Padam Padam- Episode 11 Recap

Padam Padam:The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat

Episode 11


Ok so today was a weeping fest, but the only one that really hit me and mattered was Kang Chil’s. Jina’s not so much, because she was jumping to all the wrong conclusions and kept running away. Though I forgive her some towards the end.  


Jina asks Kang Chil who he is to stay next to her after having killed her mom and her uncle who was like a friend. Kang Chil tells her that he awas simply someone who her mother trusted. He just nods when Jina points out that her father didn’t trust him.

He promises Jina that he’ll find the evidence no matter what, even if he dies. She just tells him that even then she would break up with him. He accepts it, barely holding back his own tears.

 Even if I don’t want to I’ll break up with you. Don’t worry. I won’t stay if you don’t like me. It’s not right. I’m sorry. It was my fault… Stay healthy. Be well

After he’s out of her presence, alone in his woodworking studio, Kang Chil cries his heart out. Seriously I think I must be a sick-o because I found that scene so beautiful. It really struck me very hard, I wish I could cry instead of him and yet it was a great moment.

Jina goes to pick up her dad at the local pharmacy where he often hangs out with his cop partner. (he has a rush on a much younger pharmacist). Jina and her dad are going to go on a bonding trip because she felt guilty about going out with Kang Chil now that she knows who he was.

Hyo Sook and Gook Soo share a meal at Hyo Sook’s place. Hyo Sook starts to mess with him saying that since after he kissed her her he got his wings then the true owner of his wings is her. She tries to sneak a peak, but instead ends up falling on top of him. They both realize the awkwardness, and Gook Soo feels his heart beating extra fast.

He hurries out and goes to the rooftop of the apartment building. He launches himself from there his wings spread and he’s soon flying over the town.

However all is not well, as he’s flying he suddenly get’s shot as the moon and the surroundings glow red. He spirals to the ground and ending up at the docking area. When he picks himself off and checks his chest for a hole and blood a second shot is heard in the distance.

Jina and her dad are sharing a warm drink in the morning as they hike back down the mountain. Jina asks her dad about her cousin, and he wonders why she’s mentioning him now. She tells him that it’s because she was just remembering how “cute” her uncle’s jealousy fits were, her dad says “cute?!” he’d often gotten pissed off by those fits though he says that it was probably because of the types of parents they’d both had so it wasn’t a wonder that he’d needed more attention.

Kang Chil continues to build animal bridges, even though Jina is no longer his girlfriend and his mother tells him he’s being an idiot over someone who’s turned him down.

Jina and her dad share a drink and Jina asks him if he really misses her mom. He tells her that he never had thoughts of seeing them again, just that he has many regrets about the way he’d treated them because if he’d known they would leave suddenly like that he would have treated them better.  (I still can’t buy the fact that he’s so sad, he mistreated his brother and his wife so badly, beating them. I really don’t like him even though under other circumstances I’d find myself feeling sympathy for him, but he was a crappy brother, husband and dad, so no I can’t. And regretting something isn’t enough for me to forgive him. )

Jina makes an appointment with the lawyer that her mother had talked to before her death seven years ago.

Her dad meanwhile has his cop lackey/partner investigate wher Kang Chil went after he was discharged.

Prosecutor Joo has a talk with Prosecutor Park (Chang Gul). Joo tells Chang Gul that his father the judge had ordered him to investigate the matter about the blackmail issue.

Chang Gul goes to his father to complain and say that he’s really being framed, that Kang Chil’s the one blackmailing him. His father is beyond pissed and he tells him that if Chang Gul has nothing to be blackmailed about then he wouldn’t be getting blackmailed. He tells Chang Gul not to go home again.

Kang Chil goes to have his first round of chemo and Gook Soo thinks he’s being silly if he’s keeping a promise with someone he’s  broken up with.

