Extravagant Challenge- Episode 4 Recap

Extravagant Challenge

Episode 4


Finally. Siwon finally felt like Ren to me… It took 3 and half episodes, but I think he’ll be even better from here on out. I still wish there were tighter editing and less silly prolonged “falling” scenes.


We’re back at the Shang- He Lian face-off. Shang has kicked a trash bin and flower pot to block He Lian’s way.

He apologizes, with a “I’m not really sorry, what are you going to do about it” tone. He Lian takes him up on the silent challenge. “I understand, us people with long legs have this kind of problem all the time, knocking things over” then he kicks the trash can back at Shang.

Shang shows his dorky side, he’d caught the trashcan as He Lian kicked it, but as soon as He Lian leaves the building he’s down, rubbing his foot… and then being self-conscous about it as he looks around at the staring fans.

Manager Du can’t help but look over at He Lian as they walk towards their car.  He’s surprised at the fact that He Lian had been so cool as if wanting to teach Shang a lesson.

He Lian just says that the one who challenged first was Shang. The manager smiles and  asks him if Shang is the first to challenge He Lian so openly.

He Lian smirks, and says that he’s discovered something. Manager Du all interested leans in and He Lian just says “You’re a busybody”

In the car Manager Du agrees that fine, he’s a busy body so he won’t tell He Lian what he’s heard about Gong Xi then. He mimes smoking a cigarette and chilling as he keeps He Lian in the dark.

He Lian tells him that telling him about it is up to Manager Du to decide. And then proceeds to drive like a madman, making the manager promise to tell him.

Cut to a silly scene, that’s set to the song “Clementine.” Gong Xi has polished the floor she was asked to clean, and causes everybody that comes to slip, so when she tries to stop guests from slipping she slips herself and bowls them over.

To make things short, she gets a scolding and only ten points which cancels out the minus ten she received from the older actress before.

She hears music coming from a piano played by LME’s actress Liu Li Er.  When Liu Li  Er walks towards her Gong Xi imagines her as a fairy princess, so she doesn’t compute the haughty and rude attitude, and just takes it as the qualities of a princess.

Liu Li Er notices that Gong Xi is from Love Me section and immediately she tells her that she has a job for her. And Gong Xi agrees immediately to the job.

Gong Xi goes with Liu Li Er to her job site. Gong Xi hears her complain about the sun and then remembers seeing her all covered completely and using a parasol to go out and comes to the conclusion that Li Er is allergic to the sun.

The manager smiles and just agrees with Gong Xi’s assesment of Li Er’s weak body. However she obviously doesn’t believe Li Er’s excuses about the sun making her sick, knowing full well her diva tendencies.

Li Er is hating on Gong Xi in her mind, because she thinks Gong Xi’s enthusiasm about “protecting” her is fake.

The van suffers a breakdown before reaching the job site, and the driver tells them that since they’re near enough they’ll have to walk to it. Li Er refuses at first, but as soon as the manager mentions how He Lian will have a bad impression of her, Li Er decides that she’ll walk.

After five minutes of walking Lin Er says she’s exhausted and has Gong Xi carry her.

After an unknown amount of time Lin Er makes it to film site and is greeted with the site of people playing around as they wait. She announces her entrance and barely gets a reaction from them.

She approaches the film director who asks her about her staff, she just tells him that they stayed back when the car broke down and she walked to the site alone.

The makeup artist praises Li Er’s trek in the mountain to reach the site. Li Er thinks about what actually happened:  Gong Xi had twisted her angle carrying her and Lin Er had abandoned her in the mountain. Li Er thinks that it’s fair to leave Gong Xi behind, since she thinks that Gong Xi is getting to debut after a lot of sucking up to the higher ups.

Gong Xi tries to drag herself along, wondering if Lin Er really did leave her behind. As she’s lying their she suffers from the heat and starts hallucinating the people who left her behind before: Shang and her mother.

As she’s lying there, He Lian walks up to her and asks her if she’s sun bathing. She gripes at the fact that Liu Li Er just had to send him to her. He tells her that he wasn’t sent by her, he’d just gone on a walk and happened to see her there.

As they’re talking He Lian notices that her foot is injured. She denies it and tries to play it cool, but He Lian grabs her ankle and she screams in pain.

