Padam Padam- Episode 14 Recap

Padam Padam: The sound of his and her Heartbeats

Episode 14


I’m pathetic… really pathetic… I couldn’t stay away from dramas for more than a week.. and the fact that I hadn’t written about the drama eps I had seen was eating at me so here I am… I’m writing again, aaah… exams are close but I couldn’t stay away…


 Gook Soo has a premonition just as Kang Chil’s talking to Jina’s dad, and being told to come with the possibility of having to face death.

Jina’s dad overhears Prosecutor Joo telling Chang Gul that it’s Kang Chil who “kidnapped” Yong Hak. They see Jina’s dad lurking and Prosecutor Joo asks him to go wait for him in his office.

Then Prosecutor Joo asks Chang Gul for a moment so that they can talk. Prosecutor Joo share his new ideas about the Yong Hak case.

Jina and Kang Chil are sharing a drink or Jina’s drinking alcohol and Kang Chil’s not  being allowed to drink it because of his cancer. Jina sees that he’s looking at the clock and tells him that she’s really not going back home, and maybe they should run away together.

Prosecutor Joo tells Chang Gul that in his eyes, Chang Gul’s a prime suspect in the Oh Yong Hak case.  Chang Gul tries to deflect it by asking him how could that be possible, he’s good friends with Yong Hak.

 But P.Joo is faster, he asks him then how is it that he’s told his father that BOTH Kang Chil and Yong Hak are blackmailing him together, friends don’t blackmail friends. P. Joo doesn’t stop there he continues and says that it’s coompletely possible that Yong Hak has the decisive evidence, one with lung tissue on it. Chang Gul’s father has even admitted that at the time the prosecutors picked the weapon that couldn’t be used as a decisive evidence and now he’s regretting that lapse in ethics.

And then P. Joo basically describes exactly what happened between Yong Hak and Chang Gul and ends with his conclusion that Kang Chil must have been protecting Yong Hak from Chang Gul.

While I’m glad that P. Joo is a smart cookie, and has mostly deciphered everything, I wish he’d not divulge everything he’s figured out like that! It’s counter productive to warn the suspect that he’s a suspect.

Chang Gul calls his lackeys and asks that they tail Jina’s dad too.

Jina’s getting drunk by herself and demanding that Kang Chil sing for her, which he does, but stops half way. They end up talking about living together, and Kang Chil says that they’ll have to get married first so that they could sleep together. Jina says that she thought he went faster than that, even having Jung already. He says that that’s precisely why he wants to follow the rules this time around. He doesn’t want to be a bad role model for Jung because look at where breaking rules took him.

Jina’s not very hopeful on the wedding, she doesn’t think that they will be able to have one where both sides have their parents present. But Kang Chil says that he’s watched many dramas during his time in prison and he realized that the best weddings weren’t the elaborate ones, but the ones who had the person’s important people in them. And one where they’ll be able to say their vows of being together through the good times and the bad. He’s so earnest about that last, of being together despite all the bad that may happen.

Prosecutor Joo tries to have a talk with  Jina’s dad, but Jina’s dad is hung up on what he’d overheard about Yong Hak being kidnapped by Kang Chil. Prosecutor Joo has to scold Jina’s dad for trying to pry into the Yong Hak case when he should concentrate on the drug case. He asks him not to get personal on his case.

And I finally know the name for the cop partner- Detective Ahn. He’s actually pretty bright, and catches on quick, he suggests that perhaps prosecutor Joo isn’t going after Kang Chil because he thinks Chang Gul is involved. While driving Jina’s dad around he also quickly realizes that they’re being tailed, though he can’t confirm it.

Kang Chil tries to wake up Jina to watch the sunrise but she doesn’t want to get up because it’s cold. So he carries her blankets and all- that just made me realize how tall and strong Jung Woo Sung is and how little Han Ji Min actually is.

As they watch the sun Kang Chil starts to talk.

I don’t want to be like anyone. I don’t want to be anything. I’m not jealous of any person, but I’m jealous of the sunIt’s always the same, We don’t do anything about it. We don’t even care about it, but he’s not bitter about that and He keeps coming every day. He’s always there like a great  man.

Jina asks why he didn’t fight back when her father beat him up and he tells her that he didn’t want her to find out about that and that he would have done the same if he had a daughter like her.

