Extravagant Challenge- Episode 5 Recap

Extravagant Challenge

Episode 5


Let there be more Gong Xi/He Lian moments! I’m glad that Siwon is now playing his part more convincingly, he’s been steadily improving so I’m quite pleased. The show isn’t the best, but the whole is better because most of it’s parts are engaging, for example Manager Du has my heart^^


Gong Xi and Liu Li Er face-off with words before they do it with acting talent yet again. This time it’ll be the tea ceremony.

During LLE’s time her mind wandered off more than not and she didn’t act seriously enough, causing the director to scold her.

Then it’s Gong Xi’s turn and she waits for the “Action!” on her knees with her face on the ground and her butt in the air. He Lian tells her that she should give up because when she does sit down on her legs, it’ll only worsen her pain and may damage her ankles more permanently. She doesn’t listen of course and tells him that she’ll go through with it, just wait!

Once the “Action!” is called Gong Xi surprises everyone at her poise again, and  He Lian acts seriously alongside her, something he hadn’t done with LLE. GOng XI reacts naturally to his acting and becomes upset that her acting got hijacked by him and made her react even when she knew the script.

The Director and the rest of the staff are impressed by the pair and LLE is completely offended and upset that they’re all (even He Lian) choosing Gong Xi. As she stomps away (unbecomingly) she passes by Manager Du who asks her if she really could do better than Gong Xi. Because the magic at work is not Gong Xi’s doing alone, it’s the fact that He Lian is acting seriously.

He Lian is acting seriously with Gong Xi because of her hard work and proper work ethic which can’t be ignored. The fact that Gong Xi is risking even her health to act is admirable and is respected by He Lian so he’s acting accordingly. Manager Du tells her bluntly that she wouldn’t have done that, Liu Li Er would have put off the filming schedule until her foot healed.  LLE realizes as she hears Manager Du and sees Gong Xi acting as if her pain didn’t exist that she’s lost that verve, that determination that used to drive her and now drives Gong Xi.

Gong Xi’s pain level is coming to the point that she won’t be able to hold it in much longer, but she keeps remembering Shang’s mother and how she would tell her to hold it together in front of the customer. He Lian and the Director interrupt the filming as they see a film of sweat form on her forehead and her eyes turning vacant. She’s there but not there, she can’t stop  smiling and relax because now she’s seeing He Lian as a customer, and only until he leaves will she be able to show her pain.

The director realizes that she views He lian as a customer and tells him to leave. As soon as He Lian is out of her line of vision, Gong Xi collapses in a faint.

After Gong Xi is carried out, LLE approaches the director, she finally realized what she needs to do. She will be as serious as Gong Xi is in her work and make He Lian act as her partner seriously by showing him her diligent hard working side. The Director is very pleased by her transformation and agrees to giving her back her role.

When Gong Xi wakes up she is accompanied by LLE and her manager. LLE is a little afraid that Gong Xi will be upset that she went behind her back and made a deal with the director, of course she doesn’t show her fear to Gong Xi but Gong Xi sees through the prickly attitude. Gong Xi tells her that it’s as it should be, she fainted during a scene, it’s only right that the role went to someone who didn’t- it’s the law of the fittest.

Manager Du, He Lian and the Director are meanwhile having a discussion of a similar nature. Manager Du feels that after Gong Xi acted to the point of fainting she’ll feel cheated at the role being snatched back by LLE. However He Lian points out that Director probably never meant for the role to really go to Gong Xi (evil masterminds the pair of them, I say) he was just using the opportunity to teach LLE the fear of losing a role and urging her to work harder ( evil masterminds! i tell you!). The Director does want to do something for Gong Xi as an apology for letting her act to the point of fainting.

LLE has gotten Gong Xi to forgive her by giving her a 100 pt stamp for her help, and Gong Xi is extremely pleased by that, reconsidering her evaluation on LLE’s character. Gong Xi is also not too displeased at how the competition played out since she’s upset at having followed He Lian’s rhythm when they were acting.

She looks over at He Lian and when she sees him turn his eyes to her, she becomes jumpy and nervous and trying to pretend that she was so NOT staring at him just a few seconds before.