He picks Gong Xi up bridal style and takes her to the site, with Gong Xi  protesting the whole way and asking to be let down.

Li Er and Manager Du are talking when He Lian comes up carrying Gong Xi. They are still arguing. He Lian tells her that it’s ok that she doesn’t thank him for helping but why does she have to be so negative, and she tells him that he’s never done anything to help her before. He informs her that he would never do anything to hurt an already hurt person.

He Lian asks Manager Du to look after Gong Xi’s foot and walks away without acknowledging Li Er. Li Er stews in silent anger as she watches Gong Xi being taken care of. Gong Xi feels the negative vibes aimed towards her but doesn’t notice Li Er’s presence.

Before they even start filming, rain starts to fall.  Li Er stands behind He Lian and starts pacing wondering why he doesn’t even say hello to her. She takes the initiative and greets him but he scolds her in his gentle response about having been waiting long and impatiently. She stalks off.

The director notices it and tells He Lian that perhaps he should be nicer to her since half the reason she accepted the role was because of  He Lian. However He Lian doens’t believe in catering to another’s whims and tells the director that by being nice to Li Er she doesn’t learn the error of her ways.

Manager Du has wrapped Gong Xi’s foot in the meantime and she thanks him heartily calling him a good person. He asks her if she doesn’t think He Lian is a good person too, since he carried her to safety. Or does she hate He Lian that much. She tells him that she doesn’t hate him, but that it’s he that hates her, after all he’s been the one who’s been discouraging her from the start

Manager Du tells her that eventually she’ll understand He Lian as she gets to know him, but he’ll tell her one thing: Work ethic is extremely important to He Lian that’s why everybody who works with him feel extra pressure.

She refuses Manager Du’s suggestion of going to the hospital since she still has a mission to complete: Protect Princess Li Er.

Just then an angry Li Er can be heard and Gong Xi hurries to see what’s wrong only to be faced with the same angry aura from before.

When she asks Li Er about who’s gotten her mad, Li Er starts spewing her hate towards Gong Xi and the Love Me section who are just dogs licking and currying favors from the higher ups without having any talent.  Manager Du feels awkward in the back and pretends to take a phone call as he overhears their argument.

Gong Xi’s image of Li Er as fair princess is turned into evil stepmother, and just as her own evil spirits are fighting to come out, Gong Xi stamps them down and instead puts on a pleasant face and tells her that her job doesn’t finish until Li Er is done with her job safely.

Li Er says that everybody can wait. Gong Xi calls over Manager Du and asks for his help. They approach a now fearful Li Er with inscrutable faces.

As He Lian and the director are talking, a screeching Li Er is dragged to the set by Gong Xi and Manager Du.

He Lian asks Gong Xi why she’s still here and not in the hospital, and Li Er’s jealousy peaks and she throws Gong Xi to the floor.

She starts spewing her venom and calls Gong Xi’s injury an act meant only to receive pity and attention from He Lian. The director scolds Li Er and everybody looks at her with faces that can’t believe how mean she could be.

They start filming and Gong Xi watches from a side porch. He Lian appears with a chair for Gong Xi but Gong Xi rejects it because it’s weird that he’s being nice to her all of a sudden. She also scoots away as he approaches because Li Er will only get angrier if she sees them standing close to each other.

He Lian tells her that he heard what Li Er said about Gong Xi only working hard to flatter those around her, but he doesn’t think so. Because if you work hard and try to smooth things over by agreeing to their whims so that work can go smoother, and not for yourself then it’s not flattery.  She scoots closer to him as she listens to him saying encouraging words.

However he ruins the moment by saying that work can’t be only based on courage since she’ll fall badly. And Gong Xi feels that she’s been called stupid, so she scoots away again.

A fight between Li Er and the director breaks out. The Director asks that she walk back in since she’s been walking like a model and not like a highborn lady from a prestigious family, with grace.

Li Er rejects the director’s suggestions and tells him that since he thinks so highly of Gong Xi then Gong Xi should be the one who acts her role. Gong Xi accepts the challenge and tells her that she can’t take it back.

He Lian and Manager Du talk with the manager and ask him if he’s really going to let Gong Xi compete for the part with Li Er. The Director says that he will since Li Er was the one who suggested it and the one who decided that she didn’t want to act anymore. He Lian thinks it over and decides that he’ll agree with whatever the director decides.