Kang Chil and Jungie have a battle in some game (maybe Starcraft? I’m not familiar with games so I don’t know) at the local PC bang. Kang Chil wins easily over his son, and Jungie’s classmate praises him, and Kang Chil wonder’s if she’s Jungie’s girlfriend. Jung rejects the idea and when she tries to invite herself to the father-Son dinner, Jung shoots her down. Kang Chil tells her that she’s better off liking the other classmate than Jung.

As Jungie and Kang Chil eat together, Jung tells him that if he wants to cry he can.  How can Kang Chil still eat and act like every thing’s ok after being dumped. Kang Chil tells him that it’s because he wants to let Jungie see that his father went on despite hardships in love.

Jung asks him about the chemo he’s going through and asks if he’s going through with it because he’s hurting. Kang Chil assures him that he feels fine but he’s going through with it because he wants to keep a promise with Jina and because he now has Jung. And he leans over and begs “Come on stay with us!” with lots of aegyo. (I didn’t know JWS had aegyo in him but with this character I’m discovering a lot of things about him!)

Jung smiles and scoffs but he tells Kang Chil that he should cry if he wants to because it’s hard to see Kang Chil laugh when he’s hurting. Kang Chil says that he’s happy because Jina loved someone whose own mother said was unloveable.

Jung get’s cutely upset at Jina for “messing around” with his dad. He tells Kang Chil that if she was going to be like that she shouldn’t have even started. Jung’s phone starts ringing and Kang Chil rubs Jungs face and tells him to answer it as he leaves.

The caller is Lee Suk who was the person in the other photo Jung’s mother held onto, the other possible father. The guy has arrived in Seoul and wants to meet him.  Kang Chil uses that moment to knock on the store window and tell him to go straight home.

The next day Kang Chil and Gook Soo are clearing the snow at the facility where Jina studies, because they are waiting for the materials to arrive. Jina passes by without so much as a glance and yet Kang Chil’s gaze is fixed on her. Gook Soo sighs and tells him that if Kang Chil likes her so much he should just take her somewhere and sleep with her. oh this angel is so naughty… And Kang Chil thinks so too because he slaps Gook Soo on the head.

During their lunch break they go to the facility cafeteria, but it’s so full and the only spots open are with Jina’s study group. It’s awkward, and made even more so by a girl who starts flirting with them to make her boyfriend jealous.

As Kang Chil and Gook Soo are leaving they pass by Jina who’s car has broken down. Gook Soo, who’s driving, pretends that their’s has stopped too and makes Kang Chil get off to push, and then pulls the classic move of leaving him behind. Just before he drives off Gook Soo tells him to look in Jina’s trunk.

Kang Chil walks back to Jina’s car. He looks under the hood and then checks her trunk. Sure enough Gook Soo had taken out a pair of fuses. Kang Chil places them back in and walks away refusing Jina’s offer for a ride, telling her to look after herself instead of butting into his affairs.

She blocks his path and tells him that he shouldn’t talk to her like that, because it was hard to even offer him the ride. And finally he asks her what he should do then? Treat her well and hold her hand and ask her to run away? But really how can he be with someone who doesn’t trust him. How could she even think that he would use her as a means for revenge. Did she really think so low of him?

She reminds him about his comment about revenge. He blows his top and screams

Park Chang Gul! the guy who stabbed your uncle, Park Chang Gul! Whether you believe what I said or not it’s up to you. I have said what I need to say. Don’t talk to me again.

Jina’s face starts to quiver and Kang Chil looks away before starting up again.

If you’re going to leave, just leave. I have liked  your mother across the visitor’s window for 9 years. I have waited 7 years without hating. Not seeing, not getting to meet someone I like… and living like this. I’m used to it! It doesn’t hurt me! I’m ok!SO JUST LEAVE!

Jina breaks down crying in her car after he leaves.

Gook Soo is waiting for Hyo Sook. He wants to kiss her again because he needs it for his wings. Hyo Sook tells him that she doesn’t care about angels or whatnot, is her mouth public property? Also that he’s moving her heart and she doesn’t want to. She’s decided to live for her daughter.

