Movie Review- Sunny (2011)

Sunny (2011)

What can I say about a film that made me look back on my own teenage years and wish just a little that I could go back to them? It’s great, it’s masterful and it made me think without letting my attention waver a second. The way it unfolds is an example of how to weave in flashbacks the right way, without letting us lose interest in what’s happening in the present. 

This drama is made up of lots of heart, lots of love, and a respectful look at what life as an adolescent is. It doesn’t forget that as kids going through puberty every sad occurence becomes a tragedy and every happy one a cause for celebration. Life as an adult can seem boring, often adults forget their childhood dreams, their aspirations for the future in the often boring pattern of everyday life. However it also reminds us that we can change that, we can decide to live our lives as the protagonist in our own lives instead of the supporting characters in somebody else’s.

For our masterful if somewhat disillusioned story weaver Nami, life has been good, at least looking at it through a stranger’s view; her husband is successful and her daughter is a bright student. However once you view it through her own eyes the bright gloss of her life is worn and there’s something lacking from it. This movie marks the journey that will polish that dullness until it shines. Her former Jjang Hwa Ja (teen: Kang Sora; adult: Jin Hee Kyung) is the catalyst for this transformation as she always has been since their first meeting.

Fierce Cosplaying Ahjummas^^

Also there are wonderful escapades that the adults participate in that grasped the intensity and vibrancy of their youth, even though it may seem weird and crazy by the rest of the world, it’s something that marks the women’s transition from viewers to participants in their own lives. 

In a way this reminds me of the Breakfast Club,  a bunch of misfits band together and form a group, but what’s better in this story is that they don’t just end after one Saturday together. They stand together despite their vast differences in personality and circumstance, and they make the most of their days in high school.

I loved the song that inspired the girl’s gang name. It’s “Sunny” a Bobby Hebb song written to keep up a good disposition despite bad things in one’s lives.

It cracked me up at the subtle references to modern day, without breaking it’s strictly 80’s aura.The one I found most hilarious: Sunny’s worst enemies named themselves “Girls Generation/ So Nyeo Shi Dae” and they (Sunny) considered calling themselves “Wonder Girls” but dismissed the name as being too corny… hehehe.

The acting was awesome from both sets- the teens led by Kang Sora as Chun Hwa,  made me feel for them despite the short amount we shared with them through the peeks we received from the flashbacks. The adults now led by Yoo Ho Jung(so pretty!) as Nami were so well cast that it was easy to see how the teens could have become the adults, not only by similarity in looks but by their aura the feel of the people that they were was still in them as adults.

Wanna find out why this happened? Watch it^^


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