Padam Padam- Episode 9 Recap

Padam Padam: The sound of his and her Heartbeat

Episode 9


So today we had: the Big Evil Prosecutor Faker, The Doublecrossing Doublecrosser who gets Doublecrossed, The Cheonsa-Hottie, The Kiss,  The Cute, The Hurt, and a slice of The Truth.  The end. 

Fine I’m kidding! that’s not all I’m going to say about this! of course not! Especially since I want to place all the pretty pretty screencaps that I couldn’t help but take^^


Kang Chil and Jina kiss.

After which they’re a bit awkward, and so divert their attention to the rain outside. Kang Chil votes that they wait until the rain subsides to go to the cars otherwise they’ll just have difficulties in moving the car through the muddy roads.

Jina looks at him and suddenly Kang Chil has to insist that he doesn’t have an ulterior motive for wanting to keep her in his wood-working studio. Jina laughs at his uncomfortable, awkward  and endearing self, and just tells him that she’ll wait until the rain stops then.

They sit around, and Kang Chil asks Jina what she thought about during the week that she asked for time to think about whether they’ll go out or not. She tells him that she didn’t think of anything in particular. He wonders why she didn’t there’s a lot to take in consideration: he’s poor, he’s uneducated, he’s an ex-con and he’s a cancer patient.

Jina’s surprised that he knows that she knows about his condition, but he clears it up by telling her that Young Chul was the one who informed him. SInce he knows that she knows, she asks him to get treatment, which he counters with a ” If I get treatment what will you do for me?” She tells him that she’ll grant him a wish, he decides that he will hold on to the wish and think about what he wants for a while.

While Kang Chil and Jina are getting cozy, Chang Gul and Yong Hak are in the middle of a stand-off city-slicker cowboy style. They arrive at a roundabout and stop their car accross from each other. They show each other their side of the agreement Chang Gul takes out a briefcase full of money and Yong Hak takes out a bloodied knife, then at the same time they throw it for the other to pickup.

However Yong Hak is in for a nasty surprise. Chang Gul had wrapped normal paper in money, so it wasn’t as much as it appeared to be. And that’s not the only surprise Chang Gul had prepared for Yong Hak, just as Yong Hak notices the fake-out a jeep rams into him and with that much blood loss from head injuries, he’s either dead or at the very least in a coma.

It’s morning now and Kang Chil and Jina wake up to find a little boar snuffling inside the studio. Kang Chil uses it as an excuse to stay together on the bed snuggling.

Two can play at double crossing and Chang Gul finds out that even though he double-crossed the double-crosser, the double-crosser doublecrossed him right back so it’s a quadruple-crossing… or something… my brain hurts.. lol  Yong Hak did not hand him the evidence, it’s just a knife with ketchup and not the one that killed Min Ho.

Chang Gul has a run-in with a fellow prosecutor who doesn’t believe in Chang Gul’s “good-guy” facade. He tells Chang Gul that he’ll be the one to take over the Yong Hak case this time.  I’m pretty sure this guy is going to make it into Chang Gul’s personal Deathnote.

More cute time with Kang Chil and Jina painting the studio doors green. Kang Chil asks that they lower their speech now that they know each other. However he’s a bit unsettled when Jina starts speaking in banmal and she asks if he wants to revoke it. He says he does. and she asks why just to goad him and Kang Chil tells her that it’s because it makes him want to sleep with her, she’s shocked and he tells her that she shouldn’t ask what’s on a guy’s mind.

After they part ways Kang Chil goes to work with Gook Soo and Im Jung. Im Jung tells Kang Chil that instead of apologizing to the bully he’ll do volunteer work.

Gook Soo starts to bug Kang Chil about what went on with Jina last night since they didn’t go home. Kang Chil tells him that nothing happened, and tries to shush him because Jung is there but Jung takes it all in stride and smiles at his father’s giddiness.

Gook Soo feigns disinterest after hearing that nothing happened, but now Kang Chil can’t keep silent. He giddily tells him that they kissed and suddenly it’s bromance central with Gook Soo hugging Kang Chil in a congratulatory manner.

Im Jung receives a threatening message from the bully and he ignores it. Kang Chil takes his cellphone and answers the challenge with a time and place. Im Jung’s shocked and asks them if they’re really his father and uncle and they laughingly say  “probably” and continue laughing.

At the vet clinic Jina asks Young Chul about work related things and he answers that he already took care of it and snarks that he did it since “somebody” needs to work around there. When she doesn’t rise to the bait of his snark, he asks her if she’s really going to become as thoughtless as Kang Chil. He wonders where the girl that thought a lot went. She tells him that she’s decided not to think because she thought a lot when she went out with him and look how much good that did them… snap!.

The annoying fish market ahjumma saw Kang Chil and Jina leave the studio together smiling and having fun, and she was shocked, mad and therefor did what all know-it-all annoying, bitchy ahjummas do. She went and tattled to Kang Chil’s mother.

She tells Mi Ja that if she were in Kang Chil’s mom’s position she would tell her son to give up on Jina because they’re too different. They don’t have anything in common, he’s not good enough, jabber jabber jabber.

Hyo Sook comes to see Mi Ja at that moment and Mi Ja urges her to get married to Kang Chil already.

Kang Chil and Jung walk over to the meeting with the bully and find themselves facing over 10 guys armed with wooden sticks.

