Padam Padam- Episode 8 Recap

Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat

Episode 8


Padam Padam is wonderful, there’s awesome characters, a well-developed script, and the directing and editing is tight, and beautiful. I am im love with this drama, really truly.  Oooh and there’s a fluffy bunny!


In the bathroom Gook Soo is again looking at his shoulder blades, happy to see that his “wings” are growing.

Kang Chil asks Jina if they can date. She’s unsure of what to say. She asks that he let her think on it. Kang Chil doesn’t understand why she has to think about it. For him it’s simple, if he likes her he asks her out, if she likes him she accepts. But Jina tells him that it’s normal to have to think about it, it’s a very human thing to do.

He teases her by telling he’s going to kiss her, he grabs her, and then stops. He has to think about kissing now. After he thinks about it he decides that he’s not going to kiss her anymore. It’s not fun. She asks him if he loves because he thinks it’s fun? He tells her that of course, otherwise why would anyone love.

Gook Soo pulls Hyo Sook in to ask her to witness his wings. She comes in screaming and protesting at the indecency of going into a bathroom together. Gook Soo convinces her to looks intently but after that much concentration she slaps his back telling him she sees it: He has a very dirty back.

Jina and Kang Chil spend time together drying each other off. He drops her off at home, but not without eliciting from her a promise that she’ll think for one week about whether or not to date him. She’s a bit surprised at his time limit, and he tells her that it’s because during his imprisonment he felt it easier to deal with if he knew things as soon as possible than if he were left hanging in suspense. She tells him that then they shouldn’t see each other for a week so that she can think without being distracted by him. She can’t think when he’s around.

They had two stalker witness this deal making process between them: Young Chul and Chang Gul.

Chang Gul is there to make a deal with Kang Chil. He’ll give Kang Chil a great amount of cash if he’ll double cross the double crosser Yong Hak. Kang Chul is pissed, and tells him that no amount of money will compensate for the suffering he’s had to go through, for the embarassment an humiliation his mother had to go through for being  the mother of an ex-con. He tells him that though for Chang Gul money may seem like the right compensation, for Kang Chil it isn’t because he’ll never get the stain of the label “ex-con” off, and it’s affected even his son.

Chang Gul panics a bit and tells Kang Chil that he better not think about exacting revenge. Kang Chil tells him that he won’t . If there’s one thing that prison life taught him, is that revenge is something that shouldn’t be pursued. On the other hand the truth is, and Chang Gul should be afraid, because he won’t stop until it’s uncovered.

The next day Jina is taking pictures of the brand-spanking new clinic when she notices that right next to the huge dog carving stands a miniature of herself.

At home Im Jung asks Kang Chil advice about how to handle the bully that’s been making trouble for him since day one. Kang Chil tells him that since the bully has only been messing with him when the teacher isn’t present, Im Jung should react in the teachers presence. However not by throwing punches but by hitting the bully’s desk and showing him that he has a temper too. Im Jung can’t believe that his father is actually telling him to pick a fight, but he does take it into consideration.

Im Jung informs Kang Chil of Hyo Sook’s feelings for him. Kang Chil is still oblivious since he’s only been thinking of her as a little sister. Im Jung tells him that marriage is no good, but if it’s the vet, well then it could be good. Kang Chil is happy that Im Jung thinks Jina is good, and praises him for having good taste.

Kang Chil drops Im Jung off at school and cheers him on for the day. The bully that’s been harassing him from the beginning start bugging him about the difference in last names between father and son and then trip Im Jung up purposefully.

Something good happens to Kang Chil and he’s overjoyed and as usual he hugs and gives Hyo Sook a kiss on the cheek, calling her his lucky charm. She takes the initiative and gives him a kiss on the lips, but Kang Chil is stiff and tells her that kissing her lips were like kissing his own lips (basically calling her his own flesh & blood- aka sister). She gets mad and then depressed. She asks him if the reason that he doesn’t like her is because he believes her to be a slut. Kang Chil quickly deduces that her ex called her those names, and asks her where he can go and find the jerk and pound him.