Jina’s depressed, she thinks that the wedding he dreams of won’t come true and that he’ll find it too hard to continue and give up. Kang Chil tells her that she should leave such a man, a man who gives up when she’s giving her all isn’t deserving of her.

And in his quiet matter of fact way he tells her “saranghaeyo” and she tells him that she loves him too, and then we have one of the tenderest chaste kisses ever. ❤

Gook Soo slept over at Hyo Sook’s house. And as she’s covering him up she becomes curious about the wings and his claim to angeldom. So she gives him a kiss and then checks his back… and she sees red markings as if wings were trying to appear.

Hyo Sook pesters him about them and he asks her if it doesn’t annoy her to be asked if she’s a mom when she is, and it’s the same thing with him, it gets annoying to be asked the obvious. She asks him why he’s here if he’s an angel. He tells her that he’s here to protect Kang Chil. and after that? He points upwards. She’s not too happy about that and asks him why he’s so keen to go. And he says that there’s no why. he just knows that he has to go. She asks if he can come back after going up, he says probably not, which pisses her off, and she hits him on the shoulder.

Jina wants to stay longer with Kang Chil, but he says that he has to go somewhere first before going to work so he’ll see her later. I didn’t know that a car drive could be so heartbreaking, especially when he turns out on a side road. It’s like he’s saying his goodbye to her as he waves at her from his seat… (although I’m all : Look at the road!! don’t look back like that ! look at the road!)

Meanwhile Chang Gul has gotten Kang Chil and Jina’s dad’s relationship all wrong… he thinks that they’re cooperating, when it couldn’t be farther from the truth. of course it’s the guilty mentality, he’s guilty of spying and plotting against Kang Chil so he thinks that Kang Chil and whoever he talks to could be in on a plan to destroy him too.

Kang Chil has actually gone to see Jung at his school. He’s approached by the girl that likes Jung and she tells him that Jung has been acting weird and depressed and that a guy has been following him around lately.

Kang Chil sneaks up on Jung and jumps on him to take away the basketball. Jung is surprised but happy to see Kang Chil and he asks why KC is there. Kang Chil says that Jung is definitely his son because when he was feeling depressed the face that popped into his head was Jung and then he felt like he needed to go see him. Cute 🙂

Jung scoffs and says that Kang Chil must have had a busy night since he spent it with Jina so he wouldn’t have had time to think of him. Then he asks Kang Chil why he puts up with being beat up by Jina’s dad, there’s other girls out there. Kang Chil tells him that a guy shouldn’t just go after girls all willy nilly and liking one right after another.

Jungie asks Kang Chil if he’s heard from grandma and when Kang Chil says he hasn’t there’s this small smile, like he’s happy that Kang Chil’s there just because and not because of the issue about the paternity test.

When Kang Chil hears about the issue with Lee Suk, he  immediately drives them to the hospital where Mi Ja and Lee Suk are waiting for Jungie to arrive to take the test. Kang Chil is raring to go and punch someone, or at the very least yell at Lee Suk, but Mi Ja stops him and tells Jungie to go take the test. Jungie doesn’t want to but he goes, however not before first saying” Whatever the test says, I’m your son!”

As they’re waiting Mi Ja tells Kang Chil that maybe they should let Jungie go with Lee Suk if it turns out he’s the man’s son. Kang Chil can’t bear to hear that and says that he needs Jungie, and I’m thinking it’s not because of the liver since the doc has told him that he doesn’t need a transplant anymore. Kang Chil says that he can’t give Jungie to a guy that had a mile long list of women he slept with.

While Kang Chil’s worrying about Jungie, Jina’s dad is writing his resignation letter and loading his gun.

After the test Kang Chil and Lee Suk have a talk face to face. Kang Chil asks him what he’s thinking of doing with Jungie. Lee Suk tells him that he will take care of him and provide for his education, and that Jungie is his son, because when he left Jungie’s mom she was pregnant already. This pisses off Kang Chil to no end, because Lee Suk was such a scumbag that he abandoned his pregnant girlfriend knowingly and now has the guts to try to take the boy away from a family that’s willingly taking care of him. He tells Lee Suk that he too can send Jungie to medical school, it’s the reason why he’s been working so hard to make money, because he wants to give him that opportunity.

