Monday Musical Madness- Week 9

Camui Gackt

To day I’m going to deviate from the past 7 weeks of the Korean music scene and give you a peek into my old obsession, before K-pop and K-drama overtook my free time.

Gackt is a singer songwriter who used to be in the visual Kei group Malice Mizer. I kind of found out more about Visual Kei because of Gackt, and I find it an interesting genre that took me some time to get used/comfortable with. However after that I became more and more interested in it.  but anyways

I have to admit that I love his voice, I find it’s deepness, it’s richness so magnetic, and compelling, like I could fall off a cliff to reach his voice.

However his voice is not only deep, he can go also very high and thin as he demonstrated in his song Ares… which was sung in a language that doesn’t exist (also same goes for the song “4th”)… cuz he’s just awesome like that.

He has a lot of varied interests and it’s displayed in his extensive resume, he’s gone from singer to voice actor, actor, and has even designed his own guitars. He’s even modeled for Final Fantasy VII: The Dirge of Cerberus, & Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core where he’s the image and voice of the antagonist Genesis Rhapsodos.

The Music

Mizerable- His first song/album after leaving the group Malice Mizer. This song has an intense violin section, as you listen it starts out strong and then it’s the thread that pulls you through the rest of the song. The music and the PV are worthy of each other: both are dramatic and somehow even the instrumental music gives off this feel of loneliness and despair, that the PV shows in placing Gackt in the middle of a desert, and then in the forest.

Kimi Ga Matteiru Kara (because You are expecting me)- This song came out in his fourth studio album Crescent in 2003. The song has a strong orchestral piece that accentuates the intensity of the lyrics.

In this performance how cool is it that not only are there three guitars but there’s an upright bass? It goes to show how beautifully written the song is that even when the rest of the instruments are eliminated the acoustic version is still very beautiful.  P.S. Gundam Zeta fans this song is probably familiar to you as it’s used in one of the movies.

Redemption & Longing – both are from his participation in the Final Fantasy music soundtrack.  Out of the two I prefer longing, though they’re both pretty awesome.

Love Letter- is really different from the other songs I’ve talked about so far. It’s a soft ballad, but I love the string section, I’m pretty sure that there’s a cello in there.  At least I think there is, there’s a richness to the section that could only be given by the cello. This song makes me want to be sappy and go and hug people… seriously.

Mirror- has a nice blend of violin and guitar, and this song is pretty upbeat and happy, it’s fun and makes me want to get up and dance.

and then he performs it with only guitars and the upright bass and I still want to jump and dance with him as he sings.

Last Song- a rock ballad, but that is still a completely “gackt” sounding song. I love it. Again there is a cello featured in this song. He must be a fan of string instruments and I’m thankful because we get to hear such beautiful and haunting sounds.

A live performance of the piano version of the song that is also wonderful. I love how expressive he is in his performance. I can feel the song coming from him, the emotions he expresses in words are shown in his face.

Emu~ for my dear- This is a song that he wrote for his former bandmate from Malice Mizer and friend Kami who died just months after Gackt left the band. It was in his first studio album Mars. I love the moment where all the instruments stop and it’s just his voice. And then when everything resumes… it’s wonderful.

Random Vids

Radio interview with Versaille’s Kamijo.

Gackt talks about an incident while he was learning to Snowboard.

Kind of disturbing video, and also awesome that it’s Gackt playing a weirdo psycho for the drama Mr. Brains

in a weird “date” with a Morning Musume member… the age gap = more than 450+yrs (because Gackt isn’t human… lol… it’s one of his many eccentricities)

This one is a cute jam session where Gackt was chosen as the guests favourite and everybody else is being cutely jealous through song.


2 thoughts on “Monday Musical Madness- Week 9

  1. I love this. My favorite were probably the unplugged ones. Especially because they won’t give me headaches after listening to them all day. I really like his voice. Thank you!

    • I love Gackt, I think he’s a genius, eccentric but a genius^^ I listen to the unplugged versions when I’m studying, or writing and have to wear earphones, but I like the original ones to blare from my speakers while I’m doing household chores…

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