Padam Padam- Episode 13 Recap

Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats

Episode 13


We get creeper McCopperson looking in on the happy couple and then bent on their destruction. And then we have Mr. Doublecrossed Doublecrosser being a scaredy pants in front of his father. and we have awesome Mija and Jungie moments which I think are the golden nugget of the episode. 


Jina’s dad is being a creeper and watching Kang Chil and Jina have a good time with a bitter angry face, I can almost feel the hatred on this side of the screen.

Kang Chil receives a call from Jungie who asks him to play a game with him to celebrate receiving first place in an exam.

At first Kang Chil is a little reluctant, but Jina urges him to go since a dad should reward a child for their achievements

Lee Suk has been waiting for Jung in front of his school, and after confirming that Kang Chil will go to the internet cafe with him, Jung sends him a message that he should leave because he’s going to meet his father. (yay Jungie!)

Meanwhile Jina’s confessing to having always passed the blame of her mother’s death to her father, when it was really her who was guilty.Her mother had asked her to go but being a rebelious teen she’d preferred to go with her friends, and then hadn’t heard the phone calls from the hospital until her mom was already dead. Ok so I like that Jina’s no playing victim anymore but neither is she a murderer as she seems to feel. She wasn’t any more responsible than anybody else for her mom’s death.

she asks Kang Chil not to hate her father because she’s already hurt him enough. Kang Chil says he understands and they hug tenderly for a while.

Chang Gul is in the hot seat with his father, and though he begs that Prosecutor be taken off the Yong Hak case and it be given to him, his father hands Prosecutor Joo the “blackmail” that was sent by Kang Chil.

The next day Jina’s dad goes to see her and while she’s washing up searches through her chest where she kept her mother’s memorabilia and Kang Chil’s information. He sees the file that Warden Kim sent and the number for the lawyer Jina’s mom had hired back then.

He calls the man and confirms that Jina did indeed visit him, the lawyer tells him that he’s already handed over Kang Chil’s file. Jina’s dad looks at the files and is caught by Jina sifting through the box. She hurriedly checks to see what he looked at and notices that he saw the pictures of Minho’s wounds.

Jung is pissed at Kang Chil because Kang Chil didn’t end up making it in time for the game, he got kicked out at 10 because he’s underage.

He offers to take his grandma’s wagon for her to her stall. As they’re walking grandma apologizes for Kang Chil’s broken promise and tells him that he should forgive. But Jung is actually not that mad at KC, he’s just pissed that Lee Suk has been following him the whole time he’s been carrying grandma’s wagon. Jung yells at him to go because he already has a family. ( I love Jungie, he’s definitely being offered a monetarily easy life with Lee Suk, but he’s values more the time spent with MiJa and Kang Chil)

Jina ignores her father’s questions and tells him to wait until after her morning surgery.  When she goes next door to the clinic Young Chul greets her and advises her to come clean with her father because he’s already aware of her relationship with Kang Chil.

Kang Chil and Gook Soo are arriving at the hospital where Yong Hak is when they see Yong Hak’s abeuji being dragged into a van. They separate, Gook Soo goes to get Yong Hak out of the hospital, and Kang Chil tries to stop the thugs from taking ahjusshi away.

Prosecutor Joo catches the tail end of the whole ordeal and sees Gook Soo carrying Yong Hak into a red car driven by Kang Chil.

In a scene that makes it almost appear like they’re going to cut off ahjusshi’s leg off – the cast is taken off. Immediately  Chang Gul receives a call, but it’s obviously not good news since he’s more pissed off than before the call. Ahjusshi is dropped off shoe-less and cast-less  at a random roadside.

Jina’s dad tries to interrupt the surgery she’s performing to get her to answer whether she does or doesn’t know Kang Chil- he obviously knows she does but he’s trying to confirm just how much she’ll lie to him.

Yong Hak’s father makes it to the new hospital Yong Hak’s at, just as Kang Chil and Gook Soo are wondering about his whereabouts. Just to add coincidence on top of coincidence Chang Gul decides that it’s time to call Kang Chil and warn him off of trying to get evidence by threatening his mom and son. “begin saying your goodbyes”

Kang Chil falls over once again, clutching his side, the same one as the time that he got beat up by Jina’s dad. It’s probably going to come back and bite him in the arse.

Jina’s dad is interrogating Jina, but then decide that he doesn’t want to hear Kang Chil’s name from her mouth. He decides that he’ll send her overseas to study.  Jina tells her father that Kang Chil is not a murderer and that she’ll go study when she wants to.

Jina’s dad tells her like the control freak that he is, that he could lock her up and then force her on a plane to a foreign country. Jina tells him straight up that she’ll just come back.

He asks her if she really wants him to lose to her. She says yes, and he slaps her hard, and then knocks over her mug. She asks for forgiveness as he leaves.

