Padam Padam- Episode 12 Recap

Padam Padam: the Sound of HIs and Her heartbeats

Episode 12


Gook Soo and Kang Chil just tore out my heart. Seriously.


Gook Soo and Jung have an argument. Jung wants to do the DNA test because he wants to know for certain that Kang Chil’s his dad. I think he’s definitely hoping for a match with Kang Chil at this point. And Gook Soo wonders why that’s necessary, grandma is really good to Jung and his father well hasn’t been the best father but he’s changing and trying.

Gook Soo goes back to hanging upside down,  (he figures he might be a bat, not an angel) as he’s doing that the vision about the shooting clears and he sees Jina’s dad on the other side of the gun.

Gook Soo drops to the floor running and as he passes Jung he shouts “hurry your father might die!” Jung immediately takes off running after Gook Soo

Jina’s dad meanwhile is raving at Kang Chil about knowing other criminals like him, and that he’s not a cop for nothing, etc. Me thinks he should of never been a cop, it seems like he likes lording over people with his power.

As Gook Soo & Jung near their house they arrive at the spot where Kang Chil is being beat up. Gook Soo immediately jumps into the fray but is flipped over and kicked and receives a beating of his own. Jung picks up a piece of wood, but Kang Chil yells at him to stay away to leave them there and go hom. (Yeah like he’ll leave the father he’s accepted). 

Jina’s father growls at Kang Chil like the beast he is that Kang Chil better leave Tongyeong, even if it’s his hometown and his family is there, because the next time he sees him he’ll kill him.  I hate this man, I hate him! I HATE HIM!

Gook Soo calls Young Chul and asks if he can go there. Upon hearing what happened Young Chul tells him to come over to his house.

Meanwhile Jina’s admiring the model Tongyeong that Kang Chil’s lovingly and painstakenly created.

Jung gets upset and asks Kang Chil what’s wrong. If it’s “your fault I’ll go report it at the station. if it’s his I’ll kick his ass” Kang Chil asks him if he’s worried about him, but he does assure him that he’s done nothing wrong because he doesn’t want Jungie to learn anything bad from him.

As Jung is leaving Gook Soo arrives with ointments and he tells Jung that he better help keep Kang Chil away from Jina because it was her dad that beat him up.

Gook Soo receives a call from Jina. He’s  passive agressive in his answers, but does tell her that they’re at Young Chul’s. He wants her to see what damage her dad is capable of.

Once inside Young Chul’s Gook Soo tells Kang Chil that he should break up with Jina for good, because the guy in his vision that was shooting them was Jina’s dad. Kang Chil tries to call Jina to tell her not to go see him, but Gook Soo rips off the phone cord.

Young Chul who’d been calmly setting up his first aid kit, gets up and looks at Gook Soo. Gook Soo asks him where a person would go to report getting beat up because he’s going to report Jina’s dad. Young Chul is surprised and Kang Chil shoves Gook Soo into a wall.

Gook Soo shoves Kang Chil off of him, and Young Chul ineffectively tries to grab their attention. Gook Soo continues yelling and asks him if he’s gone crazy and decided to die for a girl.

Young Chul, bless his petty little heart, despite being arrogant and disdainful at other times, is honestly worried about Kang Chil and treats him. and once Jina arrives he lets her in and goes out to let them have their alone time.

When Jina’s with him he invents a story about trying to save a girl and that’s why he got beat up. Before she leaves he holds her back by softly holding onto her hand.

She gets the courage to apologize to him for breaking up with him. Kang Chil tells her to go.

You can leave now. It’s not because I don’t like you, or because I’m angry at you. An apology would be fine. Also once I like someone, I don’t take it back because she does something wrong. Once I like her, I will always like her.

Jina wonders if that’s so then why is he asking her to leave.

Because once you come back to me, I won’t let you go again. If you don’t think that you can go until the end with me, you should leave. If you’re going to dump me again after seeing me again and try to leave me,  then I think, sending you away will be like sending away Yoon Mi Hye. It will be hard and it will hurt. You will think of your dad and you can’t stay far away from him forever,  then you and I will hurt.

Jina for once in her life does the impulsive, heartfelt thing and kisses him. He tells her that she’s fearless and tries to convince her to leave, but she kisses him again to shut him up.

Young Chul receives a call from Jina’s dad and covers for her telling him that she’s in his house in his bathroom, and that he’ll send her home right away. Then he calls Jina to tell her that her father’s at her house.

Kang Chil walks her out to the door and they kiss again. Kang Chil tells her that until he finds the evidence she shouldn’t say that she’s dating him.  They’ll date outside of the town.