As Hyo Sook leaves, Kang Chil’s mother walks up and hits him. She tells him that he better leave Hyo Sook alone because she’s been hurt enough to last a lifetime.  She tells him that she wouldn’t trade 10 of him or 2 of Kang Chil, it hurts her to think that they’re both messing with Hyo Sook.

Gook Soo is offended that she’s scolded him and said that he’s not worthy of Hyo Sook.

As he’s standing there a shot goes into his chest and he begins to see more of the details in his prophecy. He sees Kang Chil getting shot but he can’t tell who the shooter is yet.

Kang Chil meanwhile is working on a model of the village lovingly.

And we cut to Jina’s father handling a gun very much like the one in Gook Soo’s vision.

Jina’s dad’s Cop partner has found out about Kang Chil’s mother and sits in his car observing her.

Prosecutor Joo hands over a sheet with names to Jina’s dad and asks him to investigate those drug dealers.

Gook Soo went to see Kang Chil and tells him about the visions and laments that he’s the most useless person just like his father said. He can’t keep Kang Chil alive and he’s going to die. Kang Chil tells him that he won’t let Gook Soo die, but GOok Soo is still depressed.  As Kang Chil leaves the face behind the gun becomes a bit clearer.

Jina goes to her appointment with the lawyer her mother had hired. He gives her a photo and tells her that the knife that was used as evidence wasn’t the one that delivered the fatal cut through the lungs.

Jina asks him what her mother could have wanted by appealing a case where it would be hard to find evidence. The lawyer tells her that winning or losing hadn’t been important to her mother, she’d only wanted Kang Chil to know that there was at least one person who believed and trusted him and she’d wanted it to be Jina.

Jina’s dad is informed that Kang Chil lives in the same town as Jina does and even fixed her clinic. He rushes out of the restaurant.

Kang Chil is waiting for a bus when Jina comes by and asks him to get in her car, which he refuses because he doesn’t think he could go back to being just friends. She takes him to the shore to talk.

She tells him that even if he didn’t actually kill her uncle he’s still guilty since he’d been there. Yet, she asks that he let it go, and let it be in the past, he should just drop his revenge. Her mother believed in him so that should have been enough. he tells her that her mother felt pity for him more than anything and sometimes she still had the “what-if” look in her eyes.

[…] I want to say I’m not a murderer! Everybody apologize to me! forget because it’s in the past? You can’t love me because of this, your father is still angry because of this. How can it be over because it’s the past? Don’t ever talk to me. Don’t even act like you know me.  If I ever see you again. I won’t let you go. Go while I let you.

As he’s walking home he receives a call from Jina who tells him that he should find the evidence, and get everybody to apologize to him. She tells him that meanwhile she wants to apologize for breaking up with him, please meet with her at the woodshop.

Just as he hangs up, Kang Chil’s assaulted by her father. Bitter father beats him up and threatens him with a gun pressed between his ribs and hip bone. at that level he’d probably shoot a kidney… but he won’t get shot just yet because Gook Soo’s vision was of a bullet in the chest, hitting the heart or very close to it.


Ok my favourite part of this episode was Jungie!! he’s actively trying to get to know his father and he’s trying to comfort him too. What’s interesting is that their relationship is a little closer to friends than father-son, and yet Kang Chil is also treating him more and more like a son.

Finally Jina and Kang Chil faced their problems, he’s said all he could and she’s finally thought it through and accepted him as he is, with his past. However there were parts that I just wanted to smack Jina a good one so that she could stop being such a little drama queen, holding pity parties for one.

It’s interesting that Gook Soo is starting to have feelings for Hyo Sook because for an angel that’s supposedly not possible. I also feel that he’s very relatable because just like any one of us, he’s not sure of his own future, being an Angel suddenly doesn’t guarantee him life, and he’s finally realizing his own mortality. It’s kind of what everyone goes through, when we’re very young death doesn’t seem like it could touch us, but as we grow up and some friends leave us behind, we realize we’re not immortal after all.


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