Kang Chil and Gook Soo ask Yong Hak’s abeuji if he knows where the evidence is, and the dad says he doesn’t but that Yong Hak told hikm that it’s in a place only Kang Chil and Yong Hak know.  Kang Chil and Gook Soo are not in the mood for riddles and they tell the dad that it seems like Yong Hak’s just messing with them and assuring that they protect them from Chang Gul. (I think that the dad isn’t a bad guy though, he really does think that the evidence is somewhere that Kang Chil will know)

Jina’s dad goes to take out his frustration on Kang Chil’s wood shop, he holds a small hammer and then drops it in lieu of a large sledgehammer. He goes berserker on the place, throwing everything, around and even finding the wrappers with his wife’s name on them.

Kang Chil and Gook Soo go to the wood shop. They consider the clues that they’ve been given and what their options are. Kang Chil decides that he has to “take it like a man” and just talk to Jina’s dad about Yong Hak and the evidence, since Jina’s dad also wants answers about Minho’s death.  Just as they arrive they see Jina’s dad pull out of the wood shop.

Jina drives to the seaside in the early morning, and Young Chul, calls Kang Chil to let him know where she’s gone so that they can meet. Well I’m warming up to him a lot more! he’s a bit of a typical second lead, yet not because he’s not perfect either.

Kang Chil and Jina share a quiet time, and the scene is just so beautiful it tugs at my heartstrings.

Jung and Grandma spend time together, and Jung tells Mi Ja that he won’t take the DNA test. She tells him he has to, and if he’s the guy’s son? He has to go with him (she’s obviously only putting on this strong and callous act because she’s hiding her worry)

I love Jungie, because he doesn’t let that stop him, he keeps pestering her,  Doesn’t she like him? Why is she so eager to get rid of him? I love it, he’s usually such a mature kid, but really he’s a child that’s been deprived of a father and grandmother since childhood and he craves their attention. He pesters her enough that she breaks down enough to tell him that of course he’s Kang Chil’s son, nothing can tell her otherwise, he’s her grandson and she won’t let him be taken away! How can somebody call her child his child! and Jungie holds back his tears at her obvious affection, and the hurt that she’s feeling because of him

Hyo Sook has a dilemma, her ex demands that she bring the baby to him so that he could see her, but Hyo Sook feels like they’re going to take the baby away. But as it turns out the scumbag is still a scumbag and Gook Soo overhears him being a scumbag, trying to scam his soon to be wife.  He tells her that the guy is a douche who doesn’t even help one bit for the care of the child. (that little baby is such a cutie pie! I want a Young Ja of my own!)

Kang Chil and Jina go on a date, and she goes on and on buying all the things she sees in the markets. I really approve! retail therapy does help when down in the dumps, but I think that at this point she better start saving her money because her father’s leaving her out on the streets.

She asks him why he just follows what she says and does without asking why she’s doing it. He said that he wondered but then he thought ” aah, because You must be wanting to move with me at the seashore”  she bursts out laughing.

They go “house-shopping” imagining what size house would be good.  like they should get one with a large yard when they have kids and she stares at him with an open mouth “that isn’t proposing, okay?”

They ask to rent a house for the night, and they set out to cook all the vegetables she bought. She tastes what he’s cooked, and it looks like it’ll be good and then she says… no.. let’s look for something to put in it to give it flavour.

They’re cute, they play fight over food, she washes his head while he complains and shares his economy (wash his hair every two days) and she proceeds to freeze him and then burn him… kekeke.  lord he looks like a oversized grasshopper like that^^

Young Chul scolds Jina’s father and says that dad shouldn’t be so against Jina adn Kang Chil, because it’ll only make her want to stay together with Kang Chil more.

Kang Chil calls Jina’s dad and asks that they have a talk together. Jina’dad agrees but warns him that he’ll have to meet him and fear death.

Just as Jina’s dad loads his gun, Gook Soo sees Kang Chil dying again.


Oh I’m so glad that I’m watching this drama, I almost didn’t watch it at one point, I was scared before the first episode aired. I feared that it had the great potential to be a total heart wringer and sometimes heart wringers have ended up toying with my heart and leaving me without a satisfactory ending. (i.e. Stairway to Heaven (though I still watch the damn thing for a good cry) and most recently 49 Days, which totally made me except a happy ending, and then gave me pain for my sorrows.)

Anyways back to Padam Padam… It’s made me apreciate Jung Woo Sung more. I think I’ll be rewatching Daisy, A Moment to Remember, and Sad Movie (not the greatest name, but I a pretty movie nontheless) It’s also made me want to scout Choi Tae Joo (he plays Im Jung)- He’ll be my find of the year, I love watching him interact with his family, who might not be his by blood after all but definitely are in heart. I love that kind of relationship the most, so it’s made me predisposed to like him, but I think it wouldn’t have the same impact if it had been some one with less talent.

You know I’m just waiting for the drug dealers to double cross Chang Gul any second now…


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