As soon as she turns around he grabs his left hypochondriac region, where we have bits of almost every internal organ. Hmm… I hope it’s not going to be damaged internal organs, or it could be referred pain from somewhere else, like his liver. Anyways… when Young Chul goes back in he finds that Kang Chil has fainted in the bathroom.

Gook Soo goes home after being chased away by Hyo Sook at the little restaurant she works in. At home he is scolded by mom for not working, eating or sleeping, and he asks her if she’s only worried about them not making money, after all she said that she wouldn’t trade 10 of him or 2 of Kang Chil. Mom scoffs, as if she lives off of his earnings.

Gook Soo asks her if she hates him and she tells him that even her own child is a burden but she still cooks three meals for him and washes his underwear. Then she tells him that even her only son doesn’t come home to him.

Gook Soo gets really hurt, he’d though of Kang Chil as his real brother,  Mi Ja as his mom and Jungie as his nephew, and now she’s treating him like a guest. He tells her that they shouldn’t be like that to him, he’s going back to Seoul then.

Young Chul wanders into his kitchen and finds Kang Chil cooking for him in thanks. Young Chul asks him if he’s getting treatment for his cancer and Kang Chil assures him that he just got the first round and the doctor has told him that he’s healing steadily.

After that’s over, Young Chul feels the need to restore order to the world and he tells Kang Chil that just because he helped him and then left him alone with Jina last night doesn’t mean he approves of them. He still thinks Kang Chil is a selfish scumbag who doesn’t deserve Jina.

The true scumbag, aka Jina’s appa, is telling Jina to leave for her study abroad soon. She tells him that not right now because she has a study group that finishes in January, maybe she will then.

Gook Soo goes to see Kang Chil as a last ditch effort to make him leave Jina. He asks if Kang Chil chooses him or Jina. Kang Chil avoids the question and tells him that warden Kim had been there and asked about him, wondering if he’s turning into a thug.

Gook Soo asks him again if it’s him or Jina.  Kang Chil can’t answer and Gook Soo takes it to mean Jina. Hurt to the core he says that his predictions have never been wrong, he decides that since Kang Chil isn’t listening to him he’s better off leaving for Seoul.

Kang Chil asks Hyo Sook to talk to Gook Soo and make sure that he doesn’t leave. Can she stop him? She’s pissed off at Gook Soo but she caves and calls him.

Jina and Young Chul go to vaccinate some farm animals. Young Chul asks her how long she thinks she can hide her relationship from her father. He’s already in a pissy mood so when He comes across Jina’s dad he explodes. He asks if  jina’s his wife for him having to follow her around, he also tells him that Jina’s smarter than he gives her credit for so just let her be. oh and also, why would you go and beat up a guy… and let’s it go there.

Jung has gone to see the other potential dad, but he doesn’t seem too happy.

Annoying Fish Ahjumma is annoying, she’s a friggin’ gossip and she never has anything nice to say. They run across Jina, Young Chul and her father arriving from the day’s work  and Ahjumma is her usual grating annoying self.

Hyo Sook offers her lips to Gook Soo, but she asks him if he really hates her. She tells him that she still has a heart despite all the troubles she’s been through and it flutters when she’s with him, can’t they go out? He doesn’t respond but he’s not really at that point yet, he hasn’t realized his feelings quite yet.

As he’s about to kiss her and accept her “sacrifice” he stops. He tells Hyo Sook that his heart does flutter when he sees her but since he’s not human he can’t like those feelings.

Kang Chil’s mom goes to visit Jina to apologize for Kang Chil, and thank her for turning him down right away. Jina’s uncomfortable with the conversation but doesn’t say anything. Mi Ja gives her a fish as a thank you for not leading Kang Chil on.

Jung meanwhile is having his own drama with Lee Suk who’s trying to force him to take the DNA test. Jung asks him if his two sons and wife know about this and when the guy says that they do, he scoffs and says that they are so nice! But he doesn’t want to.

Gook Soo is back home and as he gets undressed he tells Mi Ja that he hasn’t forgotten that she said that she wouldn’t trade ten of him for Hyo Sook, so now he’s been demoted from omma, to simply ahjumma.

She tells him, to his surprise, that she’s fine with that, because his true mother must be sad to hear her son calling another woman omma, she knows she would if Kang Chil did the same thing. And then she buys him with fried Chicken,and asks that she apologize. She does it to appease him and he tells her he’ll still call her omma anyways.When Kang Chil arrives Gook Soo dives under the covers and pretends he’s not there. Kang Chil looks at the bump in the covers and closes the door back up. lol.

Once they’re at work the next day, Gook Soo tells him that he wants to fight it out And they do just that. I think Kang Chil’s evaluation that Gook Soo is scarier than he is, is quite accurate. He’s scrawny but he puts all his anger in his fights…  Kang Chil doesn’t even really hit back.