Manager Du and He Lian have a meal together and Manager Du tells him that He Lian’s acting that day with Gong Xi was completely different from his acting before. He tells him that before He Lian’s acting was great and today it was excellent. He Lian tells him that it was nothing really, just him acting according to Gong Xi’s perseverance. Manager Du also tells him that as a prize/apology the Director had arranged a photo shoot for Gong Xi.

Manager Du goes to sneak a peek at Gong Xi’s photoshoot. Gong Xi is ecstatic, thrilled to have something to remember her transformation. As they are talking the Director tells her that she didn’t get the role not because a lack of talent, she might even have more than LLE, but things just worked out this way.

Gong Xi tells him that it’s alright and in fact she wants to apologize for letting herself be tricked and react naturally to He Lian. The Director tells her that that’s actually not something to apologize for since that meant she was into the role, it’s something that occurs often with professional actors. They become the role the play and as they interact with others they all react naturally and show different aspects of themselves in their work. Translated into Gong Xi speak this praise comes out to mean that she’s a “dumb dumb” who was being bent like a spoon through He Lian’s mental powers.

Just at that moment He Lian walks in to inform the director that there are paparazzi’s waiting to interview Gong Xi over the whole affair. (Gong Xi keeps glaring at him) The Director asks that He Lian and Manager Du escort Gong Xi out (though being He Lian such a huge star wouldn’t it make the paparazzi’s more interested in interviewing Gong Xi?)

He Lian and Manager Du walk Gong Xi to her room. She onnly thanks du first. HL asks her if Manager Du is the only one escorting her- she thanks the air around her. As they’re walking Manager Du asks her about her knowledge of the tea ceremony, asking if she’s gone to a “bride School” which she’s not familiar about. He tells her that it’s where skills like the ones she posesses are taught to ladies who wish to be “ideal” brides.

Gong Xi comes to the realization that everything she was taught all came around because of her association with Shang. Shang’s mother had taught her those important “ideal bride” skills because she was thinking of Gong Xi as Shang’s future wife. As she laments that she’s never learned anything for herself she falls to the ground.

ok and in my personal squee-worthy moment of the show, He Lian helps her stand and walks closely with her steadying her steps with an arm behind her back  and holding her tightly. She’s awkward about it but He Lian’s totally being the perfect gentleman and not because he’s putting up a “Nice guy” front, because she’s already seen how mean and caustic he can be, no it’s because he really does mean  to be helpful for her.  Even Manager Du agrees with me, as he wonders at the change that’s come over them.

And the next scene is my favourite WTF moment:  Gong Xi freaks out when the make-up artist appears in her room to remove the make-up.  Heh, it’s worse than the tantrums held by children, a panicked “I Don’t WANNA!!!!!!!!!”  and what’s the only thing that calms her down? He Lian quoting a commercial that Shang has for a cosmetics line, and the a warning that if she were to let her skin “rot” she’ll never be able to get near beating Shang. ( so that means that he’s researched on Shang… because just an episode or two ago he wasn’t even aware of who Shang was that he had to google him^^ So he IS interested in Gong Xi^^)

Also as a practical joke He Lian asked the make-up artist to give her “Magical Hair” hehe, if it isn’t the being mean because I like you tactic, I don’t know what is.^^

The next morning as He Lian and Manager Du are heading towards the gym for an early morning work-out they run across Gong Xi who’s preparing to leave. He Lian expresses his worry that yesterday her pain had seemed pretty unbearable to make her drop to the floor like that.

Gong Xi’s a little embarrassed now that she recalls what happened  and assures them that it wasn’t the pain that made her collapse like that. She admits that it was the fact that she realized that the fact that she knows the tea ceremony was due to her past association with the guy she now hates the most.

He Lian becomes disgruntled that the reason she worked herself so much yesterday was due to her determination to exact revenge, he asks her if it really was just that. Gong Xi is unable to refute him, because that was the initial motivation, but she now wants to learn how to act for her own self. He Lian expresses his disappointment by asking for her Love Me notebook and stamping it with a -10.