After the talk with Lee Suk, Kang Chil gets into the truck where Jungie and Mi Ja are waiting for him. He asks his mom to step out, and as soon as he does he starts talking to Jung, and he’s angrily scolding him for contacting the guy while living with them, but as he sees Jungie’s tears well up and spill over, he cuffs him lightly, and tells him that he can’t cry because if something happens to Kang Chil he’ll have to take care of grandma. Jungie nods and wipes it off and asks that Kang Chil forgive him, which Kang Chil already has but doesn’t know how to express it. Before Jungie  get’s out of the truck, Kang Chil stops him, and seems about to ask him something but thinks better of it and let’s him go.

Kang Chil receives from Gook Soo asking where he was and then somehow Gook Soo knows where he is without being told. Kang Chil hangs up and gets the hell out of Dodge, looking everywhere as if Gook Soo were just behind him watching his every move. He doesn’t want Gook Soo to go because if anything happens to him, Gook Soo is his “spare” someone who’ll help look after his mom and son., but really it’s because Kang Chil is a fuzzy wuzzy bear who can’t bear those near him getting hurt.

At Mi Ja’s Hyo Sook tries to ask her if she’s ever seen red wing like markings on Gook Soo’s back, but Mi Ja looks at her like she’s a hungarian hornback and Hyo Sook leaves hastily.

Just as Hyo Sook leaves fish-market-I’m-not-even-human-ahjumma walk in and tells Mi Ja that Jina’s dad was seen coming out of Kang Chil’s wood shop.

Kang Chil notices he’s being followed by one of Chang Gul’s minions and he swerves in front, crashing with the car and flying out of the truck and onto the street (I would have though he’d die from the impact, but I guess he’s a bit of a super man). Gook Soo comes up from behind running, but Kang Chil runs away from him quickly.

Young Chul and Jina’s dad are sharing a drink and some food. Young Chul tries to talk some sense into dad, but the dad has no room in his head but anger and hatred for Kang Chil so he ignores every word Young Chul says.

Jina calls Young Chul because she has a feeling that something’s off in Kang Chil’s wood shop. Together they head into the wood shop and see Mi Ja sitting amidst the debris of what was once Kang Chil’s clean and orderly wood shop. Mi Ja gets angry to see Jina there and starts shouting at her. Why does Jina think that she went and talked to her, and took her a fish, and asked that she not accept Kang Chil. does she think it was for her sake? no of course it wasn’t, it was because she knew that things would become difficult for Kang Chil, that Jina’s dad wouldn’t agree and would hurt Kang Chil, that’s the only reason she had even gone to talk to Jina.

Jina and Young Chul are chased out and outside Jina just can’t take it anymore and tells, no screams at Young Chul to call the police to arrest her father.

Kang Chil has finally made it to the meeting place with Jina’s father. Jina’s father fingers the gun in his holster as Kang Chil sits down in front of him.


So we have so many things going on.

  • Chang Gul has Detective Jung tailed to see what he and Kang Chil are up to, because they must be working together!
  • Prosecutor Joo is smart but not smart enough to keep his mouth shut about his ideas.
  • Jina and Mi Ja finally meet, and Jina finally realizes that her dad is not all that sane.
  • Jungie cried! and he doesn’t want to leave his family that was formed at first reluctantly but which he now can’t be away from. I think this is the most satisfying storyline for me. I love that he would choose the poor, gruff, naive, uneducated Kang Chil over the polished and wealthy Lee Suk.
  • He’s realizing what his mom didn’t realize back in the day when she chose Lee Suk over Kang Chil, that Kang Chil is dependable, a rock, and someone who’d protect and care for him which Lee Suk may do that financially but not emotionally. Of course Lee Suk may have grown up and may be more emotionally reliable now, but I think not, I think that he hasn’t taken into consideration his other family, and he’s not thinking through how both that family and Jungie may have to suffer seeing each other and reminding each other of Lee Suk’s profligate past.

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  1. Mrs. Hand Towel says:

    You’re back! I’ve been stalking your site despite knowing you were busy doing other things…I’m that desperate! lol

    • haha, I shouldn’t be… but I can’t help myself, I can’t keep self imposed drama drought, so I guess I have to reorganize my time well and try to get a hold of a time-turner.

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