Week 10 – H.O.T.


So I know, a late 90’s boy band as the following post after Gackt, is very strange, but I can’t deny that I like some boy bands. As I’ve already said many times I’m a fan of H.O.T.’s SME hoobaes Super Junior. Though H.O.T.  came before Suju, it was through looking at Suju videos that I found out about them. I began to listen to them and their style reminded me of US boy bands – NSync, Backstreet Boys, 98 degrees, etc, which I’d enjoyed though never fangirled. 

So H.O.T. is an acronym of “High-five of Teenagers” I know, I know- it’s better to leave it as H.O.T. right?

Anyways they had five members: Moon Hee Jun, Jang Woo Hyuk, Tony An, Kangta, Lee Jae Won, the “leader” was Moon Hee Jun.

Though I found out about them through SuJu I feel that their contemporary equivalents are DBSK, because they are both sort of more into “mysterious” concept, and therefore less known for scandals and what not.  While Shinhwa’s (band from SME that in 03′ left the company) who debuted after H.O.T. had more freedom- their concepts has more in common with SuJu who are marketed with “friendly, easy to approach” concept. Even Moon Hee Jun said that he often envied Shinhwa’s freedom.


Candy- The one that Suju and just about every other boy band has performed at one time or another on variety shows^^ It’s so cute and fluffy and 90’s I keep bouncing my head to it as I listen. It makes me smile^^ It’s actually right up there with another of their songs: Haengbok (though admittedly I liked SJ’s version first) , and Suju’s Miracle in my list of all time favourite happy music.

Haengbok- The other happy song that I simply adore^^ it makes me smile, sue me, even if these boys are wearing old school clothing and making weird noises it still makes me crack up and smile.

We Are the Future- Ok so how weird is it to watch these guys singing about being the future, going against adult expectations and taking charge of our own future, and knowing that they’ve become the adults to this current generation? However it’s still a great song, and I’m kind of sad that I wasn’t aware of them back then. I’d probably have been love with them too.

Iyah,  I like the concert version of this song because of the sweeping orchestra score that sets up the song. I like watching the orchestra play.

Prayer for you- this is really a heartfelt ballad, and I love that the lyrics are basically declaring a wish that if there’s another life after this one and he’s reborn that he’ll be reborn to be with her again.  I think it displayed their vocal talents that’s not always heard in their rap-style songs, for sure it’s a song that makes me stare off in bliss.

Outside Castle- I totally like the beginning instrumental portion of the song, it’s so dramatic, and then in the music video they’re being as dramatic as the music score. When it switches to their voices, it’s not a completely smooth transition, it’s actually a little surprising, but since they keep the strings through the whole song it’s something that ties both portions together pretty well.  Hee Jun with his red hair and pale face kind of looks like a J-rock vampire… lol… that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Happy Together with former Idols: Moon Hee Jun(H.O.T) , Eun Ji Won (sechskies), Kim Dong Wan (Shinhwa), Tae Woo (G.O.D)-

An excellent site for lyric translation for older song: Aheeya.com– she has the translations for all of H.O.T’s songs.

Old school show X-Men: Kangta(H.O.T.) vs Minwoo (shinhwa)

Kangta performed Candy and Haenbok alone- he’s a really great singer, but I kind of missed the stage with all of them, and I never saw them live or while they were still together.

not completely unrelated: a set of videos of bands who redid/parodied/performed H.O.T’s songs

first up SJ’s version of Haengbok, arguably my favourite version, I’m biased, if you haven’t all figure THAT out. They look so young and adorable and I just want to pinch their cheeks. Also by the time this came out I was able to completely and succesfully able to tell them all apart and had their names memorized. Also at the time my bias (besides Heenim) was Hangeng and he’s so adorable! for those watching Extravagant Challenge our two male leads are so cute here! and as always Heenim is being absurd..lol

Also Super Junior- Eunhyuk dances “We Are the future” and Teuk and Shindong get so excited about it that they become impromptu back up dancers for Hyukkie. 

and he does it again

I love Shinee’s rendition of We are the Future.

DBSK also did a really good job performing it.

now for Candy

Big Bang- How odd is it to see T.O.P. being all cutesy? Taeyang looks adorable and Seungri is just a baby! G.D. confirms my suspicion that he’s a vampire, he doesn’t look any different from present day G.D.  And Daesung’s a sweetie^^

Shinee- uri babies even look even younger. Onew makes me smile…his flippy hair, it’s shinier than mine!

SJ messes around during their Adonis Camp program and sing Candy.


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