Li Er is wondering what happened that the director is no longer trying to placate her.  She overhears two workers talking about how inconsiderate she is making them wait just because of an umbrella.

Gong Xi is taken under the wings of two very enthusiastic make-up artists who get scared when Gong Xi’s evil spirits make an appearance, feeling the darkness of Gong Xi’s feelings.

Li Er begins to feel the danger of losing her role becoming a possibility. He Lian notices her sitting outside and asks if he can sit with her. She thinks that he’ll encourage her but he scolds her instead, telling her to stop being headstrong and threatening the director with the role since she’ll be the one who ends up hurt.

Before she can apologize, the makeup artist comes announcing Gong Xi’s transformation. Everybody waits for it and when she walks in they’re all surprised and can’t stop calling her beautiful and Li Er says that of course she is, anybody can be if they wear the right clothes and makeup.

Gong Xi doesn’t get hurt by that and instead agrees and gushes about how nice it is to finally be wearing nice clothes and make-up. Manager Du wonders how she’s lived if she’s never put on make-up, He Lian answers that “normal” isn’t something Gong Xi can be called.

They start filming and everybody’s amazed at her posture, her poise, and how natural the proper way of walking in the kimono appears to be in Gong Xi.

She recalls the hours of practice that she had in Shang’s household. The strict but not unkind instructions she was given by Shang’s mother.

Gong Xi’s praised by everybody and the director tells her to go have a rest. The only one who was silent throughout was He Lian. He notices that she’s limping as she leaving the room.

Sure enough when he finds her she’s pounding the walls as she tries to deal with the pain. He tells her that she should go to the hospital, but she doesn’t want to delay the filming.

Li Er thinks on how Gong Xi acted and admits that she understands now why the Director had rejected her entrance. As she’s walking around she notices that Gong Xi is really hurt and is being tended to by He Lian. She starts to smile assured of a win on the next round.

He Lian tells Gong Xi that perhaps she should give up and go to the hospital. The next scene is the tea ceremony and the whole time she’ll be sitting on her feet.

Li Er practices the tea ceremony and invites Gong Xi to practice, but Gong Xi rejects her offer saying she wants to rest a while before filming.

Gong Xi stretches and notices that Li Er is sitting in the sun and she asks if she’s not allergic to the Sun, Li Er tells her that it’s all her own misunderstanding. They start fighting like little kids.

He Lian, Manager Du and the Director hear the commotion and go running to see that the girls are pulling on each other, and calling each other names. The Director goes in and gets dragged in, but he manages to separate them by telling them to use their energy for the movie.

Gong Xi almost falls over after the fight from the pain in her ankle. He Lian helps her to sit down and asks her if she has brain damage to be fighting like that while she’s injured. Again he tells her that she should take care of her ankle.

Li Er confronts He Lian and asks if he really wants Gong Xi as the main actress, and that’s why he’s treating Gong Xi kindly. He tells her that he’s treating her kindly because she’s hurt not because of the lead position. He tells her that he doesn’t really cares who is the main lead, as long as she has a serious atittude towards work. Li Er finally notices that He Lian is down to earth and unbiased, but feels that she’s only becoming more distant from him.


Ok, I still think that it’s going way to slow, and it makes me wonder in what part of the manga they’ll stop.

I think Siwon has finally started to get into the role, and of course Ivy is wonderful as Gong Xi.

My favourite character though, is Manager Du^^ He makes me laugh with all his expressions. He’s golden 😛



11 thoughts on “Extravagant Challenge- Episode 4 Recap

  1. Love He Lian’s manager. He’s my fav tooo

    BTW did you hear the minute waltz (Chopin) at the beginning? Li er played really sloppily but that’s neither here no there!

  2. linhee says:

    I’m really curious how this drama will end since the manga is still unfinished. I just hope that they’re gonna include the arc where Gong Xi becomes an angel for Shang’s MV and hopefully the Valentine’s Day arc too! 😀

    But this drama is moving too slowly for me :/ I think what’s been aired could’ve been cut down to 3 episodes (maybe even 2.5). I think that the drama spends too much time on useless things (like those flashbacks) and should just cut them to fasten the pace and have a tighter plot.

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