Padam Padam- Episode 10 Recap

Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat

Episode 10


We all knew that the relationship had to hit rocky waters eventually I just wish they’d have more cute dates before they did… they went out for all of a week and now they’re breaking up. On the upside we finally get our angel! 


After finding the underwear she bought him and the package wrappers with her mom’s name, Jina is horrified and becomes flustered in front of Kang Chil.

She drops her bag and it’s contents searching for her phone to answer her father’s phonecall.

Kang Chil notices that she’s jumpy for some reason but she doesn’t say anything. After hanging up, Jina walks out of the studio using a patient as an excuse and Kang Chil asks her if she’s mad, she says she isn’t and drives away.

Detective Jung looks at the pictures from the time of Kang Chil’s arrest and remembers that it’s about time that Kang Chil be released from his sentence.

While she’s driivng Jina has a panic attack in which she starts to hiperventilate. She breaths into a bag to help regulate her breathing. She keeps thinking about the time she asked Kang Chil about the person who framed him and he had told her that he must be waiting for him to exact revenge.

When she gets home she’s confronted by Young Chul who has been waiting for her. He notices that she’s been crying and decides that it’s a good time to make his intentions for her clear.

Since he hurt her for two years by cheating, he’ll take it as she’ll hurt him back for two years and then after that times up he’ll still be waiting for her.  Of course it’s ridiculous and Jina let’s him know it’s not acceptable.

After Young Chul leaves Jina looks over her mothers planners and letters that she still had stored. In them she finds a letter and a certificate with Kang Chil’s face. The letter’s from Warden Kim, asking after her and telling her that Kang Chil’s still studying and getting several licenses.

Hyo Sook and Kang Chil got into a fight, with Kang Chil being extra mean to her to make her dislike him. She kept telling him that a woman who’s ashamed to be seen with him isn’t the woman for him, but he keeps up the front that he agreed with Jina, he won’t divulge the fact that they’re dating.

When Hyo Sook runs away pissed off and hurt Kang Chil asks Gook Soo to go see her and have a few drinks with her. Gook Soo spent his time with her trying to convince her to let Kang Chil go. He tells her that she didn’t really love Kang Chil romantically, he was just there and she thought that she could have him, but since KC’s got another love interest she’s mad.

She tells him that they kissed, and he counters that a kiss is nothing and pecks her on the lips (this is the Hit and Run Kiss) and leaves all bravado, stating how a kiss means nothing. Next thing you know he’s going down, an angel isn’t allowed to kiss, dontcha know?

Hyo Sook runs over to Kang Chil’s place and tells Mi Ja that Gook Soo is sick and ran away like a madman. Mi Ja tells her it can’t be too serious if he’s called Kang Chil to meet him at the school’s playing field.

Kang Chil finds himself alone at the school field until a swooping noise makes it to his ears and he sees a flying Gook Soo. This part could have been all cheese and corny, and completely cringe-worthy, but as always this show gives everything a new twist. Gook Soo got his wings, but he’s not comp

Kang Chil stares at Gook Soo in wonder, and asks more than a little sad if that means that Gook Soo will leave him after the three miracles. Gook Soo asks him if he’ll miss him and adorable Kang Chil replies with another question “will he stay if he says yes?” Gook Soo tells him not to worry when he leaves Kang Chil, Jina will be by his side instead.

However the more Gook Soo thinks about his own situation, the more angst he feels. Will he really become an angel or will he stay as a half human half angel “loser.” Not even Kang Chil’s loving “you’re a perfect angel to me” (awww bromance!) can cheer him up.

The next day Jina goes to see Warden Kim to ask him about what kind of man Kang Chil was. He tells her all about KC’s time and the meetings with her mother, even telling her that he thought the fact that KC took the full blame on the murder was unfair and probably due to the fact that the other kid was a judge’s son.

As Jina leaves he asks that she continue sending the underwear to Kang Chil so that he doesn’t have to know that Yoon Mi Hye is dead. She refuses and tells him that she can’t because though KC depended on her mother, he’s probably planning revenge on her father. (so now we know why she was freaking out- partially. Though honestly I think it’s a bit of a stretch since he’d specifically said that the one who framed him was the one worried about revenge, and her father hardly framed him, mistreated him -yes- but framed him -not really-)

YC: I ain't easy you know?