Hearing his offer of beating up her ex husband Hyo Sook becomes reenergized, saying that just hearing someone swear at that guy is enough.  She tells him that it’s like having a thousand soldiers behind her.

Gook Soo has been investigating about Yong Hak and his investigator has found out the place where he has his father hidden. Kang Chil asks him to go verify if the father is really there.

Mi Ja gets a call from Gook Soo’s father on the cell phone that Gook Soo’s gotten for her.  He’s called to verify that Gook Soo has been working really hard and the money that he sent home wasn’t dirty money.  Mi Ja is having a good day at the market, people keep buying from her. Of course it’s probably because of Gook Soo’s attractiveness that pulls the clients to her little stall.

Gook Soo starts whispering to her about his Angel status, but Mi Ja tells him that it defeats the purpose of being good, if he’s doing it to achieve something. He continues the conversation by asking her if she believes in miracles. She tells him that just the fact that a woman like her is alive is a miracle. He tells her that that’s not a miracle, a miracle is something big, something grand that can save a persons life. In my opinion both these points ov views are not something that has to clash as Gook Soo thinks  they do. It could go hand in hand the big and little miracles.

MiJa also asks him what he wants his wings for, to fly to heaven? Well he’ll get there when he’s old and dies, so why should he be in a hurry to fly away as young as he is.

Jina as gone to meet Young Chul’s hyung who pulled strings to view Kang Chil’s hospital information (hey! what about patient-doctor-institution confidentiality! Big Breach!). He tells Jina that the results from Seoul and the ones at the local hospital show that the cancer has regressed and he no longer need to have a transplant done. As Jina’s thanking Young Chul’s brother, Young Chul himself arrives. He’s pissed that Jina would go through all this trouble, even involving his brother for a guy she only has sympathy for. Jina tells him that it’s no longer sympathy, it’s attraction.

Young Chul goes to have it out with Kang Chil bringing alcohol to speed along their conversation, but to his annoyance Kang Chil doesn’t drink any of it (Kang Chil had decided to be the designated driver). Young Chul starts to ask Kang Chil if he knows how selfish he’s being by asking out a girl like Jina, Kang Chil starts laughing and stops, of course he knows he’s selfish.

Young Chul starts blustering about how Kang Chil isn’t good enough, because he doesn’t have money, or education. And he’s sick, he tells Kang Chil that Jina knows about his cancer because she was the one who ran him over, Kang Chil takes it all in stride. Afterwards Kang Chil asks him to stop and think about Jina, is Jina really the type of girl who had liked Young Chul for his money and education. He also adds that if he still likes Jina, he should take care of her when Kang Chil dies.

Young Chul doesn’t know what to reply to that, but we do realize that he’s pretty insecure about his own good points and uses his education and money as crutches. Since he doesn’t have anything to say to Kang Chil he gets up and demands a fight. lol.

Kang Chil takes him outside to fight, and it’s hilarious to watch the normally “cool” Young Chul drunk and stumbling around. I guess it’s his rendition of the drunken fist. Kang Chil dances around him, but when Young Chul stumbles and lands a blow on Kang Chil’s face Kang Chil punches him and Young Chul passes out from the blow and drunkenness

Kang Chil drives to Young CHul’s house. He looks around and wonders how much he’d have to work for him to own what Young Chil has, he asks him if it’s his money or his parents money he’s using.

Young Chul doesn’t answer him, just looks at him from his position underneath the shower head. He asks Kang Chil how he can just joke about his death and tell him to take care of Jina. Kang Chil wonders if he should have said that he hopes Jina will always mourn him and stay alone for the rest of her days. Also Young Chul shouldn’t worry so much, Kang Chil isn’t going to give up just like that.

At school Im Jung has taken his father’s ideas into consideration and stands up to the bully. However it turns out that the bully is the son of a chairman on the school board, so the one who ends up being scolded is Im Jung.