 Kang Chil tries to reason with them and get them to go away, but they laugh and say that even if he were to go to the police because he’s an ex-con they wouldn’t believe his word over theirs. They swing at Jung and Kang Chil throws himself on top of him to protect him from the blows.

Suddenly he yells out calling Gook Soo and asking if he’s got enough footage. And then there’s Gook Soo holding two cameras where he’s recorded everything that has just happened.

From his vantage position Gook Soo threatens the thugs with sending the videos to the police and their parents. The Main Bully is abandoned by his lackeys.

Kang Chil and Gook Soo drag him to eat with them. While they’re eating the bully nervously avoids answering his phone, but they goad him into looking, and he sees that they had in fact not sent the video to the authorities they’d just sent it to him. Gook Soo tells him that he should not make so much trouble or he could end up like them.

Im Jung receives a message from his other possible father, who tells him that he’d like to meet him six months from now.

Hyo Sook confronts Kang Chil about his relationship with Jina and Gook Soo stops him from revealing their dating status.

Gook Soo goes to pay a visit to Yong Hak’s father. From the father’s response Gook Soo realizes that the evidence must be with him and not with his son. As Gook Soo is leaving the home a nurse comes running and informs the dad that Yong Hak is in a coma.

Jina and Kang Chil go out to eat to a fancy restaurant where Kang Chil is very out of place and uncomfortable.  They save a would be rape victim and almost get taken as the culprits by the police.

Jina laughs once they’ve succesfully escaped the cops and laughs saying that it was fun. Jina starts spouting all the things that she wants to do and she wants to do them all at one time. Kang CHil tells her to slow down , doing them one at a time is good too. She changes the subject unsubtly and asks if he wants to learn the names of the stars.

Kang Chil gets pissed that she’s disregarding him and taking on the role of teacher to him too well and well he wants to teach her stuff too. Because the guys in dramas all have something to teach the girl, but instead he’s the one getting taught and lectured.

They reconcile and Kang Chil shows her a carving that he’s worked on that has the two of them.

Suddenly Jina needs to get something from the convenience store but she never makes it inside because Hyo Sook is standing there and has seen them get off together. JIna makes the excuse that they met up on the road and that of course they aren’t together. She leaves Kang Chil standing outside the store and drives away.

Hyo Sook doesn’t believe her for a second and tries to get more info from Kang Chil but he’s in an angry/depressed/disconcerted mood and walks away like a zombie not hearing anything around him.

He spends the whole night and next day ignoring her calls. She decides to wait for him in his studio.

She tells him that she’s selfish so if somebody asks her again if they’re going out she’s probably going to answer no. When she’d said that she hadn’t thought about anything during the week hadn’t been true. She’d thought about how she could tell her father that her boyfriend is an ex-con, that he’s a nice guy who was framed, please trust him, and she found that she couldn’t.

Kang Chil looks at her and says that he’s finally realized that he’s been too selfish himself, and tells her to go ahead, to tell everyone that they aren’t dating, he’d asked for too much thoughtlessly. He says that a secret love is better after, it’s just for the two of them to enjoy.

He goes to take a shower and asks that she make some soup as an apology for the hurt..

As he’s showering he asks for a towel and she goes through his drawers looking for it. She doesn’t get to the towels because she notice that in one of the drawers the underwear  and the wrapping in the drawers were the same ones as the one she had sent to her mother’s protege in prison.


I wonder what Jina is going to do now that sh’es found out who he is. She’s already  uncertain about their relationship but now she knows that he’s the one who got blamed for her uncle’s murder.

At first I was mad at Jina for covering up the fact that she’s datihng Kang Chil. However as I thought about it, if it were me, I also would have a really tough time telling my family that I’m in love with an ex-con no matter how great he is. My parents would freak, and I’d be hard pressed to announce something that would likely cause them a stroke or cardiac arrest.

My complaint with Jina right now is that sometimes I feel like she takes on a condescending tone and speaks to Kang Chil like he’s an idiot. Which he isn’t, naive, and socially unadapted he may be but he’s not an idiot.

ooh and there’s a lot of the circular motif in this episode. The most obvious one comes from the roundabout doublecrossing incident- that’s circular in two ways: visually and in scene content. Then with KC & Jina’s relationship, she started out not sure and need to think on their relationship, then she’s sure she wants to not think and just act, and now she’s back to needing to think about it again.

Gook Soo continues to be a mystery to me.


13 thoughts on “Padam Padam- Episode 9 Recap

  1. Thanks for the recap 😀 Looking forward to the next episode.

    You’re right. I noticed that Ji-Na does seem to talk in a very condescending tone to Kang-chil and it’s annoying me.

  2. Mia says:

    Thanks for the recap. I’ve been watching the show on hulu with subtitles and got totally confused at the end of episode 9. I didn’t realize that she had sent the boxers to the prison.. I thought she had given the boxers to him right away in person. Makes sense now, thanks 😀

      • She’s so insecure that she treats his childlike mannerisms as indicative of a child’s mind frame. So not true. Sure he’s immature. But you don’t pat a grown man on the head unless you’re joking. She totally isn’t.

  3. utama says:

    “Im Jung receives a threatening message from the bully and he ignores it. Kang Chil takes his cellphone and answers the challenge with a time and place.”


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