Its funny and cute to see how Kang Chil tries to approach Young Chul intent on being his friend, even telling Young Chul that he likes him and wants to be friendly with him. However Young Chul is as feisty as an angry kitten and through smiles and gritted teeth tells Kang Chil that he still hasn’t given up on Jina, so don’t make her cry! you jerk! When Young Chul leaves in a huff all Kang Chil can say is “cute!” hahaha, I guess when you have the upper hand in a love triangle it’s easier to be chill around the other^^.

After the little chat/spat with Young Chul, Kang Chil receives a call from Warden Kim, who tells him promptly that Yoon Mi Hye is dead (such a prompt plot device!). Kang Chil asks him how he found out and WK tells him that her daughter just went to visit him. Kang Chil realizes that she realized the night before who he was and that was why she was skittish and weird around him.

As for Jina she finds that her father’s not home after her chat with the warden, so she calls up her dad  and with tears falling she asks him to go on a hike with her. Her dad is thrilled that she’s initiating contact with him instead of the other way around and agrees to it quickly.

Her father on the other hand had gone to visit Yong Hak and seems to be saddened by the fact that a friend of his little brother is in such a critical condition. Apparently Yong Hak had gone to visit him a year after the trial and asked for forgiveness and after that he’d never seen him again.

While he’s there Chang Gul’s prosecutor enemy, Prosecutor Joo visits with Yong Hak’s dad, he’s taken the case on and he’s surprised to see Detective Jung there. Prosecutor Joo ends up leaving the hospital together with Detective Jung and his hoobae detective, who tells the prosecutor that he believes that Prosecutor Park was behind the freeing of the drug criminals recently and also behind Detective Jung’s transfer.

Chang Gul on the other hand is sitting in the proverbial hotseat with his father. His father the judge, who’s followed in his own grandfather’s and father’s footsteps. He warns Chang Gul that should he disgrace the name of his ancestors he’ll not be forgiven, even if he’s his son.

Detective Jung and his lackey are leaving the hospital when Detective Jung notices that Kang Chil is in the other lane and does a quick U-turn almost smashing into another car. But that almost crash was long enough for Detective Jung to lose Kang Chil. His lackey thinks he’s gone a bit nutters for pulling such a stunt.

Kang Chil is at the hospital checking Yong Hak’s belongings when the fathercomes up and asks him what he’s doing. The father seems not all their, or at least a very gullible man though sincere man, he tells Kang Chil to forgive Yong Hak because Yong Hak isn’t really a bad guy, and he’d wanted to give Kang Chil something.

Kang Chil says goodbye to Yong hak’s father and as he leaves eyes the cast on his leg. Kang Chil muses that the old man has had that cast for over two months now, which he finds to be an odd thing indeed.

Chang Gul receives a call from Kang Chil, who tells him that his father will be very disappointed in him. Chang Gul tells him that if he were afraid of the disappointment and discovery he wouldn’t have gotten Yong Hak and for that matter Kang Chil’s next on his to-kill/eliminate list. Kang Chil bluffs that he has the evidence and is only holding off from turning it in so that it could be more “fun”.

At home Kang Chil tries to call Jina but keeps getting her voicemail, as always when there’s anything rocky/difficult in their relationship Jina becomes a rock who can’t speak or hear anything. She’s run away from things yet again.

The next day they do run into each other at the research center but Jina tells him it’s too late to explain and say sorry. So it’s goodbye for the second time.

Young Chul’s decided that he’s a masochist because he’s been to all the cafes that they used to go to and remembered all the mean words that she’d said to him. He thought those mean words would make it easier to let her go but instead it made him want to hold on. When she ignores him, I laughed at his  “in the old days this would have worked, now nothing works” lol, player boy is losing his touch.

That night Kang Chil goes to see Jina at her house and rings the doorbell constantly but she continues to ignore him. Honestly I would have answered the door and let him talk just to stop that infernal ringing.

