mom get beat up by his drunk father, he’s finally shown the truth about his mother’s rejection that day.

Kang Chil is back to right before the accident, crying his heart out. He takes out the angel wings that Gook Soo had given him and sees that it’s glowing again. As he brings it up from his chest, the light leaves the wooden wings and once again it spreads to the area around him in the shape of wings flying away.

Gook Soo has been hearing Kang Chil crying, he’s crying himself, and then the lights go on, and the suspended time he’d been in starts running again. He leaves the store as swiftly as possible.

Kang Chil is still in the phone booth and we see that the truck is gunning for him again. This time he manages to push himself out of the way just in the nick of time. Jina from across the street pales but is relieved to see that he wasn’t crushed. Gook Soo appears running and picks Kang Chil up from among the rubble. They both walk shakily to their truck.

Kang Chil is crying as if he soul were being ripped asunder. Gook Soo drives them from the scene, and stops. Kang Chil is still crying and Gook Soo takes him in his arms to comfort him.

Kang Chil can’t believe that the miracle couldn’t have stopped at just saving his life, he didn’t ask to be shown his past, made to relive it and then showed the truth of those around him. Gook Soo tells him since the first miracle taught him the will to live, the second taught him the truth. Kang Chil doesn’t want to admit that it’s a miracle and he tells Gook Soo that it was a dream, or they are both going insane. Does saying it’s not a miracle, not make it a miracle? Gook Soo asks exasperated by Kang Chil’s unwillingness to accept the miracle.

The next morning Jina has breakfast with her dad. She asks him why he had to take out his anger at an innocent bystander, who had nothing to do with his removal from active duty. She tells him that as a child she’d once asked her mother why her mother hated him, why she didn’t love him, after all he’d provided and taken good care of them. Her mother had told her it was because she couldn’t respect him, no matter how hard she tried. Jina tells him that she’d tried to respect him but she didn’t like how he acted to others, how he obsessed about family but mistreated others.

Gook Soo  spent all morning looking for Im Jung who hadn’t gone home at all the day before. Kang Chil reluctantly goes to find the boy himself and ends up at a 24/hr internet place. He drags Im Jung out of the place, but Im Jung tells him that he’s going back to Seoul, since he’s decided that he’s not really Kang Chil’s son. Kang Chil asks him how he could just do that and leave his grandma behind, after all she’d happily done for him. Im Jung tells him that it really doesn’t concern him. Kang Chil’s pissed so he throws some bills at Im Jung and tells him to leave then.

Gook Soo saw the exchange between them and he stays behind until Kang Chil is a ways off. He pulls at Im Jung and tells him that the reason that Kang Chil had brought him was because he had terminal liver cancer and had wanted to live with his son for at least some time.  Im Jung doesn’t believe him so Gook Soo takes up the challenge

Gook Soo pulls Im Jung and Kang Chil to the local hospital. They run some tests so that Im Jung can find the truth for himself, but instead they find that Kang Chil’s cancer has regressed, he no longer needs a transplant, and instead he can fight it with medication.

As they’re leaving the hospital they bump into Jina and Young Chul. Thinking about Kang Chil’s illness, Jina calls Young Chul’s hyung to see if he can look over Kang Chil’s files and suggest a course of action.

As Kang Chil works on a larger version of Tenggie a pachage for Jina arrives. She stubbornly tries to carry it by herself, but it’s too heavy. Kang Chil picks it up and takes it to her house.

As he’s about to leave the house Jina tugs at his sleevs. She wants to ask him what he was doing near the restaurant the night before. He smiles, his eyes showing his hurt. “I wanted to go and apologize. I wanted to apologize for liking you when I have nothing.”

He tells her that since he’s a simpleton he only sees: Like or hate. What she’d said to Young Chul about sympathy was really directed at him right? but before her he’d never known about sympathy so he had mistaken it for like.

The next morning Young Chul is a bit hysterical about the last minute details that need to be done for the clinic to open. He starts scolding Gook Soo for being slow and for not bringing Kang Chil with him. Kang Chil arrives and assures Young Chul that they’ll finish on time.