After Gook Soo’s tire and stops hitting, Kang Chil begins to talk. He tells him that if Gook Soo had asked if it’s him or Gook Soo, Gook Soo would win for sure. But asking between Gook Soo and Jina was unfair and he didn’t know how to answer that.

Gook Soo tries a last ditch effort to convince Kang Chil, evoking his son and his mother, that if he wants to live he should break up. But Kang Chil says that doing this is living, and even without Gook Soo they will eventually break up because Jina can’t stay away forever from her father.

Gook Soo starts to cry as he listens to Kang Chil, and he tells him fine, he’ll go to the end with him, because if he fails to complete his mission he won’t ever become an angel. He can’t become a guardian angel if he kills the man he’s supposed to protect. He’ll just become an angel and go to see his mom. He does ask that if he’s about to die then Kang Chil needs to go save him, ok?

Kang Chil cries together with Gook Soo and they hug each other. Kang Chil reminds him of their motto from their time in prison.

” Let’s not think about the difficult past or the dark future. We have this moment right now. Tomorrow is Tomorrow. Live this moment!”

Chang Gul and some weird guy communicate after weird guy breaks in and sees some files dated 1994-1996.

Kang Chil and Gook Soo go to see Yong Hak’s father, to talk to him about the cast he’s wearing, and give him some money. They ask him about the cast, and about Yong Hak, the dad asks him if he knows where the evidence is why doesn’t he go for it. and Kang Chil tells him that it’s what’s keeping Yong Hak and him safe.

Kang Chil and Gook Soo decide that they’re going to have to move Yong Hak to another hospital, because it could become dangerous for him and his father.

From another room one of Chang Gul’s lackeys calls hims and tells him that the cast the dad’s wearing was not made by the hospital, So they come to the same conclusion that that’s where the evidence is hidden

As Kang Chil and Gook Soo receive pay for Kang Chil’s art pieces, they witness a proposal to a girl from Jina’s study group. When GOok Soo hears the girl ask the guy if it’s a real diamond, he wonders at the fact that girls became “beggars” while they were both in jail.

Jina and Kang Chil go on a date and she tells him that there are many things that she wants to show off about him. for one he never get’s mad at her, he listens to her well, he likes animals like she does and his art pieces are good enough to be shown off in a gallery.

I hate the stupid Fish ahjumma so much.  She crosses paths with Jina’s dad and Young Chul and she begins to scold them about letting Jina go out with an ex convict, and about letting her live in a house by herself. Young Chul tries to ask what’s wrong since Jina has him to protect her and she tells him that he’s no good. Jina’s dad meets up with busy body annoying not even human fish ahjumma who tells him where Kang Chil’s wood working shop is. 

Jina and Kang Chil are at the market and come across little chicks. And Jina discovers Kang Chil’s fear of baby chicks.

Jina’s dad goes to the wood shop and sees for his own eyes how Jina and Kang Chil are enjoying each other’s compay.


So I love Jina and Kang Chil together they are so cute, but today was also the first time I wasn’t annoyed one bit by Jina. She’s really stepped up to the plate and is taking responsibility like an adult for her attraction to Kang Chil and she’s no longer running away.

The hard hitting emotional punch was actually the time spent between Kang Chil and Gook Soo. Gook Soo was afraid of dying and having Kang Chil’s death on his hands so he tried to break away but he’s realized that he can’t anymore, he cares too much now, and so he’s in it for the long haul now.

on another completely different note, I HATE THE FISH AHJUMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRR!!!!!!!!!! She’s evil of the worst kind because she thinks she’s actually a nice law abiding lady. I’d rather 10 evil villains who accept their villainy than one evil but un-self-aware bitch.

And I hate her father too, I get it, he’s bitter about what happened to his brother, but Kang Chil wasn’t the only one there why does he bear the brunt of his hate, while he tried to curry favour with Chang Chul, who was also involved? He’s also a policemen he should have been aware that there probably had been two knives involved and the one that was used to convict Kang Chil wasn’t the one that killed Minho.


6 thoughts on “Padam Padam- Episode 12 Recap

  1. daniela says:

    This show makes me cry and smile!
    I love the chemistry between the main leads: i feel their love so true. It’s the second or third time in my entirely history of k-drama (In Yi San I had the same feeling).
    And I hate her father too!!!!!!!!! He is the stupidest police man ever! and his younger college seconds him 😀

    Thanks for the recap!

  2. May says:

    aww i played that touching scene several times! such a load of beautiful emotions! id give away two thirds of my life to have a friend like that

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