When Gong Xi is no longer in their presence Manager Du asks He Lian if he’s really not interested in knowing why Gong Xi has so much hate for Shang, He Lian says he doesn’t want to know and that he doesn’t agree with her use of hate as a motivation though he does admire how intense she is in pursuing her goal. Manager Du doesn’t buy it and thinks that despite He Lian’s denial he’s definitely interested enough that he carries with him the stamps.

This is my least favourite WTF moment, and it’s really WTF in the bad sense. What we get out of it is that Maria the LME president’s granddaughter is disturbing the rehearsals because she thinks the script sucks.

Gong Xi goes to the LME offices and asks for information on acting lessons but just as she exclaims that they’re expensive she comes face to face with Nan Qing who is looking at the same lesson.

Manager Shen comes running up to Nan Qin and begins to discuss about her addition to the Love Me section, which she tries to avoid discussing in front of Gong Xi. However as soon as she tries to leave the discussion, Gong Xi’s evil spirits tie her down and pressures her into accepting the offer, because Gong Xi’s tired of being the only member.

They walk around with their matching hot pink outfits, getting dissed by the acting students.

Gong Xi has a talk with the President in something that I think is supposed to be reminiscent of Charlie’s Angels but just seems like an over thought sequence that could have been better not existing. He could simply have just told her about Maria’s issue with the play script without the pointlessly weird sequence. But Gong Xi does get one good thing out: LME will waive the acting lesson fee if she helps out with the Maria issue.

Meanwhile Nan Qing is being a kick ass actress and showing up all the nay-sayers.  She plays both roles in the script flawlessly.

When the LME president shows up Nan Qing becomes a more gentle version of herself in an attempt to ingratiate herself with him.

Maria comes out at that moment and complains about the stupidity of a play where one sister causes the death of the mom but the older sister is very forgiving and tries to smooth the relationship between the father and the younger sister. It’s actually something quite similar to Maria’s story (which we found out through flashbacks during the wannabe Charlie’s angels sequence a short while before)

Gong Xi agrees with Maria’s reasoning and says that of course that it would be really strange that the sister be so kind and forgiving. The rest of the acting students get upset and tell Gong Xi that if she’s so great she should act out the story as she thinks it should be

Maria becomes worried about Gong Xi’s involvement since it jeopardizes her position as a LME trainee. Maria doesn’t want anything to cause Gong Xi to leave since she’s the only adult that treats Maria as an equal and doesn’t mollycoddle her.


Editing editing editing. seriously a LOT could be cut out and still make sense and make for a tighter more interesting view. A lot of the scenes with the LME president are pointlessly long and make me want to skip over it, erase it from existance.

Siwon, and Ivy have a good rapport with each other so the scenes where they are together are genuinely interesting and make me giggle or squee.


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7 thoughts on “Extravagant Challenge- Episode 5 Recap

  1. This was definitely the best episode yet. Or the first half is. So good I watched it twice. I was wish it was moving along faster. It would be so much easier if they cut more out. I totally didn’t notice that He Lian has researched Po Shang. Or perhaps he didn’t research, but now the mention of his name piques his interest.

    • Oh I watched it two times too^^ but I have to admit that I skimmed a bit when it got to the whole Shen/LME president thingy the second time around, because I couldn’t watch it without teeth gnashing, it’s just even less believable/interesting than in the anime or manga, and even then I usually just skip his parts too.

      • The way they’ve portrayed Shen is horrible. I love the He Lian/Du/Gong Xi posse. It’s fun to watch Du because he gets just as excited as I do about the development and often echoes my thoughts.

        • yeah that’s true! it’s like he’s a spectator to the whole thing like us, so he’s actually one of the one’s easiest to feel attachment to.

  2. They are spending so much time on Gong Xi and He Lian that I have absolutely no attachment to Sho. How are they going to compensate for that? In manga that’s ok, but on television it’s a tad different.

    Anyway, down with the president. OMG you could actually make his scenes funny if they introduced a bit of BREVITY. Then it could be a running gag rather than tedious.

    Ivy is really adorable.

    • I know, Sho has been sidelined a lot and I really want them to show more of him, but they haven’t. hmmm on the other hand GOng Xi and He Lian are so cute bickering.

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