Just as they’re beginning, Hyo Sook comes running and asks Jina if she’ll let him go to the sauna before work. Young Chul almost blows his top, but Jina lets them go. However you can see she’s disconcerted with Hyo Sook’s clingyness, and her half-joking marriage proposal to Kang Chil. Kang Chil’s oblivious and ignores the question, letting himself be dragged to the sauna.

At the noraebang/sauna Gook Soo and Hyo Sook are singing their hearts out completely off key, but everyone, including Im Jung find them amusing.

Im Jung laughs at their off-key singing and gets challenged by Kang Chil to sing better. He immediately gets up and impresses everyone with his skills. Kang Chil and his mom takeover and it’s becomes a big family happy time.

The three men go to take a bath, Gook Soo merrily frolicking in the bath next to the one Kang Chil and Im Jung have settled in. Kang Chil starts to clean Im Jungs back. Im Jung asks him if he really is not going to get treatment, Kang Chil evades the question, and Im Jung tells him that he should since he has friends, his mom, and a son to live for now. Kang Chil nods and then realizes that Im Jung has called himself KC’s son. Happily he scrubs IJ’s back even harder and throws hot water over him, boys being boys it degenerates into a splashing game.

Jina’s still at the vet clinic putting her files and other miscellaneous stuff in place. She sees Tenggie and asks herself if Kang Chil will even return that night, maybe he’s having too much fun to return. As she stands up Kang Chil announces that he’s back.

Before Kang Chil settles in to work, Jina asks to go out to eat since she’s hungry. Kang Chil takes her out to by the lake. The sit there enjoying the food, the view and the company. Kang Chil takes off his shoes and tells Jina that he’s going to go for a swim in the lake. She warns him that he’ll catch a cold, but he laughs saying a cold would last 2 or 3 days but he may never see a beautiful moon on the lake like this in a long time.

He dares Jina to go on a swim with him. She hesitates, and he tells her that she hesitates to much, and perhaps that’s the way she loves too. She gets annoyed at him and jumps in.

They have a fun time swimming among the various different schools of fish.

As they swim to the surface, Kang Chil lifts her up and looks at her in wonder. And my ovaries melt at the manliness. He asks her, “Can’t we date?”


Although there is a lot of talk about Angels and Miracles in this drama they never mention from what theology are they pulling the ideas from? Is it Christianity? Judaism? Islam?

Angels in Christianity have different hierarchies, Archangels at the top, powers & principalities following them and then thrones and dominions, then there are the different class: Seraphim, and Cherubim. And not all angels are good, like the Angels of Abaddon, those who followed Beelzebub/Satan. Also Angels in Christianity are not men, or of men… so is Gook Soo even human? Was he made to take human form and live as a human for some reason? Is that reason for him to be a help to Kang Chil?

Angels in Scripture have different jobs, some of these jobs are: protecting, being messengers, bringing deliverance, strengthening and encouraging, providing, guiding the living, taking care of the dead. So where would Gook Soo fit among those? He’s actually taken on some of these jobs in his time with Kang Chil. He’s been a messenger relating his visions and warning Kang Chil about his death.  And then in this episode he guides Kang Chil through his death experience.

Still I wonder what is Gook Soo? Is this really happening or is  this like Kang Chil said just a crazy dream of two people who are not accepted in society?


10 thoughts on “Padam Padam- Episode 7 Recap

  1. jess says:

    Hi! I’ve been reading your recap on this drama. Thank you a lot! Is there any chances for the images to be fixed? It says it exceeds bandwidth with too many views.

    • You’re welcome on the recaps, on the pictures, i’d need to pay for a photobucket account, and honestly I don’t have that much income coming in, so I’m limited in what I spend my money on. The bandwidth will be reset at the beginning of the month though.

  2. Hey! I’m getting around to commenting. I know… estoy tarde….

    Nice recap! I really loved the family bits too.

    And the angel idea. I always thought of him being portrayed not in the mono theistic sense. He’s a general guardian and the path that he’s taking, learning about his role, born as a human, makes me think it’s less of the set roles that angels take in monotheism. But you bring up so many good points!

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