Kang Chil makes him apologize and apologizes on his behalf. Im Jung leaves mad at his father bowing his head and making him accept fault for something that wasn’t purely his fault. Kang Chil stays behind and tells the teacher that it’s not right to favour one boy over the other just because of monetary reasons, when the fault lay in the rich kid’s hands.

Kang Chil runs up to hhis son and Im Jung doesn’t want to talk to him. He wants a father that will stand up for justice and not just teach him to stay in school. He asks Kang Chil, if he were to be set up for murder like Kang Chil, would Kang Chil recommend him to keep his head down and accept the blame?

As he’s driving Kang Chil notices Jina’s car and walks down to see her. She’s looking around the stream for injured animals because there have been lots of them in the area ever since the stream was created.

Im Jung is walking home when Mi Ja catches up to him and starts to ask him about what happened.  He apologizes to her but he doesn’t want to follow what his father said even if he gets mad at him. Kang Chil comes up from behind and tells him that Im Jung doesn’t know what he thinks so stop trying to guess, and hurry up and come eat meat.

As they’re grilling the meat, Mi Ja tells Im Jung that Kang Chil is actually proud of him for sticking up for himself. Kang Chil tells her to stop filling up Im Jung’s head or he’ll get conceited. Im Jung smiles. Hyo Sook asks Kang Chil if he likes Jina and he answers matter-of-factly that he does.

The next day, Jina finds Kang Chil building crossing bridges for the animals at the stream. As they are working on more bridges together the rain begins to fall and they run towards Kang Chil’s wood working studio. They have a good time eating and talking.

Kang Chil asks her about her favourite flower and she answer the same way as his first love. She gets jealous that he’s with her but talking about his first love. He laughs and says that the lady never knew about his crush on her.

She asks who his first love was. Kang Chil tells Jina that it was a lady who used to be the only one who believed he was innocent even when his own lawyer didn’t. Jina ask him where his first love is now, and he tells her that he’d thought the lady had hated him and stopped going to see him but he found out that she’d died several years ago.

Jina tells him that the lady is probably looking down on him and taking care of him from heaven. He takes the opportunity to ask if she believes in miracles and she says she does, since having been born to her mother, among all the mothers in the world was a miracle. Kang Chil smiles that it is, two nice people being mother and daughter. Jina smiles and then asks him if he knew her mother since he talked as if he did. He distracts her from the question and doesn’t answer.

 Kang Chil runs out to get the car. When he returns Jina has fallen asleep. He squats in front of her and places his face centimeters from hers. When she wakes up, he tells her that he’s going to kiss her, and she should think later.

They kiss… finally a mutual kiss!


I love how Kang Chil is protective of Hyo Sook, because I understand that he sees her as a sister, but I also understand why she could get her hopes up about him. He’s so oblivious that he hadn’t noticed how serious she was about getting married, hopefully their relationship won’t turn sour.

I love how Gook Soo has become Kang Chil’s dongsaeng, and is treating Kang Chil’s mom like his own, and I’m glad that he’s getting his dose of mothering from her too.

I love the fact that Im Jung and Kang Chil are moving past their anger, and finally getting to know each other. I think Im Jung needs a family more than anyone since he’d grown up with only his mother and being rejected from his mother’s family, and also being considered a nuisance by the mother’s friend’s husband.


11 thoughts on “Padam Padam- Episode 8 Recap

  1. daniela says:

    Wow, how i love this show! It’s so realistic even if it has this fictional part of angels and miracles. I watched it once row and second subd, but now i keep reading the recaps with joy.

  2. BUNNNNY! You put the bunny picture first. <3<3<3 I love that she's a vet and we get animal pictures. AMINALS!

    I really do adore the family moments most. Jung is just so precious and his thawing towards his father is so well portrayed. Plus, that kid really knows how to act! And he's pretty to look at!

    I agree about the big and little miracles and what Mi-ja said. He needs to see life's bigger picture and right now 'angeldom' is a goal for him rather than a state of being.

  3. adrian says:

    Do you know what is the soundtrack playing on the scene where Jina and Kang Chil eats the noodles on the studio of Kang Chil.

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