Kang Chil leaves when the annoying fish market ahjumma shows up and scolds him about visiting Jina this late at night. Gook Soo tells her that it’s because Jina owes them from the repairs, but she keeps scolding anyways… seriously her voice, tone and attitude grate on my nerves, I would have slapped her a bazillion years ago if she were on my case like she is on theirs. Seriously mind your own beeswax!

Gook Soo tells Kang Chil that there are two ways to go from there: 1) climb the fence or 2) walk away and wait. Kang Chil chooses choice two and Gook Soo decides to go with choice 1. Before climbing Jina’s fence he sends her a text informing her who he is and his intention of climbing over the fence.

Once in her apartment he wanders around and comes across the picture of Jina and her mom. Jina’s temper is simmering and she tells him to leave. He doesn’t pay attention, instead he faces her and tells her that instead of walling Kang Chil out she should speak her mind, find out what she wants to know and decide from there.

She tells him that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with Kang Chil. He should have walked away when he found out who she was. Besides, there’s no evidence that can assure her that he’s innocent.

Gook Soo gets pissed off at her for not believing in Kang Chil despite the time they’ve spent getting to know each other. He breaks out into one of the longest monologues ever, but I don’t mind because he’s great, his words are to the point and they let Jina know exactly what he thinks about her’s and other’s view on Kang Chil.

Evidence? I see. You don’t believe without evidence. Just like everyone else. Evidence? The evidence that’s been manipulated by the people with power? Yeah You’re right there’s no evidence that he’s not a murderer. There’s no evidence, so you should split up.  When I was in prison, he told me ” I was framed. I am here since I was 19. I was framed to get 16 years. Sentence was reduced to 12 and then I was framed for 4 more years.” I didn’t believe him at first. There was no evidence. I only had his words.  But one day I believed him. When he took the beatings for me. When he fought for the weak. I just believed him automatically after that.  But you don’t believe him even when you love him. You have to break up then. That’s how it works for the powerless. Have a good life. I will let him know. That you trust evidence more than love.

Kang Chil was standing at the door the whole conversation Gook Soo had with Jina. He asks Gook Soo to leave, who tells him to hurry and break up with Jina there are other women out there for him.

Detective Jung and Lackey have a small powwow where Lackey tells Detective Jung that Kang Chil lives in Tongyeong too.

Then we’re back to our protagonists. Jina tells Tenggie to get out and in the same tone of voice and with the same phrase she used on the dog, she orders Kang Chil out.  When Kang Chil doesn’t move from the spot, Jina turns on him and starts hitting him. She cries out that he should have left her alone when he realized who she was, or was she an instrument for his revenge? She hits and hits him until he pushes her onto the shelf and holds her there as she continues hurling vitriol at him.

When she asks him who he thinks he is, all he can answer “Someone your mom believed in.” Oof, my heart just squeezed so hard.


ok so wow… Jung Woo Sung… definitely should receive an award for this performance at the end of the year. He’s really pulled all the stops in his performance, he’s really pulled me to his side, to the point that I swear I could forgive Kang Chil almost anything in the following episodes. Really, I don’t think there’s anything that he can do now that won’t be forgiven (by me).

Gook Soo finally got his wings! I find that the fact that he’s worried, and angsting about his future is completely relatable. We all have our moments where we don’t know our purpose or direction and even when we thought we knew we still second guess it. So, although his situation is magical the feelings are rooted in a very human experience.

Oh and it’s interesting that the catalyst for Gook Soo’s wings to appear is a kiss, which supposedly angels aren’t supposed to kiss according to Gook Soo’s Angel 101 course.

I’m annoyed at Jina’s tendency to run away from conflicts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation where it’s the man who wants to talk things through and the woman won’t listen, and it’s the one situation where the role reversal doesn’t make me happy. And I know she’s more used to animals, but is it really necessary to talk to Kang Chil as if he were one?

I want to off Chang Gul, really. and then I want to make annoying ahjumma’s son into a convict so that she could just friggin’ shut up. Seriously woman, you annoy me.


11 thoughts on “Padam Padam- Episode 10 Recap


    Ji-na is in the doghouse. I hate her right now.

    Jung Woo-sung is the master.

    Love Gook-soo’s angst over his angeldom.

    As for Fish ahjumma, make HER a convict!!

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